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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 03/14/1989
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Transit Memories

Tonight I have to change the class into transit memories. Transit memory is the most painful Western Institute of Insanity. How we do the transit insanity? "I love you, you love me." That is a statement. "I like you, you like me." That is a statement. "I know you, you know me" is a statement, but in the subconscious of our mind I am not sure. That puts me into a transit. And anything in your life which you deal with the affirmation as a facade out front and a transit in your mind, it draws on you your own nervous energy to the extent that you do not know whether you are a person or not a person.

So, what happens is that if you achieve something in your life, it is useless and if you don't achieve something in your life it is useless. Because you build up an attitude of being not sure. Do you know how many people in this world are not sure? They are religious and they are not sure. They are thieves they are not sure. A prostitute is not sure. A saint is not sure. What is this all about?

If all the education in the universities, all the relationships in the world, all the knowledge of the mankind, and all the civilization we go through has not yet taken away from us the insecurity, and has not made us sure of ourself what life can be... nobody wants to diagnose it, nobody wants to deal with it. The transit memories are very heavy in life. Transit memory is that there is an imprint of life on which this life is being fixed. It is a foundation of an elephant on which horse is being set. It doesn't fit. I am telling you that whether you are rich or you are poor, you are religious or non religious, you are beautiful you are ugly, any aspect of your life has absolutely no dealing with it. It has no feeling of it. It is just called "misfit" in a cosmic law. Because we are human therefore we misfit. Animals don't because they are impulsive. We are impulsive and conscious, so neither we are impulsive nor we are conscious. We create a state of twilight zone. We cannot put
our best in it.

My personal feeling with God is that God is the biggest something. I mean why couldn't he give it to us when he made us in the own image? Because I know as a human if we put everything into it we can get it. There is no stopping. There is... nothing can be in the way. That is definite. Human mind and human consciousness... when it gets with the intelligence... God has no defense against it. That is a known fact. That history, human history, can prove it. But question is, man is so much in transit memories intellectually intelligent, intelligent and intellectual, that he is never wise.

Wisdom is not knowledge. Wisdom is not beauty. Wisdom is not consciousness. Wisdom is just wisdom. It is a contained flexibility in which man always reaches to his zenith of victory. To be great is nothing. To be wise is everything. You can have the whole world at the command of your finger but still you will never be happy if you are not wise. Wise is not undersized or oversized, it is the size which fits in with the foundation.

There are three things in this world, totality, reality and personality. There is nothing else. You call it Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Hindus call it Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. Call it anything. I have no dispute with the religious people, because I know they are all lying anyway. You know why religions fall apart? One man gets into religion, he achieves experience, he gets to be holy. He says certain things, everybody starts liking. Ha, ha, ha. After ten years he is gone, twenty years he is gone, hundred years he is gone and then intrigues and those things come in. Once you go to somebody's house you eat a good food, you enjoy it. You have the taste of it, you love it. Then ten days after you go to the same house, somebody just makes a hodgepodge food and puts it before you. Neither you can say I am sorry, nor you can eat, nor you can say it is terrible, nor you can leave.

The reality. When you find a reality you have to experience totality and when you find totality your personality must experience reality. Something for everything. Everything for something. These are natural laws. They are beyond you. They are beyond politics. Every child knows that when earthquake hits, city falls apart. Whether it is in Russia or America or in Germany or in South Africa. It doesn't make any difference. Earthquake is a one symbolic movement and jolt of the plate of the earth in which everything in three minutes goes away. For Californians it is a joke. They have forgotten San Francisco. As we have forgotten San Francisco, how can we forget San Francisco earthquake because it is a memory in transit?

You must understand today you as human being has the greatest tragedy in your life, you can suspend anything you want. Each human child has the power to suspend memory and that is human tragedy. You will never be animal and you will never be angel. You have to avoid it. The science of yoga did not come out to be another religion. It came as a science and art of life... how to uncoil your potential to be above those normal human tendencies and not to suffer. Yoga knew that body won't stretch itself. It will do everything for you. If body won't stretch it won't give you the full capacity of work. Somewhere either your nervous fuse will be off, your mental fuse will be off or your spiritual fuse will be off. Somewhere in your dealing you will fall apart for which you have no reason, you have no explanation, you have no understanding why there is no answer. Because you have nervous system, you have muscular system, and you have pranic system... Prana energy. The current, the courage, the
self. You do not value that, but without that you can't be. So in this transit memories... we cannot handle transit memories. Somewhere we know and we don't know. Somewhere we know and we don't know. What we do, we suspend.

I once worked with an officer. He was my planning chief. I would go to him and say, "Well, can we discuss it?" He said, "Sure, sure, sure, sit down. Will you like to have a cup of tea?" I said, "No." "Will you like to have a biscuit?" "No." "You like sandwiches." I said, "What is this, it is a canteen. I have not come to eat with you." "Oh no, no, I have to be... you can't insult me... I just have to have... it is my hospitality." "Have something." Now if you order British sandwiches and this and that, it will take about half an hour. Then you start sipping tea and eating those sandwiches it has nothing but the cucumber and that kind of stuff. And you taste them and they are very artistically to be eaten. It is a very polite, light and sophisticated food. You can't enjoy it. You have made Mac the big thing. Eat like animals. If you understand the British sandwich it is a very polite, delightful thing and you cannot eat to full. You eat little and then chew it. It is all exercise to teeth
actually. It has nothing to do with stomach. So you eat your British sandwich, because those have to be eaten, and double cream on these scones and then you have a sip of darjeeling and you sit down and you say, "How you feel and this and then all that." I said, "Now, this is a time for planning. Let us start." He said, "Later." "You don't feel like it." He said, "Tea has totally surpassed me." "Later. One week later I will show up again."

"Hello," He said, "Do you want to go for a walk in the garden." "Yeah I have not seen garden outside." Everyday it is so boring. Let us go. We go in the garden. We start talking. I say, "It is a serious situation. We have to give planning. There is due date. Let's go in and figure it out, tell the secretary." "Not today later." In six months" I said, "There comes a letter whether you want to be suspended or not. There is no later, only today." He said, "I am not going to see this later." One day I caught hold of him I said, "What are you doing? You are such a senior officer. They want a report." He said, "I can't handle it." I said, "How you can escape it?" He said, "I know. I have already escaped. Haven't you sent the report?" I said, "Yes I did." He said, "My 'later' works because I couldn't take that insult letter after letter, reminder after reminder. Finally it comes to telephones." You know I can't let the whole thing sink." So I made up a report and sent it. They
were satisfied. Anyway, that report was to go from me and he was to simply sign it. He won't sign a report. So one way we were having a British sandwich and a tea and he was very happy. I said, "Why it bothers you? Why it is so upset. I bring the report, discuss it with you, you sign it, send it, matter ends." He said, "I feel very insulted you know everything and I know nothing. I won't sign a letter. You do whatever you want to do."

Do you know his example? That is all your life, chapter by chapter, day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment, accident by accident, incident by incident, you avoid things and you want to suspend because you know that as you are growing, you are dying. You are not prepared for dying because you do not know where you are going. You don't have any knowledge and address of your home. You are in a motel. All you know is the pillow sheets are changed everyday. Now what you know. You want to suspend the time. You can't suspend the time, therefore you suspend the memory, and thus you create a twilight zone in life. You are... you are not. You know all the ethics, and you don't use them. You have all the morals, and you don't use them. You know all the manners and you don't use them. You know all the tricks but you don't apply them. You know all the games, and the name and everything but... either you later... then you are again later... then again you are later. Nobody can force you to
do things all the time, because you are not with the time. As a human you are afraid of the time. Time is carrying you to death. That is what you have been made to understand. And you are afraid of death. Whatever you fear, or about whatever you are phobic you shall suspend, and you shall create a twilight zone.

So you do it in love, you do it in life, you do it in business. That is what they say: what you can do today don't leave it until tomorrow. Have you heard that? You want to act on it? No, because you are not ahead of time. Fear doesn't do anything to you. Fear has only...

There are two forces in life of a human: love and fear. Love makes him kind. Fear makes him unkind. Both forces have results, and we are the byproduct of these two forces. But when you fear something, consciously or subconsciously, whether it is spiritually, mentally, personally or by faith, you suspend things. When you can't, then you attend things. Things you attend... naturally you are a human, you shall win. When you suspend, you will lose because you are a human, you want to lose. You want to gain. So what happens is your life is not a totality, therefore it is not a reality. But you do have a personality, so you survive in twilight zone because you are guided by suspended personality and suspended in your own projections.

You create in your life a thing called twilight zone. A little bathroom... a little restroom where you lock yourself inside and you just let the water go, and you sink and you sit and you think and you are sure as a courtesy nobody shall knock at you and if anybody shall knock at you you say, "Mmmmmmmm". And the person says, "Sorry. I don't know", because these are the manners." These are called suspended memories. A little square in life where you frame yourself and you don't have to just argue, reason or say anything. All you do is say, "Ummmmmmm." On the other side, person knows you are in. They even do not want to know who you are. They do not know what are you doing because everybody does it, and everybody does not want to be disturbed because everybody has suspended memory and at that moment immediately will relate to it and leave it alone.

Leave it alone and at that moment it comes back like a monster, then you worry, why didn't you attend it at that time? Life goes through two forces. Attend or suspend. Nothing will go away. Nothing will run away. Your love of life shall guide you and your fear of life shall goad you. Somebody said to me, "I am deadly unhappy." I said, "You just should be afraid." "Why not? Is it something wrong to be afraid?" I said, "Nothing, if you want to be unhappy be afraid. If you want to be happy. Don't be afraid." "Like that." I said, "Just like that. That is how it works. Be not afraid. Life will become automatically happy." Because when you are not afraid you act wisely. When you are afraid you act stupidly because of your sensory sense of the sixth sense. Your radiant body doesn't act when clouded by fear. That is why, with the chaos and fear, we ask the policeman to come. Policeman can come in a uniform or not uniform, but we expect him to be in uniform so the personality is identified.

You want to succeed in life? Then make a personality which can be knowingly and unknowingly identified. It is called good will. It is called reputation. It is called you. You are not what you are, you are what is your un-suspended personality which is totally in flow.

Well, we have tried to create something today. Today is our Persian night. We have to carry a Pra energy. Persia... word is Persia. Persia you know. It is now called Iran. Forget about what is now, but at one time it used to be called Persian culture. Oh! There comes my star girl. My God she reads everything right. Hey! How are you? She is just a music to my ear. Sometimes she tells me what the Jupiter is doing, what Saturn is doing... and sometimes I do not know what the people are doing.
She even knows what the stars are doing. You know, and that day she was telling me that Jupiter retrogrades and therefore there is another Baha, something, he is coming in, and I was reading her and I said, "Look at it. She knows all about the sky and everything about earth. Here I am struggling with people just to wake up. All I am saying is: there is a morning. Dawn is on. Twenty years I started telling you, that God did not make anything better than you. He could have, he should have. You are the best.

I don't like these religions. These guilt religions, these sin religions. What is a sin religion? That day I saw somebody was driving a car, other man came and hit it in the back. They both put the insurance number. They walked away. It happens. It is always there, instead of applying the brake he put his foot on the gas. There was a bong, very beautiful, done so well. Because you are dealing with your suspended energy. You are dealing with your suspended personality. You are dealing with your suspended personality. You are not here. Have you not heard sometimes: "Mr. So and So, hello. Oh just one minute. What were you saying?" Because that little square we all have. And that is because as our private project therefore we don't mind that. But today we are going to get into the little window. See what we can do. We will try today or tomorrow. This weekend I am not going to teach you doesn't matter what, so if the classes are long, they are long, if they are short they are short. You understand what I mean?
You understand? No. I mean they are not going to... these two days I don't think I am going to end up at nine o'clock and say 'adios'.

Normally they told me I should be disciplined and people have appointments and some people have baby sitters and God knows what they tell me, but I have suspended memory. I don't hear it. You know you must understand. I am not medically authorized to teach classes period. I am not supposed to work, but I just do it for a joy and for the future of the children who follow this path so that they can feel that these things are available, expandable and useable. I am leaving it for them, not for you. You are just guinea pigs you know. Along the line you get the advantage too.

Did you know in psychology today they have not even touched that chapter? Do you know all disease comes from suspended shocks? Do you know all relationship breaks come from suspended communication? You know what suspension does? You realize it is the root cause of every tragedy in the human life? Maybe next week I will be a little bit free and we will have a big Saturday session at night and rub you through it and do the thing. Right? But I will just teach two nights tonight and tomorrow night. Okay? And see where we go.

Okay. Now. You are ready? Now change your nostril. Change your nostril alternate and breathe deep please. Let's get going. You are beautiful. You know that? Oh yes. You do it very good and you are very good. Lot of big people they cheat. You don't. meanwhile I am testing my instrument so you keep on doing this. I don't know what we have to do today but this tape didn't work out.

It is a very chaotic music. (SSS plays the drums)

I have to bring this because you couldn't bring me the hammer. Setting my own shop today, huh? Come on, come on, alter the breath. Don't suspend the operation in the hopes somebody else will do it for you. It is very easy. All right. Set. Both hands on the both sides. Left side and right side. See this movement? Very good. And make it very musical, like this. (SSS plays the drums.)

Hey! Wait a minute, these are very important meridian points, you are touching it and they are going to take you to the space and just set in it. There are three, on this instrument there are three sounds. And I will be changing them. It is no use to hit yourself hard but just hit enough to just send the sensory vibrations inside. It will start changing your glandular system. It will start changing your tattwas. It will start doing everything you want to do but you have to play with the music. Because the meditation will be long... long away till sometime in the night, but we have got to prepare our body and I couldn't give you homework, come prepared do this many hours. You are not going to do this I know you so. I know Western students so well you can't believe it.

Okay. Meditate. You cannot go home today with all sickness and all nonsense. Keep up. Bless yourself. Touch yourself. Bless the sacred heart. Start breathing again. Hurry up, hurry up. Hurry up, now powerful, now participate. That is the best healing thing you are going to do now. Breathe alternatively without allowing the breath to go but right with your hands. Come on! Let us pull it tonight. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! Powerful, powerful! Cleanse, cleanse! You understand the healing is within you? Heed my advice. You have got to do something for yourself, otherwise the helicopter of insanity will hover on you. Come on!

Close your eyes please put your hand on your own heart. Create your own music according to this. Do it intuitively and meditatively. You have only right to move your hands. Play your own lullaby, play your own music. Go with it. It will relax your inner suspended self. Touch the hand with the body rhythmically. Start breathing. Full cheek breath. Listen to this. Open your eyes now. Now we are going to play the music this is what you are going to do. As you played with your rhythmic center, this is called "agan granthi", now you are going to play your etheric center. You know where your etheric center is? No, you don't know. I never told you. You have to do this hand like this and this hand with this. This, this, this, this and you play the music. You have nails. Oh, you have these extra nails, so it will work out perfect and if you get injured now you know why you spent twenty three dollars and got injured. Now you know. If you have natural... this is how the rhythm will come. It will freak you out, but come on, yeah you
understand again. Center of the palm. You can't see it. And as much you will nurture it, better you will feel. Got the idea?

You will not play, what is wrong? Use the navel energy, third chakra. Move the navel musically. You shall heal yourself tonight. Don't suspend it! Attend to it, attend to it! Bravo! Power of the cheek for breathing. Use it, it is a yin and yang. Keep up, keep up, keep up! Clap it with the back of the hand. Awaken the serpent. Meditate, meditate, meditate. Keep your rhythm going with the back of the hand. Back to the heart center. Breathe with it. Blow the breath with the full cheeks. Please use the third center, navel point, push it hard. Keep going from the diaphragm. Keep going, keep going. We are doing our best.

Inhale deep. Now only pump the cheeks. Breathe through the nose and pump up cheek musically. Come on, come on! I know you don't know, but you can know if you try. We are just stimulating certain energy of the body to coordinate the system. Open your mouth. Please use the tip of the tongue and most powerful and very diligent. Persian woman still has what they call is the call of the tongue, gives a victory call and still in private she heals herself. Even today. We will give you something which is familiar. Come on, come on, now you are reaching a certain point and now you are trying to see whether you are right or not. You are thinking how much further we have to go. You know your aura changes like yo-yos. Come on, concentrate.

You are healing, healing, healing. Back to your heart center. Make the snake breath. Be musical about it. (Ardas tape is played) Inhale deep. Put your hands on the heart tight, spine straight. Move your body along with the two and half cycle sound, very easy to flow. (SSS also plays the gong.)

Press your hands. Hug yourself. Solidly hug yourself. Whisper. Whisper, whisper, music is on. Tighter, tighter, make the hug tighter. Get to your nerves now. Tighter, tighter, hug the unknown. Give a hard hug. Inhale deep. Inhale deep, deep, deep. Move, pump your belly button, hold the breath, pump the belly button, shoulder and body, spine and just correct it yourself.

Come on keep the hug on, hard, move, move the belly button, move, move. Let the breath go. Inhale deep again. Hold it tight. Move harder. Grip tighter, move the navel point harder and get going. Wonderful. Let it go. Once more and this is the last time. I am not going to tell you again, deep, deep, deep. Hold it and a move it fast. Fast means F-A-S-T-T-T-T-T! Come on, move, move, move, move! You have to do it ten more seconds. Come on, move fast, give a chance. Relax.

Thank you very much. It was fantastic. What we wanted to achieve we have presumed through our ego that it can happen, so now relax and now talk to each other. Talk, talk, talk. Talk, talk, talk, talk. Talk, I said, don't you hear me? Find somebody say something. All right inhale and try to shake your hands that you are getting rid of something which you never wanted. Get rid of the unwanted spirit. You know there are spirits. God knows I don't know anything. Get rid of them. Move freely and just let it move that way. And now move wherever you are sitting move your spine. Move your body, just go down and go up. Not right on it but just onto the shoulder, onto the neck. Move! Well if you don't move right we have the whole night. It is not something I can help. I am not going to let you home. I am going to lock the door but I can't put you on the road just now as you are. So you have got to unwind yourself. You understand. Move, move, move! Move your body. It is very good, it is healing, it is
healthy, makes sense.

You never have touched your chest in your life like that. It was so new to you I couldn't believe it. You know it is a drum. It is called rib cage. It is very musical. Tomorrow we will have a fun. Move, below to up, below to up. What they call spiral move, spiral move. Move, move, move. And now whistle, say anything. Musical, something musical. (Ardas tape is played)

Very good, very good. Create now the sound through the nose. Thank you very much. It was very nice of you. There is no birthday today so there is no cake. May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on.

Blessed God give us the strength, the power to be peaceful, tranquil and blissful, bountiful and wonderful for ourself and all we see now and here. May thy self prevail, may thyself be and may thyself to be. May this day and this night tomorrow and tomorrow night on and on may pass in that peaceful tranquility, in that trinity in which we all love, live and let live. Sat Nam.

Well folks, now you can go. Go home, enjoy yourself and do whatever you have to do but for God's sake, drink a lot of water tonight. And in the middle of the night you do not get up and go to the bathroom it means you have not done it right.

- end -

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