Meet The SikhNet Staff

Guru Mustuk Singh Khalsa - Webmaster (full time)

Gurumustuk Singh spent his early years (1983-1994) going to school in India. After graduating from high school, started a project to create a book (For the Youth, By the Youth). The aim was to share experiences and help educate other youth about overcoming the challenges of being a Sikh and growing up.

After returning to the USA he started his first website on the internet. He quickly realized that this was the best medium to reach the youth and decided to setup a website instead of creating a book. This site grew to become what we now know as, and was founded in December 1995.

Gurumustuk Singh lives with his wife and son in Espanola, New Mexico and continues to develop the SikhNet website with the rest of the SikhNet team. Periodically he travels to different cities around the world to participate in Sikhi camps, network with other Sikhs, and share his experiences.

You can read his daily Weblog ( which chronicles his life and the lives of the Sikhs in Espanola, New Mexico.


Guruka Singh Khalsa - Executive Director (half time)

Guruka Singh is a teacher, writer and inveterate punster. In this incarnation, he met Yogi Bhajan in 1971, began teaching Kundalini Yoga, and has taught ever since. From 1971-1974 he lived and taught in New York City. From 1974-1989 he served as the head of the 3HO Ashram in Columbus Ohio, and from 1989-1992 he created computer software in Oakhurst California. He founded SikhNet in 1984 as a computer bulletin board system. Known by many as Doctor Hi-Fi, he loves to play with electronics, computers and words. One of the founders of the cutting edge consulting firm, Sun & Son, he now lives and teaches under the blue skies of New Mexico with his beloved Khalsa family.


Joginder Singh - News Director (full time)

Joginder came from Bombay in 1988, he lived and worked in Chicago. Then he came across Yogi Bhajan when he went to his first Winter Solstice in 1998. That’s when he got involved with Kundalini Yoga, and 3HO. Then he started working at SikhNet where he is continually helps to expand it.

Joginder Singh has helped bring an Eastern perspective to SikhNet since 2003. He posts the daily SikhNet News, as well as updating the homepage, Seva Central, and Gurbani Section.


Gurujot Singh Khalsa - Customer Service Rep. (full time)

Gurujot was born and raised a Sikh in New Mexico, USA. In 8th grade he started going to school in Amritsar, India and became inspired to learn more about Sikhi. Under the disciplined environment there he learned about Sikhi, Kundalini Yoga, Gatka, Gurmukhi, Punjabi, Raag Kirtan, etc. and had the opportunity to have darshan and do seva at Sri Harimandir Sahib.

He recently has become inspired to outreach and serve his local community having co-founded a volunteer group.

He started working at SikhNet in 2005, the relative newbie. He assists Sat Guru with Customer Service, and Joginder with his duties.

See his personal page.


Guru Nam Kaur Khalsa - SikhNet DAO Director (quarter time)

Guru Nam Kaur does accounting work for several non-profit Sikh owned companies including SikhNet. She spends about 1/4 of her time on SikhNet.

She spent 8 years in Amritsar, India as a staff member to MPA and both of her children went to school there. She loves working at SikhNet and has a love for the punjabi culture, which she feels SikhNet has a big connection to. She also thinks that SikhNet is universal for every sikh, and thus has a globaly united leadership role.


Ash Singh - The Chief Evangelist (volunteer)

Ash was born on a far away planet as a baby lion. Unfortunately, that planet was taken over by monkeys so his parents put him in a small rocket that happened upon Earth. He was adopted by a Sikh family, who closely resembled his ancestors, who strived to push his peculiar creative abilities

By sheer chance, Ash was discovered by Gurumustuk Singh (founder of Sikhnet) while Ash was roaming the concrete jungle of Hong Kong. He now resides in Singapore and is responsible for thinking up creative ideas new initiatives like,, Gurumustuk's Blog (, SikhAds,, The Ash Singh and Gurumustuk Radio Show. He is also trying to set a world record by building the world's biggest roti.

In his free time, he runs one of Singapore's fastest growing media companies and manages the company's investment portfolio. His consultancy provides strategic solutions to pre-IPO and Fortune 500 companies. He is also an advisor to the INSEAD Business School. An aspiring venture capitalist, Ash was recently appointed to the executive on the Young Venture Capital Society of Asia to spearhead growth all over the continent.

The Canadian born, Hong Kong educated, entrepreneur was recently awarded the Sikh Centennial Foundation Award for entrepreneurial success and community service. He enjoys playing beach volleyball, traveling, charity work and surfing the internet. He is 24 years old.

To follow Ash's life, check out his personal blog at

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