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You might want to go to the Winter Solstice Sadhana if you…

v Want to challenge yourself spiritually
v Go to gurdwara but can’t meditate for very long
v Want to be able to go through ungraceful situations and never lose your grace
v Live a Dharmic lifestyle but want to strengthen your experience
v Want to strengthen your connection to the Guru
v Want the company of a spiritual sangat from around the world
v Enjoy yoga and meditation and want to deepen your practice
v Want a vegetarian diet to keep yourself healthy
v Love seva and any opportunity to do it
v Don’t know much about all of the above but are curious!

Daily Group Sadhana with sweet meditation and Kirtan.
Morning Sadhana begins at 3.45 am with Japji Sahib, followed by yoga to tone the body and mind and regulate the body systems. Blissful chanting on Simran for 62 minutes follows, and the early morning ends with a short Gurdwara program with Kirtan, prashad and a hukamnama.

White Tantric Yoga
3 days of meditation and chanting in this form of yoga creates patterns in you that stimulate positive change on a fundamental level.

Worldwide Sangat
People come from all over the world for solstice. It’s a great place to meet in spirit with people from all walks of life. And make a few friends for life.

Sikh Dharma Workshops
These special workshops are designed to bring you into further study on Sikh Dharma lifestyle, history and philosophy. They emphasize practical and healthy lifestyle along with the science of being a Sikh.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Classes & Workshops with Extraordinary Teachers
Designed to awaken you to your highest potential, the Kundalini Yoga classes at camp take you through transformational experiences to connect you with
your infinite self. On your journey you walk with the best teachers, who have taught for many years, and best of all, have practiced for many more.

Ransubhai Kirtan with talented Raagis
On the last night of camp you will attend the coziest and most healing Kirtan session at the camp Gurdwara, which lasts until early in the morning and is followed by early morning group Sadhana. The Kirtan is played by raagis from all over the world and in all styles of Kirtan, from the East to the West. There are many opportunities to participate and even sign up to do Kirtan.Sikhnet Website Pages

Seva! Seva! Seva!
The camp is awash with opportunities to do seva, from kitchen prep, to serving langar, to reading in the Akhand Path, to playing Kirtan in the morning gurdwaras or the Rensubhai, and much more!

Cleansing Vegetarian Diet
Camp gives you an opportunity to eat a healthy and nourishing vegetarian diet that will cleanse your body and help you build a healthy base. It’s tasty, too.

Nightly Yogi Tea Café Performances
At camp we haven’t forgotten to have fun! Mantras and World Music top the lists of these super musicians from all over the world. Bring your instruments and jam over a cup of fragrant Yogi Tea.

Shopping at the Bazaar
Vendors bring you the best in this conscious shopper’s paradise. What is a good camp without some good shopping?!


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