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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 05/18/1990
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, Ca


(Breath and Brain)

(NOTE: If you want to do the meditation with class it is to be
done in the evening with as many cantaloupes eaten during
the day as possible. This is Part II -- 5/17/90 being Part I.)

There are three types of unhappiness:

1. We are happy that we are unhappy.

One... the most prominent unhappiness is that we are happy that we are unhappy because our part of communication comes from our stressful situation and we need sympathy, and to get sympathy we cause subconscious, unconscious and conscious unhappiness. We are very expert in it as humans. That is our most creative form, to create unhappiness. We are unhappy and we are happy that we are unhappy.

Have you seen people? They will take you to lunch, they'll spend about $20.00 on your bill and tell you their tale of woe from A to Z, lay their entire garbage on you, plus they tell you, "Is the salad good? Is this dish fine? Enjoy it." They are making you to eat their mental garbage along with their food which is available in the restaurant!

2. We are unhappy because we lack trust.

Secondly we are very, very fortunate people because we do not have the capacity to trust anybody. Forget about God! God nobody has seen, nobody has touched, nobody has understood but anybody. We are happy that we are unhappy. We are alive that we cannot trust. We don't even trust ourselves, forget about the neighbors!

3. We are unhappy because we have no idea how beautiful we really are.

Third part which is very important in our life -- we never feel and understand or have any estimate or any awareness that we are beautiful. Not at all. We feel that God is the most stupid thing to have created us and, after all, we have to make everything be beautiful, be attractive, go for the opportunity, do this, do that. If you look at us in our whole thinking, in the end you will realize, if you really look consciously at it, we are so bizarre that even animals do not like it! They say, "What are these humans? They don't know how to think right."

The huge creation which is an electromagnetic field, with it's perfect frequency and attire, is being mocked by humans. Everything is predictable. Weather, eclipse, movements, sunrise, sunset, how the moon will be. Everything is predictable except a human.

Animals are predictable. If you see the cat sitting down and crawling, it's for the attack. If you see the cat rolling around, it means he's ready in a few seconds for a sleep. You can predict a dog. You just need a little attention to it and you will understand, everything in this world is predictable except a human. This great human... the super-stupid animal on the planet... has one faculty -- neither it is predictable nor it does anything to become predictable. And then you want to be friends with everybody. How can you have friends? A friend wants to know. Friendship means the knowledge. Friendship means the trust.

Dekko -- in the Sikh ardas (prayer) there is a one line which you won't find in any other prayer: "Jinaa vekhiaa dit keetaa; tinaa dee kamaa-ee daa sat kaa, bolo Wahe Guru." Those who have seen the defects in others and have consciously ignored them, for this great deed, remember the great God!
It is a great act of human knowledge, consciousness, status and your self- esteem that if you find anything negative and see it, you don't even make another person feel bad about it. Bad things are bad to begin with. To expand them, remind them, extend them and hurt people with them is not human. Trying to be insecure is one of the human traits which hurts very deep, which cuts human grit to a great extent. Faculty to love God is to be trustworthy and to be worthy under unworthy circumstances.

Somebody once asked me a very private question. He said: "Yogiji, you have been called 'yogi' all your life, blah blah blah. I do not know what yoga is or what a yogi is." I said, "Well, cut it out, man! What is it you want to say?" He said, "What is a yogi and what is a realized man and what is God? I have read so many books and I have gone to so many people and I want to... I don't know." I said, "It's a very simple thing. Under most unworthy environments, when you are worthy of your own actions, and consciously you act worthy when you are under unknown circumstances, then you act consciously as a yogi."

"And what is a realized man? And what is God? I have read so many books and I have gone to so many people and I want to... I don't know." I said, "It's a very simple thing. Under most unworthy environments, when you are worthy of your own actions, and consciously you act worthy when you are under unknown circumstances, when you act consciously... no! When you are under the impossible pressure and you make it possible! When there's everything disgracefully disgraceful, you do not let your grace go! When there is a criterion that you cannot keep your commitment, and you keep your commitment to death -- then you have realized God before anybody can say anything! It's extremely personal.

No religion, no philosophy, no man, no seminar, and no institution can teach you to be gracious, and if anything counts in this life it is what is your proportionate dealing towards a most disgraceful situation. That's all it is about.

There is a very beautiful story. There were two lovers. Girl was from a very poor peasant family. They didn't have food to eat even one time. The boy was from very rich family. He wanted to marry her. They were lovers. The whole town knew it but the families did not have any capacity to acknowledge that. Finally both the families had met and they asked the boy and girl, "Why you want to marry? What's the problem with your life?" They said, "We are lovers." They said, "Okay. The girl can wear a banana skirt, banana leaf skirt, and man will wear a banana leaf, and make them naked and throw them out of the city. That's the punishment for these two. Go to hell!" So, orders were orders. They were out. Absolutely, no clothes on their body, not a stick in their hand. They were thrown out of the city. (These used to be city states you know) So the boy said to the girl, "Now we are as naked as God is. But a couple of miles from here lives a man of God. I know him. Let's
go there. He'll provide us shelter."

So they both came and there was a sizzling hot food ready for two people. It was already served. So the man said, "You have come, boy. Children, wash your hands and face and eat it." They were hungry, they ate it. They said, "How did you know that we were coming?" He said, "I definitely know. This morning somebody brought so much food, and I know, when food comes, guest comes. So I prepared the guest dishes. Now you are my guests, you eat it." After they finished he told them, "It is night. There are some clothes there. They'll fit you." Clothes were there. They fit them. He said, "Well, you have been taken out. Now you are lovers. Before you do any hanky-panky, I have to marry you." So he married them. They got married. While marrying them, he blessed them. "You have come naked in the Name of God to the house of a man of God. You shall be the rulers of all this facility, known and unknown. Your generations shall rule for many, many generations. You shall do justice and bring happiness to everybody." Etc., etc., etc.

That was their honeymoon night. They slept together and the man said to the woman, "My dear girl, I agree with everything, but where are we going to have our army? We were even thrown out of our house." The lady said, "Tonight is late. Time is to sleep. Because you are forgetting one thing. You are in the house of a holy man. In the morning we are supposed to get up." So they both slept. They got up in the morning. They bathed the holy man and they meditated with him. In the morning he gave them food, some pieces of gold, and wished them well, and said, "Go towards the north and God will provide you your kingdom."

They travelled and travelled and travelled. By the evening they reached a city. The doors were closed and all men were on the walls, watching. They both just stood there because normally at sunset the city doors are closed. You can't enter. They were hopeful that they would make it to the city for the night and that was another dreadful night, they thought. But there was still a little sun. They couldn't understand why the doors were closed. They were very surprised. They both were standing together, and thinking what to do. There comes a big bird and it sat on the shoulder of the man. They both started walking to the city. The gate opened, the bugles started blowing and trumpets started being heard and people started dancing and the whole city was in a festivity. Lo, the man who was thrown out, who had nothing... just because that bird sat on his shoulder, he was declared king. That was the custom there. They released the bird and they figured out, on whom it is going to sit, he
shall be the king. The bird was flying the whole day, it never came and sat on anything. Finally they were declared king and queen and they both started ruling as king and queen. There was no way out.

One day they were sitting and looking at each other and the queen said to the king, "It is true what the holy man said. This is what I saw. This has happened." "But he said many, many things. Do you remember all of it?" He said, "Yes." And she said, "One thing is that our own city which we have left, we will rule. How that is possible?" He said, "Well, it was not possible to be a king and queen. That may not be possible, or it may be possible. Why? Let us sleep. Tomorrow we'll get up." Next morning they found out that their city was being attacked by the neighboring king and a man has come asking for the help. So he ordered his army and went there to help. By that time their king, to which they were once subject, had been killed in the war, but because of their support and coming to help, they attacked the winning army and defeated it. So naturally those two states became their ruling state.

What I am saying to you is that you never know what tomorrow has for you -- except one thing. If it will bring good things, thank God. If it brings bad things, make them good, to thank God. That's God. It's an attitude. It's the only attitude which is divine. The rest is all just philosophy to convince each other: "I know better than you. You know better than me." It doesn't work.

Tomorrow there can be only two things. Either tomorrow will be worst or it shall be best. If perchance it is best, thank profusely and very diligently the Almighty God for giving you one good tomorrow. But if it comes worst, thank very dearly for God allowing you to accept the challenge and make it good. If you start with that intention, your life shall NEVER be unhappy.

Never ever feel that you are alone. Your self, your consciousness and your spiritual strength is always with you. That is the true Trinity of the man: I, myself, and us. Never ignore yourself and the unseen hand of God that is always within you. If the clouds come, it may not rain but if the clouds come one thing is definite -- sunshine is not part of it. Take the attitude of life and figure it out -- your own personality in direct relationship to life. These people are unfortunate: Those who complain and those who are isolating themselves... because God made man a social animal. It's a very important part of this society. And society is the only test of a man in relationship to God. In this society if you do not uplift others... if you do not laugh with others, do not humor others, do not elevate others, do not help others, you may be the most wise and successful person, but you are absolutely selfish in the eyes of God! In the end you will have the most lonely nights and you will be just left

The circumstances in which we all live are not part of us. In 70% of all this the unseen hand of God plays a very important part. If we can tap into that unseen energy, we can be fabulously wonderful people and our life can be very wonderful to live it.

We have appointments. We make appointments. Who knows, when you are going to the appointment, whether you can make it or not? We do a lot of things. We think many ways, and mostly our thinking is that we are insecure. When somebody says, "Let me think", then you know the person is not clear consciously.

I was asking a question today, why people want to hear, "I love you, I love you"? Once said, done, it's okay. No, we want reassurance. We want somebody to tell us again, and again the same thing. "I love you, I love you" "I don't know what it means, but it feels good." Somebody loves you, it is great. Very anxiously great. It is very satisfying. But if the love with which somebody loves you is stupid, remember how much they love you, and that also their stupidity loves you. Their weakness loves you. Their phobia loves you. Their good luck loves you. Their richness loves you. Love means totality! So don't misunderstand that in love only one part will come and not the other.

It is very unfortunate human concept that we only want the good part. We do not want to deal with the negative part. But I have never seen anything God created which is not positively negative and negatively positive. I saw once a painting, an eagle came and put his claws in a rabbit and was lifting it up in the canyon. And the heading of the artist was: "Good and Bad Day." It was good day for the eagle because he got a big rabbit. It was bad day for the rabbit because he became a meal. But everything is a good and bad day! There's nothing good or bad -- it's only thinking that makes it so. And I just... unfortunately, while looking at that painting, I made a remark, I said, "No, it is all good day." And somebody said, "How? Rabbit is dying." I said, "He is being redeemed from this one life cycle which is finishing. It is happy." He said, "No. You feel that is happy. Rabbit doesn't feel happy." I said, "He says he wants to live in a rabbit body rest of his life? It's good
he'll become a meal for the eagle. Eagle will eat it, rabbit will die, and then he can go to next incarnation, and finish the circle." But it's not practical, it's not possible. Our life has many, many details and we cause them. If we are in love, we are blind and we walk straight ahead, where it takes us shall be the destiny, because when a man has a no "I", then the third eye guides the way.

You must understand. These days man has made possible that an airplane can land in absolutely a condition where you can't see even your own hands. Because beam guided light lands it. They put on their automatics... beam catches them... beam gives the computer... even it controls the thrust of the engine. You'll be surprised, sometimes in a very stormy night, absolutely dark foggy night, landing is more comfortable than the manual landing. Because you must understand, the concept has to be built that we can tune in, into the beam which is around us.

That's what we are going to work out tonight. That's our situation about this class. You can look at your watch... it doesn't matter. We have the same time. And I can tell you, it's 8:40 p.m., Los Angeles time, according to the ashram watch. Mine will be little different. Are we ready? Let us do the homework.

-------------------------- MEDITATION SUMMARY ---------------------------

(Note: This class is to be done in the evening with as many melons to
be consumed during the whole day as possible)

1. Place the elbows into the ribs, with the forearms extended in front of you, up at a 45 degree angle away from the chest. Have the palms flat, slightly cupped & relaxed and facing up. Eyes at tip of nose. Breathe very slowly and deep, and try to breathe in through the left nostril and out through the right nostril just by concentrating on the change of the breath through the nostrils (without using the hands). Tape played: "Se Saraswati" by Nirinjan Kaur. 20 minutes.

END #1: Inhale deep, hold the breath for about 20 seconds and squeeze all the inner organs & rib cage from bottom to top. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times then relax for 5 minutes.

2. a. Press the four fingertips and thumb tip of each hand together very hard. Place this mudra in front of the mouth. Lift the elbows up in line with the shoulders, and then lower them down. Make sure you keep the hands stationary in front of the face and do not move them. Only the elbows move. Eyes at the tip of the nose. 5 min. Tape: Rakhe Rakhanhar by Nirinjan Kaur.

Comments: Where ever your future arthritis will be, it will start hurting at this place in the body.

b. Keep the finger tips pressed together, and in front of the face, but now begin moving the mudra up to the level of the top of your turban, and then back down to in front of your face. The hands will stretch so they are almost flat, and fingers are straight when they come up to the level of your head, and when they go back down to the level of your face, they will be cupped with the fingers curved and bent. (Similar to the game children play of a spider walking on a mirror.) The hands should not go more than a two foot range from neck level to top of head.

Comment: Go as fast as humanly possible. Faster you will go, more inwardly relaxed you will be. This exercise is good for eyes, nose, throat, skin and ribs.

END #2: Inhale deep, hold the breath and put maximum pressure on the fingertips. Do this 3 times, holding 1st time for 10 seconds, 2nd time for 15, and 3rd time for 20 seconds.

Homework: Eat as many cantaloupes, papayas & pineapple this week after doing these two classes as you can.

Continuation of lecture:

What we are stimulating in the body, that's what you will need. You can have three fruits as much you can eat, whatever the days are ahead of you: cantaloupe, papaya and pineapple.

If you don't like all the three, then close your nose and eat it. What I can say? Physical body will rationally accept the input of these foods and give you a good health. Body has been stimulated and glandular system has been made to secrete in that way. Now don't fall short on eating.

You know, we are very lazy. I saw the earth show on TV. The mother earth show? That "Save the Earth"? Earth was very sick, these actors put it up. And one line I'll never forget. The mother said, "Twenty years ago there was one Sunday and everybody talked how to save the planet, how to save me and all that." And then the child said, "What happened?" She said, "Nothing. Monday." People forget on Monday what they remember on Sunday. That's how consistent we are. But if you just give yourself one week of eating these three foods, very essential: cantaloupe. I'm not going into the controversy, honeydew or not honeydew. Simply it should not be over ripe, stinking. That's all I need. And pineapple and papaya. If you can one week O.D. on these three fruits, you will do yourself the maximum service you can do. It will make you full of grit and very balanced. It will give you a lot of strength. You need that.

For the time being...

May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on.

Blessed is Thy Will, Oh God. Blessed is Thy Grace. Blessed is what you have created. Known-unknown, positive-negative is Thy pleasure and the vibration we go through. Give us the strength of intuitive blessing to see Thy Will playing hand in all the hands we play. Give us the strength of love and sacrifice so we can enjoy in Thy grace that we share and participate in, for Thy Willfulness. May all the excesses and all the successes be all the Will of You. Give us the guideline to be humble to recognize Thy vastness and Infinity through which we live and we dwell on Thee for this day of peace and prayer. Sat Nam.

Thank you very much. We'll see you at the Summer Solstice time.


YB Teachings, LLC 1990
Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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