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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 03/01/1978
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Unknown

New Year's Message 1978

Beads of Truth March 1978

We are entering a beautiful era. We have completed our five years of practicing the values of the order of the Khalsa. While doing so, as nobody is perfect, neither were we. We align ourselves on a definite path and try to make ourselves perfect. But, today I’m going to discuss with you something which has a deep concern in our life.

In spite of the fact that everybody knows what this path entails, in spite of the fact that people may like to practice this path, in spite of the fact it may attract some people, there’s also a possibility that some people may reject it outright. Now, what happens is, if somebody rejects it, we get upset. Why couldn’t he make it? But this simple phenomenon of life has to be experienced. On a tree, a lot of flowers bloom, and a lot of fruit takes shape. But, out of that, every flower does not turn itself into a fruit.

What is Sikh Dharma? This question has been asked, in spite of the fact that now five years have passed. In the western world we have a beautiful sangat which practices the way which was laid down by Guru Nanak. There are many people who think it is a fad. There is a majority of people who think it is ‘personal.’ Why is it happening? If you look at it, and look at the negativity over the last eight years; the slander, the negativity we have gone through, why have we not done something to counteract it? That is the question. The answer is: for our practice and perfection, we need this opposition. The negative attack on us is equally important as the positive inspiration we are receiving. Without this negativity, it could have been possible that we would have gone astray.

The simple way to progress in Sikh way is so simple: not to look back. Don’t look at your past. First of all, you have been doing what you were doing. But once you have taken the finger, you’ve taken the support, then you can’t look back.

Once I visited in Jammu, the temple of Vashnu Devi (Goddess of purity). It is a very high hill temple. As I was going there, and on the way I watched people. I questioned myself. Why is it that every year thousands of people come here? And why do they just go up and not stay for even a few minutes, and then they come back? (As many people did at Hemkunt Sahib.) Actually, it is very simple. You have to focus the mind to total purity to go towards that temple, and because the path is not more than one foot and a half wide, one slip will bring you about 3,000 feet down straight. So, what can do you? All you can do is look forward and every person is chanting. “Jai Mata, Jai Mata.” If you try to talk to anybody they will just say, “Jai Mata.” They don’t want to listen because there is a constant situation, a physiological, geographical situation, where if the person turns a little left or a little right, God knows where he shall be.
I have discussed with people who went to Hemkunt Sahib. They had a beautiful experience. It was an experience of very joyful victory. “Ah, ha, ha, ha. We made it! It was impossible. It was not possible, but we made it. Ji, we kept up. Everybody kept up.” Now, that is what the ecstasy of consciousness, “Wha Guru,” means. If you want to be first perfect, then practice a thing. This lifetime is very, very small and little. Sixty-five years is just nothing. In the cosmic time span, an average life of sixty-five years can’t even be written on a computer.
The second question you will ask me is: “People who have baptized themselves into Sikh Dharma, whenever they have left, they have exactly started back at the stage where they were when they started. What happened to those five years? What happened to those six years? What happened to those three years? My answer to you is: That period God punched out. It got punched out, it doesn’t exist; because when you practice Dharma, you don’t suffer with the Karma.
We say “Ang Sang Wahe Guru. (My every part is immersed in the ecstasy of infinity.)” So we have a buddy, we have a friend, we have a guide, we have a Guru, and a very beloved Guru. Can you imagine, if God would not have blessed you to walk on this path of life, you would not have been sitting here. This was a long weekend and you would have taken about six buckets of beer, some wine, some meat, would have gone near the ocean, barbequed it, and had many drinks until it was all over. You were supposed to return Tuesday to go to work; you would not even have shown up Wednesday. Absenteeism for that relaxation runs into a couple of billion dollars every year. This is a fact.

Rest is when we relax. Relaxation is when we progress in our consciousness. It is our progressiveness which matters in life. I want to tell you one thing. You need not agree with it, and you should not. But, this is going to stand out exactly as I am saying it: Richness, power, authority, jurisdiction, knowledge, all these things do not give you happiness.

Gurbani is beautiful. Antar. You know these are the stages; sometime you can read the Vedas and you can find it yourself. Antar. The translation I have read of this is: “inside.” No, my friend, Antar, state of Antar is not just inside. Neither “Patantar” means outside. Antar means the very nuclear essence of the being. The very mind. The very in of the total being. That point which is in you. You can have a length and a breadth. That is called “Tantar.” Length and breadth. Then, length and breadth will meet somewhere, and that point is called, “Antar.” So, you have a spiritual world and you have an earthly world. Between the earthly world, and between the spiritual world, you will meet somewhere. Guru says, “Antar Guru Araadhana Jaiva Jap Gur Naao,” from the tongue do the japa of Guru’s name, “Wahe Guru.” So, there is no misunderstanding that we have definitely a way of life in which we do not misunderstand about this earth, about this maya. We have this maya to use it.

Now, some people are very upset with American Sikhs, that they do not “communicate.” Now, I don’t think anyone can blame them. Actually, we have worked so hard to bring ourselves to this path, we have no time to waste. And, how long can we go on answering all the silly questions? In psychology, social environments affect the man, and that is our outside. The inner strength reflects in the man. That is “Antar.”

Our path is Guru’s path. Errors are human, but that Heavenly Father picks us up and takes us through. Therefore, what we have to do in the long run is to keep going. This Winter Solstice I was answering some questions and I said; “You must keep going in spite of the fact I fall from this path. If I join tomorrow Hare Krishna movement, it should not bother you. I can go nuts, so can you.” Let us not go nuts. Let us rivet ourselves in our commitment.

I am very hopeful to see that you have faced such tremendous opposition. I’m so joyful you are so strong. You are so rhythmic that every effort which has been attempted to just put us down has not affected us.

There are a lot of questions. People say; “I am a professional. In my work, perhaps I will attract less customers if I wear churidars and kurta.” I’ll say to them, “You are very unique. And, you should exploit this uniqueness, to the far out end. The very fact you are unique, your dress is unique, a person who will professionally hand himself or herself to you will be very, very proud. Because that person will feel that you are very unique and unusual, that with the pressure of normal garbage and negativity you won’t give in. These are the areas where you can excel.

When Guru Gobind Singh asked for the five heads, what did he give us? Bana (the dress). After giving bana, he gave us Amrit. After giving Amrit, while leaving this earth, he gave us the Guru, Siri Guru Granth (word of God). Now, those people who are jealous of my personality, I need them the most, because if you do not have these crazy people there’ll be nothing to work against. This is a confidence which is tested everyday. And, look at the House of Guru and the opposition it had through our history.

Opposition is just like a mustard seed; it will grow in proportion to your light. At this time, my latest report says that everybody’s astonished to figure out what to do with us. I received a phone call and was asked if I will be in a position to explain our stand. And I said, “What is our stand? Our stand is simple. Bana, bani, seva, simran-and, inhale the prana, exhale the negativity-live right-eat lungar-and, have fun. That’s our declared policy.” Then I was asked; “Well, what are your political views?” I said, “Our political view is that everybody will look at us and like us and join us, and we’ll feed them lungar.” We are not from Punjab. We are Americans. This is our land. There is no political bombardment happening here. You know, I don’t understand why we have to have a political stance? Yes, I understand that in Canada, our community is in trouble. There we are taking a stand. We are telling the government to refrain from unfortunate activities. We believe in religious freedom for everybody and we are doing our best.

Many of you this time have visited India, and you must have visited the office of the SGPC. But, I can tell you that is the only Sikh Dharma office in the world, next to our Secretariat. Normally the Gurdwara office is in the armpit of the secretary. They come, bring the books, write it down. Put it here (under the armpit) and they go home. Next week again they show up.

Our background is western. Therefore, we have to do something different. We have to enhance ourselves in our spirit, in our values. And, some of you forget it. Saram Khand, Karam Khand, Karm Pad, Shakti Pad. Whenever a person reaches the stage of Shakti Pad, he falls apart. Many have, many will. But those who will manage to cross it, they will be blessed ones who will enter Sahaj and Sat Pad. Reading the scriptures, following the scriptures is very beautiful. We must have a comparative study of ourselves and the environments around.

This year which is starting this day is a very blessed year. It will make us to consolidate ourselves. It will give us the opportunity to reprogram ourselves so that we can serve the world at large.

In the end, I will like to tell you; don’t worry about your neuroses. Because your neuroses are already worried when you have walked on this path. They’re very upset. Neuroses are very upset. “Simple life, in Guru’s Name, humble service in Guru’s Name,” is our motto. Wherever you are, whatever you are, so long as you are carrying the banner, you are not in bad shape. Clouds will come, clouds will go away, but sun shall shine, always and ever. Let us not waste our precious time which we have been granted and given. And let us absolve ourselves of karma.

Once somebody asked a rishi, “Rishi Ji, what is the sign of a Sikh of Guru Nanak?” He said, “Very easy to recognize him.” He said, “What?” He said, “Any man or woman who will not hassle for his achievement is a Sikh of Guru Nanak.” Exactly, it is this way for you and your consciousness, so stop being nervous. Stop hassling. And, just proceed on Guru’s path. By example, teach your children.

Now, it is being considered; “How should we do something to take over the control of the Western Sikhs?” And, those who are trying to do that, my answer is to them, “These people cannot be controlled. It’s most difficult, impossible, to control a western mind, except with the grace of the Guru, Gur Prasad…”

So, in this privileged moment of the day, take the ice of the mind, condense it, and take the skis of your thoughts, and handles of your sadhana, and the boots of your faith. Ski from the Infinity to finite, and find out where you are at, and then pull yourself back, on Guru’s chairlift, so that you will be pulled back to the top of the mountain again.

In these days we are very happy, healthy and holy. I’m grateful to you that last night you did beautiful kirtan and this morning you prayed a lot. I hope your purity will be an example to other religions, and young people from other religions will take your example and will go through their neuroses. I hope you will continue forever to be blessed by the House of the Guru.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!
YB Teachings, LLC 1978
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