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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 02/01/1991
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Unknown

Prayer * Power * Politics * Peace

We, as a whole country, are in the most active war ever fought on planet earth. Distance does not mean anything at all. There are certain things you have to understand now as spiritual people. You have more impact on your life than anybody else. Intuition is a good idea. Intuition is extreme sensitivity over the unconscious, sub-conscious and para-conscious. Para-conscious is that part of the psyche which is called the alter-ego of each person. It works for you. They call it ‘my alternative angel.’ You must have heard in the Catholic faith, “My angel guided me to this.” It’s just like guiding a missile.

Your sensitivity of feeling negative comes from three aspects. Let us say half a million people are fighting on the front. Half a million people have at least fifty million relatives. The whole media, the whole world is talking about it. Wherever you go, this is the subject. Now is the test of your spirituality, your positivity, and your prayer. It can only happen if you fill in your own inner self, Nirbhao, Nirvair, without fear, and without vindictiveness, and relate to the basic value of good for all. You can do it mentally, and it will do good for you mentally. Otherwise as this war proceeds, as war talk and actions proceed, as our economy, our social life, and our situation proceeds, you will have a difficult feeling because the human mind has the most active impact of parallel psyche. It’s not who crosses who–it’s a question of who affects who.

This whole world is a symbol. It’s not one unique world–my world or your world or our world. It is a Total World. And we carry in ourselves and around us a lot of pain of others. And we do not share or elevate the pain of others. That’s why our pain becomes bigger and bigger….

There is a possibility and there are warnings all over of terrorism. There is fury of war. There is fear. This whole world is into a cross-section, in cross-reaction, and in a cross-psyche. You have to understand that, and you have a very special role to play. You have to be ready that is the greatest service you can do as the Sikhs of the Guru.

I have been telling you all along, the time will come when people will knock at your door and you will not know why. People see peacefulness in you. You may be disturbed inside, you know, we are not lying to each other. I mean, we know ourselves. But to another person, you are a saint.

We fought wars. Bhai Khanaya was a Sikh of the Guru. He did not discriminate between the enemy asking for water or his own soldiers of war. The highest test of spirituality is, “Do good to those who have done wrong to you.” Spirituality is not a joke to crack. It’s a reality of life which we have to live. And I am warning you, you may not understand. You say, “I wear a turban and I wear white and I am just a Sikh and that’s all I want.” That’s not going to work out. People are going to make demands on you. People are going to ask you for help.

So wherever you are, you are the messengers of holiness. You have a status of a Gursikh. You represent Nanak. You represent Guru Gobind Singh. You are the real ambassadors in action. You’ll be expected to answer a lot of questions. You’ll be expected to behave in a very special way–especially those who are professional - doctors, chiropractors, business people, social counselors, psychologists. They will have a very special responsibility to be extra-positive. You’ll be working in factories, you’ll be working in offices, you’ll be working where a lot of people will expect something special out of you. This is the time when nobody’s going to know what your name is–they are going to know what your aim is. That is what war does to people. You have to be very full of aims. You have to understand, you have to be very affectionate, you have to be very loving, you have to be very elevating.

This is the real time when you can really serve Nanak in his soul and spirit and manifest it. What you couldn’t do all this time, is now the demand of the time. The character of a Sikh is very humble, very normal, and can produce extraordinary upliftment to the psyche. That’s what cherdi kala is. This is time to come to the Guru, to fulfill yourself and then Vand Chakko – share with others, your positivity, your spirit, and your soul, by embracing people who need it. This is the time to call on the homes you never have called. This is the time to talk to people whom you never have talked to. This is the time to be with people whom you cannot afford to be with. This is the time of your own realism. This is the time to test your own waters. This is the time to test your own depth. This is the time to test your own faith in Nanak. This is the understanding you have been built for. This is the understanding you have lived for. This is the understanding you have come for. And this is the understanding and action you have to perform.

Today I wanted to speak to you about “the experience of the soul in parallel consciousness.” But I understood the time and the need is for preparing the community. And I expect from you that you should all get on the telephone and call whomsoever you know, and whoever your friend is, and wherever you can reach. Give them the message to come out very positively. This is the time to be in the community, this is the time to be in the neighborhood, this is the time to exchange cookies.

You must understand these things because Naam Chit Aavai – “In your memory you should know you belong to God.” In your memory you should know the reality. And especially when these days are going to fill this atmosphere with tragedies. “Six shot down, sixty shot down, six hundred shot down. Thirty dead, forty injured...” This electro-media pounds on you. It pounds on your nerves. You switch on any time now; it tells you the shooting, the bombing, the killing. It’s a movie house now. And it’s going to affect us all.

Therefore in this, these are the real times of the power of prayer. This is the real time of bringing families together. This is the real time to visit each other and in divinity, this is the real time to stop duality. This is the real time to cleanse ourselves.

Let us take a few minutes for prayer. There’s a hope our prayer is working….

The President was given a very powerful standing ovation today. He said something very beautiful. He did something which will affect America for centuries. He said, “Destroy these political lobbies.” He said, “Get rid of them, because the legislature has become the slave of it.” Very powerful statement. But I don’t think that will go away, because we are chameleons. What I am saying to you is that he was very authentic. He’s the first President who has put his neck out politically. It’s amazing and let us see what the result is.

You must understand that there are a half-million Americans of young blood who will have to face a deadly battle very soon. I was asked today to give an opinion of this war. You know that I am not a man of war; I am a man of peace. We can all pray that peace shall come soon.

But the fact is that if this war would not have taken place now, five years later the sirens would have been ringing in New York and Los Angeles because of the missiles, not on Tel Aviv and Rihyad. I am not a man of war; I don’t believe in it. Peace is peace. But sometimes when it comes to insanity, Guru Gobind Singh said, “When all efforts fail, if your hand goes to the handle of the sword, it is justifiable.” Today hearing Mr. Bush repeating those words, it is amazing. I mean to say, he’s not a Sikh. He must have read it somewhere in the scriptures. Finally, he realized it is a moral war, a just war, and he is trying to convince America.

The funny thing is that you see the protestors saying, “Bring the troops home.” America never wanted a war. Unfortunately, when America does not want a war, that is the time they get entangled in it. Look as our history of 200 years. We get entangled in a war when we don’t want it.

So let us for a few minutes get into silence. Whatever our faith is, whatever our mood is, whether we like it or do not like it, let us pray for all of these men on both sides. That is our contribution. For their souls, for their identity, for their personality, for their reality, whoever they are, they are a part of us, we are a part of them. They are in action. They need our prayers. Give them from your heart. Feel yourself with them in that desert storm, wherever they are, feel them. They have put their life out and they are our volunteers.

You have to understand something – many of you don’t know the desert. I know it. The worse desert of the world is Rajasthan, which was part of my jurisdiction in India. I know what the desert does to you. Can you believe, hundreds and hundreds of miles of straight sand and nothing else? At night, it can be so cold you can freeze to death. In the morning it can be so hot you can boil over. It’s not a very convenient place to be. And being American, living on ice-cream and coca-cola, being stuck there, they need a special prayer. You know, 31 Flavors? So, let us be in that desert today for a few minutes, not long, and pray for these people.
What do we sing in those special words, they are in alphabetic composition, in which we say, Ang Sang Wahe Guru. Ang means the limb. Sang means with. Wahe Guru means the infinite God, the wonderful God is with you, with every part of you.

Every person has ten trillion cells; each cell has three living parts of it. So thirty trillion dancing cells are in every human being. I didn’t count it, Buddha did. He did a good job. So, let us send our vibrations to these men in action. You understand? It’s just our part.

And send them to the other side, too. Those who are getting this wonderful trauma beating. I never knew the word “theater” means war theater. Kuwaiti theater and Iraqi theater. That’s what they call it. For them it is a Hollywood. Now what is that place in New York, where there are a lot of theaters? Broadway. So we have “War Broadway” being played. And let us be with all these actors and actresses, okay? Everyone on both sides. Because we are spiritual, we don’t make distinctions.

All right. Play the tape. Pray in the way you want, whatever your belief is.

(Tape Ang Sang Wahe Guru is played.)

Inhale deep. Send your breath of life for the dignity and grace of those who are there, those who have left their bodies, and those who are facing death with smiles, answering the call of duty. Pray for both sides.
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