Recall Campaign for Hitman 2 Video Game

Eidos Interactive ( has recently published a video game called Hitman 2 that features turbaned and bearded Sikh men being killed within a Gurdwara whose description matches the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Leaders in the Sikh community are working together to put pressure on the company to recall the game and alter the storyline and the images. In the meantime, Sikhs across the world are protesting the sale and distribution of this video game. The game trains its users to kill not some fantasy-created bad guys, but an ethnic and religious minority of 26 million people. If this game is allowed today, then any religious group and any place of worship such as a Synagogue, a Church or a Mosque, may become the next setting for violence and bloodshed in the name of entertainment. Sikhs cannot allow videogame developers to use sacred religious settings to promote killings and intolerance.

Updates on the Recall Campaign
WalMart Supports Sikh Community Will Wait to Reorder Hitman 2

Eidos Plc Agrees to Revise Hitman 2
Statement from Eidos
Statement from Sikh Community Leaders

New Mexico Lt. Governor Joins Hitman 2 Recall Campaign

11/2/02 Pulls Hitman 2 From Its Website

California Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamonte First Elected Official to Endorse Hitman 2 Recall Campaign

SikhNet Launches Letter-Writing Campaign for Hitman 2 Video

Eidos Makes More Concessions in Recall Campaign

Background Information on Recall Campaign
Images from Hitman 2 Video Game

Eidos Interactive apologizes to Sikh Community, but still refuses to take further action

Hitman 2 Petition Collects Nearly 1000 Signatures in First 24 Hours

Please Sign Hitman 2 Video Petition

Hitman2 Video Execs Remove Website Images But Do Nothing Else

Sikh Organizations Working Together to Address Hitman 2 Video

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