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There are two ways to find the Divine. One way is to open the solar plexus and charge your solar centers to have a direct connection with the Divine. The other method is to concentrate and meditate on this mantra to directly charge your solar centers, and bring the Divine light within you. This mantra is a precious sound: EK ONG KAR SAT NAM SIRI WHA GURU. It has the same effect as putting your fingers on the piano; it produces a definite sound for each key you touch. Your entire system is played by this sound current. The sound of vibration is all that you have to master, because vibration holds all universes and every dimension.
EK means one; in essence all is one. ONG is virtually the same as OM, the primal vibration from which all others are derived and as such, is representative as the creator. But OM, the creator, is beyond thought, unlimited. Our minds are limited to a subject-knower, object-known communication. OM is the one beyond being known, without limit. Man can go beyond his mind’s limiting conception of his self-ego and experience the universal substance through ONG.
KAR means creation: the means through which OM manifests. There is no understanding of OM, except through creation. When OM is joined with KAR, Sanskrit grammatical rules change the ‘M’ to ‘NG’, and OM becomes ONG. SAT means truth; NAM means name. The name of the one creator known through creation is not a word, but Truth. SAT causes the contraction of the navel and lower centers which, with practice, releases some of the power of creation. SIRI is the superlative of great. WHA is the untranslatable expression of experiencing the Creator’s Supreme power. GURU means wisdom; the supreme power that can be known or shown, the true guide. These are the eight vibrations – EK ONG KAR SAT NAM SIRI WHA GURU – which mean: There is One Creator of this Creation, Truth is His Name, indescribably great is His wisdom, which describes the absolute, the Glory of the Lord.
This mantra is to be used in meditation to contact and tune into the One Being. Can musicians perform with untuned instruments? It takes a minimum of thirty-one minutes to tune the Self to the Creator. Two hours and thirty-one minutes is required for a good job. The best time, when the ethers are most clear, is two and a half hours before sunrise. Chanting this mantra does not mean personal attachment to any man. Those who attach themselves to a man end up miserable. And those who attach themselves with small gods who have small jurisdiction only benefit from that jurisdiction. So don’t ask for things; ask to be one with the Divine. That is the ultimate cosmic energy in which you are to merge. It is equal to millions and billions of suns. When you will recite this mantra, the day shall come when you shall have the light within you. You will find it equal to, you cannot say what, there is no vocabulary, and there is no tongue which can say just how bright that light is. But remember you shall see that light. And that is the only light through which you can overcome the cycle of karma. Then nothing disturbs you. Then you live normally, and you are beyond the power of the time cycle. To stop this cycle, you must first have a charge within you. You must have power in you. Without that, you cannot stop the cycle of time. It hits you time and again. It makes you rich and poor; it makes you healthy and unhealthy. It makes you great and small. This is the fluctuation of the time cycle. You come and go; you take another birth; again you come and go. It is just a circle. And you are going with it; what else can you do? From this circle you enter into another circle. When you are not charged, you do not know who you are. You eat, you live, but when your “I” is not effective, you feel miserable and ask, “What happened?” “How did it happen?” “Why can’t it happen?” There is no end.
You are not the end. You are not even the beginning. The creator has not given secrets to anyone. I do not know when I am to die. Nobody knows. And those who know, they do not interfere. The only sign is they do not manifest anything for themselves. This is the first sign of a saint. He smiles at misery; he smiles at happiness. He’s happy, because he feels his Mother Nature is doing something and his Dad is ordering it. Why should he bother? What disturbs him? Mother is his nature, and nature is his mother. Why should he care about anything? Who is the doer? The Big One. The Cosmos. The all-prevalent, the formless. He’s the one who’s doing it. He’s the positive, and this is the negative of him. Why should I bother? What can I do? Simple law. Why open big, big books? Why can’t you see this little fact of life? When the child cries, and puts his head down, his mother will come. “What is wrong with you son? Why don’t you eat? What should I bring for you?” Then she will offer everything to that child. “Do you want this?”
She won’t rest until the child is satisfied. Mother Nature is exactly the same. Those who have given their free will to the Lord’s will, he provides whatever they need. When you are hungry, and you do not cry, it is because you have faith that Mother is there to protect you. The Lord is there in you, and he takes the responsibility. Nature manifests everything. “In seconds,” said the master, “in a split-second, things do happen, and you are protected.”
If you say, “It is my free will; there is no God. It is I,” then you take the karma also. Do, and be done. Action has reaction, equal and opposite. This is Newton’s third law, which nobody should forget. Suffer. Eat more, have indigestion. Whatever you will do, you will do. You will be paid in equal terms. But, when you will merge this free will of yours into the will of the Lord, the Creator, He will love you more than you expect Him to love. He will love you tenfold. He looks after you. He lives in you. Recognize Him. I assure you He’s in you.
You are the manifestation of that Lord. You say, “I don’t care.” Well, if you don’t care, He can’t care for you. Child doesn’t care for the mother, she’s not foolish enough to run after him. She says: “All right, go ahead. You can have your own way, I’ll have my way.” Can a mother give you milk if you don’t pucker your lips? She can’t. And that is why this is called LAYA YOGA. This is Laya Yoga – getting dissolved into Him, in His Glory. Give Him a call. Call from the heart; he shall answer. He’s not deaf. He lives right in you. Call him. That is the power of this mantra. That is why we recite mantra. And when we recite with the sweet harmony of the mind, it doesn’t even take 40 days. It can’t. What is the life-span? 100 years or 110 maximum. Can you meditate 5,000 years as in the age of Sat Yuga? You can’t. Where will you find the time? This is the machine age. Everything is quick. Realize God quickly also. Right in you. Call Him. He shall answer.
Why do you imagine that Yogi Bhajan is a big thing? Why do you look up to the man? What is big in him? Are you yourself not big? Why can’t you rise up to your own glory? Why can’t you measure up to your own standards? Feel that you are great. You are the great people. And when the channels are clear—sing this glory of Him. Create these vibrations. And if He shall not answer, catch me from here. Hang me down. I don’t mind. I have experimented with it. I have been liberated. I want everybody to be liberated. I am not forcing you to do it. I’m not putting you under a regimentation. I am simply telling you a truth. Be free; I am free. That’s the only thing I want to tell you. That’s the only message I want to pierce through . . . grind in you. Time is short. We cannot wait. We cannot waste time. Practice it. Bring in you the glory. He lives in you. Why are you running here and there all the time? What will happen? The same thing will happen that has happened up to today. Get attached to anybody, that person can only take you to his level. What are you waiting for? Be one with the Divine. Why can’t you concentrate on the One Divine? Don’t waste time. This super-consciousness, the positive mind, shall not rest unless and until you find the Divine in you. This is guaranteed. You can have everything, all the material things, but you can’t have rest. I have experience. No comfort on the earth can give you this comfort. There comes a sweetness in you. I don’t know if it is right, but even I used to mock it before I knew. But now I cannot describe that sweetness, that bliss, that satisfaction, that contentment. There are no words for it. I can’t tell you how I feel. But I feel all right. I know my father is very strong. I am the son of a great, powerful father. He looks after me; he knows. He’s the king of kings.
Everyone worships God in the morning. Why should I not worship? He is the Maya. He manufactures everything. He loves you. That is why He has made you. You can’t exist for a millionth of a second without His will. The more humble you are, the more dividends you will receive from the Divine Father.

“Jo nich ko koine na jane, Nam japat cho kunt pchane.”
“That humblest of the humble, whom no one knows,
If he recites the Nam, all four corners of the world will rise up to recognize that man.”

In the house of the Lord, the process is slow. But there is no ultimate darkness. You shall be answered if you will just call on him in the morning. See what happens. Discipline yourself. Forty days is not a whole lifetime. It is just 40 days. Within two and one half hours before the rising of the sun, if, for one fraction of a second, or even half of that, you will recite the mantra with a sweet harmony, He will be obligated to look after you. It is a contract. Why can’t you do this beautiful contract? You do a thousand contracts. Why can’t you do this contract? Why can’t you be one with the Divine? That is the only way, a humble way, in which there is no ego involved. A simple way in which no one else is required. It is between you and Him. Don’t put a third person in between. It only takes two to make this union. Three makes a hodgepodge. Don’t bring anyone else into it. It is you and He. Go direct to Him; it will give you a beautiful bliss, a union in Time. And you’ll be free. You’ll be liberated. Open your solar plexus, and don’t feel shy reciting it. It is a call to the Father; it is a call to the Divine. Humble yourself. Just pray. Prayer is the power of the man. Let us pray through these vibrations. Thank you very much for giving this time in the Name of the Lord God. He shall look after you. Every sincere thought is always projected.
Be one with Him and you are the Lord in manifestation. That is the only status that you have. That is the only name by which I can call you. I see you all in only one way. I see divine everywhere. Now that I have seen it I cannot see anything else. If I am blind to that man who made the rules and regulations, that is not my fault. I have lived under those rules, and it was the Grace and the Glory of the Master who gave me the sight. I don’t want to lose it at any cost. I am more willing to lose this body than to lose that sight which has taken me beyond time and beyond karma. I am giving you the key which had the power to liberate me, and I want you to exert yourself. Remember, everybody for the sake of glory, has to carry his own cross. That is the way the Lord made it, by giving His personal example. He carried His own cross, and He asked for that terrible time. He was crucified for your sins, and made a loving example by His sacrifice, that only by carrying the pain of others can you live in pleasure forever. Sacrifice brings glory to the man. And when you call the Lord who lives in you, you’ll be right and Divine; then for the time of sacrifice, you will not know any pain. If you really want to liberate yourself, this is the key. It has got eight levers; it will open the lock. Do it. Test this mantra; t will work. I can assure you. Recite these vibrations into a glass of water if you want to help somebody, and give it to him to drink. It will work. He will work, He whose mantra this is. You are only a channel for it.
EK ONG KAUR SAT NAM SIRI WHA GURU. In the town of Goindwal in Punjab, India, even today this mantra is inscribed on the walls of the Bowli Sahib (sacred well) at the house of Guru Amar Das, the Guru of Guru Ram Das, through whose blessing today we vibrate in Divine ecstasy. I disclose to you today this secret of the Divine for the uplift of humanity. Those who will follow it will be liberated and be one with the Divine.
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