Sukhwinder Singh Memorial Remarks

On September 14, 2003, the family of Balbir Singh Sodhi and the Sikh community hosted a Memorial Event at the Chevron gas station where Balbir Singh was shot and killed, four days after the September 11th, 2001 attacks.

During the Memorial event, Balbir Singh Sodhi's son, Sukhwinder Singh, gave the following remarks.

"My name is Sukhwinder Singh and I am the son of Balbir Singh Sodhi.

I am here to remember and honor the tragic deaths of our fellow Americans in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, and the killing of my father Balbir Singh Sodhi, my uncle Sukhpal Singh Sodhi and all of the hate crime victims after the attack on our country. All due to mistaken identity.

My father had a lot of friends. Because he was a true Sikh, the word hatred was not in his vocabulary at all.

He loved this neighborhood, this community and the neighborhood children like his own sons and daughters. This is the reason he helped everyone in need. But he ended up falling for the bullet of hate.

My mind has been numb, my heart is still heavy. I was mourning for the casualties of September 11th when the bullet pierced my father’s loving heart. My world has been dark, very dark. I am looking for the light. My comfort is the love and safety that I have received from you, my community, my fellow Americans. If anything has pulled me through this horrible experience of losing first my father and then my uncle, it is your abundance of love and support. Thank you

My father is no more, no one can replace my beloved father. I will remember his memory all my life.

With Guru’s blessings may my father’s soul merge with the Divine’s Light and may my family experience His grace. I will miss you Dad, every day and every moment of my life.

My family does not want any more innocent people hurt. Bless each and everyone of you."

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