Turn your PDA into an e-Gutka and take your Banis with you wherever you go!

Would you like to read your banis in Gurmukhi? How about with pronunciation guides? Or maybe just the English translations?

Now, you can download your Banis, with these different options, straight to your PDA.

Depending on which operating system runs on your PDA, select the appropriate set of instructions below. In no time, you can carry the Guru's precious words with you in an easy-to-use, electronic format.
Japji Sahib shown on a PDA

Choose from the two primary operating systems for PDA's:
Palm Operating System
Used by Palm, Handspring and Sony Clie handheld computers along with others
Windows CE / Pocket PC
Used by Jornada, Ipaq and other PDAs

NEW! SikhiToTheMax Gurbani Search Engine for your PDA.

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