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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 09/22/1975
Category: Wip
Location: Unknown

Memorial Service for Bhai Sahib Dayal Singh

People ask me why I shed tears. Yogis are supposed to be above pros and cons. I have seen death many times. Many have died in this presence. I am not weeping because it matters to me anything more than this. But I have seen a miracle -- I have seen how quickly the human being can transform himself, transport himself to the level of consciousness that not only friends and known, but even unknown and enemies alike can praise him. And still he can rise to the level to which we aspire as a goal. This amazement leaves a question in my mind, "Will we be in a position to reach the way he has reached his path?"

Naturally God is for all and all belong to God. (Gurmukhi) -- "Oh people of the world, I made a beautiful bunch of flowers to offer, but He picked up the one whom He liked the most." So today we have offered our first saint, our first priest, our first man of God against whom we not only have reverence, but memory. And when I telephoned Amritsar, the shock felt there in the eight million people's hearts was astonishing. Just after half an hour, Amritsar was on the line asking the life and history of Bhai Sahib. And I said to Khalsaji Mohinder Singh Giani, I said, "Sir, all I can know about him is that he belonged to God more than us. And he was among us." (Gurmukhi) -- "Oh human, oh king, out of thy crown, today somebody has picked up the central diamond."

But I know that secret, you all have been bugging me -- why did he choose to die? When we had a private talk and people were going to the House of Guru Ram Das for a 40 days sadhana, it was decided that Bhai Sahib would go with the second batch. And he called me and said, "Don't we require more peace in the world? And don't we have to sacrifice a little something more than that?" And I asked him, I said, "I don't understand what you are asking me for." He said, "Shouldn't I go for 40 days and do as you did -- washing the floors of that house so that there can be given a peace and grace back to the humanity?" And I said, "Well, Bhai Sahib, as a priest, if you desire anything like that, who am I to put my nose on it? You are most welcome." But my feeling is he has reached faster than the time could have taken him.

We in the Western hemisphere and all around the world will remember him and feel inspired about how fortunate his existence was. People from all faiths... our blood friends who all believe in God are here today to participate. What an established relationship of divinity, this young man at the age of 21 has created, and what a deep mark of divinity he has created in our life.

I remember personally one day asking him, I said, "Bhai Sahib, I may not trust myself, but I really trust you. If time comes, you will stand unto God's Name." And he smiled as we normally remember him with a big smile and he said, "You will see it." (Gurmukhi) -- "Many sketches are made to see, but overall today only God sees and sees Himself." All in that humility I can say, I'll pray better and I will pray more so that if God ever chooses me to come, at least He'll be my spirit and He'll be my guide so that with that peace, we all may be sacrificed for the peace of the humanity.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa - Los Angeles, CA

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