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Lecture on: 02/07/1990
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, CA

The Future of Planet Earth

I think we taught the half of this class which I am going to teach you today in Hamburg. And now they have to wait for me, when I go back. They can't believe.

There are two things in your human life which you have to recognize, which you don't know. One is called by a very common word. Word is called 'grief.' Every disease in the body is divided by two... there are two things in your body. That's all that is. I mean to say it. How rich you are, it doesn't matter. How beautiful you are, doesn't matter. How religious you are, doesn't matter. How ugly you are, how pervert you are, even that doesn't matter. Your total behavior is your satisfaction and your emotions and your feelings. It has nothing to do with your life. Your life is dependent on two strengths or on two things: One is how angry you are. Second is how aggrieved you are. If you are angry, you will have all blood diseases; cancer, etc., etc. And if you are aggrieved, you will have diabetes, phobias and fears and moods and depression, whatever you call it. So if you take a packet of celery and carrots with you, and when your sugar is down, you take the carrot and when your sugar is up, you take the
celery. Celery has natural insulin. And carrot has natural Vitamin A and sugar. I mean to say, that's the only thing humanity has to learn to live.

Because this is a time of great stress. We all have lost one thing. We have all lost the ability to talk to our soul. We have no friendship with our soul. We have friendship with our emotions. It's very amazing. It is so amazing that in Moscow I learned one thing: Whatever opinions we Americans have about Russians is totally false. They are the most contained, patient, sober and honorable people. They are so peaceful. They can take it so much that I think that what their condition is today, if there is that same very condition in America, we'd all get into the ocean and jump and die. We wouldn't take it. There is no comparison.

There is a department store as big as six blocks long, a royal thing, it's not something... and there are only about fourteen things in it and only four shelves. There is a six block line but nobody will break the line. And it is snowing. It is minus forty degree centigrade. Who can take it? And they do not know if they can afford to buy it or not. They do not know if any will be left for them or not. But still they are there. Strange people.

Absolutely they have no smile and no grief. They will take you as granted, will never trust you until you gain their trust. It is amazing what I learned in 7 days. It was totally different world.

And Russians are fifteen Republics out of which one republic is Russia itself which is the majority of the white people. Rest are all Cossacks and Tatars and Azerbaijan's -- you name it. But one very common thing runs in them, they are very peaceful.

There was a situation where they had to take a cup of coffee. Let's take it that way, all right? And there were twenty people waiting in line and I stood on the railing and I said, "My God. There are only three cups available, and there are twenty people. Let us see whether three get it and others leave." No, not a single person left.

I don't think anybody in good sense of his power can ever conquer Russia. Never. It is so cold. Yeah, I am truthful. It is so cold that nobody other than Russians can ever live there. I think Napoleon lost it. He was genuinely right. And Germany which has all the supply lines... I mean, Napoleon they say lost because he didn't have the supply lines and that's why he couldn't win. But at least Germans have all the supply lines. Well, just look at it. I was wearing a woolen robe and then a Pashmina shawl. Pashmina shawl means you can boil an egg in it, it is such a hot cloth. Very beautiful Indian Pashmina shawl. Over that I wore this which I am wearing right now. And then over all that I wore a fur coat, and still it was cold. And when it snows Moscow people are very happy. They dance because it is warm. It is an amazing place.

And I tell you about Russia. The roads are as wide as one block. A 747 can land absolutely on the road without any trouble. I thought they were runways. I never knew that they are roads. But I think that our conference was very beautiful. We were seven hundred people. Three hundred religious people, three hundred legislators. Our senators were there. Other ministers came. And two hundred were these scientists. And what the scientists told I can tell you in one line. That is: whether we are or we are not, if we do not stop what we are doing, we'll blow up the earth on us within twenty-five years, give and take five years. That was their final, total opinion. Religious people were very good, very jealous of each other, pulling each other's legs. They were very nice. I loved them. It was amazing.

Normally, you know, you go to such conferences and TV is after you. And there, everybody was after me. I never knew why. But they wanted to be seen somewhere. And the legislator people were saying: "We did our best. I don't think people understand us." Something like that. But scientists were very honest, straight and blunt. According to them, we have damaged earth so irreparably now that if we just go little further, there shall be nothing left. And they were true to the true calculation. Their explanation was right. Their experiments were good, and they were grateful to the legislators that they paid for it, and they could say it.

But one good news I have is that there shall be no Third World War. Third World War will be possible in small countries like little possible where people will like to fight each other just like you call it, 'tribal wars.'

Primal war like Second World War and Third World War will never happen because they have found out through their studies, a war cannot be fought for more than seven minutes. And within those seven minutes, everything you fire will fire back at you after thirty-eight seconds. If you send all the missles and all the warheads and everything up, whatever you send in the first thirty-eight minutes will go to the target. Rest will come back to you.

So basically, you must have heard that we have 300 billion dollars worth of extra stuff rotting. And they didn't tell you that you have 900 billion dollars worth of warheads which do not work. They didn't tell you that. We Americans pay one fourth of our earnings in taxes. And out of that three quarters is wasted. But we are alive. We are happy. It is a great country, good democracy. But don't get angry. Today we have to get rid of anger, not to make you angry.

Today we are burning our back cord, they call it. Alley. In our brain, in our neurons, we have a back alley. It is called 'fire back alley.' Normally everything we do in our life, it fires back on us. Do you know that? And it is a continuous system. I was very surprised to see every German very grim. Normally they are very accurate people. They are very precise and the work they do is so sophisticatedly detailed, but they are very unhappy.

This time my experience was different because I was there not to just teach a course and then run. I was there for two weeks and I found out there is a back alley problem. Whoever you are, as much happy you are, that much unhappy you are creatively. It is called alley restore. You restore that unhappiness and that passion of that to be reserved. Body has a very great system. Body has a system, and exactly the same, mind has a system too to reserve things in the reverse of it.

Everything in the world is in a balance. There are as many corrupt people, and there are that many honest people. And every corrupt man has equal honesty about it and every honest person has equal corruption about it. Entire universe is in total balance. As much as people are in ecstasy, that much people are in perversion. It can't be this way and that way. So hating somebody that somebody is wrong, and loving somebody that somebody is right is your just mental disillusion. Everybody's doing what they are doing. You can never say, "That man is great." But that man is great because you like him to be great. Or, you like him because what he is doing is great. Maybe somebody else will say, "That man is rotten." So you can never say that.

Isn't sometime now that we are teaching 'Higher Yoga' rather than 'Hatha Yoga' -- how to make a posture. So today we are working on the very inner self of us and that is our extension self in our back yard. You know, there is a back yard... little green pasture and few flowers and little storehouse in every house you see. Now every person has a personality. Personality is called 'A' and equally with that personality you have a back yard. Everybody has a living room and then on the top, what they call the place where they put things that they don't bother about? Attic. So we are going to get into attic today. Like it? But I want to warn you. If you don't want to participate, don't. Or if you do want to participate, be honest. Because I do not want to open the attic with you... with my understanding... because I love and I trust. That's my weakness. I don't want to open up the can of worms and not complete it if in the middle you say, "Well, it's too hard for me." All right? If I can work after coming all this time,
after hours and hours of travel, I think you will also participate right. Correct?

Now: "Why I am angry?" That is one question you should ask yourself. You are angry because things somebody didn't do right. You are angry because you didn't do things right. You are angry because circumstances were not right. You are angry because you expect too much. And you are angry because you have a false, exaggerated imagination of your personality projection. That's the scientific reason for anger. Why you should not be angry? Because being angry damages your own health. Why you SHOULD be angry? Because without anger you do not feel satisfied. You become angry to feel satisfied that you have snubbed somebody, you have abused somebody, you are neurotic to somebody or you yelled and screamed to let the steam out, whatever.

But there is a problem whether you are angry or not angry, for all achievements of happiness, in the alley you reserve yourself, and that is anger. They call it very subtle, but it is very sure. For that treatment, people have gone through a lot of changes and there are a lot of excuses for it, but actually that is a part of the thing. Like... there is a problem today in the world. No one knows what to do with nuclear waste. And exactly in our life, nobody knows what to do with mental waste. And this part is what we are tackling. All right?

(Meditation with two oranges begins....)

(End of meditation....)

Oh yeah, this is our new meditation on healing. (Talking about the new healing tape by Nirinjan Kaur.) It has a very powerful affirmation and a prayer. You are very good, Guru Prem you are doing good. Nirinjan, thank you.

Anybody has seen the article, or read and has reserved? There is a huge study that these electric watches, you know, these battery watches, are bad for heart? Whatever they are, quartzes, right? Quartz is a movement, but the question is that current. Anybody? Oh, I saw it, but I was on airline. I was flying.

(Student: Was that in the "New Yorker?")

Yeah, it is a study by....

(Student: There was a long article in the New Yorker. I think I have it.)

Okay. It is funny if it is true.

Do you know that they have found out also that some people have mood problem? How many of us here have mood problem? Mood problem? It's a problem. It's not a disease. Call it a problem. We will tell you the remedy, but first let me have a show of hands of how many of you, honestly, I mean, don't try to cheat. Okay, this is how the mood problems can be solved: You can make beautiful celery sticks and carrot sticks and put it in your bag and go. When your sugar is high, take celery and sugar will come down normally and you will have no problem with it. And they have found out that if sugar is more than 110, you start having an aggressive mood. Yeah. And if your sugar is below 60, you will have a depressive mood.

So 60 to 120, they call is the limit. And sugar does change it. Don't misunderstand that you are diabetic if it will go high and all that. But it does change. It takes pancreas time to secrete insulin and then react and all that stuff. But they say that if you seem a little aggressive or itchy or irritated, then take celery and that will calm down. It has a natural insulin in it. And if you feel very depressed and negative, and the world is over there and I am here, then you start chewing a few carrot sticks. And they have experimented. Those people now swear by a million bibles that it does work.

And those people who do not sleep at night, if they take lettuce juice or make a lettuce soup which has a natural opium in it, you'll sleep tight. So these are certain very natural things.

And in case of situation... if you feel, what do you call it? You are very depressed? Miserable? Oh yes, yes. No, no, no, no! Just watch this. Take one tablespoon of fresh ground black pepper and take a cup of yogurt and take four kiwis, you know, that green thing inside? Yeah. Take it out of the skin and either put it in a blender or mess it up or otherwise. And just eat it. You'll be surprised. They have timed it. It takes seven minutes to get out of deep depression.

You know that kind of thing where you think your body is outside and you are inside like a lead? Have you seen that kind of a depression? Otherwise it takes two moons to get out of it. It means two months once you get into that mood. One moon, it means full moon. One full moon to another full moon to another full moon. It means full moons. When they say in the book, "Two Moons," it means "Two months." Once you get in that kind of situation, it takes two months to start thinking right. But one tablespoon of black pepper, freshly ground.... I don't know why they wrote that, but that's exactly what true is. And this kiwi... You know that fruit? It's a green fruit. Inside green. Four of them. And a cup of yogurt. And mix it up and eat it.

You know this flu is going on these days. It's very horrible. It's fatal to many people. If you want to write down the formula, please write it down: One tablespoon of black pepper. One teaspoon of cayenne. Three tablespoons of turmeric. One ounce by weight of basil. One ounce by weight. Dry or wet, whatever you want. I didn't read that. You understand? And then you take fresh pressed olive oil. The sign of that is it says that when you put olive oil in the pot, if it is fresh pressed it will make a foam. If it doesn't make foam, you have bought the wrong olive oil. Don't use that. Reasonable? I mean to say don't take... olive oil is very strong. And you make a kind of a... what do you call it? Masala? Masala means you saute it and it is very tasty. And you can put on vegetables. It is very tasty. You can put on rice, or you on a piece of bread. But this flu will leave you. It should not take three days to get rid of this stuff.

Now let me repeat the formula. The black pepper is one tablespoon (freshly ground, not pre-ground). They are very cautious about it. And this cayenne... one teaspoon. This turmeric... three tablespoons. And just remember, it is called 'heaping full.' Not flat. They call it 'heap full.' And this basil, one ounce by weight. And the olive oil has to be used, fresh pressed. They call it cold pressed, fresh pressed. (How much?) To your choice. It was not written. I'm not going to make it up -- this many, that many. And, there's a cold-pressed olive oil but they use caustic soda with it, and it's very injurious to health. So be careful. And if the olive oil doesn't make a lot of foam, it means it is hot pressed or it is chemically pressed. Yeah? (Can you use yogurt with this?) This masala you can use with yogurt, that is very wonderful. You can put on vegetables. You use it any way you want. But it will really shape you up in seventy-two hours. It is very healthy, too.

There are some people who say their cough is not gone from last six months. You hear them, "hung! hung! hung!" all the time. And we had a situation where that was existing. Within three days it is all over with. So please understand.

And I do not know what you call it. They call it "Siberian Flu." It happens in northern Russia very often and the casualty is 100% sure. I mean to say, the relatives just understand that this Russian is going to be not voting for the Communist party any more. And that they know. But here in this country, it is a very painful process and you can't breathe and you cough all the time. Every medicine has been used for it, and the result is a big zero. And people take penicillin after penicillin, after penicillin. They take shots after shots. It attacked this time lower Germany, Bavaria, and it took a lot of casualties.

Yeah? (Question: Olive oil that is cold pressed?) Olive oil that is hot pressed or they put some, chemically pressed. That...they have come out with a study that olive oil reduces sugar. It is good for diabetes. New England Medical Journal made a very vast study of olive oil. And they came out with that it reduces diabetes. It reduces bad cholesterol. It reduces everything and they think it is one of the best things in the world altogether. But if you understand calories, one ounce has about seven hundred or something of calories. If you count calories, you just study the book.

Normally for living healthy, you should take 1200 calories a day. And if you heavily exercise, then you can have up to 2000 calories and normally there is a very system set which I'll give to you. I'm perfecting it on myself first. I'm not going to give you so long I am not on it myself. You can burn 600 calories in your bed. Yeah, yeah. You don't have to remove the quilt. That's sure. I have come to that refinement now. There are exercises... one exercise is very simple, but you sweat. I mean, you have to change your sheets every day, that's true. But....you can do it if you want to.

All right, tomorrow morning when you get up, just get on your left side. Left side. And put your feet into the bed. And put your shoulder into bed. And move your pelvic area and baby boys and baby girls, just see in ten minutes what happens to you. Just swing that central part. You can't believe it what undertow you go through inside the body. And it is very easy too. Cross the legs and fix it on one side and put the shoulder... but it will be preferred if you do it on the right side, shoulders down, and left side up. If you do it left side down, it will put sometime pressure on the heart area and that's not very technically right until you are very tuned with it. That's one exercise you can do.

Second, you can sit down in a baby pose and go flat on your belly and then sit crunch back to baby pose. Quilt on. And in 5 to 7 minutes, you will not be surprised if you are sweating to yourself.

And the other situation is you can do bundle roll kriya on your bed. But be careful. Only you can take one turn left and one turn right. You can't go on and on.

All right, there is another situation for your... what you call? When you sleep at night, your foot is this. Do you see this? Your foot is like this? Stretch it all the way like this and stay there for a minute. Just one minute. You'll be shocked with the best results you can get. In the morning... if you know "Touch of Health" book or not... just in the morning, just at your heart center, do this. That will neutralize your health to start with. And for your eyes, please do not open your eyes like that! Just put your hands on your face, massage it, and then open your eyes in the hands and then open. First light is very shocking to the optical nerve. And when you brush your teeth, go back in the mouth, and empty these two monkey glands and see what you'll draw out. Keep it as souvenir for yourself. It's natural to have mucous in the throat to clean the air but it's dangerous to take that into the stomach early in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea. Then the whole body has to work to get it out, and it
never comes out. It is one of the ugliest things which has caused a lot of problems to mankind.

What else? If you are clinically sick in the sense of medically sick... if you take a hot bath all the time and hot shower, and you are afraid of cold water, normally you will get sick one way or the other. You will get common cold and all that stuff, very often. But if you do not like... let us say you have made a New Year's resolution that "I am never going to take a cold shower," it means your capillaries will show up and your body will look just like a spider man. Ultimately you will have those diseases. Because the capillaries... there is no medicine which can clean the capillaries except surgery or some other process, but if you take cold showers... naturally the body temperature outside, when it becomes cold inside, blood rushes out and it does it. However if you have decided totally, "I'm not going to do it!" -- then at least wash your hands up to wrists, your elbows, your neck and your face. And then the other thing is, take a towel dipped in cold, cold cold water, and sponge your body with this towel.

Some people are just afraid. There's one person I know, she's so scared of this cold shower, you can tell her two hundred things she will do, but this one she cannot do. But with a sponge she is successful. And I do not know whether you know how to take a bath or not, but these two hands must go into the armpits and massage them when you take any shower. Doesn't matter, hot or cold. If you do not massage your armpits, which you don't like to do -- you put little soap on, then you get out. I definitely know. It is just like this. Uh, hee, hee, and that's it. No, no! Put these both sides and massage it at the same time. (SSS demonstrates by crossing his arms in front of the chest and massaging armpits with opposite hands) Just this area. Your day will be different. I'm not kidding.

Listen to me. I didn't sit in the sun and just become gray. I have studied a lot. Do you know what I'm saying? At the same time, if you put your both hands in your armpits and massage it (which is against your taste) your day will be different, your energy will be different. Because you do not understand what an armpit is. Armpit is a pit where the total all three nervous systems are controlled. It is very important. If you have a chance you take a shower or you sit in the tub and take a shower. Take a small towel, wash cloth or whatever, and rub this area as much you can. Stimulate it. This is one area which nobody stimulates. Even the masseuse.

Well, once I thought, "Let me go to the western massage." So I went to this Beverly Hills thing and the guy put oil on my back, "One, two, three," and then he said, "Turn," and then on belly, "One two, three," and then he said, "Out." I looked at him and I thought, "What right he has got to charge $90.00?" But that's what it is. They put kind of oil which disappears in couple of minutes. But normally body massage means the every part of the body should be pressed to relax and relaxed to press so that circulation may take place and nervous system may be strengthened. That is the idea of massage. Idea of massage is not you feel good because somebody's touching you. If somebody just touches you and you feel good, don't pay for it! Go lean against the wall and rub your side. I mean, that's touching, too. If touching is the way. Massage is a very systematic, harmonious system through which the body is very elevated. It's a physical elevation.
What else you can do? Yeah, you can stand under the shower, put your hand somewhere to secure yourself, definitely, and then you massage your own feet with one left foot, the right foot, back, front, every corner of it. Every inner organ... all the meridian points are right there. Whole universe of yours is there. Back, forth, this, that. And you have to massage yourself. And you will reach a stage where you don't like that. You don't feel that you should massage anymore. That means you are done.

What else is good for you? You have a basic problem. When you get sick you start taking Vitamin C, right? And you gobble it. You think it is a pancake. You just take it so much, you know? They say taking too much Vitamin C is as bad as not taking any Vitamin C. And they say the best Vitamin C is kiwi. Yeah. That little green stuff. It's pretty costly. But it has... I do not remember the figure, does anybody remember the figure? It has certain very excellent numbers.

Those who feel they are not right, and they don't want to treat themselves and they do not know how to take care of the liver... this California should be very lucky because you've got the artichoke. And do you know in Germany now all these things are medicines? And they openly say: "This is for this. This is for this. And this is for this." And you just go and buy it, come on home and take it.

Most distasteful thing was... what? Those berries? Juniper berries! That's for kidneys... they describe it. But there is a new system, now: "Heal Through Food." And they are very good at it. They are very pioneering in it. And they are out to get you. So maybe in America, a hundred years from now, we'll start doing the same thing. It is a very funny thing to go to a doctor who is a naturopath (they call it 'the healer') and look at their medical prescription thing... how many drugs they have got and how patent they are. It is amazing. I mean to say, our allopathic, regular doctor here doesn't have that range of medicine. They have such a vast range of medicine, it is unbelievable. And they are all well-done, dated, stocked, packed and whole thing.

Hallopathy is very important there. But you will be surprised in Germany that you will go to an M.D. and he writes a Chinese formula. Chinese tea. Can you believe this? An M.D. writes a Chinese formula of tea. You go to the pharmacy and you give the thing, and they give you the tea. They make it every day and they know people who come and take it, some of them. Medicine is very well advanced in West Germany. I do not know what East Germany will get to. But I think they will adopt the same thing.

Natural healing is very important in Europe. And do you know in Russia, they totally believe in natural healing? They have a very advanced situation in that. And they do... I admire those people with that cold... I mean, just... I think Napoleon should have been wise up enough to send somebody in advance. If five soldiers would have survived, then he should have attacked. It is not that that much cold is in Alaska even. That much cold is everywhere in the world. Don't bother about that. But it's such a biting cold, nobody can explain why it is so. It is extremely biting cold.

All the cars which you think are junk cars, you will see them running in Moscow, left and right. It is amazing that I asked the driver, I said, "When was this car made?" He said: "In the 18th Century." And he was very proud of it. They manufacture... one thing about Russia is very good, the mechanics. There's not a one part in the world they cannot re-manufacture exactly and can keep the car running. This car which that driver was driving was actually 18th century because it looked very funny. So I thought, "Let me go in it." And I asked him -- he spoke very little English, I asked him: "Is this very old?" He said: "Older than me and you." Because that was really an American car which we must have made in somewhere near 18th Century. And finding that kind of car running in the streets of Moscow was a great experience because I wanted to go really to the next hotel very fast because there was a meeting and the car won't go that fast. It went to a speed of 45 miles maximum, so I understood it is really old.
(Comment from student: Like your jeep.) Yeah, my jeep doesn't run... because that is my joy that I don't have to rush to anything. Now, are you all right now? You can go home? All right.

May the Long Time Sunshine Upon You....

God bless the entire mankind to preserve their mental peace, the peace of the planet. Thy given gift, the Mother earth, may all have respect and reverence for all what they are doing. Give them the consciousness, prosperity and grace to deal with their own environments in a graceful way as they want to deal with their own self and personality. Sat Nam.


YB Teachings, LLC 1990
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