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Lecture on: 04/01/1978
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Location: Unknown

Intelligence: A Living Behavior

There is nothing equal to faith. And there is nothing equal to freaking out. Both are the actions of the same individual. But, you need intelligence to have faith. You can’t have faith without being intelligent. I can guarantee you that. Because, it is only the human intelligence which proves to you that this earth is just nothing but time and space for an individual, for a time. It is not permanent. Otherwise, Maya, the beauty of the surroundings, forces you to feel you are permanent here. Do you understand what I am saying? It forces you to feel you are permanent. The moment you feel you are permanent, you become insecure. There are no two opinions about it. You may have all the wealth in the world, total command of everything, but nothing can help you. The moment your mind gives you the signal, “Yogiji, you are going to live forever.” How to defend yourself? How to take care of yourself? How to behave? All these problems come with it.
Actually, it is very temporary; 65 years of time is nothing. The average life is 65 years. What is the effect of a billion years to one sixty-five year life? Everything is proportioned to a billion life-years, or I think to a hundred thousand light-years, something like that. So, your life on the cosmic scale is, “t” (he makes a short sound with his tongue), nothing. If you life one hundred years, it is equal to one-tenth of the strength of one breath on the cosmic scale. And in yogic science, it is almost equal to this “t,” when your tongue touches the upper palate and releases air, that is one human life on the cosmic scale in relation to this planet earth. I’m not talking of the whole galaxy. According to this universe of yours, you don’t exist. According to the universe, you are and ego, an “it.”
Certain egos do certain jobs to inspire other egos and become a guide. They are remembered. It is a continuous memory you can create. Your memory can live, you can’t. You can only be remembered by those who are concerned. That is why, in the very beginning, man started living in a tribe, a kabeelaa. We are still tribes. What is America? It’s a tribe. The Womans’ League is a tribe. All those people who aspire towards one cause, and get their scene together under one banner to do something are called a tribe. From the very beginning, and so today, all people feel that they are insecure. Therefore, they always have a tribe. That’s why Aristotle said, “Man is a social animal.” Man cannot live without socializing. That’s why, in a jail, first they take you away from society if you misbehave, then they give you solitary confinement. Why is that a serious punishment? Because you are taken away from the social aspect of life.
The real power in you is the power of belief, of faith. It is belief and faith. Believe what you believe, and the faith, the power behind that belief, can make you live. And that can only come to you if you are intelligent. If you are a dummy, you’ll freak out. Now, what is freaking you out? Freaking out is a pressure which you cannot handle. Any social, moral, inner, outer, subjective, objective, pressure on you freaks you out.
One statement of mind is when you achieve your personal equilibrium. That’s O.K. That does not mean you are sensitive. Most of the spiritual people sit and experience what is called, “Personal Elevated Trip.” It has got nothing to do with anybody. Those people are very happy, they close their eyes, food comes to them and they eat. If it doesn’t come, they don’t worry. Clothes come to them, they wear them. Now, second is when you become the impulse of the consciousness. That is, you beat with every beat, you feel with every feeling, you get hurt with every hurt, you get emotional with every emotion, you get sincere with every sincerity, you get betrayed with every betrayal, you become part of the whole, and the whole becomes part of you. That is the first basic quality of a teacher. A teacher is not one who just keeps his eyes closed, eats a little bit of rice and mung beans, and wears a loin-cloth. No. He must be with people, he must share their thoughts, share their suffering, and, with all their suffering, negativity, and nonsense, he should still be in his own equilibrium.
A ‘brahm gyanee,’ one who has the knowledge of God, should be so smooth, just as a lotus in the muddy water doesn’t get dirty. It is therefore obligatory on the part of the individual to grow. Growth can be one of three ways. One growth is physical growth. Now that does not mean that one area is growing while the other part is dead; rather we are referring to predominates. In some people, physical growth is very good. They grow physically very attractive, very smart. Physical performance, physical games, everything physical suits them the most; but mentally they are zero. The third area is spiritual growth.
To some people, mental growth is great. You say one sentence to them, they will say one hundred, one thousand sentences. They’ll go on and on. Once you get them on the telephone, forget the bill! The first thing you should learn in your life, in developing your personality, is to speak precisely. “Sir, may I have your attention please, I have a problem with you. Please do you feel there is a possibility to discuss it with you? Please do you feel there is a possibility to discuss it now?” If the person says, “Yes, go ahead,” then you can say, “Are you sure?”
You know, you find a book with a preface, right? It is just to prepare the other man’s mind to meditate on you. If you don’t do that, the other person is not as receptive. So first you have to be very, very precise. Second, you must make the other person meditate on you before you start a conversation. Third, you must speak straight and purposefully. Some people spin their words. I go through it everyday. It is one of my jobs.
Let me review what I’ve said. There is a pattern and a behavior which must be practices by every individual to prove that he or she is an intelligent person. The first sign of intelligence is that you should talk precisely. Second, you should and must always talk straight. As straight as I said it. This spinning around, “Oh ji, I have some news for you. How about if first you take a cup of coffee? It is something great.” Now this is creating curiosity. It’s a lot of fun. Don’t build your negative personality through your communication. Just say straight things. Is that fair? This is a fair way of life which can bring you happiness. Otherwise, the road will be very, very thorny.
In life, learn to be fair. Build up a reputation that you are fair, don’t get depressed, don’t get aggressive. Neither aggressiveness nor depression is the quality of a human being.
It is a long way to become intelligent. Intelligence is a living behavior pattern. Always be clean and neat in your communication, always be exact. Express yourself honestly. What is honesty? When you express, achieve, and give everything with the standard of honesty which you have. If you have a standard of honesty that you want to return ten dollars as eight dollars, tell the guy, “I want to rip you off of two dollars and this is my way.” You understand? But don’t promise somebody, “Here are twelve dollars for your ten dollars,” the guy goes home, counts it, and finds eight bucks. Forget it. He’s going to curse you, he is going to call you, he is going to do everything in his position to mess you up, and then will never forgive your dishonest actions.
A lot of people who come to me with a lot of hope freak out. This is a standard which you must learn. It is a very beautiful survival thing. Don’t give anybody a claim; don’t give anybody too much hope, unrealistic hope. Just be reasonable. If you know for sure you can do thirty cents, just tell somebody twenty cents is possible, save ten cents to give. Don’t speak too much truth. The other person may not be in a position to handle it. Always try to understand what the other person wants. If you speak only the truth, it will freak out the other guy. Then what will happen? You break the communication. I am not saying to you that you should lie. Just don’t say anything. Just tell the other person, “I don’t understand, could you explain it more?” Because if you are a truthful person, you don’t understand a lie at all, that is the truth. But give another person a lot of chance to speak. That’s what I do. I have an edge over everybody; I can see the aura, I can understand the person and what he is going to say. But you know, I sit down, “Yeah, what did he say? Uh huh, yeah, yeah, really, good, what more?” Let the person explain. Let him feel that you are hearing him. It is the biggest gift of your personality if you can calmly hear another person. But if you have to yell, yell the loudest. Scare the hell out of him; don’t try halfway, it is no good. Sometimes I feel certain things around, and I can’t communicate because I know the other person can’t understand my frequency, so I find somebody of equal frequency and tell that person the story, because then it is a story of a third person to hear more attentively. That is why we like fairytales and such stories, because they are for the third person. I use the person in a very simple manner; I tell the person about the third person, and I ask him, “Can you go and discuss and communicate this with him?” I could go and talk myself, there is no problem, but it will never be right. Why, you ask me why? The other person already has a fear that if Yogiji knows it, Yogiji is going to blast him. You understand what I mean? The fear of blasting is enough to automatically close the central part of the ear. It happens like this. I have seen when I talk to some people that their eyes bulge. You know I want to build a room which has a mirror all around so when a person talks to me, he or she should have the chance to see what is going on with himself or herself. When the central balance area of the central ear does not want to hear something, it has a premeditated hallucination.
You need in your life eleven days of vacation per year for your glandular system. You know why we started having this Summer Solstice? Just to break your habit pattern. We don’t give you food you always normally eat. Now people in 3HO are becoming pretty rich. Everybody is complaining. All the ladies test their husbands. “Ji, can’t we have a trailer this time? It is very difficult for the baby, you know? I don’t mind about myself. It’s not that bad, but if a trailer will be there…” Then they stuff almonds, cashew nuts and God knows what into all the pockets of the trailer, as if we are never going to come back again. And if he says, “No, no, no, no! No trailer business, you know what Yogiji says…” Yeah, but aren’t you going to talk to him tomorrow? Can you suggest that the child is not healthy?” This is happening in 3HO. Here we are supposed to be dressed in white, beautiful, honest people who practice the yoga of awareness, Kundalini yoga, and we should not be very straight and blunt and say, “Well, look, now we are rich, our ego doesn’t allow us to live in a trailer, we want a house there!” Funny people! Actually the total idea is to bring you for ten days to live with the environment of nature, to make you immune so your skin can breathe, so you can survive. Do you think I can’t hold a convention in a hotel? You will all come. No, that is not my way. I have to train you to live. I have lived many, many times. I know what living is. It is you who are important. And you must be trained to live in a natural environment to feel sometimes that there is a God. And too much maya around us does not allow us to feel God.
We live by the sun energy, there is no lie about it. That is why when the energy of the sun is the highest we do this sadhana to leave everything. We need eleven days. Then we go on a mono diet, and that mono diet has carbohydrates, because you need that sugar for the brain for those meditative exercises. It is a situation designed for centuries which we practice. Then we always try to go to a place where there is heat and elevation so that your children can go five, six, seven, ten thousand feet. Their metabolism needs the experience. How can a person who grows up eighteen years in New York ever come to New Mexico and not get sick? Impossible. You need the practice of environments, and your body and your nervous system must adjust. You know, if all New York people came here and lived for fifteen days, then went back, they wouldn’t need a lot of medicines. If you think I’m a fool that I’m building up all this here, couldn’t we build somewhere else? No. Why are you under this tent? Couldn’t a better shed be built for you? It could be, but when it rains, you won’t enjoy what you enjoy under it.
This is what lies underneath the teachings we are practicing. We are trying to make you survive. We are trying to make you conscious to survive and you only survive with your basic instinct. Intelligence is your basic instinct. You do know understand this human therapy. In normal environments you will always be rational. Until you are aroused to confront abnormal circumstances, you will not pressure your supreme friend, intelligence, to come to your help.

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