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Lecture on: 09/12/1983
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"Who Am I and What is My Reality?"

(Excerpts from a lecture in Behind the Mask by Yogi Bhajan, September 12, 1983)

This is the conflict: If I say I want to be a good man, actually I believe I am not a good man. Do you understand that? The basic fact on which we falter is that we believe that we are not perfect; we are not complete. We believe all that truthfully. We don’t believe that we are truthful people. We are trying to be truthful. We are trying to be this. This trying business is so much in us that the reality is totally covered, and non-reality is believed.
Out of need you are honest or trying to be honest. But the fact is you were born honest, you were born perfect, complete. Then the question will arise—if somebody is born deformed, is that perfect? Yes, he is born perfectly deformed. Can surgery make amends? Yes, surgery can make amends for the perfect deformity and make it an imperfect deformity.
You have to understand the positive sense of existence. That is the secret of life. You are not going to be honest; you are honest. You are not going to know how to speak the truth; you were born with the truth. Your makeup is not going to make you beautiful; you are born beautiful in the essence of your creativity and your presentation to yourself.
I know sometimes you don’t like the way I speak to you, but I am tired of your momentary blindness. That is not a reality of life. The virtues that you have, you don’t believe you have. That is the conflict. You are beautiful. You don’t believe you are beautiful, but you do everything to make yourself believe you are beautiful.
Can you believe you spend all that money and make a mess of yourself? We call it the mess factor. There is a factor in you that messes you up. The fact of that factor is that you are not a mess; you think you are a mess. This is our competitive nature. You want to excel. You want to be excellent. Actually the Excellent created you excellent. Then what do you want to be? Miserable? In the search of being excellent, you actually mess yourself up.
There are many types of richness. Every person possesses richness, and whatever those riches are, you want to just expand and show off and have that projection. By virtue of that you become so miserable and so isolated from reality that you don’t enjoy it. There is something in you that wants to exploit others. To exploit others you want to be attractive, you want to be diplomatic, you want to be clever, you want to be a conman, you want to be this, you want to be all that which really you are not because basically you are a very, very honest being. Honesty and innocence are your faculty.
Let’s get back to that innocence: Take your left hand, and put it on your heart. Point the index finger of the right hand, then close the thumb and other fingers into a fist. It is an evening star at an angle, not straight. It is just this foot-and-a-half difference that can make you feel a release. Just point it out, and feel at the heart. I mean you can see it yourself; it is a very practical demonstration. You can believe it or not. If you point it straight out, it will give you tension. If you point out like this, it will give you elevation.
Close your eyes and breathe to hit the navel. Breathe in to hit the navel, and breathe out to hit the navel. Breathe through the navel, the third chakra. Don’t breathe with the lungs or diaphragm, just get underneath and breathe through the belly, the navel point.
Your entire mechanism is going to change. You are going to find something totally different in you. Don’t breathe with the mouth. Don’t breathe with the lungs or with the diaphragm. Breathe with the navel point. I want you to experience something. Inhale deeply, and hold the breath, and stretch out tight. Just let the body go through the changes right now. Exhale. Inhale deeply. Exhale. Inhale deeply. Relax. Now sing from the heart center. In the third center you did the breathing. Come out of the heart center and sing. The mantra can be anything, any good thing in higher consciousness.
May we all strive for peace, and in our happiness may we deal in the basic reality of who we are as created by the Creator. May our Self not put itself to the falsehood of time and space, and may we penetrate through time and space in peace with justice, with honor and with grace. Sat Nam.

General Position: Sit cross-legged with a straight spine. With the left elbow relaxed by the side, place the left palm on the chest. Point the index finger of the right hand and close the thumb and other fingers into a fist. With the elbow straight, raise the right arm straight up in front of the body until it’s at an angle of 60 degrees. Move the hand 18 inches to the right and hold it there.Breath: Breathe in and out through the nose powerfully using the navel.
Eyes: Close the eyes.
Mantra: There is no mantra for this meditation.
Length of time: Practice this meditation for 11 minutes.
Locks or other conditions: The position of the right hand must be correct for release of energy otherwise it will cause tension.

1983 YB Teaching, LLC


April 19, 2002 Espanola, New MexicoSometimes we misunderstand the strength. If you look at the history of the world, as many years as you can go back; there came one man, Jesus, Mohammad, Guru Nanak, Buddha, with one thought, and that one thought changed the entire world, a section of the world—let us put it that way.
Yesterday I said we should treat our children as our students. It is a learning process for the teacher to understand the impulses, projection and rejection of each child, so he or she can understand the child’s feelings, thoughts, needs, and dreams. That’s the way we’ve got to grow. That’s the way we’ve got to go.
Our spirits are strong. We have to watch that our sadhana, daily spiritual practice, is to be strong. Sadhana creates a spiritual balance, which we can share with all the people who we relate to. And it’s very important.

As you have come to these meetings, conscious and beautiful as you are, you have made a personal, mental, physical, and spiritual effort to be here. So you are ready to carry the weight of the coming future. We can walk into this coming age hand in hand together, helping each other, loving each other, talking to each other, telling each other stories about our great experiences. We have to establish a great brotherhood and sisterhood so that we can conquer our own ego.
This universe is with us. Fifty years ago who thought there would be a Sikh Dharma? Who thought there would be a Sikh Dharma of the Western Hemisphere? Who thought we’d have our temples, our prayers, our worship?
I’m not saying that there are no difficulties. There are difficulties. But when there’s a difficulty, go inside, meditate, and face it. When there’s happiness, go outside and share it. These are a few human fundamentals that we have to follow, strictly by the code. Never feel anybody is inferior, and you will become great. Remember there’s nobody without God, and you will have God all around you.
It is very beautiful to watch you, working together, bonding with each other, Understanding, and creating a relationship which shall last forever.
May we walk into this Age of Aquarius with success in our hearts. We have come a long way, and we are willing to go a long way with love, affection, and peace.

2002 YB Teaching, LLC

Right Environments

From a lecture by Yogi Bhajan July, 1976Sex is a very important thing in our life. It’s the base of every important relationship, and it has to be right. Too much of it is not good and nor is too little.
If you do not have the right type of environments and the right type of mood, it is better to avoid a sexual relationship. One wrong sexual intercourse can affect your mind worse than any haze of problems. Therefore, it is very basic and beneficial that you proceed with any sexual relationship with the utmost caution.
It is pretty dangerous to indulge in physical intercourse with a woman when the mood is not right or each party is not ready for it. Forcing either a woman or a man into a relationship of physical intercourse can create a wall between the two individuals.
It is unhealthy, mentally not right, and makes the relationship very shallow.
Actually, it is highly damaging to have intercourse unless the people are mentally, trustingly satisfied. Trustingly satisfied is when you are relaxed and cozy, and the mood is already warmed up in the living room. Some people think that they can warm it up in the bedroom; they are the greatest offenders of the sexual life, and they can create more discrepancies, deficiencies, and problems than anybody else.
In the past in the Western world it was typical that the couple would go out, would eat, would be together, would dance, would return at midnight, and if they wanted to have sexual intercourse, fine. If not, fine. But now, it is just a get-in and get-out business.

It is true that the men get the release, but it is also true that the women get the frustration. The woman has to bring herself, or man has to help her, to reach a point of tiding (peaking and receding).
Many women have sex with men other than their husbands, leaving their grace behind. That happens when they do not love themselves; rather they hate themselves. They think they are not beautiful. They go out and use sex as a tool to prove to themselves that somebody loves them. Actually, nobody loves them because they are available. They open themselves up, making themselves so nakedly available that they are regarded as dessert; it is like “by-the-way.” A woman who cannot be very truthful, precise, honest, or loyal in the sexual relationship is very blind; she’s polluting herself. The tragedy of the whole scene is that the more she does it, the worse she goes into it. It is like quicksand.
Any sexual discrepancies or handicaps make you mentally unsocial. That is the problem. They create mental frustration. People who are not satisfied in sexual intercourse are frustrated. The more you want to solve this frustration, the more solidly you get into it. Yet we have seen certain people getting out of this frustration. Instead of getting into this unhealthy, vicious cycle of “the more frustrated you feel, the more you indulge,” they have tried to use self-control.
One of the ways to create self-control is by doing exercise—games like volleyball, tennis, badminton—the kind of games that are very powerful and use intelligence. All those games where people enjoy and feel their nerves and muscles, and feel their life. Afterwards they come and sleep well. Your energy is involved, you are involved, and you experience a deep feeling of fulfillment.
Commonly people who do not do any regular meditation, sadhana, or exercises have an itchy nervous system, and their indulgence in sex is to get rid of the itch. Any time you want to get out of the itch by indulging in the sexual life, you are actually acting against your mind, and when you do that, it will give you neurosis of temperament. You will be short-tempered, intolerant, and unsocial, and your communication will be defective and poor. It will be impossible for you to keep your promises. All these human behavior deficiencies come out with those people who use sex as a tool for their nervous itch.It is very undesirable to indulge in a sexual relationship when you are very hungry, or when you are under the pressure of time. It is nothing but exploitation of the nervous system.
Some people have formed this new idea, “We are not sexually compatible.” People who say they are not sexually compatible are not mentally compatible. It is desirable to sit down and talk about where the shoe pinches and take care of that area, and you will be surprised that the sexual behavior will change.
1976 YB Teaching, LLC
Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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