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01/01/1969The Art and Science of Liberation (Unknown)
02/01/1969Awakening the Soul (Unknown)
03/23/1969Five Lectures, Five Decades: Timeless Truth From Yogi Bhajan (Unknown)
04/08/1971Cosmic Cycles (The Yugas) & the Ashtang Mantra for this Age (Unknown)
09/18/1971Requirements of a Spiritual Teacher (Unknown)
02/14/1972From Darkness into the Light (Unknown)
01/01/1973You, the Tattvas & the Gunas (Unknown)
09/01/1973A Conversation with Yogi Bhajan (Unknown)
08/07/1974Self Healing & Knowing the Self (Unknown)
09/22/1975Memorial Service for Bhai Sahib Dayal Singh (Unknown)
01/01/1976Prana, Vayus, Nadis & Kundalini (Unknown)
02/13/1977The Khalsa Concept of Action (Columbus, Ohio)
04/01/1977Understanding Sexual Behavior (Unknown)
04/02/1977Marriage - Honoring the Word (Unknown)
06/29/1977What is a Woman? (Unknown)
07/02/1977Alert Mind or Flirt Mind? (Unknown)
01/01/1978Kundalini Yoga and Human Radiance (Unknown)
02/21/1978Meditation: A Simple Process (Unknown)
03/01/1978New Year's Message 1978 (Unknown)
03/01/1978Twine Thought (Unknown)
04/01/1978Intelligence: A Living Behavior (Unknown)
07/02/1978Virtue of Virtues (Unknown)
08/25/1978Pratyahar (Unknown)
02/19/1979Bana (Unknown)
03/04/1979Meditation - The Way to God (Unknown)
03/11/1979Gurdwara, A Karma Yoga (Unknown)
03/18/1979God Relies on Khalsa (Unknown)
04/22/1979Declaration of Independent Spiritual Nation of Khalsa (Unknown)
03/26/1981Spirituality, American Style (Unknown)
04/09/1982Becoming Naturally Lucky (Unknown)
01/01/1983Ishnaan, The Science of Hydrotherapy (Unknown)
09/12/1983"Who Am I and What is My Reality?" (Unknown)
12/01/1983Guru's Grace (Unknown)
12/01/1983A Lesson in Reverence (Unknown)
12/01/1983Naad Yoga (Unknown)
12/02/1983Distance (Unknown)
07/02/1984Breath of Lifre (Unknown)
07/15/1984M * A * R * R * I * A * G * E (Espanola, NM)
02/19/1985About Children- Growing up With Parents (Los Angeles, CA)
02/19/1985Lesson to Parents (Unknown)
03/30/1986Faith (Espanola, NM)
12/01/1986Penetrating Through Payer (Unknown)
01/01/1987Turning Loneliness to Oneness (Unknown)
01/22/1987Business Prosperity (Los Angeles, Ca)
04/18/1987Khalsa Council (Los Angeles, Ca)
05/10/1987Gurdwara Talk (Los Angeles, Ca)
06/21/1987The Father in Sikh Dharma (Los Angeles, CA)
07/06/1987Anniversary of the Akal Takhat Martyrdom (Espanola, NM)
07/16/1987On Man (Unknown)
07/31/1987THE LAST DAY OF LADIES' CAMP 1987 (Espanola, NM)
08/02/1987Reality is Essential (Espanola, NM)
09/20/1987Sikh Dharma (Los Angeles, CA)
10/01/1987The Sikh Gurus (Los Angeles, CA)
10/04/1987Guru Ram Das (Los Angeles, CA)
10/06/1987Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Akal Takat (Los Angeles, CA)
10/11/1987What is Marriage (Los Angeles, CA)
10/16/1987Courage and Realism (Los Angeles, CA)
10/18/1987Share With Others (Los Angeles, CA)
12/06/1987Martyrdom of the Akal Takhat (Los Angeles, CA)
12/31/1987Bheta (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
01/31/1988This is the time to wake up! (Espanola, NM)
02/14/1988Dharma within the Dharma (Los Angeles, CA)
02/21/1988Kindness (Los Angeles, CA)
02/28/1988Are you with me? (Los Angeles, CA)
03/27/1988Fundamentals of the Mind (Los Angeles, Ca)
04/03/1988Patterns and Partnership (Unknown)
04/10/1988Dharma and Doubt (Los Angeles, Ca)
04/11/1988Does your Oyster Have a Pearl in it? (Los Angeles, Ca)
04/12/1988Khalsa Council (Los Angeles, Ca)
04/14/1988I am not the Siri Singh Sahib (Los Angeles, Ca)
04/15/1988The Spritual Twilight Zone (Los Angeles, Ca)
04/30/1988The Religion of the Space Age (Los Angeles, Ca)
05/01/1988Self-Esteem (Los Angeles, Ca)
05/15/1988If you Don't Have Guts, you are Nobody (Los Angeles, Ca)
05/28/1988What I Feel I Share, Because I Care (Glendale, CA)
05/29/1988Why do we Need a Guru Anyway? (Los Angeles, Ca)
06/05/1988Peace Sunday (Los Angeles, Ca)
06/24/1988There is No Reason That You Should Worry (Ram Das Puri, NM)
06/26/1988The Khalsa Shall Win (Espanola, NM)
07/03/1988Shastra and Shastar (Espanola, NM)
07/06/1988When the Future Calls On You (Espanola, NM)
07/19/1988The Secret of Success (Espanola, NM)
07/22/1988Steps to Prosperity (Unknown)
07/24/1988Patience Pays (Espanola, NM)
07/29/1988The Essence of the Man (Espanola, NM)
08/07/1988The Heart of a Lion (Albuquerque, NM)
08/21/1988Why? Because! (Los Angeles, CA)
08/26/1988Hail Guru Ram Das and Heal the World (Los Angeles, CA)
08/26/1988Meditation Leads to Prosperity (Unknown)
09/18/1988How the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Works (Los Angeles, CA)
09/25/1988A Man Named Nanak (Los Angeles, CA)
09/29/1988Food and Your Mental Attitude (Los Angeles, CA)
10/09/1988The Sacred Secret (Los Angeles, CA)
10/16/1988Spiritual Fraud (Los Angeles, CA)
10/26/1988The Direct Heart Line (Los Angeles, CA)
10/27/1988The Theory of Conflict (Los Angeles, CA)
11/12/1988The Psychology of Fear (Los Angeles, CA)
11/16/1988Live with a Gem Quality Mind (Espanola, NM)
11/27/1988Lunatics, Philosophers and Lovers (Eugene, OR)
12/12/1988Earth is Not For Man (Los Angeles, CA)
12/25/1988Santa Claus- A Perfect Sikh (Lake Wales, FL)
12/27/1988Fear of Tomorrow (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
12/31/1988- 1989 - THE END OF AN ERA - (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
01/01/1989You are the Perfect True Guru (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
02/08/1989Me and You (Espanola, NM)
02/10/1989It takes a long time to be nice (Espanola, NM)
02/10/1989Clarify Your Consciousness and Shine (Espanola, NM)
02/19/1989Corruption of Religion (Los Angeles, CA)
03/01/1989My idea is to make you happy (Los Angeles, Ca)
03/03/1989Everybody is born to be happy (Los Angeles, Ca)
03/05/1989The Law of One Hundred Percent (Los Angeles, CA)
03/06/1989You are a Dead Rat (Los Angeles, Ca)
03/06/1989Your Soul is Dormant (Los Angeles, Ca)
03/12/1989An Attitude of Deathlessness (Los Angeles, Ca)
03/14/1989Transit Memories (Los Angeles, Ca)
03/15/1989The Mental Twilight Zone (Los Angeles, Ca)
04/01/1989Regaining Self Esteem (Unknown)
04/19/1989Married in Love (Unknown)
04/19/1989Words to Live By (Unknown)
04/19/1989Busyness for Profit (Unknown)
04/19/1989The Ten Manners of Life (Unknown)
04/20/1989You are the Mules who Shall Carry God's Crown (Los Angeles, Ca)
04/23/1989The Calling of the Soul (New York City, NY)
05/02/1989Getting the Pain Out (Los Angeles, Ca)
05/03/1989Living in Perpetual Memory (Los Angeles, Ca)
05/07/1989A Man's Life is Not a Man's Life (Los Angeles, Ca)
05/13/1989Define your own Nobility (Hamburg, Germany)
05/14/1989Never Say No (Hamburg, Germany)
06/06/1989Today you have the Responsibility (Los Angeles, CA)
06/07/1989Love and Fear (Los Angeles, CA)
06/22/1989Believe Nobody, But Trust God (Ram Das Puri, NM)
07/03/1989The Path of The Kundalini (Espanola, NM
07/03/1989Spiritual Teacher (Unknown)
07/12/1989Reversal Love (Espanola, NM)
08/13/1989Anarchy and Infinity (Espanola, NM)
08/14/1989The Two Legs of Commitment and Character (Ram Das Puri, NM)
09/06/1989Getting it Together (Los Angeles, CA)
09/12/1989The Resounding Sound Of Self-Esteem (Los Angeles, CA)
09/24/1989The Keystone of Prosperity (Los Angeles, CA)
10/01/1989Sikh Dharma and the Core of Happiness (Los Angeles, CA)
10/08/1989-= LIFE =- (Espanola, NM)
10/11/1989Happiness (Los Angeles, Ca)
10/12/1989Touch Your Mind (Los Angeles, Ca)
10/16/1989-= TRUST =- (Los Angeles, CA)
11/17/1989Healing Your Handicaps (Los Angeles, CA)
11/17/1989Healing Your Handicaps (Los Angeles, CA)
11/19/1989Cherdi Kala- Continuous Resurrection (Los Angeles, CA)
11/26/1989Why Are We Sikhs? (Los Angeles, CA)
12/31/1989Happiness is My Birthright (Pompano Beach, FL)
12/31/19891990 - Time to come out of our shell and trust ourselves (Pompano Beach, FL)
01/01/1990The Basic Personality of a Teacher (Unknown)
01/06/1990Security and Prosperity (Espanola, NM)
01/07/1990Higher you are, Humbler you are (Espanola, NM)
01/23/1990Comments on Moscow trip (Hamburg, Germany)
02/07/1990The Future of Planet Earth (Los Angeles, CA)
02/11/1990Wandering mind and Wonderful mind (Los Angeles, CA)
02/22/1990Self Healing (Los Angeles, CA)
03/13/1990Love and Desire (Los Angeles, Ca)
03/23/1990What it Means to be a Teacher (Los Angeles, CA)
03/25/1990True Companionship (Los Angeles, Ca)
04/08/1990The Meaning of Dharma (Los Angeles, Ca)
04/22/1990Feel in Touch with Your Own Touch (Los Angeles, Ca)
05/17/1990Depression (Los Angeles, Ca)
05/18/1990Unhappiness (Los Angeles, Ca)
07/26/1990SADHNA - Communicating With Your Soul (Espanola, NM)
01/01/1991Concern and Prayer (Unknown)
02/01/1991Prayer * Power * Politics * Peace (Unknown)
07/10/1991Human Longing (Unknown)
08/06/1991The Promises of the Ten Commandments (Unknown)
08/13/1992Aquarian Times magazine Yogi Bhajan Lecture Excerpts (Espanola, NM)
12/31/1992Victory! (Los Angeles, Ca)
11/11/1994Baisakhi/Khalsa Women's Training Camp: Lecture Excerpts (Los Angeles, Ca)
01/01/1995The Celestial Communication Technique (Unknown)
03/01/1995Quantum Technology of the Shabd Guru (Espanola, NM)
04/20/1995Qualifying Your Self in Intuitive Awareness (Los Angeles, Ca)
07/04/1995Who Needs a Teacher? (Unknown)
09/09/1995To See the Universe in You (Berlin, Germany)
01/01/1996Awakening the Body with Massage (Unknown)
02/26/1996Self Reverence (Espanola, NM)
07/20/1996What is Happiness? (Espanola, NM)
07/22/1996The Art of Communication (Espanola, NM)
07/22/1996The Golden Rules of a Teacher (Espanola, NM)
07/23/1996The Purity and Power of a Teacher (Espanola, NM)
07/23/1996Use Your Body for Higher Living (Espanola, NM)
07/24/1996Life of a Teacher (Espanola, NM)
07/24/1996Overcoming the Complexes of Life (Espanola, NM)
04/22/1997Let Go Let God (Espanola, NM)
04/29/2001All is One and One is All (Espanola, NM)
06/25/2001The Power of Acceptance (Unknown)
06/26/2001Invoke the Wealth of the Universe (Unknown)
08/01/2001The Self-Sensory System of the Aquarian Age (Espanola, NM)
08/21/2001God and Me, Me and God Are One (Unknown)
09/11/2001911 (Espanola, NM)
09/23/2002Living Consciously (Espanola, NM)
10/03/2002Your Inner Conflict (Espanola, NM)
01/01/2003What is Yoga? (Unknown)
The Ten Manners of Life (Unkown)
Mantra (Unknown)
And the Heart Lotus Blossoms Forth (Unknown)
The Story of Narad (Unknown)
Make the Commitment…then Live It (Unknown)
The Meditative Mind (Unknown)
Sikh Concept of Guru (Unknown)
Twelve Signs (Unknown)
Expand (Santa Cruz, CA)
Communication (Espanola, NM)
Wisdom for Women (Espanola, NM)
Dear Yogiji (Unknown)
All About "Gurus" (Unknown)
An Adventure in Consciousness (Unknown)
Look Through the Mind's Window (Unknown)
Speak With Committed Language (Unknown)
Enrich Your Mind (Unknown)
Identity (Unknown)
Self Therapy (Unknown)
Personality & Identical Personality (Unknown)
Mind is the Link (Unknown)

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