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Sikh Matrimonial Success Stories
The following are some emails that we received from SikhNet users who have successfully found their partner and got married. The Sikh Matrimonial Services Does Work!! Do you have a success story to tell, about meeting someone through the Sikh Matrimonials? Please do tell! We would like to know that people are actually getting results from this service. E-mail to: [email protected]

Here are some of the "thank you" letters that we have received from SikhNet matrimonial users:

I believe our first meeting was amazingly planned by our destiny and Vaheguru Jee. I could not help but be astonished by the fact that someone I met only sometime ago through SIKHNET's online matrimonial service holds such special place in my heart and that I mean this much to her that our physical distance could not stop us from falling in love with each other. Despite the fact we were living a life far from each other physically but this distance made our relationship to grow more maturely and it was strongly bonded. I was already in awe of her honesty and simplicity. We both felt a strong connection with each other. She is a Canadian permanent resident. She applied for UK visa to come and see me so that we could realize our dreams in reality and proceed in the commitment of our relationship. Her effort to do this was no less than a dream for me. My love and respect for her and our relation was seeing new heights. Our bonding grew stronger with every passing day. We finally met on the 11th day of October 2015. I was thrilled and joyed at the same time. I saw the love and trust in her eyes. We are blessed to have found each other. After that we all together went to India.

Although there was not a 'formal' engagement ceremony as it is not a traditional Sikh culture, but our families did meet and greeted each other. There was prayer ceremony(ardaas) followed by family lunch on the 20th of October, 2015. Both the families extended their warm wishes and blessings for our relationship. It was yet another great day for both of us and our families. Our marriage was solemnized on the 19th of February 2016 as per SIKH rehat maryada. We were thrilled to have our family members and relatives from both sides attend it. As my wife and I are both baptized Sikhs as well as our parents, the ceremony was arranged as per Sikh traditional rituals. The Anand karaj (blissful union) was held at Gurudwara Akal Ashram, Mohali, India.

In the end I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the SikhNET staff, who are doing the righteous and great cause for the humanity and I pray for all of us to be the better Sikhs and follow the codes of conduct every other day. "

- Manvir Singh & Gurpreet Kaur
We each sincerely wanted to find a loving Amritdhari spouse who wanted to share a life centered around Sikhi, sangat and family; someone who would accept us as we are and support our individual growth both in spirit and the world. We found that in each other. Our story has been referred to as a 'fairy tale', but we know that it has truly been the Guru's writing. June 1, 2011, we met on Sikhnet Matrimonials and began emailing, calling and Skyping between Portland, Oregon and Birmingham, England. After about 2 months, we knew we needed to meet in person. As one of us was already planning to travel to India at the end of summer, we decided there was no better place to meet than under the Guru's watch in Amritsar. We first saw each other on the marble outside the Akal Takhat last September and spent the next week in the company of friends and family, eating, laughing, touring the sacred gurdwaras of the Punjab, meeting holy people and celebrating kirtan with the local sangats. In that time we were engaged and extended our visit together with family for another week. We arranged to return to India for our Anand Karaj. We have both encountered huge amounts of uncertainty, change and transformation during the months since we first communicated. With patience and trust in our inner guidance, we watched a near effortless unfolding of our symbolic merging in the Divine and with it, the coming together of people from all over the world to celebrate with us as one family in India on April 6, 2012. Our life will be full of new challenges and adventures and we look forward to meeting them together with a shared purpose to serve God and Guru in faith, love and lots of laughter. We began our relationship with very honest, heartfelt and sincere communication and that has paved the way for our union together. We are so alike and yet, so complementary too. We are ever grateful to Sikhnet Matrimonials for being our matchmaker. Many thanks and blessings for your service! We send our prayers to all still waiting for their beloved spouse. May they have the courage and faith to find each other. It is well worth the effort!
All Love in Divine,
Harsimranpreet Kaur and Manjit Singh Rai. Birmingham, UK
Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!With Wahe Guru Ji's blessing and the help of Sikh Matrimonial, our Anand Karaj was performed on Saturday, December 17, 2011. Honestly, since the first time we made contact on Sikh Matrimonial back in April 2011, all has flowed smoothly with no effort or setbacks. It still amazes us to this day, how everything fell into place at the right moment in space and time. Upon 4 months of contacting via email, Skype, texting and phone, we agreed that I would meet my husband’s family in India during my trip there in September; a trip which had been planned with two friends a year or so in advance. Never did I foresee that my first trip to India I would be meeting my future in-laws. Before this meeting was to take place, we agreed that both families, mine and his, had to give us their full blessing, if not, then we wouldn't get married. For the simple reason that our relationship to our own families was strong and important and we knew that their support would be an additional asset to the growth of our own marriage in the long run. Lo and behold, the meeting with my in-laws went very well, the energy and comfort I felt was loving, good and positive and upon their blessing, I returned to my country (Panama) via Houston. My husband then proceeded to book a flight and fly back with me to meet my family and ask my father for my hand, which I would not have had any other way. Yes, our first meeting was at the Houston, Bush Intercontinental Airport at our gate. Let's just say, we connected so well, that because of so much chatting, we almost missed our flight! Within the 4 day visit to Panama, my parents, aunts and uncles received my husband very well and my father gave us his blessing; celebrating with a family gathering. Not only are a Singh and Kaur united in matrimony, but two cultures, Punjabi and Latin American. All I can say to anyone who seriously joins Sikh Matrimonial is to be honest with yourself in what you really want and be patient. My husband signed up in 2005 and we met in 2011. Be very clear on the type of person you need, and in the meantime, while waiting for that match, work on those attributes for yourself; for ultimately you only attract back the reflection of who you are inside at that moment. As well, for both Singhs and Kaurs, do follow the safety guidelines recommended on the site and ALWAYS trust your instincts. Never compromise your principles, values or safety for a MAYBE. If you are clear with yourself and are honest with Wahe Guru ji, then the Guru will guide you and protect you on the right way and path to find the right husband or wife for you. " Good Luck and Chardi Kala!
- Inderjot Kaur & Dilpreet Singh
Toronto, Canada

I was not sure how to go about finding a wife but a friend suggested that I use SikhNet Matrimonials. My first profile was a bit quirky, I was just expressing who I was. My second profile, a week or so later, thought through who I was interested in meeting. I spoke with my wife for a while via e-mail before she sent me a photo. We then met in person, although she was accompanied by her brother. We met after that a few times and got married. We've been married for more than four years now. SikhNet works! "
- Ranvir Singh
I and my spouse met at this site... and now life is toooooo lively thank you Sikh net "
- Amanpreet Singh
Dear Sikhmatrimonials,

Although we were both reluctant to join a matrimonials website, we found the Gursikh spouse we were looking for thanks to your service. It's good to have a website that can help you find someone you share the same values and beliefs with. We were engaged in May 2007, and married in December 2007. Thanks for everything :) "
My husband sent me a contact request in November of 2006. We met in Jan 2007 and then again April and decided to get engaged. His parents were visiting from India and really wanted to see us get married, so we had a whirlwind wedding and got married on May 12! Thank you SikhMatrimonials for providing us with the means to meet, and bringing us together! :) "

SM: What did you like about
good way to meet Sikhs. thankyou :)"


- Pawan
Thanks a lot for giving me such a wonderful partner.....Neither I nor my family believed in internet proposals but sikhnet proved it wrong.... my sister took initiative in looking prospective match for me on this site and on very next day she found my hubby's profile relevant. Then we talked over phone and mails and there wasn't a doubt we got married on 18th November 2007.Thanks once again.This wedding has now been stamped as a love marriage from all who know us… family, friends, relatives and many singles in our circle have already signed up or are planning to sign up with Sikhnet matrimonial with a hope to find their soulmate soon !!!."


I had been looking for a match for some time without success. Earlier this year Dhingra contacted me, and he seemed like a nice guy. Since I was planning to travel to India, I accepted. We hit it off quickly, and soon were chatting online and talking on the phone daily.

We met in
person October 1st when I flew to India. About a month later, soon after Guru Nanak Dev Ji's birthday, we agreed to get engaged. We plan to be married in India during the Spring of 2007.

I want to thank Sikhmatrimonials for providing a good service and allowing us to find each other. We would never have found each other without your site. The photo is of the two of us at the Taj Mahal."


Thank you for a wonderful service, you provide the Sikh community. I live in US and I found my wife from your website, and we got married on Nov 24, 2006 at Chandigah, India. It is your great website who got me a good life partner and a decent family at such a long distance. I found the website very user friendly and the on line help was amazing. I strongly recommend this website to others who are looking for a life partner. I would like to thank Sikh matrimonials team for having this website as a match making tool for singles."


Thankyou ever so much for your service!! The year 2002 has been a good year for me. After seeing the longing of my parents to get their daughter married, I reluctantly placed an ad on Sikhnet at the end of March 02. Within 2 days, I was innundated with numerous e-mails. I started talking to a few on the net, but something just didn't feel right. Disappointed, I went back to university that weekend, came back a week later and had even more e-mails. One particular man really stood out from the crowd for me. A lovely, family orientated sikh boy from Canada. We got talking and fell in love!!! Within a week he asked me to marry him, but at the same time kept our parents informed too. Well I'm from the UK, so my family met his family here and they got along well. Now he is flying over with my mother-in-law and my 2 sister-in-laws and son. He'll be over in Sept 02 and I can't wait. Our parents are so excited!!! Looks like we'll be engaged and have the registry office wedding. Together we will plan for the Sikh wedding. I was so sceptical about meeting someone on the net, but I have been truely transformed. It is possible to meet Mr. Right and I never thought I would, at least not this way. This whole experience still overwhelms us, it's like a dream. So if you are reading this, don't ever give up, cos I am 100% convinced that Waheguruji has someone out there for everyone! Just wanted to express our thanks to the team at Sikhnet for bringing us together and we shall keep you posted about our wedding details. Thankyou so much once again :)
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Thank you for being such a wonderful site. It was through you we got married and 2 years 7 months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Without you my husband and I could not have met, without you we would not have our daughter (Joban Kaur) today!! "


- Jagjit Kaur and Jaspal Singh Virdee

Like the others on your website we are very grateful for your matrimonial service. It is funny what one e-mail can do to change your life and bring so much happiness. Both of us are forever in debt to you!

We met in March 2000. After sucessfully courting for a year we married in May 2001 and now on the 28th May 2002 we have a beautiful baby boy we named Harnam Singh. He has brought so much joy to us, our famillies and our community.
Amrinder & Manjeet;
Being a supporter of Sikhnet since 1997 it was the place I went to when my parents suggested looking for a marriage partner. Like many others, I was skeptical about online matrimonial ads as this was a new thing at the time but, I took a leap of faith. As time went by I was getting nowhere so I hid my profile for a few months and pursued other sites and newspaper ads.

Again, I came back to Sikhnet and within a few months I was contacted by Manjeet. He had put his matrimonial ad in a newspaper around the same time and parents contacted him through his ad. When we realized we were the same people contacting each other we knew this must be fate! We emailed each other for a few months and my family flew to Toronto, Canada from Los Angeles, California to see Manjeet and his family. Everything was perfect and in January, 2002 Manjeet and I were engaged with Waheguru's blessing. In December, 2002 Manjeet and I were married in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

We jokingly call Sikhnet our "bachola"! Without this wonderful service we may never have found our way to each other. I encourage all of my friends and relatives to utilize the services of Sikhnet as it is a fine example of what can be achieved with Waheguru's blessings and guidance.... In the summer of 2004 Manjeet and I traveled to Espanola, New Mexico with my father hoping to meet Yogiji but, he was not well. We were warmly welcomed by Gurumustukh Singh Khalsa and he graciously showed us around the Gurudwara and we talked about Sikhnet and mutual friends.

Once again I want to thank Sikhnet for the service it provides in bringing people together and creating beautiful love stories...

Amrinder Kaur Nannan

Thank You so much for the service you provide. If it hadn't been for your website, I would never have met my Mr Right, who as it happens lived only two minutes away from me. We even went to the same school !!! I always used to wonder how and where I would meet my soulmate. ... he was so close to me but it took a great service like yours for us to be brought together. Even though we practically grew up together without knowing each other, we met on the worldwide web ...

Thank You so much for providing us with the opportunity and means to get to know each other. If anyone would like to see pictures of our wedding, we have our very own website click on the wedding link, password is 200402. And for anyone who is searching for their soulmate .. remeber there is someone out there for you .."

Thanx a lot, We got married on 26th Dec. 2001. with Waheguruji's blessings and of course owe all this to your efforts made available to seekers like us. I thank you and your team for this effort once again.Satsriakal!"
Kamal & Daman happily married
Dear Sikhnet people, A year ago, on the 21st of February 2000, when all the other means had been proven unsuccessful I decided, very skeptically I must admit, to post my matrimonial ad on your website. I did not believe that it could ever work although I did receive many responses.

On the 1st of march 2000, one response retained my attention. From then Daman and myself started to correspond and on the 1st of January 2001 we got married at Gurdwara Rikhab Ganj in New Delhi.

I can not find words to express my sincere thanks for what you did. It was certainly my Waheguru will, but you were the chosen mean. Without your help how could have two souls living miles apart (Daman in USA , myself in London) ever met? And I have found in Daman all I ever wished my life partner to have.

We would like you to bless us and bless our marriage. As soon as I get my wedding pictures scanned I will send them to you.

To all the people looking for the their soul mate I would like to tell them that it does work, all it needs is a genuine heart. If you are sincere in your matrimonial ad and are genuinely seeking a match then you can be assured that you will find it.
Thanx And its really Heaven facility for us.

Sikh net matrimonial changed our life, unbeliebable, i just send my profile how to create a profile, i just menton in it my Village name one persone come form Australia, and he found me after four days, its imiagine for me, I have no father, My mother is handicape, she always worrieds for me, But now all r wounderd How it possible, Now me and My Mum, My HB are happy.

Its really unbelievable.
- Ravinder Suri

I found a vegetarian, non-smoker, surgeon (nickname drram)on your website. We have not met yet but are talking exclusively to each other at this point. I do not mean to be arrogant but I never thought I would find someone "good enough to marry" but Jay is wonderful. My only complaint is that I don't hear from him often enough. Hopefully we will meet soon and marry. I will keep you posted! "

- "satwantmehta"

Thank you Sikhnet for bring my husband and I together. We've been happily married for 3 wonderful years. He's not only my husband, but my best friend. Sikhnet made it very easy for us to find each other, and we deeply thankful for this. We wouldn't be where we are now if it wasn't for SikhMatrimonial. "

- Rani Ghandi

I joined Sikh net on 1/1/2000 and met my now husband on 5/2/2000. I did not know of anyone else who had used the service and felt very nervous using this modern method. 2 kids later and with nearly 8 years behind us I feel like the luckiest woman ever to have lived and I thank God and Sikh net everyday. "

- Kiran

WaheGuruJi Ka Khalsa WaheGuruJi Ki Fateh!!! Many Thanks for your excelent service. By the grace of WaheGuruJi I have gotten married to an excellent GurSikh.We had our Lavan on Sunday 3rd September 2006 in the UK.This had been possible only through the great service of SikhNet to the whole world and Khalsa."

- "Mata Sahib Kaur"

I found my match first on but he was not responsive after just one email back and forth because he was busy in his job... I realized who he was and that our families have known one another for 15 years! We have not seen one another much over the years, both of us were busy with other relationships and living 200 miles apart so I did not immediately recognize his picture from your website. When I wrote to him again I told him who I was because he knows my aunts, uncles, and cousins very well and we have been inseparable ever since!"

- "calisonographer"

I am married with kids.... I had found my wife through sikh matrimonials."


Thank you so much!! I am very happy with my fiance, Hardip Singh Ji, (Indtlchemist07) and we are very pleased that through was able to facilitate our meeting. We are planning a life-long committment of marriage together. Thank you again!


Kiranjit Kaur Rihal


- "Koobsurat"

The site gives people with the same spiritual beliefs to find each other and possibly prosper together and allows Sikhs worldwide to meet each other.
Thank you. Gurfateh! "


- "Bipasha"

Only thing i can say is to every body out there.Do nont loose hope. I never believed finding my love through matrimonial sites.My frienf convinced me to do so,i am so happy and very lucky to find my love through sikh matrimonial.I didn`t know how wonderfull it is to be with somebody which means a life to you.If we have a true intentions to find a life partner,universe will give you that just be true to your feelings and be who you really are.I can tell you for sure you will succeed to find what you are looking as a life partner through sikh matrimonial,Just be honest.
Thankyou kindly.
Good luck every body (It`s a great feeling to be with the right person.Life is blessing.Life is too short to waste time in meaningless things.I know you are next to feel and experience all that just give a try patience.)


- "neenee"

I am very happy to say that I have found my dream husband on Sikhnet matrimonials. I am glad that such a service is available for those seeking true Sikh matches. Please continue to encourage matrimony based on Sikh values. "


- "yurriz"

Thank-you Sikh Matromonials for having an easy to use website like this available. I really enjoyed my time on the site and met some wonderful people along my journey! Thanks to this website I have met my other half and am going to be married in May! I always recommend this site to all my single family and friends! Thanks for making my dreams come true! "


- "shy-butterfly"

I have met someone wonderful in my life. I can thank I would have never imagined that he would have been so close to me. "



My sincere thanks to the organiser of for having facilitated in finding match for my sister who's profile was inserted by me (brother guardian). Sikhnet is a wonderful forum. May waheguru shower more blessing for this charitable cause.



Thank you sikhnet. With your help I managed to do the impossible...I found my soulmate. There was a considerable distance between us as he was born and raised in the UK and i was born and raised in Canada, so we decided that it would be difficult to take things further. The two of us remained friends and kept in contact for over a year. Recently we both discovered that we wanted to be more than friends and at the moment we are planning our wedding. "



WaheGuruJi Ka Khalsa WaheGuruJi Ki Fateh!!! Many Thanks for your excelent service. By the grace of WaheGuruJi I have gotten married to an excellent GurSikh. We had our Lavan on Sunday 3rd September 2006 in the UK. This had been possible only through the great service of SikhNet to the whole world and Khalsa. We will forward our marriage photo later on. "



Thanks to Sikh Matrimonials I found my partner! I found the website very user friendly and the on line help was amazing! I strongly recommend this website to others who are looking for a life partner. I would like to thank Sikh matrimonials for having a match making tool like this website available for singles. "


- "73KARAN"

I would like to thank for helping me find my one and only soul mate. After gaining a first class degree last summer, i was bombarded with lots if aunties asking for rishtay! I am a true believer in that everyone has a soul mate walking on this earth, and i almost literally gave up in the search for mine. A friend of mine advised me to check this website, which i reluctantly did. The first page appeared and i glanced at 'JATT4_U'.... and from that moment i turned to my best friend and said "thats the man i'm going to spend the rest of my life with".

We firstly spoke via email, then phone, forming a real close companionship.... eventually falling in love with one another. Nine months later on the 19th of July, 'JATT4_U' came to meet my parents, who also love him dearly. With God's willing, we plan to marry next summer

I truely believe we are one soul two bodies...
Thanks to once again xXx



thank you so much . i was not a paid member just wanted to try my luck on this site and i am so happy i did cause thats where i found my soul mate. "

- "TIMI"

Thanks very much for helping me find my soulmate. This was the first site i have ever been and the last. after contacting my soulmate we clicked instantly and have been together since. making marriage plans...thanks again... "

- "Jeet25"

My fiance contacted me and we exchanged emails etc for a week. after a week we decided to inform our parents, who later on met. once our families were happy, we then met. Now we are arranging dates for the wedding and beginning the whole process! we're both very happy and would like to thank "

- "MAND31"

My partner and i met on sikhnet after i contacted her, we exchanged email addresses and once we knew the basics about each other we notified our parents having decided we wanted to take things further, we are not officially engaged yet but its all in the pipe line and a preliminary date has been agreed. "


Dear all,
Just wanted to thank the team at Sikhnet for helping us find each other. We both meet each other through your website, followed the rules as advised on the site, and we met and married on 18th December 2005 - my husband is originally from Singapore, and all his family flew over to the UK for the wedding. We had a beautiful grand wedding, and we are very happy in my married life. Thanks again to the team that maintain this site, and
I wish all others who are seeking their soul mate on the site that they find happiness as we have.

Kind Regards

- Prempal and Avinder

Thanks to your whole team :)"

Sikhnet is the best, i found my soul mate."

Dear Sikhnet, Having searched high and low for Mr Right i eventually came across my perfect partner, many emails and visits led to our marriage on 5th March 2005, all thanks to Sikh Matrimonials. May you continue to bring sikh souls together forever....... "

i contacted my match on and we contacted each other then,thanks sikhnet and waheguru for this... may all the sikhnet users get the smilar wonderful response from sikhnet...goodluck to everybody on their searches and take care and love to everybody out there.."
-Sandeep Kaur

This is to inform you that you have a great service. I have been in US since 1999. I was living in WA and very depressed because I had no social network, I logged onto your site and met some new friends. And in feb 00 I met my future on the web. I got married On 10/20/00 and my wife and I have been happliy married since. Thank you for everything."

Thanks to the I have met my soulmate. I met my wife Herjit on here.We started corresponding around June 2001, but at the beginning we had agreed on being just friends.I was married before and she did not want to be with someone divorced. She is from Malaysia, born there but a Sikh. Then she came to see me in Florida, in November 2001. We travelled across the US together to California. Finally she had to go back to Malaysia due to her mother passing away. But before she went back our feelings had changed to love. We confessed our love for each other when we got to California. I had already started having strong feelings about her while still in Florida. We set the date for April 2002 for our marriage but i could
not get time off from work. So we reset it for June 2002 but my father passed away on May 25, 2002. Then we finally set a date for August 3rd 2002, we got married on that date. Everything is going great. She is in Malaysia now waiting for me to sponsor her into Canada.

Thanks to Sikhmatrimonials from both of us. We would not have met if it wasn't for this site. Keep up the great work. Now i am using the site to find a man for my cousin in India.

Thank you SikhNet for the matrimonial service you provide as I have met my life partner through you.

I had been looking for a wife for nearly three years and was ready to give up. As I approached my 30th birthday I decided to try SikhNet one more time. Just I was ready to throw in the towel I met the Sikh girl of my dreams. We were married on the 5th October and we are very happy starting our new life together.

I cannot recommend your site enough to any of my Sikh brothers or sisters. Perseverance is the key because your partner is out there but sometimes it takes a while to find them.

God bless SikhNet and all it's staff!"

After using your service for 3.5yrs, I had given up on the idea of finding 'the one'. Yet, in the back of my mind, I knew there was a reason I stumbled onto SikhNet in 1999. So this past april of 2002, I gave the matrimonial site one last ad was line...but it worked! April 21, my soon to be hubby emailed me..intrigued with the few words I wrote. Since then we've been on the best ride of our lives, getting ready to tie the knot in November. I never thought I would find my perfect prince, but with your site, I found my destiny. I thank you wholeheartedly for the time and effort the SikhNet gang has put into this online method! It trully took me from living a boring life to a life full of smiles, and love and happiness. To those that are skeptical, open your may be surprised! Thanks again!"

I want to say that I didn't actually think this would work for me, but it did!"

Dear sirs,
I am greatful to all the staff of sikhnet for their fabulous work in running this site and making my dream come true in searching for my soulmate. Actually she found me. I have found someone with qualities which I have always wanted in my life-partner, but she is more than what I was looking for and feel like the luckiest man on the face of the earth. I wish all the members best of luck in their search and unlimited thanks to sikhnet for making this possible.

Sat shri akal, I am very glad to inform you that I found my love and got civil married in december 2000 & traditionally on 13th June 2001. I am very thankful to this site which has helped me find my love. I think without the site, I might not have met my love. I am very happy and I am not able to thank to all in words. Thanking you once again!"

Dear Sikhnet: My letter of appreciation to you is long overdue! I was a Sikhnet member back in it's early days when there wasn't even a membership fee. I posted my ad on your site and got a response from my Mr. Right a YEAR later! At first, there were plenty of responses which resulted in several failed meetings, lots of fun e-mail/phone conversations and one
very good friendship. The later was friendship only as the chemistry was missing on my behalf. I had practically forgotten about my Sikhnet ad when I recieved a message from my future husband. I don't know what prompted me to even reply to his message, as it was just a simple, how-do-you-do sort of note. Next thing I knew, we were chatting for hours every night, e-mailing several times a day and then he was flying across country to meet me. Our first meeting was a good basis for another meeting several months later, which led to both of us knowing we were "it" for each other. We informed both our families that we had met someone "serious". Several months later, we had our official engagment after which my fiance moved clear across country to be with me. We got married 6 months later. We celebrated our one year anniversary last year and are now well into our second year. The first year required lots of tough adjustment and the second year has also been eventful. However, at the bottom of it all, we are still amazed at how our love for each other continues to grow. As we contemplate starting a family next year, I thought I would finally take a moment to thank our 'vichola' (middleman)!! ...and also let other Sikhnet Matrimonial users know from two years experience that you can indeed find a wonderful relationship on this site. Good luck to everyone!!

Dear Khalsa Ji, I found the perfect girl for my brother from Sikhnet! He got married last month, too. Thanks for your SEVA."

Just a little note to say a month after I placed my ad in
your listings. I found my life partner. I've now been married five weeks and loving every moment of it. Thanks to all the staff at
the Sikhnet Matrimonial.

First of all I wish to express my thanks to Sikhnet as after 3 yrs of chatting on march 25th I got married to the lady I love and the credit goes entirely to Sikhnet as it made it possible for a guy from Bombay to marry a lady from Canada. My Thanks to you once again."

I am writing to convey my sincere thanks to Sikhnet for helping me find my soul mate, friend and now my wife. I put my profile on your site in Dec and within a week I got amazing response. I must mention one point here that I made sure that all the details are genuine and I clearly described myself and my expectations. Photo on the profile gave a more closer view of me to the respondents who were able to relate to the person they were comminicating with. Meeting the responding parties is very important. Sikhnet is a great media as I had never imagined that I would find my wife in Singapore, the country, I had never even thought of even visiting. During my search, I met some very decent ladies in various parts of the world, who
are so nice and warm, however "The Singapore Girl" stood out among all those nice ladies. On my second trip to Singapore we got married on 28 of April 2001 and I am expecting her to join me in UK within a few weeks. Prompt replies to the messages with precise questions, answers, aspirations and expectations were the key factors to help resolve our search. I have told a lot of my friends about Sikhnet, who I am sure will benefit from this site, in finding most suitable partners in this age and time where this media has opened the most effective communication window for this purpose and Sikhnet has a major edge on it competitors. My three months' membership subscription, effectively used, was the best and most nominal subscription I have ever paid. A sincere thanks to all those who replied to my advert and a BIG THANKS to Sikhnet on behalf of my wife and myself, for helping us meet across the oceans and find true love and blissful married life.

Good luck to you all in your search. Don't give up your search as your most suitable partner could be an email away from you.

Best Regards"

Dear Sikhnet, I am very happy to announce that I could find my life partner by the efforts and the idea conceptualized by yourself through Please accept my full gratitude and also support for this Sikhnet website anytime in the future or present Thanking You (on behalf of both of us)"

Dear Sikhnet, after being on the Sikhnet, for what seemed like forever, on my last day of trying to find the right person And then... she came along! My life would never be the same again....we are getting married in June 2002. Thanks Sikhnet, you are doing a great job! All the best and much success."

Thanks to Sikhnet, I found my soulmate and we are going to marry this weekend! It was realy a nice experience to be
a Sikhnet member. I have told many friends and relatives of mine about Sikhnet.

Just a note to express my gratitude to all at Sikhnet fo helping me find "the one". We met in November and will be married on the 26th of August! I truly had given up hope of ever meeting someone.... Thanks!! Keep up the good work!!!"

Just a short note to express my gratitude at the service you are providing. I put in an ad at the end of September 2000, By mid November I had found my Mr Right on Sikhnet. My fiancé put his ad in at the end of July 2000. It's really true what they say — when you find the person you are meant to marry you will know! We are currently going through the process of arranging a date for the wedding — fingers crossed it will be some time in May!

So to all you sceptics out there — it does work, I too was very sceptical about meeting someone in this way, as was my fiancé. We tried it and it paid for us. You know what they say "nothing ventured nothing gained"!!!

We both have agreed to continue to support Sikhnet - we hope that some time in the future we will have children and that they too will log on to the website to learn more about the Sikh way of life. And when the time is right - to be able to turn to sikhnet in their quest for a soulmate.

Thank you so much for everything!

Your Sikhnet matrimonial services really helped me a lot in finding a very good Gursikh partner for myself. It was two years back that i put my matrimonial ad. on your website. After putting ad for one year, I found the right person. Now it is one year, since i am married to him. And all the credit goes to Guru Maharaj and you. Without HIS help and without your wonderful services, this was not possible."

I am very happy to say that I met the love of my life through Sikhnet. It all started in Feb 2000. I saw her profile on the Sikhnet web site. We started talking. Way before we exchanged pictures or met each other (She lived across the nation On East cost. My self on the west) we had decided that we are made for each other. They say "Marriages are made in heaven." Well I will not deny this but there has to be some kind of effort from your part to meet the one made for you. I guess that effort and of course a big help from Sikhnet, I found mine. Today we are married for almost four months. It is great service to the Sikh community that these guys at sikhnet are providing. Keep up the good work and last but not the least A world of thanks to all of you at Sikhnet."

Almost 14 months ago, I started talking to and became very good friends with a very special young man. We are nearly 2,000 miles apart, but through supporting each other through hardships, we have formed a bond unbreakable by any. And thus we now realize that we are each others' complements, that we were made for one another. Within the next month, we plan to get engaged and start planning our wedding. I just feel immensely lucky to have found my love. But none of my happiness would have been possible without the service this site provides. So, thank you so very much."

I would like to let you know that I have found someone (well she actually found me) via Sikhnet and I would like to thank you all for the great service that you provide to the Sikh community. As you already know finding a person that clicks with you is already very hard in our community and sites like this provide a valuable service. Even though the idea of finding someone via the Internet is not the ideal but I guess the end is more important than the means in this case and any extra avenue that can be used, should be used. So thanks again and I hope this site lives forever!!"

I hope all is well. Just an email to let you know that after more than a year of searching for my "sikhni", I have finally found her through the sikhnet matrimonials. My parents flew in last week and we got engaged to be married in July of this year. Thanks for spending countless nights sleeping on the floor and working on the weekends for making Sikhnet!"

This is really a great way to meet Mr Right and I am really thankful for what has happened for my niece who is in India. We met a very good family oriented boy for her and all this took place in 2 weeks. Now they are engaged and waiting for the Big day. Thanks very much!"

18 months ago I placed an ad in your listings and began to hear from many very nice Sikh men. One such man became my online pen pal and friend. It was a very relaxed friendship and we found many interests in common.

After almost a year of corresponding we fell in love! He is my best friend, my confident, my spiritual partner. I feel so lucky to have found him! Although we have not yet met in person, (he lives in the U.K. and I in California), we feel great about the relationship we are building. God willing, we will finally look into each other's eyes this year. Our search into each other's hearts and souls won each of us over so completely, the external shell will not matter! Thank you so much for assisting in this pairing of hearts!"

Thank you for a wonderful service, you provide the Sikh community.  I have been married for 6 months now and many times want to write this letter.  I met my Mr. Right via your service.  I strongly recommend this to my friends.  These days, I am a very happy individual and could not ask for a better spouse.  Without your service I would not have been able to meet my husband who lived 2500 miles away from me. Once again a wholehearted Thanks to you and your staff.  Keep up the fabulous work!"
I can't believe it actually worked! I placed my sister's ad on Sikhnet and I found Mr. Right in 3 days! Even though they are from different countries (across oceans), I immediately set up a meeting and heaven intervened and took it from there. Love is in the air, never lose hope or get discouraged - your soulmate is waiting for you out there somewhere. "

All my life I believed that there is someone who is out there and he is made for me. On May 14, 1998, I found my special someone. He had written to me after reading my matrimonial ad. on sikhnet and we have been together ever since then. We got engaged on Sept. of 1998 and the wedding is set for Nov. 2000. I just wanted to extend a heartful thank you to SIKHNET for their help in finding my soulmate.. I am proud to say that I am the luckiest person on the planet and life at this point could not be better !!!!!"
Sat Sri akal Khalsaji, I am glad to inform you that I have found my Partner. I met a beautiful very religious girl through this service and my marriage is fixed for May 30th 1999. She belongs to 16 descendants of shri guru Ramdas Ji and I'm very fortunate to be member of a family which belongs to our own Guru. I thank you for bringing us together. My best wishes for all the guys who are involved for Maintaining this service for Sikh community. SatGur Charni"
By the way thanks for everything you've done. I met my mate through the net and we are getting married on 3rd April, 1999. If you plan to be in Jullandher around that time then please let me know so that I can give you more information concerning the venue. It would be nice to have the match-maker present at this auspiscious occasion."
Sat Sri Akal, I am glad to inform you with your help I found my life partner. Without your services it would not have been easy. I met a beautiful lady and we are engaged at present. I would really thank you and your team for helping me to find my soul mate. You are providing great services to the Sikh community by joining and informing the Sikhs all around the world!"
Dear Sikhnet, I have been a fortunate mother and a member of SIKHNET, to have used this high-tech service for finding a daughtor-in-law, ad. as following. They were engaged to be married a few days ago and I thank you again to facilitate this."

Our cousin, based in India, just got engaged to a boy based in the U.S., thanks to Sikhnet. We posted a matrimonial on her behalf. He responded almost immediately. All the initial conversations and picture exchanges were via the internet, including corresponding with my cousin and her
family in India. The families met last week and the engagement was two days back. This is a very traditional arranged marriage using a high-tech medium. Thank you for this valuable service.
Sat Sri Akal!!! I am glad to inform you that I have found my partner...I'm here in USA and he is in UK...he came down last week and we both said YES!!! the parents are now involved. I would like to say A BIG THANK YOU to all you guys that made this are angels..... Take care and again thank you!!!!"

I wanted to share with everyone that sikhnet matrimonial site works. Recently I got engaged with the person I was looking for so long. Finally this site did its wonders and I met him. I knew there was someone special made for me, but was thinking so far, how he is going to get in touch with me or how I can find him. This world is so big. Finding someone suitable to you, is hard. But thanx to people maintaining this site, I got in touch with him. Thanx a lot! and I do recommend people to use this site to find the person of your dreams."

I just wanted to drop you line saying thank you!! Without your service, I would never have found the man of my dreams!!! He's the most amazing person!! We have been together a little over 10 months and it's the best!!!! You're are doing a great job!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!"

Sat Sri Akal Ji, I just wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for putting together SIKHNET. I met someone thru the Sikhnet matrimonials and wedding talk is in process. I consider myself a very lucky and fortunate person. But, you made it all possible so I just wanted to give you a world of THANKS!!!!!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank you Thank You :) Take Care!!!"

Just a note of appreciation of the wonderful service your site has provided. My Sister in Law has found the perfect soulmate, one who is as religiously devout and spiritual as she. Thank you very much and keep up the wonderful service."

Hi! Just thought I'd drop u a note to tell you that...Yup! the matrimonial site does bring people together! My husband (well we are legally married and we will be traditionally married in December) saw the "ad" I had put on the site and decided to drop me a line...and so the story goes....We're from different parts of the I have to thank you for bringing us together...Thanx"

Satsriakal Khalsaji, I would like to thank you for maintaining the web site and helping us sikhs unite and discuss issues through this web site. I would also like to thank you for the matrimonial section. Although I was only curious, I met a beautiful person(lady) through this site and we are going ahead with our marriage. She is a wonderful person and I could not believe that people like her exist in this world. I have found what I have been looking for and I hope for our sake that I do not have to use the matrimonial section again. God bless you all,"

Sat-Sri-Akal,I would like to sincerely thank you for creating an excellent website for sikhs worldwide. I recently got engaged to a beautiful person through your matrimonial listings. Once again...thank you."

I thought that you would like to know that Sikhnet has become quite a matchmaker service! My friend from Hong Kong met her husband (Who is from England but working in Singapore) while chatting on Sikhnet. They talked for about eight days and then decided to meet and get to know each other in person. They were also married on January 3/99 in England."

I would like to thank SikhNet for the services that are on offer for Sikhs worldwide, especially the matrimonial service.

I have found the person that I have been searching through this site and would like to thank, everyone invloved with the operation of this site for their efforts in brining people closer. It is a very well run and managed web site and is responsive to the need of its customers. Well done and Thank you. "

The Sikhnet matrimonial really works! It worked for me... :)"

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