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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 07/29/1988
Category: KWTC
Location: Espanola, NM

The Essence of the Man

Please don't love God out of fear and of need. Love God out of worth and values. Actually you have been mislead and mistaught all your life, for thousands of years that God is outside you, which is not true. And you have been told that God is Almighty which can give you everything. God is within you already with everything. It is you who has to believe it, feel it, practice it and learn it. Religion has scammed all the money, built churches, synogagues, temples. A religious man became a middle man between God and you. He didn't become a help.

So therefore, in this world of anxiety, and everything, it is a very straightforward situation. Whenever you feel depressed, you feel angry, you feel empty, you feel shallow, you feel abandoned, you feel lot of things, anything which you feel negative... you can only feel at that time that you are not true to the fact "Ang Sang Wahe Guru," God is within you.

You are always weak, minus God. You are always strong with God. It is a simple law. This is what I have found in my 58 years. I don't believe you are good, I don't believe you are bad. I don't believe one is rich, one is poor. I don't know if one is intelligent, one is not. I always know when people do not have God with them they are very rude, crude, obnoxious and they misbehave. Simple. It is not something you have to go and qualify yourself and classify. Ego is very suffocating, very limiting and is very painful. And those who cater to their ego they are very selfish, they are very rude, they are very abusive, and they are extremely themself in a pain and that they cause to everybody else. But those who feel God is with them, they are very jovial, very peaceful and extremely tolerant, forgiving, kind, compassionate, and very peaceful people. One thing can decide which way you want to be.

But your American attitude is, that if I am obnoxious, I am demanding, I am a bitchy, I can abuse, I can kick around, I can work, I can become a prostitute... society will accept me. Yes, it will. It will not hang you with the next rope available, but you will hang yourself with a lot of ropes! You will have spaghetti around you. You can't live in this world. I do not know what the moral is or what the methods are. But I just want to tell you, people do not not judge. And they do not judge you, and they do not judge your deeds. They don't have a time. But certain deeds, certain behavior, certain manners, leads them to believe what your value is. Do you understand? And that value is how people deal with you. You are always evaluated and you always will evaluate. These two things will not stop. Evaluation is an organic process of God.

Nobody loves anybody and nobody hates anybody. Nobody is related to anybody and nobody is enemy to anybody. What happens is that sometimes we become shallow and we end up landing on rocks. And most of the time we end up deep and end up happy. That's all it is. I mean to say, it is a simple thing. I can go round and round rest of my life to tell you, but I tell you, your own obnoxiousness is always your enemy. Any woman... I tell you one word: a woman who knows how to TALK, can talk God into her worker. Do you hear me? Learn to talk. And once you consciously start talking right, you shall never ever be in trouble. Your trouble is in your tongue. And your problem is in your taste. Your trouble is in your? (Sangat - "Tongue") And your problem is in your? (Sangat - "Taste") And your tragedy is in your talk. Got the three things? Repeat it, please. (Sangat repeats.) Say it again. (Sangat repeats.) So what it means? Think before you speak. You shall never have to weep.

And the last secret I give you of my life: never say those things to friends which you don't want to hear from enemies. Never? (Sangat - "Say those things as friends which you don't want to hear from enemies.) Say it again. (Sangat repeats.) You don't understand what I'm saying. Say it again. (Sangat repeats.) Do you understand what I'm saying? Do you? Really? Keep your house locked and don't blame the thieves. Keep your house? (Sangat - "Locked") And don't blame the? (Sangat - "Thieves") "Gharas aapanaa saambeeai, chor kisoon aakheeai." Take care of your own house and things, and don't blame the thief.

So my dear ones, it is my privilege to serve you this year, and it is because of the prayers. Not that I... I am pretty good astrologer, more than you think... and I know numerology. One who knows numerology knows almost every... one can figure out God, one who knows the figures. But it doesn't work that way. God is still beyond figures. And beyond numbers. It is nothing but the prayer which kept me going, and with the grace of God we have been with you. And this is the first year in last eight years we don't have a lawsuit. America is very free, and also obnoxious and disgraceful. But what I'm trying to explain to you, that if your love and prayer continues, and God is merciful... three things happen... then we'll perhaps meet next year. And if not, continue your pursuit to find strength in yourself, to become a dignified, graceful and noble woman. The beauty of a woman is in her nobility and not in her ability. The beauty is in her nobility and not in her ability. You were
not taught this, right? Huh? No? See how unlearned you are? What we say? (Sangat repeats.) Ability can take you anywhere.

Have you sometimes gotten a chance to sit with these men, what they talk? You know how they talk about you? Have you ever heard it? These lovers of yours? The most wonderful men you talk about? They say, "If the bitch has the itch, she needs the stitch." That's what they say. That's how they treat you. Why? Because you have not evaluated them with your ability that you have a nobility over ability. You have played games. Men are the best game players.

The most stupid thing a woman does it when she is not straight-forward. There are two things most dangerous in a woman. When she is not straight, and when she is insecure. If you are insecure, say so! "I don't feel good. I don't like this. I need help." Matter will be over with. You won't have to go through the grinding wheel. But when you play games, you are not only hated to be dropped, you are hated to be tortured. Man, by nature, is very, very revengeful. Men are very revengeful. You do not understand it. As a woman you don't have a capacity. You always think that you are dealing with a man. You are dealing with a baby that you gave birth to 20 years ago. You are stupid. The instinct of the man is their spermatozoa which goes and penetrates the egg. How can you understand not the basic nature law of God? And every spermatozoa knows that it has to run, compete, make it, reach the egg, lick it, and go eight times around it. Look, that much that little thing knows. And then the shell of the egg will be softened
and it can penetrate. And you call it pregnancy. "Oh, I am pregnant." No, a lot happened in between. And when the spermatozoa in the very factual state knows to compete with others, reach for the egg, and penetrate it, how you can change the nature of the male? Give me a break. You mean, you are going to get peaches out of these cottonwood trees? That's what you expect. Do you understand? I saved this for the last day.

They couple million start on ejaculation in a female. Watch it. Look at the nature, look at the science. Female is required to ejaculate him. So you are the ejaculator, the instrument thereof. And then few milliions are dropped in. And that is the seed, that is the base of the male. Is that true? And they all run for it, and one makes it. And the guy goes eight times around and then goes in. Is there something more you want to join Harvard or Standford University to learn? Don't you understand that's a male? That's the seed. Penetrating is the seed. Competing, penetrating, if not dying while competing. Do you know how many men die to reach you? They are always trying to reach. Because God always tries to reach for Prakirti. Ong always tried to reach for the Kar. Therefore you have to become that One, the real One. That's what Ik Ong Kar means.

Therefore rise in the ambrosial hour, take a cold shower, and for God's sake, open up your capillaries. I just want to tell you another bad news. When a woman's capillaries are not well, her capacity is not good. The grit is not there. All of you who lie to me that you take cold showers, understand that you don't have to lie to me. You are lying to yourself. There's no other system but to get up and stand under the cold shower and let the blood come out and open up the whole thing. Because you always see in the picture that red blood in the arteries becomes, goes to the blue veins, right? And those things which are very skinny, where everything changes, is called capillaries. They are very, very thin. And they need a flush. They don't need a roto rooter, but they need to be flushed out once a day. And that's what the cold water is about. And it will make you not grow very old fast, it will keep your organs healthy, it will give your body the youthfulness. Taking bath is a science. It is called "hydrotherapy."
And in the hydrotherapy, the first system is, go stand under a shower or jump into the cold water and come out.

When I was in the field service I will go and jump into a very cold water, jump in, and get out very fast. Stand out and massage myself to the extent that there's no cold and then jump in again. And then massage again and there will be less cold. And I keep jumping and coming out until I am absolutely aware. Now I can jump in and come out and there is no problem. Exactly if you take shower, use the same principle. If you ever have to take a hot water, sit down up to navel point as female, and sit there until you start sweating. When you start sweating then dump in and dump yourself in well. So let the body go. And relax. And keep water getting cool and cool and cool. Keep on massaging until you cannot stand any more. And you will be surprised. For the whole day you will be just with an energy like you are riding a horse. You can decide how you want your day right early in the morning. Your total day depends on that tap... which one you open. You know what I'm saying?

And just remember, weak woman is a weak part of the herd which shall become the food of those who are out there to prey. Am I saying something? Therefore if a woman doesn't want to be weak and she doesn't want to be preyed upon, she should do the prayer. And the woman's prayer is, she should keep the body temple as very alert, energetic, and she should be very alert mentally, and she should be very, very alert spiritually. You have triple alert. Be alert physically, mentally and spiritually. And just understand, if you miss the whole world, and not your nobility, the world should come at your feet. Do you hear me? If you'll miss the entire universe, all the opportunity, but not your nobility go, that same world will come at your feet.

Thank you very much for the patience hearing, kindness, place, and blessing, all the gifts and all the virtues which we have shared. And just remember, this is your land. And you come here as the tradition is that every woman... married woman... for her own grace and strength, goes to the parents' house. That's my research where we started the ladies' course, that every woman in the month of rain, Savan, they call it, they go to their maternal parents' house with their children to relax and become refreshed, and stay there for two months so that all the nonsense of the life can be faced for about ten months. You understand what I mean? On that principle alone we started this Woman's Training Khalsa Camp, where everybody can come, and your coming here is just coming to your own parental house. I hope you go back in your own homes and spread the light and the grace and be alert. Take cold showers. Meditate. And pray. So that adversity may not make you a victim. Difficulty is very
simple. You have to decide between victory and being a victim. You understand? And choice is yours. It is a free choice. Sat Nam!

Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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