What is Sadhana?
“What is Sadhana?

Sadhana is getting up at 3 or 4 o’clock and taking a cold shower. That’s the first condition of sadhana. Why a cold shower? Because your capillaries can get clogged and disease can start. When you put yourself in a cold shower - right out of bed you put yourself before the cold shower firing squad - it opens up your entire capillaries because the entire blood has to run out to protect the temperature. When the capillaries are open, there cannot be any clogging and all the impurities come to the lungs. The lungs get loaded, then you start meditating, start doing Breath of Fire and you clear out the lungs. Thus you take away your disease of that day forever!

Then you stretch, you do spinal exercises. Sadhana is a set rule. Then you meditate. What are you actually doing during these two hours? It is the most beautiful way to learn to conquer inconvenience - once you know how to conquer this inconvenience, when real inconvenience hits you, you will know how to conquer it!”
- Siri Singh Sahib
(aka Yogi Bhajan)
From Prosperity Paths Issue: June, 2000
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