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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 10/09/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, CA

The Sacred Secret


What I am talking to you is the Sacred Secret. Sikh Dharma is a very definitely misunderstood religion by the Sikhs today. And I'm talking today... day it is, what is the date today, please? (October 9th.) It is October 9th, 1988. It is over 500 years the Sikh Dharma has been practiced from the time of Guru Nanak to this day. I, on behalf of the Sikh Dharma Western Hemisphere, being the Siri Singh Sahib, affirm that Sikh Dharma has been taught wrong. And the attitude of the teachers prior to this situation was conclusively wrong, and this experience I have seen in 20 years by my own personal experience, and the experience I look at.
Why I am saying it? I am supposed to give an explanation. There are 22 religions in the world in practice. There are eight major religions. Out of the eight major religions, one of the religions is called Sikh Dharma. At the present moment when I am speaking, the total estimated population which follows Sikh Dharma is called upon near the number, from 15 millions to 18 millions. I'm not going to be exact in figures. I presume that is the condition.

Sikhs have been going through a lot of struggles from 1984 to '88 and that struggle will be over with the end of the '88. We are entering a full moon period of that, and that is how it is destined and that is how it is about to be. However, I have certain things to say to the people who shall follow in Sikh Dharma from couple centuries from now. That's why I have used this day to talk to them.

At the moment I am sitting in Guru Ram Das Ashram with a congregation and in the presence of Siri Guru Granth Sahib and people who are listening to me do not understand me... not a word. And I don't understand them at all. But I presume they are Sikhs, therefore, because they have come to Siri Guru Granth to get blessed. And my presumption of this day is that I want to make it a clear established rule of conduct that Sikh Dharma comes from basically (and in the papers I have read), from the combination of Islam and Hinduism and that kind of sort. And it grew up out of that. And it is carrying a past of that. It believes in reincarnation which is Hinduism. It believes in One God, which is Muslim. Presumably the camouflage of this whole situation is that Sikh Dharma has not been understood from day one. And I also authentically declare that the Sikhs have done nothing, I declare NOTHING, to clear that misunderstanding!

I believe today that Sikh Dharma is a religion by its own right. It is a way of life. It teaches reality. And I do believe that a human has only two things to go through: one is called "emotionalism." Or in scientific terms in this psychology of which I am a PhD and I have certified degree in that, (so that my future children may know that I was talking to them authentically, not to tell them that I was a doctor) it is called "commotionalism." Moment of integrity into the action or reaction of faculty and facility of human life behavior in which security and insecurity, with the ego and on the perception of inter-related magnetic field of the other human being, realizing the psyche where people act and react and they call it living human beings. So when you who are coming after in the generation will understand that people who were in 1988 were 3/4th animal, 1/4th men or women, whatever they were. Their conscious and concept was not virtually that the caliber which you will face at
your time, but at your time from now a thousand years later, you will have your own problems. But I am relating the problems today as they exist.

This city where I am speaking today is called "Los Angeles." It is on the West coast of the United States. It is a commercial town of the state called "California." It is one of the fifty states in the United States. It happens to be that this state is a pioneer in accepting new ideas and in that new idea, through the grace of Guru Ram Das, some people have accepted Sikhism as their way of life. It is my concept that Guru has blessed them and they may walk on this path. I believe at the moment when I am speaking and it is being recorded for you... those who are to follow... that Sikh Dharma has established its little roots and is crawling. It is not yet walking.

With a tremendous misunderstanding in the hands of the Indian Sikhs, there is a lot of set-back. But however, the set-up is strong and organized enough to meet the challenge. Hopefully it will continue to do that.
According to the Indian traditions, and Indian religion, the concept of "God" is very overwhelmingly simple. Accept God and do everything you want.

According to the Indian tradition, if the hand of God is with you, then you are competent and you are powerful, and you are competent and you are wonderful, you are happy and you are this and that. This greedy notion which comes from India and its soil is not Sikh Dharma. Sikh Dharam is the religion of honor, and courage, and strength. A Sikh never, according to the Siri Guru Granth as a witness, prays except for the blessing, oneness and union with God. All other concepts which are there have to be explained and I have undertaken upon myself the responsibility to explain to this congregation where Sikh Dharma starts.
There are two ways for any man and a woman to go through. One thing is called "to grow up." And those who do not grow up, throw up. And everybody knows about it, therefore there is no secret about it. Those who grow up are respected, loved and they do draw a strength. Wherever there is a low pressure in the atmosphere it draws the high pressure of the air towards low pressure. And this is how the planet earth, a season in life, lives. It is an organic method and it is a natural method and it cannot be challenged. It is an accepted science and rule.

Exactly so, a person who belongs to the Guru shall dedicate everything and shall create himself humble enough to create a low volume of his identity called 'ego', therefore he shall attract blessings from everybody and through every psyche, therefore he shall excel in prosperity and wisdom and in all that. Sikh is a unison living God on the earth, only using the feature as a human body. He's not a man, a person, or an individual.

This basic concept of total dedication to the Guru could not be practiced by the Sikhs in these 500 and some years, inspite of the fact the Sikh religion has saints, holy men, great men, and men of virtue which are respected and adored. But, a one-eyed man is a leader in the village of the blind. A concept which has grown of the Sikh Dharma is not acceptable to the Western world in the Indian style.

Those of you who come in the West and are born of the Western Sikh parents must understand, the Sikh religion does not give you an option to fault or to error. That's why you accept Siri Guru Granth as Guru. And Siri Guru Granth is unchangeable... number eleven. Eleven never changes. One number in entire numerology which never changes is eleven. (note: 11 is not reduced by summing... it stays 11 not 2) What you learn from this Guru is a simple concept of life. It addresses your soul, its origin, its destination, destiny, and its path, its direction, its concept, its facets, its faculties and its own self-involvement in completion and fulfillment.

Second part that the Siri Guru Granth addresses is the mental concept. All three minds... and its variance, and its virtues, and its interaction, and its reactions... and how far man can be so he can be really an authoritative carrier of the part of God, and partake of what is called 'soul.'

Thirdly, Siri Guru Granth addresses the body as a separate unit. Its parts; their functions; body and its concept; its health. In many areas the body has been addressed as a temple of God, its concept as a very purified situation, as a gift, the highest gift of God, and all that. After addressing these three fundamental things, it addresses a human as a person, as an identity, and then splits it again into his ego, in his achievement, in destiny and fate, in reality and non-reality, and it tells the human being everything which he deals with is false, is a maya, and everything which is maya cannot be bargained with something which is real. So, it tells you that you cannot trade emeralds for a sea-shell.

Also one concept in Siri Guru Granth is, as a Guru, it humbles itself to the lowest pitch a human voice can describe. "Neecho neech kahet so, neecho neech hoe so, neecho neech paaeh so." Which sometimes in the Western world is considered, is a sign of weakness. It is not true. The fact is, the Siri Guru Granth comes from the words of those who have seen the highest of high. They have been friends, they have been buddies, they have been disciples, they have been part of God. What I see of the Siri Guru Granth is that the words in it are of those who have just played with God as equal.

In one concept I do feel that human in finite has played with Infinity in totality. I do believe that it is wonderful to go on the top of the ladder, but provided you very well understand that it is a very lonely place. And I do need human concept that everybody wants to go on the top of the ladder, but they don't want to be lonely and, you know, it is asking something and rejecting something which comes with it.

Siri Guru Granth addresses this spot. Siri Guru Granth addresses that you can go on the 40 ladders of the Japji and still, on the top, you can play and be friendly with God and still look down at the earth and bless it with your grace. It is a religion of completion. It is a religion of the ordinary person being saint.

Religion of Sikh Dharma starts from sainthood. It does not believe that man has lost the concept of God. It totally does not agree with the 21 religions being practiced at this time on the earth. All 21 religions are commercial brain-waves of clever men who wanted to have money -- out of the ordinary men. This is my conclusion of working 20 hard years and finding out where religion has gone wrong. I have found out in my personal life that religion is nothing but the biggest commercial hypocrisy ever practiced by a man on other men. It is a falsehood, it is a total lie, and it is a totally commotional use of exploiting each other. It does not say one factual thing and reality which Guru Nanak stands for. And that's why I am disbelieving that there is a chance that Sikh Dharma will ever be polluted or will be practiced by those who do not understand it.

For you who have to follow, and come and follow in that concept of life, let me tell you something where Sikh Dharma comes through. Sikh Dharma does not believe, basically and fundamentally, that man has a last concept of God. So man has not to buy God, man has not to sell God, man has not to please God with anything of this earth, because God owns the earth, and everything. So it is a religion of totality. In that totality, individuality has only one part of that -- it's called prayer. It's a chance, I feel, at the age of 59, where I am practicing right here in this congregation, and in my body and soul, the only chance I have above and everything, is that I individually can sit and pray to fulfill my own feelings which are my senses.

Beyond that:
"Jo kichh paaiaa so aykaa vaar,
kar kar vekhai sirajanhaar,
Nanak sache kee saachee kaar."

31st pauree of Japji Sahib, Guru Nanak Dev

God is the Doer of everything.

I, at this age of mine, feel, honestly and consciously and in my own practice, that God is not an unknown partner in the life, and God cannot be invoked by prayer. God is only connected by prayer. Prayer only purifies the person who wants to connect. But it does not interfere with the working capacity and the cause and the effect of God's flow. God is not seen by humans, and humans are so adamantly absolutely obnoxious animals that they want to see God with these two eyes, and none of them is practicing any method of individual or as a class to understand that it is the unseen eye through which God can be seen and experienced. And though a human body, above all the living 8.4 million lifetimes in the earth, has the capacity to do that, I'm shocked in 20 years that people have not even understood what I came with... with the blessing and the grace of Guru Ram Das.

However, I do practice and I make it as a time capsule... the sum of us who call ourselves Sikhs, have now started going to sadhana on a regular basis. And they are understanding that their mental, stinking, skunk nature cannot carry them any more other than into a depression, into a nervous breakdown, and blah, blah, blah, and other things.

Therefore I do feel that the human race which Guru Nanak brought to an understanding that sadhana, aradhana, prabhupathi was the way of practice in which it was the blessing of Guru Nanak and all the Gurus who followed that he taught something fundamental in Sikh Dharma, and that is raag, harmony.

"Ga" is the path of communication. "Raa" is the light of the sun. So raag means when you bring the fire of life into an absolute harmony to creative purposes. And that's why Siri Guru Granth, the Guru of the Sikhs, is in absolute... in raag. Every shabad of it is totally built on a scientific basis. And those who claim that they need a human Guru or embodied Guru or personal Guru are dead wrong. They are so arrogantly wrong and they are so obnoxious that they have no virtue to understand Guru Nanak today.

From the time of Guru Nanak onward, as you come in the future of this mankind, just understand: Those who carry the Siri Guru Granth on their shoulders carried it as a holy book. They never understood and carried it as a Guru, though they respect it. Though they showed respect. And I am very grateful after watching for all these years that Siri Guru Granth is everywhere respected. But also I have found out that the Siri Guru Granth has been burned. And Siri Guru Granth has been insulted. And Siri Guru Granth has been done in by those who wanted to take vengeance on the sacredness of the Guru itself. But, I also have the feeling that Guru Granth never reacted. It kept its grace within, as God keeps It's Infinity within Itself.

However, Siri Guru Granth is in a harmonious, musical mode of the simple formula which you will understand when you will come on this earth, will be like this: all saaraa gaamaa energy of the universal psyche into the proportionate of the end root of that "x" point infinity will be complicated by the million times zero point to the fact that human race and its neurons and brains will have a concept and conception in which spirituality and its mental adaptability will be totally adjoined to create a harmony within the body, and in that concept, human realization within the realization will be complete and formulated. It will take from now, the day I am speaking, to 2500 years to follow on, and you who follow in the house of Guru Nanak, by that time, shall be in a concept to do this.

But what I am telling you is, that at this time Sikh Dharma is just starting to understand its own roots and the people who follow are trying to follow the basic concept. The difference is that Sikh Dharma does not accept that God has to be found. The worship in Sikh Dharma has no other work but purification of self. It does not believe that God has gone somewhere and man has to put any effort to find It. Sikh Dharma starts with one solid concept: "Ik Ong Kar." The One has created the entire creation. Sikh Dharma dedicates, dictates, dedicates, commands and tells, speaks of the ownership of God in totality. It does respect the individual only to the point of purity. Pure connection, direct pure connection between the Infinity and the finite is the concept of this religion, and that's the path of realism in which Sikh Dharma stands today.

But human insecurity and misunderstanding to come to the earth and be here, has guided mankind to accept his own ego, Id, and its own identity, the ownership. I have seen why the United States of America, which is one of the countries of many countries on the planet earth at this time, is little more prosperous in spite of its all mental destitution. Because here the concept of individuality and the totality is in interplay. Nothing more, nothing less. But, the prosperity of wealth, happiness and everything in Sikh Dharma is granted beyond any psychological, psychiatric and chaotic concept because the interplay of the individual is subject to the total play of Godhood. Man is good. Good enough to purify and contact with God. That is what Sikh Dharma starts with, teaches and stands for.

Human emotions, feelings, rituals and rights, needs and necessities have been addressed by Siri Guru Granth. What death is, what one sings at the time of death to get rid of it. It tells about marriage. It tells about the ceremony of marriage. It tells you about how people worry, cry, and in that pain how they yell and scream and create dramatics. But all the words which have been added are so wonderful. Siri Guru Granth is the only one Guru who tells you the "Sud," at the time of death. It tells you "Alaaneeaa," how people cry and yell in grief. It tells you about "Chand," that is when people meet in marriage, and how they tease each other.

In every concept of human faculties, Siri Guru Granth tells all aspects in one concept -- that is, that totality is only a master of individuality; Individuality in purity can bring all what totality has. The secret which created the difference between a man and his happiness has been revealed through the Siri Guru Granth to the man.

I'm sorry to record it today, that all people read Siri Guru Granth, but very few understand it. And I do accept the concept which Guru Arjan gave in the end of it: "Thaal vich tin vasatoo pe-eeo, sat santokh veechaaro." I do feel in Sikh Dharma to do the veechaar is not a concept, because it is difficult, it needs intellectual, intelligent grit and courage and sacrifice. I do feel at the present moment, Sikhs are very egomaniac, wealth-collecting and show-off business.

However, I do record and do tell in the time and space that in a couple of years when the future of Sikh Dharma will be bright enough, Sikh Dharma has already crossed river Sutlej by its own grace. And it is found all over in many countries as people have been accepted by the Will of the Guru.

I also record that no individual can take credit for the spread of Sikh Dharma. No individual whatsoever! And I do record that at any time, under any circumstances, if any credit is given to me by name, personal or individuality, it shall be nothing but a total falsehood and it'll be a total impersonation of a person who never participated that way.

I do record and do feel that it was the help of the hand of Guru Ram Das that everything happened and people who belong to that concept get it. It was a game of fate and destiny. Some people travelled the distance of the destiny on the path of Guru, and some are doing it. Some I have seen have left and gone astray.

I do see a fruit tree with a lot of flowers, with a lot of fruits. Some people must understand from this concept, things sometimes rot, they fall apart, they go, but some of the fruit gets into the plate and goes to the plate and the breakfast of the king. But that's a one fruit out of the total lot. And that's the kind of saint Sikh Dharma is going to produce in future.

Sikh Dharma will be competent to produce children through the atonement of the mother's and the father's self understanding of the soul. And it will pair up the individual into the innocence and the youthfulness, and the flexibility and grace and humility of what a child represents. And out of that it shall have a power to touch the heart of those who are aching. It can console and elevate the feelings of those who are depressed. It shall have the effect of healing those who need to be healed. And Sikh Dharma will have the individual who shall hail the name, and the grace, and the glory, and the shine of the golden domes of Guru Ram Das, and give people the purity, capacity and depth of what it represents.

I do record here also, out of my experience, that Sikh Dharma, through the grace of the Siri Guru Granth, has recorded words through which an ordinary man became the Guru. And I do record the story of the son of a Guru, Arjan Mal, who in a desperation and frustration and pain, being separated and not achieving the achievement and the love he wanted to have and wanted to see.

It is a drama of a heavy commotional, neurosis to the extent that a human cannot even explain. But it also tells on the same hand, the control, the discipline, the humility, the love, the purity which this Arjan Mal, son of the Guru, had.

These are two concepts which I want to let the human mind understand in a total human way, and don't give it to any shade of miracle or any grace to it. I feel the Arjan Mal, the son of Guru Ram Das, led a way for all of us to understand the depth... that the discipline, the sadhana and the aradhana, (the obedience of that discipline), makes him a lord: Prabhupati. I am convinced, not confused at all, that this theory worked then, and it will always work.

Arjan Mal (which he later on became Guru Arjan Dev, at this time he was only Arjan Mal) was sent to Lahore under the orders of Guru Ram Das, his father as well as his Guru, to stay there until he was called. The pang of pain, the separation and disassociation, the distance, commotionalism, emotionalism, love, reality, whatever you want to brand this in any concept of human knowledge, made Arjan Mal to send three letters which do explain his purity and his ecstasy, but it also tells his power in that tremendous pressure of emotionalism, his feelings, the pull, the grip, the hook.

He surmounted by his discipline the order. He stayed where he was told to stay. He did not leave his post. It is a drama of a total commotionalism against total discipline. It is a total contrast for every man to understand, and no man cannot understand it. It is so simple and well explained. But in the fourth letter, when the third letter was met by his father as well as his Guru, he was called in to prove his ecstasy, his purity, his grace... he was asked to match up with the fourth letter, in which he said, "Bhag hoaa gur sant milaaeeaa. Prabh abinaasee ghar meh paaiaa. Sev karee pal chasaa naa vicharaa, jan Naanak Das tumaare jeeo." This shows that his sadhana, his aradhana, made him Guru Arjan Dev, the king of the kings of the martyrs. The purifying light of the Sikh Dharam. The union, the junction, in which Shakti and Bhakti met forever. The point of ecstasy which man needs. And that proven point tells me: that is the life of an ordinary Sikh.

It started in the Guru's house from a little boy who used to boil wheat-berries to sell, called Jetha. And for his selection to become Ram Das Sat Guru. "Bhetaa sodhee paatishaa. Raam Daas Satigur ho aaveh." From that point the life of the Sikh Guru tells us three aspects. One is, from the birth the point and the purity to the adulthood point of achievement and to the old age, the grace and the dignity which comes from the time and space and age and understanding of the life of Guru Amar Das, which is such a recorded history that even in the last lap of your life, if you have lost everything, still you can reach the Guruhood. And these concepts right from the life of Guru Nanak to the tenth Guru is the one light and soul for the Sikhs of you who come after this path to understand.

And why, question is, why ten Gurus are there to tell you? Predicament is very simple. The aspect of life has nothing more than ten figures. One, two, three -- I count it for your reminder's sake. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and one and zero, mix it together to make it ten. Me within me and myself, you within you and yourself, and Thou within Thou Thyself. And that makes nine. So nine Gurus were apparent aspects of each facet, emotions, feeling, concept, actions and reactions which man can go through. It's the one light of Guru Nanak which went through all this simple dialogue up to the tenth, who embodied the whole self and found the essence, that from today onward man's action as a Guru and reaction as a non-Guru, ends. And gave the Dharma a permanent and everlasting and more gracious secret of God in the sacredness of the Siri Guru Granth.

Those of you who are going to follow in the high-tech and absolute tremendousness of it, I wanted to tell you today what the world is going through. There are major religions: Christianity; there is a major religion Buddhism; there is a major religion of that called Islam. The graciousness of these religions is that religious people who believe in these religions are fighting and killing each other for the land which belongs to God anyway. One land belongs to their Allah. One belongs to the One God. And One God belongs to the Buddha Sattvic, and all that. And these people who follow the religion in every aspect are killing each other for that land which they will never own. And death is the inevitable virtue of these people. Not only do they kill people physically, they kill people mentally and they cripple people mentally. And they exploit and use people mentally. Each one is a big shot... a big fish eating the other fish.

Therefore I have found, and conclude for you to understand, that at the moment what we are practicing here is the underworld, the sea world which is half of the 8.4 million lifetimes, where one lives on the other freely. And the law of sustenance is the law of might. That is what the ocean world is. And that is not supposed to be practiced on the earth, but at the moment, for a time capsule, I record, exactly that is what mental life now is on the earth, and that is for the time being.

For the akashic record: man has not developed his state of reach or approach to connect with the higher level of himself. Man is a very undeveloped animal, having an absolutely great frontal area. Medically certified fact at the moment is, that his frontal area is not even understood by him, what he does with it. It looks like there is extra gray matter in the courtship of God and He threw it and....

Also, the most shameful and painful understanding of a man today is that the majority of men on the planet at this time are shaven with their heads. The pure protein provided at the gauge of this antenna situation to control the psyche of the magnetic field to interelated to the shield of the tenth both of the radiant body interconnected to the pranic energy is not understood, is not studied... and the mighty governments of the United States and Europe, which call themselves the wisest, have not a penny in their budget to just do any such research. Therefore it is a very dark age in which religion is only exploited to shut off each other, to exploit each other and kill each other. Beyond that it is achieving no purpose whatsoever in my feeling and record. But I am just investigating further chances that I have also found, being portrayed and being made destitute by this human treatment, some of the people ran into the caves but they found nothing either good enough except their self-satisfaction which was a ridiculous
waste of time and energy.

I have also seen people sitting in loin cloths, walking, trying to pretend nothing. But I have seen them mentally pretending everything. I have seen people having everything on the earth and still crying in pain and being destitute that they have no fulfillment or satisfaction. I have found the richest country, and with Guru's grace I have travelled in the poorest corners of the world. I have seen Nanak said truthfully: "Nanak dukhiaa sabh sansaar. So sukhiaa jis naa verdaad." I have not found mankind yet capable to enjoy the given computerized system within himself to find and be the blissful Self of the God which he can have God to preside at the throne and the seat of the heart.

It is very surprising in United States which is most forward, scientific country of the world. When I talk of the chakras, people look like I am a lunatic. And I want to record for your information the lunatic am I, and I am, to the extent that people in the United States do not understand any capacity and approach, or the mental ability as well as the faculty of their spiritual strength. They only understand spirit or the soul when they are dead. It does cost $3,000 to $7,000 American dollars to dispose of that body which they cared for at the cost of hundreds and thousands of dollars, but they never spent ten cents on the search and approach of their soul.

I have also recorded for a fact that when I came to United States of America, to coming to my classes, to pay the money, people used to steal it from the bucket which was kept out to collect the money. So I have realization that here God is money. Maya is the god... not the God.

And I have found out that insecurity of the man today is so heavy and so deeply ingrained in his genes and spermatozoa, and I have found through my own meditative research of travelling in the ambrosial hours to accounts of heaviness, that the sexual relationship is not created to bring soul and union together. It is done for the lustful release and energy of the man which he has and the shushmana, the spinal self of the man, the enlightened lighthouse in the man of the Godhood is totally misused and abused as the slap of the face of God Almighty, all the time. Men have not used, and never will, and never can understand what they are doing to the point. And the twist and the tingling and the zig-zag of the spermatozoa has not made man yet to understand the only job as a male is to straighten himself out. And I do find still men travelling in a zig-zag way. They have never found anything different than what their genes told them to do.

And I have also found woman in a very un-balanced state, because they do understand the moon wanes and waxes, but they never understand it is a one solid body which only confirms into regular orbit. And it has the planetary power, both ways, to shadow the sun and reflect its brightness to the point it is. However these things are to me, they look like to these people as lunatics.

But to you who are going to come... understand that you have to develop a capacity of transparency of the female mental capacity to the sigma point and the alpha beta gamma and theta situation of the mental neurons, they can be totally controlled by female so she can produce the child to the capacity, to the ability, and to the work, she feels that person has to carry in the layer and the concept of the area to be covered and energy so spined into the child at the time of the ovulation of the point of the egg that that child should have the same concept which mother has in his mental concept of conception.

In that art and form, when you will be living in the world where you have to be guided in the real humanism which is the last walk of the planet earth before it completes its circle and ocean, I feel Guru Ram Das has guided you and led you on that path and I do pray... and I record this today... that it is for thousands and hundreds of thousands of years of prayer, your souls have taken to the path. I feel like congratulating you on the start. And out of those who are practicing here, with a mediocre religious notion, and conception, or very serious people who are trying to understand God in their own eyeglasses. But I do feel that time will progress, and the approach will be not as un-careful as it is now.

My feeling today is, on this day of October '88... that '88 when it shall leave, will take away a lot of cloud-ism from the human race. And sincere effort of a man and God in partnership will help. And woman will be nothing but a source of joy to give man a life for tomorrow, today. And to heal the wounds of yesterday.

In this nurturing, nourishing, motherly beauty, woman shall develop a tomorrow of peace, tranquility and grace. And man shall have the saintly transparenthood, absolute acknowledged sainthood and realistic acknowledged, well-practiced being-hood to be proud as a human man, human being.

I do feel, in spite of all that perfection and feeling, you all have to re- study the Siri Guru Granth in the concept it explains the source of harmony.

Because four times the planet has itself come to an end because harmony was lost in the self, individual indulgence. So those who follow must understand the era of 5000 years which are granted to you can be extended to point of infinity if your self-indulgence does not overtake the totality of God and the individuality of you in direct relationship.

However, if I get few years, or few moments of time sometime to speak, I'd like to speak another time-capsule for you so that your generations may read and understand. The facts and figures given today will be understood by you because that time will be nothing but a computer, higher mathematical root position which you can calculate on the press of a button, but these individuals who are sitting in this congregation even do not know what I am speaking about.

However, for your formula concept, I am recording it. The theme theory of the man's life, individual as called "I", into the theme theory as it is being to the extent of the point of the maximum called "t" in relationship to its natural concept of its totality called "n" multiplied by its own adjustment or transparent force called "m" and it's multiplied and divided over the totality of self into sigma of Infinity, will come out to the balance of tranquility of man's own concept. If the formula comes to be under the working condition, it's that man can have an absolutely elevated self-respect and self-honor and self-courage for which he shall not need any outside tonic or concept or injection or anything.

However, when you create this grading, just understand for all times to come... individualism, when it comes to individual intercourse related individualism, or interacted individualism... is the source of total destruction. To you who are to follow, you must understand: Earth has gone through four times. This is the last and fifth cycle to complete for this planet. And blessed are you who are walking on the path of Guru Nanak where absolutely there is no "no." And all is for you... forever!

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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