Khalsa Youth Camp - For Sons and Daughters of Guru Gobind Singh
Khalsa Youth Camp - For Sons and Daughters of Guru Gobind Singh
S.S. SiriNam Singh Khalsa

Camp Director

"Life has to be tested when the child is a child. Parents have to give with a kind and compassionate test of life so the child can understand how to get through sandy roads with pleasure, with joy and with essence."
Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan 4/98

The Gift of Guru Gobind Singh
Khalsa Youth Camp at Ram Das Puri in Espanola, New Mexico is an international youth camp that has its share of "sandy roads," as well as expansive blue skies, starry nights, clean water and air, and a vibration that nurtures the spiritual seeds planted by Guru Gobind Singh and Mata Sahib Devan. The children are tested at the beginning of each day by rising up for yoga, meditation, marching, and children's Gurdwara. Many of the campers enjoy and look forward to our morning practice. Some are challenged, but they all grow and glow from experiencing the essence and joy of our Dharma.

Supporting Greatness
Parental support for each child's mental, physical and spiritual development is essential. A parent's belief in their child's inherent greatness can carry that child through many difficult situations in school, at camp, at home, and in life in general. For the past 20 years, the Khalsa Youth Camp experience has been supporting and believing in the inherent greatness of each child by creating daily activities and situations where their greatness can come forth. The gift of this relationship is that if we stay in tune with our children's unfoldment process into their greatness, we will find ourselves unfolding as well.

For the past four years, Khalsa Youth Camp's attendance has been increasing each summer. Many staff return to serve our future leaders of the Aquarian Age. With continued support from parents across the world who share in the camp's mission and the Siri Singh Sahib's vision, we will continue to prosper for many years to come.

Give us a call if you'd like to know more about how you can give your child an experience of greatness this summer at Ram Das Puri. For more information please call SiriNam Singh at 413-548-9607 or Ardas Kaur at 541-485-0027.
From Prosperity Paths Issue: June, 1999
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