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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 09/06/1989
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Getting it Together

"Getting It Together.")

(Opening gifts.) I am getting gifts of all types. Oh! It is a very classic thing. Whosoever made it must have evil and good, both. That's fantastic. Oh, you have come? My God, today I should celebrate it. I tried to call you from that place I was in. I have only one friend in the universe and you are not available, huh? God! Really. Just bear with me. Lecture is going to be all right, and we are going to get it together. Why are you trying to make that face, huh? Eat you up, huh?

Wow! Can you believe Sikhs doing this? This is a reward given to us from the Greenland for saving a whale and the man who runs that boat and did the whole thing, instead of killing the whale he saved it, so this is the national award. Oh God. Where is he? Dayal Singh? You are fantastic. How you do all this? Saved it. Thank you. This should go in the archives with that whole story. My responsibility is over. I maintained it. I have done it. Okay, thank you. Could you open this and help me out? Oh, it is her birthday today? Hey Gobind Kaur! Where is my mala? She is here somewhere. She ran away in the car to get it? (Maybe she did. Oh, there she is!) Oh, stay. I'll collect what is due to me. Don't worry. I have a good nature. (Opening more gifts.) Oh my God, this is you? Huh? Well, tell me the truth. This is you? No, no, no! Good. Who is this? You know, it is very funny. All right, all done. God bless the gifts.

This time is a very fortunate time. We got the entire Western history, we bought the entire Western history for our future children... in statues... and we'll make the most beautiful museum, right from the time of Hazarat Abraham to the modern time.

Okay, today the lecture is: "Getting It Together." Something which I am going to say to you will be certified by the science through its discovery, maybe 200 years from now. But that's the way it is. And that's the way you have to understand.

I am a head of the religion for the Western hemisphere so it is very ridiculous on my part to say anything against religion. I am not supposed to. I am a sworn minister for that, but what a tragedy religion has done that no institution can do. Because religion started with a one man... with the reality of the experience. That is how it started. But that religion became bigger and bigger. The difficulty in the religion came, how to control men. They could not control with the basic truth. That was not the faculty they knew. That was not the situation they could deal. So they started making religion into a religo-politico-economic situation.

The greatest tragedy which I have seen in every religion is the religious man has to take that collection basket and go to the ordinary mediocre people. Do you understand how painful that is? They say it makes them humble. I don't believe that. It doesn't make them humble. It makes them to compromise.

I remember in New York one lady told a priest: "I will build the entire church as you want it, but the condition is that on the left side of the church, the grounds should be left for the graveyard of my grave and my husband's grave." That was the condition. Now priest was in a position to say, "Well, that's not practical, that's not possible." Finally he said: "Heck with it. Church is being made. Let God live in glory. If she takes one part of that to have her grave, what do I lose?", but in his heart he was not happy. He compromised.

Number two, in the religious world you are always accused, and in the end you are always assassinated, and I have yet to see in history a man of God who in the end has not met that end.

So there are basic difficulties to speak truth because it offends politically... it offends normal people of authority and strength. But that's not the question today. Today actually the world has become one unit, and you have to recognize what I am saying. These two lines are very important: The God is nothing but an electromagnetic field within Itself, and man is nothing but a psycho-magnetic field within itself. If you do not understand those two things and the difference, you will never understand God and you will never understand man. Maybe it will take you to develop 200 to 500 years to understand what I am saying.

This is God -- an energy which is within Itself, on it's own 3-1/2 cycle. It is the half-cycle of it which leaves the polarity to paralyze its stability and thus create a creativity. And that is what all this universe... humans, animals... 8.4 million people... are all about. It is that energy.

That's what they say. Kundalini is a snake sitting at the navel point, 3-1/2 cycles. Yes, 3-1/2 cycles. That "1/2" is the problem. The "3" are okay. And if you cut the "8" in the center, it makes two "3's" -- one looking at left, one looking at right. And "8" is nothing but one circle of Infinity over and one circle of Infinity under. That's how the figures are.

Now how you can get everything together and be the leader, and plus be fulfilled, plus happy, plus don't feel personally bad, plus, plus, plus, plus? It's very simple if you want to look at it! It's simple in a psyche. It's simple in psychology. It's simple in sociology. It's simple in a behavior and manner... but it's very difficult to practice.

The basic problem which I am going to discuss with you today is: "The Art of Communication." In the beginning there was a Word. Word was with God, and Word was God. You are what you say! Don't say anything which others do not understand. And don't say anything which you do not mean to say. And don't say anything which you have said and then you cannot perform, or stand by, or do it.

What you speak you are Western. I don't blame you for that. But in the East, EVERY word spoken by a man is called 'mantra.' Mantra means mental vibration. "Ta-ra" means "trang." "Trang" means resound. Whatever resounds unto Infinity is called "trang." Whatever is the totality of God is called "Sarang." What that 'sarang', that totality of God creates? The color is called 'harang' -- God's color. These are the two faculties you must learn and understand in your heart before you start getting everything together.

We do not have a nervous system and a strength to control the entire world. We do not have the strength to control ourselves. We have passions. We have feelings, and we have an understanding, and we have insecurities. We have phobias, we have fears, we have nightmares, we have dreams, we have anxiety attacks and we have a nervous system which can blow out on us at any time. But that's all not necessary if you understand one basic thing.

I would not have been a Sikh if I would not have learned the science of this "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." It's a very simple thing. You will find every Sikh saying it, but I learned it when I was actually nine years old... what it actually means. That is: "with every limb, with every movement"... You are ten trillion cells in the body. They change in 72 hours, and each cell has those trinity -- father, son and holy ghost; Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh; or whatever you want to call it. I don't name it. You can name it any way you like, but fact is, electron, neutron and proton, those are the three. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. Father, son and holy ghost.

Fact is, whatever you feel with the head is a thought, is an energy. Whatever you feel with the heart is a person. So any matter of head which you decide with heart, you will fail. Any matter of heart which you decide with head, you will be just totally in trouble. We have the head, and we have the heart. But their frequency and domain is different. Projected from the heart center, you will win, provided it is a matter of heart. If provided the matter is that of head, and you project it with heart, you will fall apart.

People are not confused that they are inferior. People are not confused that they can't perform something. Life is not in pain because life is meant to be in pain. Life is in pain because we cause the pain. We cause pain to ourselves. We reject and accept life as it comes on the basis of our emotions. We accept the life as it comes on the basis of our feelings. We accept the sense on the basis of our intelligence. We accept the life on the basis of our consciousness. But is life all that? No. Consciousness is individual. Intelligence is individual. Feelings are individual. Thoughts are individual. Everything is individual. Is life individual? No. Accept life as a universal! That's the first step of getting it together.

Acknowledge life as a universe. Understand there is a totality. In totality you are a reality -- then you cannot have guilt, you cannot go: "Father Father I have sinned. Give me 25 Hail Mary's." You can't do it! You cannot say, "To error is human." You cannot say, "I am sorry." You cannot say, do anything. You will freak out if you accept this, "The life is a totality and I am one reality." Because if you accept this in principle, then you have to become intuitive. You must know what is going on in your mind and compute it perfectly. That's what this head is for. Head is to compute, not to deal. It's a back up system. It's a clerk. It is an office. It is a secretariat. It's a government. But when the president speaks, he takes the responsibility for himself, for his wife, for his dog, for his puppies, his house, his nation, his friends, his enemies. There's one man only who has the right of authority to speak for the entire nation. That's not a small responsibility. All
he has to do is one mistake, the whole world will be there to criticize him. He says one good thing, whole world is there to reward him. How you can do all that? And if you think President Bush is a president of America and you are nobody, no! You are president of your own life. You are a president of your own psyche. Manners are your political party. Intelligence is your funds. Your consciousness is your advisors. Your thoughts are your voters. Your constituency is your feelings. Put it all together and win the election. Don't say anything which others do not understand, and don't say anything which you do not mean to say, and don't say anything which you have said, that you cannot perform, or stand by, or do it.

What you speak... You are Western. I don't blame you for that. Your office is each day. That's the tragedy. There's no 'four years,' or for congress it is two years, or for senator it is six years. Your office is each day. Each day you work for your presidency and by night you have to decide whether you are in the office or you are not. Your homework is your whole night. You can work through your dreams, you can work through your thoughts, you can work through your prayers, and you can work through your sleep. Because that will decide your next morning with what strength and interrelated frequency you get up. With whatever interrelated frequency you get up next morning, that is your future. Not what you think, not what you have, not what you can do. Make it a simple attitude of life.

Some people have been meeting me for the last 20 years, "Oh, I don't like politics." There never used to be politics. It used to be called 'political economy.' Then they separated both sciences. One became economics, the other became politics. It is still called 'political science,' and the other is called 'economics.' These are the very essentials of the human. In your household also, the two sciences work. Even in a junior year college you are taught home science. You are asked to work, you are asked to understand. Why there is an education for you? Because as you grow, you lose your innocence. You become corrupt. A proportionate non-existence of intuition and a proportionate non-existence of the psychomagnetic field in a human makes him corrupt. Nobody wants to be corrupt. Nobody likes to be corrupt, and nobody wants to go to jail. But people do. Why? Because the idea is very simple: When a child is innocent, his electromagnetic field which is the natural, divine
innocence, makes all dangers go away. Innocence has an automatic power to repel what is not innocent. There's no big deal.

Guru Amar Das was sitting in a meditation. Hamayo came to take a shelter, and he was very upset at why he has not been regarded or given an undue respect or something. Out of anger he came, took his sword and wanted to attack. His hand got held up there. Guru looked at it and laughed. He said, "My son, in the war where you got defeated, you couldn't use your sword there. Go ahead, use it on me. What it matters?" But not to recognize the effect of the aura is the greatest tragedy. Your radiant power has more power to repel negativity than all your brain can think. That's why they say, "Thinking is not human." There's nothing good, nothing bad. Thinking makes it so. We think. Thinking is given to us as a human. Question is how to get it together?

Can we get it together while dealing with friends? Can we get it together by dealing with enemies? Can we get it together making all the powerful environments? Can we raise walls and have fences and that will get it together? No, not that way. It has never worked. Can a psychiatrist or a psychologist get it together for you? No. They can bleed you out of your subconscious neurosis. They are very helpful. Counselor can only help you to a certain extent. Accountant can only tell you what to do. An attorney can tell you what can be possible. He's not a judge. He's just an accountant or he's just an attorney for you. You do not know what jury will say. You do not know what judge will award.

Therefore in your life, there's a one thing which you can do. You can create a psychomagnetic field of your own intellect so that your things may get together for you automatically. In a simple English they call it 'opportunities.' In a simple English this is called 'friends,' and in a very simple English they call it 'good luck.'

Good luck comes to you... not that you deserve it, not that you want it, and not that you asked for it. It comes to you because of your electromagnetic field and it comes to you because of your radiant body with your tenth body. Physical body is opaque body and that's the only one body you can see. You have three mental bodies which have 81 portions which work together at the speed of three and a half billion per stroke megabyte per second of the hundredth. If you put that speed in the mathematical computer, you will be shocked what I am talking about. Once we tried to do that. We went on and on and there were no zeroes left and finally we gave up. We said, "Well, somebody just led us on to something and it doesn't mean this. It's not computable." Then they say, "Infinity."

The speed and the reality of the speed of life in which we work is far more than I and you can think. Circumstances change so fast. Sun and moon inflict and reflect at each other. Earth revolves. You are moving when you are in a still form, over 300 miles per hour anyway. When you are totally still. I'm not giving you exact figures because you can calculate it. This mind of mine has the capacity in one trillion and a half of a one second to take me to God and to bring me back in one piece. In the total life of you as a human, everything you want to get it together, you have 9 seconds. You don't have more time. Nine seconds is the last available time for you to put your everything together. And you can do it with your mind, actually, in a second and a half.

Working towards "that was my today and tomorrow", we are going to work on the agia chakra, which is the 6th center, or the pituitary... to project... and also with this exercise we'll be asking our shashara to start clearing the thoughts for us. This thing is the trouble of all troubles because it releases a thousand thoughts per wink of the eye. It never stops at night, never stops at day -- it will never stop. It only stops 72 hours after death, and collects the thoughts of 18 days. That's why in a normal way, we sit Shiva for 18 days, because God knows which thought is left and we should correspond and relate so that you may not be stuck with other thought. Do you understand?

Your life is a very vibrant, effective thing in the whole universe. You may feel, "Who knows me? Nobody cares, nobody bothers me." That's not true. You DO bother a lot of people and a lot of people do bother you. Because everything is interwoven. The entire universe is a network, very subtle and very unknown. But there are some who develop their minds, and their feelings are so accurate that they can work it out. Let us see how much mind is with us. Possible? Are you ready? I never experienced a hot day in Los Angeles, but it seems to be that you have been very accustomed to this smog and a hard day. But please understand when we are doing this meditation, we shall try our utmost not to move any muscle of our body. So sit very firmly and positively as you can and you will enjoy it.

You know this salute? What this says? What this represents? God, country and honor. Is there anybody who's a scout? You are? Nobody's a scout? What were those three things? Huh? God, such a short memory. I can't believe it. (I was a girl scout. I will try to do my best for God and my country.) Oh, God, country, and honor. That's it. Simple. (Was it serve, obey and honor?) Trust love and this. Or serve, honor.... Hehe ...now there are six versions of it! Well, let me tell you something. This is a notice by Hari Har Singh, telephone number 271-7029, that was my responsibility which I forgot. This is a drawing of how to complete ashram door will look.

The next phase of the project is to add a brass chakra with 52 crystal balls inverted. We need individual sponsors for each of the crystal balls." It is a way to get money from you, $108.00. "Please make your checks payable to 'Sikh Dharma - Door,' For your next deductible contribution. Leave checks in the local office box." This is Hari Har's dream construction work which never will end till next lifetime. But that's the way he is.

All right, put these three fingers together and take this pinkie and press this on this... there's a bone there. We call it 'nail.' Nail your nail and put these three fingers straight and make it like this. No big deal. Right? Possible. And now circulate it. Only three together. Don't split them. Don't do anything. Keep your eyes open. Take any thought you can.

Together, together. The beauty is together. See me doing? Move as much the fingers as you can move. It will just shift for a while and then it will obey you. Just fingers, not the whole arm. Just fingers. Did I say 'move the wrist?' I said 'move the three fingers in a circle.' That's all. It'll be a small circle, but a good one. These three fingers will have a direct connection with your subconscious. It will put you through a lot of changes in a couple of minutes. No, nothing. We are doing nothing. Just moving our three fingers. No big deal. There's no mystery about it. Don't expect anything. Just do it first three minutes and you will figure it out what it is about. I did it myself five minutes and I know which way the wind blew, so it is all right.

Elbows straight. You are a chipmunk. You can do it right. Very good. Not this. See how I do it? I did it in the morning and I know it. Come on. Are you playing a piano like this? Move them. The power is the force the jupiter and the sun finger to carry the saturn finger in the center. That's the science of it. Very good, very good. Work it out, don't stop. Please don't stop. First three minutes I cannot tell you to stop. So.....

Come on folks, we have to finish a work. I mean to say, my idea is not to teach a class and to collect ten dollars. My idea is to unload myself of the teachings so that you can go home with some experience, so move your fingers in a circle. It starts hurting at shoulders and the elbows. Neither it is hurting at the shoulders nor at the elbows. It is hurting in your head. That's where it is hurting. And let it hurt. Just, it is a challenge. Meet it. It will give you courage, it will give you endurance. It will give you something to think. It will open up your intuition if you work it out.

Yeah. It is your birthday today? Huh? We'll get cookies or no? Yes? Sopurkh, you have a computerized brain. What is wrong with you? It should never hurt you. Look, Bibiji is sitting like that. What is wrong with you? Why can you not do it? Some people are giving up before even the daytime is. Come on folks. The problem with Kundalini Yoga -- that's why I think nobody practices it. It is right on the spot do it, get it over with. They want other type of stuff.

Oh, look at this book. You have the wisdom of the ages encapsulated in storybook form. These stories will definitely illuminate and enchant you.

You want emotional satisfaction out of this exercise? All right, get hurt. Don't you understand it is a feeling to get hurt.

If Dr. Saram can do it, what's wrong with you guys? Look at him. He's not stopping today. He's doing the exercise. That's why I chose this.

This will affect you right on and pain will be penetrating very soon. Not yet. No, no, no. I know. Hey folks, I don't give an exercise which I don't do it myself! I know the roughness of it. You have 2 more minutes to go.

What should I do? Stop it? You are doing it half heartedly. Come on, push! Put it together! Let's do it! For God's sake, finish it! Rarely I teach these exercises. I keep them in the back of the log book. Once in a while I think, "Why not?" These are very macho, strong Americans. Home of the free, brave, solid. You know, you can push that weight, but you can't move your fingers. Look at this. Come on! One more minute and I'll tell you the next part of it. 30 more seconds. No bend in the elbow. Stretch it out. Yeah. 10 more seconds. Awtar Hari, watch out! This is happening right now. It is going to be over. Come on, last 10 seconds.

All right folks, one, two, three, turn your hand this way. No, no, no. We have suffered. Let us take the advantage of it. Put these three fingers like this. Only the tips. You will get a change right now. Oh, yeah, yeah. Just bring home the prosperity, the wealth, and the God. Siri Ram Singh, these turning off the sides, it is just avoiding time. This is not good of you. Come on, do it for God's sake! Is he doing exercise? Otherwise you are lying for him now. Oh, I forgot to see aura. I can't read anything. You are right. You can say anything you want. That's good. To cover a husband at any cost, that's Dharma, huh? Nirinjan, fix up appointment of Ram Singh and his wife, both. I want to see how much exercise he is doing. We will have a private audience, huh?

All right, come on, come on. Minute and a half more, that's all. Well, this is all according to the time. I didn't make it up. Come on, it's a very easy exercise. Very light. Come on. We are getting it together, aren't we? Now, 30 more seconds and you will be fine. Move, move, move, move, move! Everybody is telling me, 'come, come, come' and I am still sitting here. Watch it. Oh Wow!

All right, inhale deep. Stretch your hands forward as powerfully as you can. Forward, forward! Stretch it out! Like this. As much as you can. Stretch it out! Close your eyes, please. Close your eyes. And breathe long and deep and very slow. No, no, no, no! Stretch out. Keep it stretched out. Stretch it out. Keep stretched out. And now concentrate on the tip of your fingers and see how much vibration of the gong. We'll play 3-1/2 cycle, which is the frequency of the frontal brain, and you will receive it on the tips. Now make the tips as your sensitive part. Concentrate. And it depends on how strongly you stretch. Concentrate.

(Gong is played.) Stretch it to your best. You have one more minute only left. 40 seconds. Concentrate, concentrate, stretch out. 20 seconds.

Put your hands on your navel point, please. On your navel point, and totally concentrate. Please, as you can touch the navel point deeply, that benefit is that all this pain is worthless if you cannot touch and press your navel point. That is the purest center of your energy. When you were in the womb of the mother, you never had a breath of life which is source of your life. You lived out of that pure energy. It will automatically create a contact and connection. Press hard and connect it. Feel the music at the part of the navel point. At the navel point. (Music tape is played -- Har Har Wahe Guru Beautiful... by Nirinjan Kaur.)

Inhale deep. Hold the breath. Inhale more. Hold it tight. Press harder. Let it go. Inhale deep again. Little more. Hold it tight in your rib cage. The pranic soul, they call it. Feel it. Consciously breathe. Hold it. Little more, inhale. Good. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Hold it out. Pull the navel in. Hold the breath out. Pull the navel in, hold the breath out. Pull the navel in, hold the breath out. Inhale deep. Deep. Deep. Now hold it tight. Hold it tight. Hold it tight. Hold it. Don't leak! Hold it tight. Okay relax.

You will sleep well tonight. We'll be working on the 6th center again and trying to make it projective within the realms of our 3rd mind, the neutral mind, which we never use.

The idea... I think our forefathers who learned the science of mind and human, they tried to understand and relate to certain factors in life. Because they found out if the body is there and mind is not behind it, or if mind is behind it and spirit is not behind it, man can go astray. They were very wise to create a science of "Keeping it Together." And we'll try to see whether we can get it together, or it was no good for us. Things can be obsolete. Maybe what all these teachings are, are not required to be taught, and they are no good. Or if they are no good, let us see whether we can grasp them or not and use them in our life or not. That is the central idea. And also there is an idea to leave them on the television (videotapes) for the future generations because the oldest tradition is that things were taught heart to heart. There were no books to it. So it is very important to preserve those teachings and the experience in a little humble way so that in future if they are needed,
they can be used by the individual for its own force and grace.

There's no power without power, and without power nobody can prevail, and the power of the soul mind and body is a one unit, and it has to be combined at the frequency at which you want it. Therefore projection must be relevant to the reception. Normally we make a lot of things go wrong because we do not have the power for reception. If there is a signal in the earth and you cannot take it, you cannot take it.

So just relax for a few minutes and feel good and the birthday girl will be Gobind Kaur. And let us sing happy birthday to her. Will you stand up? She's a very spiritual girl of mine and I am telling her to make malas these days so that she can understand that each bead has a blend of divinity in it. I think this birthday should bring you a lot of prosperity in reality and spirituality. Thank you very much, and before we dismiss the class will you serve the cookies, whatever it is? We may need some volunteers.

Play some happy music. I don't have my glasses. I want to read this. (Picks up a paper and starts reading it...)


YB Teachings, LLC 1989


#1. (Bend the mercury fingers to the palm, and hold down the nail of the mercury finger with the thumb -- both hands. Keep first three fingers straight. Stretch arms out in front of you just slightly higher than parallel to the ground and keep the elbows straight. Begin rotating the entire hands on the wrists, moving the fingers as one unit in small circles. The left hand rotates in a counterclockwise circle, and the right hand rotates clockwise.) 3-5 min.

#2. (Immediately turn the hands so the palms face up. Keep the same mudra. Begin stretching the three fingers out straight, and then curling them as one unit towards the palm. Continue.) 3-5 min.

#3. (Keep hands in same mudra, palms facing up, arms still stretched out in front of you, elbows straight, and fingers stretched straight, also.) (After a few minutes...) 3-5 min.

#4. (With the gong...) fingers stretched straight also. Feel the sound and press the navel with both hands. Repeat. Then exhale deep and hold and press the navel hard. Then inhale deep, hold & press hard. Relax.

- end -

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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