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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 03/15/1989
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

The Mental Twilight Zone

Tonight is going to be a very long night so if you want to make phone calls and tell your boyfriend you are not coming, it is acceptable to me. I have decided not to teach on Saturday and I have to finish today so I am willing to go double duty myself so you don't have to worry.

Alright. This is the theory. I am not saying it that you understand anything of it. It is not your caliber but I have to explain to you how it works. Unfortunately in your Western Civilization all you know is machine, and through machine you know productivity, through productivity you understood life. That is the way you are. Whereas, there were some people who were not worried about what productivity is and what process of productivity is, they went on mental. So, there were crossroads. One was too much mental, one was too much productive and I think they never met each other. That is why the society is berserk as it is. But, when mentally... in subconscious and conscious state of status of personality... you create a twilight zone and you suspend things, suspend action... which you do... Otherwise two lovers can never be divorced. Otherwise nobody can be wrong. Otherwise impossible is not a word for mankind. Otherwise there are so many million things which I can say will not accept. But once you start growing and
confronting and camouflaging yourself and then creating a twilight zone of suspension. You start suspending, suspending, suspending, and then it becomes you totally. The load of all suspended thoughts comes to you back through your dream and when that is not enough they come through daydream then they come through fantasies and then they come through fanatical fantasies of realities. That is where you become nothing.

You are no use to yourself because you are in a fantasy of a non reality, you can't let it go and you can't have it. You have Mister (Ms. whatever) Miserable. And that is how you call misery. Misery is not that you are hungry. You are hungry, you are miserable it is fine. You are thirsty, you want a drink and you are miserable it is fine. Get thirst quenched, it is okay. You are horny and sexy, you have sex and you are fine. You want to laugh, you are bored, you go out and laugh and smile and crack up you are fine. But where you are not fine when you are in a state of suspended identity. Then you are not fine. Is there any way in psychology to let it go? No. Is there any psychiatric treatment it can go. No. Is there any medicine which can let it go. No.

There is only one state which man found out. Put a man in a trance of self suspension, and suspend his id. When id gets suspended you will drop your suspended identity. Two do not sit together in the same chamber. Because when you act really good... when you are at stake... when you know the fire burns when your butts are on it.... If somebody is burning you say, "Maybe he is doing a charisma, maybe, maybe." You have a lot of maybes. But when you are THERE then there is no maybe.

That is what we are going to do tonight. We are going to get rid of your maybes and we are going to put you on it, and if you come through it you are going to come through very light, very delightful and happy. But it will take time. What I can do? I can't create time. There is a good news. Cake will be served after class for the birthday of Guru Tej Kaur and Hari Kirn Kaur today and Guru Singh's tomorrow, and all tomorrow todays. So you will have good cake. It is good. I didn't taste it, but it is good. So you will not go hungry from here.

All right. You are set. You gave me the worst music of the world so I selected my own. That is why I was late. And if you do it again to me forget it.

Exercise one. Right hand this exact. There is nose, base of the nose. Pinky should sit there and in the center you will find all fingers will fit in. Left hand, the palm of the hand should lock the navel. Wherever your navel is, don't do it up and down. Just, just and close your eyes. That is all I need you for, after that it is my problem, not yours. Touch that pituitary to pineal area.

Two. Now touch third point but don't touch it with hand and just bring it in the zodiac of its orbit and let the navel be at the center of your palm please. And if you do that honestly I don't need you. Then sit calm and steady and watch what we do today. I want you to understand. It is not that I need your cooperation. I need your posture. Mentally I know what you will go through and what I have to take you through so it is fine. All right.

Set. Okay. And please open your mouth. Clean it out. Breath should go out more forcibly, come in with a lot of force. What we call this session, man on work. Your cheeks have to blow up so that your locked jaw through which you work whole day in tension shall open up. It is a dental exercise what you are doing, not breathing. We will give you a little music. Keep going.

We are combining with the birth force of the navel, the power of the pineal and the pituitary. That is all we are doing. We are not doing any magic and your cheeks must swell up and it should come out as a gunfire.

(Indian classical flute music is played.)

Breathe desperately. You need this breath.

Welcome to the class Dharam Singh, it is better to be late than never.
Inhale deep. The second movement. (He smacks his lips together hard) Musical, musical, musical. Inverted lips, pull it up. Ingrinded tension locks the jaws. Try! Try, your nervous system will respond. I know you have never done these things but what to do. You have done a lot of things. You know there is a flying kiss, this is an internal kiss... You are kissing yourself. Tighten up both lips, one on the other, fix it and beat the drum. Don't miss it. It will just not be inconvenient for a while but it will take away all the tension which you have stored up in your jaws. Get to the breath again. Healthy blood is a symbol of life. Oxygen will make it. Upper palate. Whole palate and tongue. Lower jaw will feel the pull and the pressure. Do it right. Stimulate hypothalamus. Use the power of the tongue and the touch of the palate.

For your own sake do it strongly, do it continuously, do it rhythmically. Come on folks we have got to get rid of this basic, years and years of storehouse of tension. Lock the jaw. Push our teeth out, give us more trouble, dowse our brain. We don't need it, use the upper palate, and the tongue and the power.

All right take care of your hands from there and cross them and beat your shoulders. Just like you put the baby to sleep. Close your eyes meditate where you are touching continuously. Fast. Like fast wings of that bird which comes. Hummingbird. You see how fast it moves. Exactly that is where the description is. Move your hands like that hummingbird. Everything else stable, calm, quiet, peaceful. Fast. Breathe very long, deep and slow. All right if you have a shoulder hair put them on the side and touch the side like this or the neck and the back of the neck there is a place to hit.

God made you to recover yourself. You are a very self contained unit. Hands will fit in there without your tongue and calm, quiet, keep going, meditate. We are changing chemistry to space out. We have got to do a job. Come on how beautiful you look when you do nice things in a nice way. See how memories come through. I know there is no mental problem. Listen to this and move your hands. That is my interest. Fast! You know you have got two knees, shake them also up and you do with your hands. Create a simultaneous rhythm and pressurize the motor in the brain to obey. Coordinate. Move, move, move, what is above is below. Move in coordination. Sick and tired of my back hurts, my neck hurts, this hurts, that hurts. Lets get out of all that hurt, hurt business. Halt the hurt. Keep going! Breath of fire, three things are working, legs, hands and breath.

Tonight you are not going to carry all the previous frustrations, anxiety, tension, in your fiber of the body. That is what we are going to work on. So please move rhythmically. Pressurize the navel, breath of fire from the navel. Move the hands and move the legs in a rhythm and simultaneously same time. You hit a diversion, nothing more, nothing less.

Now stop. This is my thumb, you see that and this is my mercury mound, you see that and I can touch it, some of you can, some of you can't and you can only not do it if you have a very severe arthritis. So I don't think you are all young, you have that so this is it and then lock it this way and this is what you go. Locomotive. Not too much far. The movement must not leave your body. Make a body out of it. Within that move. Move it with a breath of fire and move the navel with it. That is all we expect.

Now we are coming here the five tattwas and integrating a power in them so that you can come out feeling like a baby. Bitterness and brittleness has to go. Move. Don't do too much, don't do too less. You will be surprised in a couple of minutes how you feel. Move your ribs. It is a rib exercise, it has nothing to do with race. You are not going anywhere. Stay where you are and move. We want to take tension tonight from the very bones of our being, period. That is what we have determined. So let us cooperate and work it all out. Some of you are not correspondingly moving your navel. That is why you are having two different colors in your aura. Move the same time and it shall be one color. Coordinate. You are creating an auric mismatch that is not required. It is not a boxing match. It is a simple exercise. I see you don't like to sweat. Come on, come on, come on!

All right now you have to deal with your mental disorientation. That means you are sitting and you are not sitting. You are talking, you are not talking. And then you say. "Where were we?" Right. You understand that state. It happens to everybody it is not something which everybody can deny it or everybody can accept it.

Now take your hands here in this position please and move them like this. Put a deep pressure on the wrist but don't stain it. Simple. It will take care of your brain. You don't have to do anything. Just do the physical exercise. The motor mechanics and neurons in the brain will stimulate the gray matter and repatternize itself, you will be fine. Concentrate only a third eye point because pituitary has to secrete to help glandular system. That is very important. Close your eyes and concentrate at the third eye point as strongly as you can. Move it alternatively side, don't move it one side, it is not good. On the chest make the music. Heavy duty to make. We want to hear a sound of one hundred horses walking. It is a rib cage. Talk to your soul musically.

(Tape: I am Thine in Mine Myself, Wahe Guru.)

Alternative beat at the navel point. Move the energy. It is your energy. Nobody is going to give you a B-12 injection. Connect the heart center and the navel point alternatively. Concentrate on third eye and get ready to leave the body. We play two and a half, three and a half alternate energy cycle on the resound of the gong in which subconscious tiredness should leave you within seven minutes. That is the maximum you can hold with your id, your ego. We will play in two alternate rounds, you have no defense against it, but you can resist and you can feel freaky and you can feel where I am going, but the easiest way is if you say I am going and let yourself go and then start floating. That is the best and give yourself a chance and your immune system and your glandular system to recuperate. Glands are the guardians of health, wealth and happiness. God created us that way. Let us trust in him who made us and let us go into a space unknown to us without fear and without questioning because that way
we can easily float. Within that body will recuperate of all seriousness which is caused by tension and detention of the toxins. Understood?

Inhale deep. Close your eyes, concentrate at third eye point and that is which will be our projecting point.

(Ardas Bhaee is played)

Please sing with it. Loud. Use the heavy whisper. Sing loud and clear. Concentrate at the navel point. Concentrate deeply. Wrap your hands around your neck. Inhale deep. Heavy. All the way. Now squeeze every part of the body. Concentrate at the third eye please. Third eye.

(SSS plays the gong)

Let the breath go. Now, move the body in any way form, move it, every part has to be moved. How you do it is your problem. Every part has to be moved, energy has to be moved in every part. Every muscle has to receive the same. Nothing is enemy to you. It is all yours. Every part, every part means every part. You have got to circulate the energy. If it sits somewhere, it will rot. It won't reach. It will just be. No good, poor. Don't feel shy. Now please move this way. Lock your hands and move your body. You don't have to bother, keep your spine straight. It will adjust automatically. It is fixed orbits. Let them adjust. Bring your feet up and down also keep moving. Do a combination.

Inhale deep. Now relax and talk to each other. Turn around and talk to the other person meanwhile we will serve the birthday cake. Cake, cake. Hello.

(Tape of Himalaya is played)

You know that man standing in that blue coat by the wall who is waiting for the restroom is Dr. Moses... Naturopath? He is from Texas. He has come to Los Angeles visiting, treating, helping. It is fun to get diagnosed by him because he looks at your feet and tells you what is wrong with you. If you are desperate to know what is right, he will be right there. Meet Dr. Moses. How many of you know Dr. Saram Khalsa? Oh my God! Well you can't easily get an appointment with him.

- end -

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