Biography of Dr. Nijher

An energetic, dynamic and articulate speaker, Dr. Navinderdeep S. Nijher captivates audiences with his personal story of heroism at Ground Zero September 11, 2001. Featured in Newsweek Magazine and CBS News, his story will leave audiences walking away with a positive feeling about America and our citizens.

Dr. Nijher was a surgical resident at a nearby NYC hospital when the first of the planes struck the World Trade Center. Immediately Dr. Nijher and several other doctors rushed to the scene and set up the first triage center at ground zero just in front of one of the collapsed towers. One of the first victims they saved was a Port Authority worker.

Scavenging supplies from an abandoned ambulance, the doctors worked with ashes upon ashes raining down on them, notes and papers flying everywhere and the smell of jet fuel in the air. They also helped organize a makeshift morgue in the lobby of the American Express building.

Dr. Nijher continued working until the early hours of the morning, mostly treating injured firefighters who had been pulled from the rubble. From there, he went back to the hospital, slept an hour and reported for his regular shift at 6 am.

Dr. Nijher is an American citizen, raised in upstate New York. Yet not more than 24 hours after risking his life to save victims of the 9-11 disaster, he was greeted with taunts of "go back to your own country" and "there goes one of them now". Dr. Nijher belongs to the Sikh faith, and in following the religious customs, wears a turban and long beard.

Since 9-11, many Sikhs have become targets, seen as traitors who bear responsibility for the attacks. Yet Sikhs are not Muslims or even from the Middle East, nor do they support or engage in terrorism. Sikhism is the world's fifth largest religion and was founded on gender equality, a respect for all religions and a responsibility to fight for justice.

Dr. Nijher tells the stories of the heroic doctors who saved many lives by risking their own on September 11th, and then quietly went back to work. He shares the stories of triumph and tragedy, and despite the taunts, the ability for people of all colors, of all nationalities, genders, ages and abilities to work as one on that fateful day. These are stories of what makes America the great nation that it is, a nation made great by all people working as one.

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