Balbir Singh Sodhi and Media Outreach Archive

Following the Balbir Singh Sodhi Trial Phoenix, AZ September-October 2003
As the second anniversary of the September 11th attacks came and went, Frank Silva Roque stood trial in Phoenix for the murder of Balbir Singh Sodhi. This special section gives news information about the trial and the memorial anniversary of Balbir Singh's death, as well as historical information about the incident
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Sikh Cab Driver Shootings in Richmond, CA July,2003
SikhNet News Exclusives
Lt. Governor of California Contacts Richmond Police Chief (7/16/03)
San Francisco Public Radio Discusses Sikh Shootings in Richmond, CA (7/17/03)
Multi-Jurisdiction Meeting Held to Address California Sikh Cab Driver Shootings (7/25/03)

For other news stories about the Sikh Cab Driver Shootings in Richmond, please search our News Archives.

Hate Crime Shooting of Avtar Singh Cheira in Phoenix, AZ, May 19,2003
SikhNet News Exclusives
Phoenix Shooting of Sikh Man Being Investigated as Hate Crime (5/21/03)
Sikh Organizations Work Together on Phoenix Shooting (5/21/03)
How to Handle Hate Crimes (From Community Safety Section)
Ariz. Sikh Shot, Penn Iraqi Teen Assulted: Violence Blamed on Bigotry (5/22)
Senator Durbin Sends Support to Sikh Community (5/22)
Statement from Phoenix Sikh Community (5/22)
Senate Unanimously Approves Resolution Condemning Hate Crimes against Sikhs (5/27)
ADL Offers Reward in Attack on Sikh (5/27)
Man in Sikh Shooting Released from Hospital, Family Needs Support (5/29)
Reward Money Offered for Information on Sikh Shooting (5/29)
Sikh Community Donates $7000 for Avtar Singh Reward Fund (7/24)
Phoenix Sikh Community Reward Fund Statement (7/25)

Miramax Dysfunktional Family Campaign, March-April 2003
SikhNet News Exclusives
Sikh Organizations Raise Awareness with Miramax (4/2/03)
Tarlochan Singh Sends Letter to Harvey Weinstein on Behalf of Sikh Community (4/03/03)
US Congressional Representatives Crowley, Honda and Udall Contact Miramax (4/04/03)
US Congressional Representative Wilson Joins Others in Contacting Miramax (4/07/03)
Miramax's Lawyers Respond to SMART's Concerns About Dysfunktional Family (4/08/03)
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson Speaks with Miramax on Behalf of Sikh Community (4/09/03)
Judy Chu of California Writes to Miramax (4/24/03)

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Recall Campaign, October and November 2002
Recall Campaign
Background on Hitman 2 Video Campaign
Recall Campaign for Hitman 2 Video Game
Please Sign Hitman 2 Video Petition
Hitman 2: Letter Writing Campaign
Retail Letter for Hitman 2 Recall Campaign
Contact your Elected Officials
California Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamonte Writes to Eidos
Please Talk to your Local Store Managers
Statement from Eidos
Thank you to Eidos

SikhNet News Exclusives
Sikh Organizations Working Together to Address Hitman 2 Video (10/17/02)
Hitman 2 Video Execs Remove Website Images But Do Nothing Else (10/19/02)
Hitman 2 Petition Collects Nearly 1000 Signatures in First 24 Hours (10/21/02)
Eidos Interactive Apologizes to Sikh community, but still Refuses to Take Further Action (10/22/02)
Eidos Makes More Concessions in Recall Campaign (10/30/02)
SikhNet Launches Letter Writing Campaign (10/30/02)
Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamonte First Elected Official to Endorse Hitman 2 Recall Campaign (11/02/02) Pulls Hitman 2 from its Website (11/02/02)
New Mexico Lt. Governor Walter Bradley Endorses Hitman 2 Recall Campaign (11/06/02)
Eidos Plc Agrees to Revise Hitman 2 (11/08/02)
WalMart Supports Sikh Community will wait to Reorder Hitman 2 (11/15/02)

Balbir Singh Sodhi Embrace Diversity Memorial Event, September 14, 2002

Embrace Diversity Event
Balbir Singh Sodhi Memorial Slide Show
Balbir Singh Sodhi Embrace Diversity Memorial Invitation and Information
Embrace Diversity Memorial Event Clips
Other Backlash Murder Victims

Letters to the Sodhi Family from Government Leaders
United Nations Secretary General Koffi Annan
Arizona Governor Jane Dee Hull
Congressman J.D. Hayworth
Congressman Mike Honda
Congresswoman Connie Morella
Congressman Tom Udall

SikhNet News Exclusives
Balbir Singh Sodhi Embrace Diversity Memorial Event to Honor All Backlash Murder Victims (9/05/02)
Full Circle: One Year Later the Family of Balbir Singh Sodhi Moves On (9/09/02)
Sikh Organizations Issue Joint Statement for September 11th (9/10/02)
Balbir Singh Sodhi Embrace Diversity Memorial Event to Offer Poignant Evening in Mesa (9/13/02)
Sodhi Family, Government Leaders and Victims' Rights Group to Hold
Press Conference Drawing Attention to Backlash Murders (9/13/02)

Sikh Awareness Tour with Dr. Navinderdeep Singh Nijher, September 4-14, 2002
Sponsored by Sikh Communications Council
Dr. Nijher, Sikh Doctor and Hero, on Multi-City Speaking Tour
Follow the Speaking Tour of Dr. Nijher
Biography of Dr. Nijher
Dr. Nijher Tour: Day 1
Dr. Nijher Tour: Day 2
Dr. Nijher Tour: Day 3
Dr. Nijher Tour: Days 4 and 5
Dr. Nijher Tour: Day 6
Dr. Nijher Tour: Day 7
Dr. Nijher Tour: Day 8
Dr. Nijher Speaking Tour: Summary

September 11th Anniversary, 2002

SikhNet 9/11/02 Retrospective

September 11th Special Outreach
Remembrance: Sikh Stories from Sept. 11th
Voices of September 11th
September 11th Events

Reports on Sept. 11th Activities from other Sikh Organizations
Sikh Coalition September 11th Efforts
Dr. Nijher Tour Report from Sikh Communications Council
Sikh Mediawatch and Resource Taskforce Sept. 11th Efforts

SikhNet News Exclusives
Chicago Sikhs Host 9/11 Memorial Akand Path (9/03/02)
Sikhs in Los Angeles Area Organize for Walk for Hope (9/06/02)
Sikh Organizations Issue Joint Statement for September 11th (9/10/02)
Sikh Council Urges Sikh Participation in Nation's Capital (9/10/02)
First TV Program on Sikh Americans After 9/11 (9/10/02)
Sikh Coalition to Co-Sponsor Public Hearing on Hate Crimes (9/19/02)
Guru Gobind Singh Foundation Urging Sikhs to Attend Interfaith Dialogue this Evening (9/24/02)

Hear the audio from the Seattle Public Hearings on Hate Crime and Discrimination which was co-sponsored by Sikh Coalition

Sukhpal Singh Sodhi, August 4, 2002
Sukhpal Singh Sodhi: Joint Statement from Sikh organizations and Call to Action
Sample Letter to Editor

Balbir Singh Sodhi, September 15, 2001

Balbir Singh Sodhi Honored
Department of Justice Letter - Balbir Sodhi Family
United Nations Letter to Sikh Community

September 11th, 2001

Sikhs Meet With President Bush
President's Remarks at Islamic Center
Letters of Support to the Sikh Community

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