SikhNet Donor Gift Options

This year, in order to express our appreciation for your generous support, we are pleased to be able to offer you the option of receiving a special gift from SikhNet. Depending on the amount that you donate you have choices as to which gift you receive.

Monthly donation of $20 or higher
Single Donation of $250 or higher
(Receives choice of one of the following)
  • Inspirations DVD (Volume 1)
  • Special edition SikhNet Gurbani CD
  • SikhNet Online Film Festival - 2006 DVD
  • SikhNet Online Film Festival - 2007 DVD
Monthly donation of $100 or higher
Single Donation of $1000 or higher
(Receives choice of one of the following)
  • Inspirations DVD Collection (Volume 1-5)
  • Special edition SikhNet Gurbani CD
  • SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival - 2006 & 2007 DVD (3 disks)

Inspirations DVD set
Volume 1 - Lifestyle

The basis of the Sikh Lifestyle explained clearly and lovingly. Everything we do as Sikhs has both a Divine purpose and a practical purpose. We are very practical people by nature, but also very elevated and expansive in our awareness and understanding. These talks are both simple and deep at the same time. The essence of Sikhi as a Dharma.

Topics on this DVD:
  • Bana (in Punjabi)
  • Bana and the Sikh identity
  • Banis and the time of day
  • Getting up early in the morning
  • Hydrotherapy - cold shower
  • Priceless!
  • Sadhana
  • Sadhana, Aradhana, Prabhupati
  • The Beard and its purpose
  • Yogi Bhajan Tribute
  • Vandh Chakna
  • Waho Waho Gobind Singh
Volume 2 - Philosophy

Sikh thought and philosophy through personal experience leads to understanding. We understand by standing under. That is, it is our humility at every moment before the wonder of God's creation that allows us to live in joy and with an attitude of gratitude. These talks discuss some of the challenges that come our way when we live as Sikhs of the Guru, along with how to surmount them.

Topics on this DVD:
  • Being with the Sadh Sangat
  • Ceremony or Ritual
  • Gora Sikh (in Punjabi)
  • Judgement of Others
  • Love of Gurbani (in Punjabi)
  • Remembering Gods Gift to you
  • The Five Challenges
  • The Shabad Guru
  • The Stage of Fanaticism
  • Our greeting: "Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh"
  • What is Guru?
  • What is Naam?
  • Why I became a Sikh
  • Why I am a Sikh
  • Your unique Identity as a Sikh
  • SikhNet 10th Anniversary
Volume 3 - Life, Family, Relationships

We are ourselves in relation to others. Understanding the sacred space and grace of human relationships. We all live in relationship to each other. Son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother, husband and wife and on and on. We have close relationships, work relationships, school relationships and even mates that stick with us through our entire lifetime. But our deepest relationship is our relationship with our own self and with our Guru. That relationship is the basis of all other successful relationships. In these talks we delve into all of these relationships to gain understanding and insight.

Topics on this DVD:
  • Anand Karaj
  • Anchor Points of Your Life
  • Blood Family and Spiritual Family
  • Effective Communication
  • Fate and Destiny
  • Finding your Direction
  • Karma and Dharma in your life
  • Legacy vs. Lineage
  • The Role of Women
  • The Stages of Life
  • Transforming Sexual Feelings
  • Why Worry?
  • Youth and Relationships
  • Fund-raiser Video
  • The Many Faces of SikhNet
Volume 4 - Meditation

In life, meditation is essential. Without it our mind becomes our master and we live miserably. Just as we wash our body and brush our teeth so we can be clean and sweet-smelling, just so, our mind must also be cleaned. When the mind is dirty - filled with negative thoughts and fantasies, then we live in a constant state of unhappiness and people do not want to be near us. These talks give a basic set of simple tools based on Gurbani so that we can clean our minds daily to live happily, positively and carefree.

Topics on this DVD:
  • Discover Your Soul
  • Mantra and Meditation
  • Meditation 1 - Using the Breath
  • Meditation 2 - Long Ek Ong Kaar
  • Meditation 3 - Kirtan Kriya
  • Meditation and Mantra
  • Meditation - your mind and Gurbani
  • Meditation for stress
  • Sahej Sukh Dhyan
  • The process of Meditation
  • Tuning in
  • What is Prayer?
  • Why we fold our hands in prayer
Volume 5 - Videos for Kids

Children are our future. Do we want them to be just like us? No! We want them to be ten times greater than we. These sahkis are told with wonderful energy and imagination. Every child will love to watch them. They establish the foundation of our lifestyle as Sikhs of the Guru and give shining examples that inspire and uplift children. Watch them with your children and then talk about them together afterwards.

Topics on this DVD:
  • Miracle of Baisakhi
  • Feel the light of Guru Gobind Singh
  • Stories of Guru Nanak - Part 1
  • Stories of Guru Nanak - Part 2
  • Stories of Guru Nanak - Part 2
  • The sons of the 10th Guru
  • Espanola Sangat 2000
  • Various Sikh Stories
Voume 6, 7 and More Coming Soon!

More DVDs are in production! Coming Soon DVDs on Jaap Sahib and Guru Gobind Singh.

To get an idea of what the videos in these DVDs are like you can watch some of them online on YouTube

Here at SikhNet, we've had many requests to make the "Inspirations" series of videos on Sikhi available on DVD. Although a lot of work is involved in editing and production, we have finally gone ahead and done the work required to make them available to you. The DVD series is currently under production and will be available to SikhNet Supporters soon. There are five volumes (5 DVDs) containing over sixty (60) high-quality videos.

Comments from SikhNet viewers regarding these videos:
    "(The) Sikhnet videos... are really amazing. As a sikh from the uk my grasp of Punjabi is not very good and have struggled to understand some bhachans i have heard before in punjabi. By posting these videos in english you have made my religion more accessible to me and these videos are truly a gift. I really do wish to thank you for your seva and may you and everybody at Sikhnet be bestowed with all of gods graces." - Singh from U.K.

    "I like your videos very much. These are very inspiring to me. I was a person who always saw God's love very closely. However, in the last 6-7 years I lost myself in Maya and suffered a lot. With Guru's grace, I'm back on the right path. I always take out some time daily to listen to your any video. I don't feel alone anymore. I really appreciate the way in which you are serving to humanity. It's like online satsangat." - Kaur from Australia

    "It's been a pleasure seeing (these) videos of yours. The new videos featured on Sikhnet were GREAT. Again, I learned something new. I loved them. Please do keep making new ones." - Kaur from Hong Kong.

    At a time when I needed encouragement, I watched the video by Guruka ji on "God's Gift to Me". His words moved me so deeply and reminded me that my gift cannot be overlooked even when life is challenging. -R. Kaur

    "After watching [these videos] I was just like "wow!" I decided to wake up at 5 am and read japji sahib. I can't believe what my parents coudn't do in 19 yrs, you guys did it in couple of hours. I'm so proud to be a sikh, and I hope I can be a better sikh from now on. I've decieded to pray everyday and follow my religion as closely as possible." - Punarpreet Singh

    "I have been watching your videos for the last 4-5 days and I am crying because I was going in the different path. I am so much inspired. It touched my heart and I cried cried so much today. Oh Waheguru please give me blessing so I will follow my Sikhi from my true heart." - Daljeet Gill

    "[These] videos are really amazing. As a Sikh from the UK my grasp of Punjabi is not very good and I have struggled to understand some bhachans I have heard before in Punjabi. By posting these videos in English you have made my religion more accessible to me and these videos are truly a gift." - Oratin

    "When I first, found [thses] videos. It was a whole new beginning to me. Watching your videos keeps me close to Guru's charan and hope that I never depart within." - Pardip Kaur

SikhNet Gurbani Collection (Volume 1)

This is an Audio CD collection of Gurbani recordings from musicians all over the world. The tracks featured on this CD are a collection of the SikhNet staff favorites. The CD is great to meditate with, listen to at work, or just about any other time!

SikhNet Gurbani Collection - Volume 1
  1. Gobinday Mukhanday - Deep Kaur (Canada)
  2. Ik Ardas Bhaat Keerat Kee - Deep Kaur (Canada)
  3. Waheguru - Bibi Baldev Kaur (Malaysia)
  4. Waheguru Meditation - Bibi Baldev Kaur (Malaysia)
  5. Waheguru - Freeform - Hari Bhajan Kaur (USA)
  6. Waheguru - Snatam Kaur (USA)
  7. Dhan Guru Nanak - Bibi Rena Kaur (Canada)
  8. Saajanra Mera Saajanra - Bhai Sharanjit Singh (India)
  9. Crimson (Aisay Gur Ko Bal Bal) - Balvinder Singh (Australia)

SikhNet Youth Film Festival DVDs

The young filmmaker's competition for Sikh Youth was designed to encourage and inspire our youth to get involved in media and film and use their creativity to produce interesting and educational pieces designed to spread the spirit of Sikhi. The past two years Sikh Youth from all over the world have produced inspiring videos which we have compiled into DVDs. You can get the DVD of the 2006 videos or the double DVD set of videos from 2007.

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