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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 11/27/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Eugene, OR

Lunatics, Philosophers and Lovers

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

This planet earth has many many mysteries and one of the greatest mysteries about this planet earth is that it rotates by itself. It brings you the day, it brings you the night. It is a constituent of seven plates. The earth is divided into seven crust plates. They move exactly as the 26 bones in our skull moves. Our skull is not one piece. Their proportion of eight is the proportion of seven: 26... 2 + 6 is 8 total. Their eight proportion is proportionate to seven. And that's why seven is called elevating point, and eight is called Infinity. There are 26 bones in the foot. Every foot has 26 bones. That's why feet are holier than the brain, because there are 26 bones in the foot and there are 26 parts in the skull.

God is not a mystery. It can be well interpreted and related, provided you want to look deeper at it. If you feel near to God everything is near to you. If you want to research God and find It out, then it's a mystery you can never reach. And the planetary situation is that this earth is a mystery. It rotates itself. And the One who rotates it is what we have to relate to. And One who rotates this earth, if He cannot take care of our tiny routine, then either He's wrong or we are wrong.

Sikh Dharma does not offer anything more than what the other religions offer. It doesn't offer anything in a hope... it doesn't offer anything in a promise. It doesn't offer anything. Sikh Dharma offers something which nobody offers. It is a very unique in one way. It is very different in another way. Sikh Dharma offers fundamental truth. And that is that you can live forever. You can live forever by good deeds, by good concept, by good fortune.

Now, can you believe it will look so stupid... a religion who says, "Get up in the morning and meditate"... a religion who says, "Get up in the morning and meditate," and then he said, "Share, earn through the righteousness and share." If it says that you should share then it means you have to be having enough to have for yourself and then more to share. Normally it's very difficult for you to share when you don't have enough for yourself. So when those things are there, those things have a concept in Sikh Dharma. Sikh Dharma is a very direct relationship between God and man. It's not what we know. Our tragedy as a Sikh is that we have 22 religions bugging in our ears, and we have five thousand years of philosophy hitting at our head. And there are a lot of priests and rabbis and traditions which are kicking at our feet. We do not know where to stand. That's where the problem as a religion is.

Religion is very simple and very pure. There's a one line in religion: "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." With every limb of your body, God is! It didn't say, "Don't do this and do that." But it says a direct concept. If you believe Ang Sang Wahe Guru, IF...(there's a big zero question mark)...if you believe Ang Sang Wahe Guru... that God is with your every limb... now you have ten trillion cells in you. Each cell has three parts. It means you have 30 trillion "Wahe Guru!" with you. If the statement of the Guru is true, and in a geometrical progression... if I have to understand what Sikh Dharma tells me... it doesn't tell you One God. It says, "One God is thirty trillion times with you!" Such an overwhelming statement you cannot accept. And you say, "What God can do for me?" It can rotate the earth for you. In 24 hours it can rotate the planet earth for you. You cannot rotate the cycle for 24 hours, that's how powerful you are, you egomaniacs! I mean, look at your reality. And you cannot even drive a
car for 24 hours! You sleep on the steering!

You don't want to relate to God. That's the lie in every religion. I am a religious man. I have met religion now they can hang me for it. But they don't believe in God. They don't trust God at all. They love God. Now loving God is not at all required. It is a hooker's attitude. You put a bait, and you put a hook underneath, and you fire at the whale and you kill the whale and you call it a love? You take the hook you put the bait on it, and you put in the river. You take the fish out and let it die because you want to eat. You call it love? There is no such thing in love, or love, or is love, if it is without 100% trust. It's a hookers attitude.

There are two scientific attitudes. The madam's attitude -- she wants to keep the prostitutes happy but madam has no morals, no ethics, no spirit in it. That's the attitude we have got. We've got a little family. That is what grabs us. We cannot be wide, we cannot be open, we cannot be honest. We do not believe God is Infinite. We cannot go out. But there is a saki (a story) of a saman mosum. One gave his head, one gave everything, put everything on stake, just to feed a few people. THAT is Sikh Dharam! Sikh Dharam is religion of giving.

Dendaa de lainde thak pa-eh, jugaa jugantar khaahee khaa-eh.
Hukamee hukam chalaa-e raaho, Naanak vigasai veparvaaho.

--3rd pauree of Japji Sahib

You read that Japji and you don't want to give, and then you call yourself a Sikh????

You know a very great religious man one day sat with me and he said, "You are a stupid religious man." I said, "How come I look stupid to you? I can look sick but not stupid. What a stupid you have found in me?" He said, "I understand you gave away everything, your wife... and you signed over everything to these people?" I said, "Yeah." "Why you did that?" he said. I said, "Why not? Is giving a tragedy? I gave it away because it should belong to them that they should learn to give also." I said, "I am a leader. I am to lead. I have to do everything to show what I believe." "You mean to say there is nothing for you?" he said. I said, "Good memory. The great thing for me that I could serve house of Guru Ram Das. It is a great satisfaction for me that I could serve my Guru. I can fly the flag of the Guru everywhere I go." "Wait a minute. What Guru has done to you?" I said, "Guru has done to me everything. Don't you see the miracle? You came to me, you had a terrible pain. First I
found you, you were sick. Then I found you where you are. Then I found you that you can be healed, then I healed you. This is what Guru did for me, in you. And now you are putting fear on me, telling me I have given away everything. First of all... "Boy!" I said, "do you understand when I was born, I did not have a napkin? I was naked? And when I had no teeth, God gave me milk. And when He gives me teeth, He won't give me any food? This what you believe? And you are a religious man? I want to bow to you and I want to love you and I want to be grateful to you. I think you are a great man, but I think you are a stupid black influence. Why you are wearing these robes? Why you are just a man of God? What are you pretending? You are putting a harpoon of fear in my heart. You think I am that individual who is just satisfied with a few acres of land, few dollars, few everything?" I said: "When I came to America, I just had no napkin on my body. Period. My all luggage was
stolen, everything! I walked bare-footed. I had no food. Every relative rejected me. Everybody told me I am nothing. And God told me, 'You are everything.' And I AM everything."

I said, "Don't you see? There are ten trillion cells which make the body, which changes in 72 hours and God is three in One: electron, neutron, and proton. All three in one cell." I said, "There are 30 trillion God in me. Now why should I find God? Why should I go after God? Isn't God mad at all of us that 30 trillion multiple times He is with us and we are lying all over the world that we want to find God?" How would you like it if I give you two hundred dollars and you go and tell your friends, 'he didn't give me 50 cents, he's no good as a father, he's no good, he's this, that.' How would you feel if your wife talks to a neighbor... totally insecure about her husband? Don't we do, act and say everything insecure about God when He's 30 trillion times, numerically, geometrically with us, within us?

And then Sikh Dharam goes one step further. It says, "Nanak Naam," Nanak, personified identity -- Naam. "Cherdi kala". By the grace of Naam, by remembering God, by worshipping God, by being with God, you will have higher spirit, exalted self. That's what cherdi kala means. I am not going to say, "Kundalini Surjhee jaa-e-gee." Kio ke Indians will have a bite on it. Cobra bites them. And I was looking at that picture where the yogi of the Harimandir... it is right inscribed on the Harimandir... and there's a little snake with it, there's a bragan on the hand. And I was shocked. It is how it is.

Yoga is known. It means nothing but union. Tantra doesn't mean anything but length and breadth. How you can weave anything in life without length and breadth? Give me a break.

Tantric energy is a diagonal energy. Yogic energy is a lens energy. Man has found that there are two most powerful things in the world in science: one is a lever, one is a lens. With lens he can see what he cannot see at far distance, and nearer which he cannot see. So he covered his blindness. And with a lever he can move something. Something he cannot move with hands he can move with pulleys and levers. There are two things which make a man to run the wheel of his life or circle his life, and God has given us two as human beings: one is intuition and one is excellent spirit. "Nanak Nam Cherdi Kala"... If you are meditating, you are saint, you are gracious, you believe in God, you have any religion, anything, (I'm not asking if you are Sikh or not Sikh) I'm saying if you are ANYTHING positive, you stupid idiot human... then one thing shall happen: You shall have excellent spirit. Because this is what Guru Nanak said. That the by-product of religious, social, faith, trust, exercise, meditation, yoga, call it anything, net
result is: Nanak Naam Cherdi Kala. You will be in excellent... you will be in excellency of your spirit. You will never be short, you will never complain, you will never cry.

There are two people who have the right to complain, cry, and snub. One is a teacher, other is a mother. Father doesn't have that right. Father has right to explain, guide and build the courage. Mother has the right to go berserk and jerk out and say, "DON'T DO IT!" because she is intuitive. No, no, no! Listen to scripture! Mother is intuitive. She can see the danger 16 times. A woman is more intelligent 16 times and more intuitive 16 times than a man. This is how God made her so she can be like a protection to the child as a mother. That is given as a special gift. So mother can yell and scream... she has the right under religious authority because she sometimes does not know how to explain, does not know how to say it, does not mean it well, but she knows there is a danger.

And the other person is the spiritual teacher. Otherwise nobody in the world has the right to yell, scream, or get to your nerves. Everybody has the right to communicate. Everybody has the right to explain, everybody has the right to say it. In my whole life my children have a direct deadly complaint against me: I don't talk to them. I don't. I talk to them through the mother. She has a 16 times more effective power to talk and that's all a wife, a woman is about. Girlfriend can't do it for you. A friend cannot do it for you. For a family there is a one source. And that is what Nanank Nam Cherdi Kala means. You'll have an exalted self spirit. Tere bane sarbat ka bala. What will be the net result of that? Exalted spirit. Tere bane sarbat ka bala. You will then think good of all. You cannot think good of your own dog! You are so shallow, so little, such hypocrites! Forget about your children... your own dog gets into trouble and you can't even treat her or him with goodness!

You cannot recognize that your children have grown up. You have no guts to challenge your children. You know one girl told me once, she said, "You know when I talk to my mama, she tells me everything is nice, when I know there's nothing nice." I said, "Well, why do you talk to me?" She said, "You are one, two, three. Aim, get, fire. That's what you do. So I come with my complaint, you do it right in two minutes. I know I am a young little girl." (She's almost eleven.) "But," she said, "I like it." I said, "Well, why don't you tell your father to do it?" She said, "Forget it. He will tell me all the stories from the Guru. He will tell me everything wonderful. And if I have to listen to 5000 years of human history, then I can ask him one question." She said, "Sir, you know how much, if I ask him one question in one minute, how long it takes for the answer?" I said, "How much?" She said, "Three hours. Mostly I go to sleep." No, children like to see one to one basis, and children want to
see that you are just right, one, two, three, out, up. They like that treatment, they like that statement, they like that honesty.

Children do not have anything which parents can give them. Parents do not have to give them money, parents do not have to give them anything. Children will always worship you if they see you doing "sarbat ka bala." When a child sees you do good to him and not good to a neighbor's girl, they hate you twice for it. One is you are hypocritical. Second is if you are not sure, you are not secure for that child. Because when a child sees a father misbehaving with the neighbor's girl and child sees the father over- compensating behaving with her, then she knows that this is no good. Children learn by observation. God gets your prayer by actions. Therefore Sikh Dharma is very explanatory: Nanak Nam Cherdi Kala. If you chant ANY Nam, if you are blessed in ANY way, if you are wonderful for ANY reason, then you will also have a high spirit. Exalted spirit. That's one sign. And in exalted spirit you do what? Then you do Sarbat Ka Bala. Then you do good to ALL.

A Sikh who wants to call himself a Sikh needs this energy. Therefore he needs strength, he needs the Guru in him to reach the long distance he has to travel and that's why a Sikh has to do sadhana. Sadhana is very essential. It is more essential than your life itself, because when you don't take a bath, you don't scrub your back, you don't put some soap on it, you don't take a wash, you don't do all those things, in few days you start stinking and you smell bad. But if you are very adamant and totally neurotic about it that you are not going to take bath, then you start taking French baths. Queen Elizabeth the first, when she died, they removed half an inch thick of makeup from her body. Now say "Sat Nam" to that! Just imagine a woman who ruled the great empire had on her body half an inch to one inch thick makeup which was never ever removed. They had to chisel it. It's true. It's as true as a truth can be. Because in England in those days, the idea was if you got your spine wet
you would go weak. So spine has never to be wet. It means no bath. The best bath was that they sponged themselves. That was the best. But I am taking the situation into mind that they never wanted to take baths, they never believed in it, they didn't desire it, but they had to do the french bath, and they had to do the sponge bath. You understand what I'm saying?

That is exactly what your mind needs. Your mind needs sadhana, one way or the other. If mind is not cleansed by sitting in an isolation and chanting the mantra, letting the thought of the subconscious go... and go away... you are with a lot of garbage. You live with a lot of that stink. And it's going to show up in your life, it'll show up in your actions, it'll show up in your reactions.

I understand today that Sikh Dharma is not a very popular religion. It's not popular with the Indians, it's not popular with the Americans also. But it is going to stay. People are going to come to it. They can't stay away from it, because mind has already gone berserk, and somewhere the psychology, the psychiatry, and all social effects are not going to come to people. People are not going to be happy. How can you eat a food in a very best restaurant when you have a stomach pain? How you can live a life if your mind is totally bogged down, unable to understand, and it stinks? You live in a fear phobia, you live in a hysteria, you live in indifference, you live in isolation, you live in a scared mind. The mind has so many corners in it. It is full of all what you can have. How you can do that? You've got to get up in the morning at the ambrosial hour when everybody's asleep! It is a fight against death. Getting up at 3 a.m. is conquering death. I am telling you simple thing. It is a deadly
hour, we call it the graveyard shift. Yeah, we do call it graveyard shift. Nobody wants to get up at 3 a.m. A Sikh will, and he'll meditate, and he'll chant, and he'll exercise, and he'll read Gurbani. What will happen to him? His mind will become clearer and clearer. His subconscious will be less clogged up and less clogged up. And moment the subconscious will be not clogged up, opportunities will come to him left and right. His decisions will be right, his life will be right, his virtues will be right, he will start looking at things. And that's the real relationship... when a man is a man and a woman is a woman!

I was making a joke that day when somebody explained to me about Queen Elizabeth... that she had a lover. I said, "Well, they must be having an intercourse, they were lovers." He said, "Yes, sir." I said, "I think he was wearing all that iron thing, what you call that? Armor. And she was wearing her makeup. That's the only possibility. Otherwise what you can do, make love to a woman who has a half an inch, an inch thick of a make up?" And that is how life is about.

You are still sleeping. Your soul is still sleeping. You are not awake. Because until you are awake, you cannot trust God. You can love God. It looks good, it is social. Religion is a good thing. It automatically gives a person the impression he is a good man, he is a religious man, he goes to church, he goes to the Gurdwara, he distributes the prashad, he waves chauris over the ramala, he reads the Guru. All this nonsense... sometimes you just make it up. That's your makeup... to look good... but you are not good. You've got to trust God, you've got to trust Guru!

And for a Sikh there's no choice whether to trust Guru. Guru is all over. 30 trillion Guru is in the Sikh. Ang Sang Wahe Guru. God and Guru both... Wa-Hey Guroo. God and Guru, Wahe Guru represents God and Guru. And if you call these people, they will say, "Guru is 'Gu' and 'ru' who takes the light into darkness." Forget it, it is all humbug brahamanism. Forget it! Literally meaning and spiritual nonesense, and there is also in Sikh Dharma... you will be understanding... Guru Nanak spoke one word:

Soche soch na hovaee je sochee lakh vaar.
--1st pauree of Japji Sahib

By thinking and thinking, this covered thinking you cannot think. Sikh said, "Every man thinks." That's what a Sikh says. Every man thinks. And Guru Nanak said, "You can't think." If you cannot think, then Guru Nanak is wrong, he said you cannot think. Man thinks. He said, "No, the word is not 'Soche soch na hovaee je sochee...' Word is 'Suche such na hovaee je suchee lakh vaar.' 'Such' means purity. You cannot become pure, pure, pure by hundred times becoming pure. They even twisted the meaning and the word of the Guru! These stupid philosophers do not understand, these literary idiots. Eh no kandan kirtaa kan. Kirtaa kan is those who belong to something and they are not having any gratitude for it. Because in a team there can be no "I". It is their ego as a philosopher. They want to tell people that they know God more, they know Guru more, they know philosophy more than reality is. And truth is, man is one mammal which cannot think. Do you know that? You cannot think.
You are born not to think. That's why you cannot act and react. You have to feel and you have to understand, 'anabhav.' Man is to 'anabhav'... man has to understand. By a negative mind you know what is negative. By a positive mind you know what is a positive. But neutral mind... you have to know what it is.

Animal reacts. Impulsive animal. Snake will never bite you until it feels disturbed, threatened. A lion will never hunt until hungry. They're impulsive, they are subject to action and reaction. Man is not. Man has the power, if there is an all food before you, he can say, 'no.' So what is in a man which is more than an animal? The man has no power to think because per wink of an eye man gets one thousand thoughts through the shashara. They come to you whether you like it or not. And out of those thoughts, some become your feelings. Some. There are those millions of thoughts, and out of those millions of thoughts which are released by your head, one becomes your feeling. Out of hundred thousands of those feelings, one becomes your emotions. Out of thousands of your emotions, one becomes your desire. Out of hundreds of your desires, one you want to work at it. Come on, where you come to. You don't look that way, you don't feel that way, but that's the way you are. Therefore Guru Nanak
said you are not supposed to be thinking. By thinking you will become animal. You do realize, veechaar. Veechaar is when we realize. Guru says:

Thal vich tinn vasatoo pa-ee-o, sat santokh veechaaro.

--Guru Arjan Dev, from Rehiras Sahib

In this plate I have put three things: Sat (truth), Santokh (patience), and Veechaar (understanding).

Sikh has to live and if you meet a Sikh holy man, he will tell you, 'Naam jappo!' One thing we all say. It is easy, it gives you to good prashaadaa, it makes you look very holy, and it is fine. It is non-offensive. "Praise the God. Praise the Lord." PTL: Pass the loot. Pass the loot and praise the Lord, PTL. PTL. Every spiritual man, I just understand it. Sometimes I am very afraid when I am called a spiritual man. I think, "My God, I am just branded with all this whole stuff that goes with it here."

And somebody was discussing with me, "Well, you are the head of a cult." I said, "Yeah. That's what you think?" He said, "Yeah." I said, "Do you know what Sikhs are?" He said, "Yeah." I said, "What is it?" He said, "Yeah." I said, "No more of this yeah, yeah. Come on, what is it?" "Well, it's a religion." I said, "Then what is wrong with it?" "Well, it is a little religion." I said, "No, it is not little. There are about 18 million people in the world. It's not very little. I wish it should have been little and good. It is good."

He said, "What do you mean? Don't you understand you come here from a country where there's no food and where people are just dying with hunger like flies and you come here and you tell us what to do?" I said, "Yeah, sometimes flies come to tell you to do what you have to do." "Why?" I said, "You are in such a dead sleep, you don't wake up." "Well, what are the chances of the Sikh Dharma?" I said, "Scientifically great, numerically nothing." He said, "Why?" I said, "In twenty years, people will go mentally insane, miserable. Now the proportion is 1.7 % now are insane, and have psychological problems. And 3.2 out of every 5 people are insensitive to their life. Three point two. Out of every 5 people 3.2 people are insensitive. They act out of desperation, not out of calculation. And when a man acts out of desperation, it's a direct tragedy, he'll walk into a tragedy. Therefore those who work out of control system... they want to control and are insecure... they'll end up
miserable, unhappy." He said, "You know it all?" I said, "Yeah." "How you know it?" I said, "I teach it. I teach how to get out of misery. I believe in being healthy, happy and holy." "You think you are holy?" I said, "Yes." "Why?" I said, "I have nine holes. I am very holy. I watch what goes in, I watch what comes out." "Oh, that's what 'holy' means to you?" I said, "Well, the third eye, the 10th gate, that consciousness should watch what comes in you and what goes out of you." "Why you Sikhs, " he said, "wear all these white clothes and all this drama? To look special? To me you look like nuns and priests." I said, "Yes, we are padres, fathers. You respect me as a father, you know? Pay reverence to me." "Oh, no, no, you are not my padre!" I said, "Why not? I am padre to somebody. If somebody's padre is not your padre, what are you believing in?" "No, I have to have MY padre," he said. I said, "A padre is a padre. And God is a padre to everything. You do not know anything about God. You are sick. I am a
Sikh. The difference between a sick and a Sikh is that he accepts the padre of all of the God, and you don't. You people have made your little padres and you say you believe in One God. You don't believe in anything."

When it's all boiled down, then that's what a Sikh has to do. Sarbat ka bala.

"Naam jappo, naam jappo." Don't do that. "Naam jappo," is an old theme. "Naam japp-aa-ho," is the new theme.

Gur sevaa te bhagat kamaaee,
Tab eh maanas dehee paa-ee,
Is dehee ko simareh dev.
--Kabir, SGGS 1159

The angels worship this body which I got through the Guru's grace. Now I should jappo the naam? What for? Why? It is very funny. Langar is ready... langar is ready, and I should start cooking the langar, rather than serving it? Is there something deadly wrong with me? The thing is "Naam japp-aa-o"!

Sikh religion has a very good holy place called "Taran Taaran." One who swims and makes others to swim across. Eh is Sikh philosophy. Eh ah Sikh Dharam. Eh ah Sikhism. It is a Sikh religion. Do and make others do it. It's a leadership. Sikh is a rishi. When he ties a rishi knot, he's a rishi. Why do we wear white and be excellent? Because we believe absolutely in light. We are not against darkness. We just don't want to have it. And why we do it? Because Guru Gobind Singh, my father, told me.

Jab lag khalsa rahe niaaraa,
Tab lag tej dee-o mai saaraa.

--Guru Gobind Singh, Sarab Loh Granth

I will give divine radiance to the Khalsa
who will live as distinct.

"Why normal Sikhs wear colors and you don't?" he asked. I said, "I do wear colors. White is all seven colors." Wearing white is the most difficult thing on the planet. Two things a human has to understand are most difficult for a human. Two things... One is to wear white and one is to wear pure cotton. If you wear pure white cotton you are always married to a thing called press... iron. And you if you are married to press, then you will press everything. You will take wrinkles out. When you start taking wrinkles out of your life, you understand that you have to take wrinkles out of everything in the neighborhood, everywhere. It's a consciousness. It starts with press. In Punjabi, in language they call one who presses as 'istaree'-- Woman. Woman is called in India 'istaree.' It means one who takes all the wrinkles out. That's what word 'istaree' means. It comes from the basic root word 'astar'. Astar means who has no wrinkles, no negativity. "Ayv astaree." I mean, he is
perfect. Sampuran, perfect. Parapuran, is called astar. Out of that word comes 'istaree.' Istaree means who takes the wrinkles out. It is an acting form. Is an active adjective. Istaree. And in the West also we didn't say anything other than that. We say, 'press,' because it presses the wrinkles out. And that is what tantra is. In the length and the breadth it is the diagonal energy, it levers out the negativity, cleans the subconscious. That's why in Jaap Sahib, Guru says,
Namo tantar tantarang.

--Guru Gobind Singh
--57th pauree of Jaap Sahib

Namo jog jogee swarang....

--51st pauree of Jaap Sahib
One who does yoga and masters the yoga, I bow to him, because that's God. Namo tantar tantarang. I bow to the length and the breadth of the God, because it is the length of the breath which makes the diagonal, the lever.

So basically Sikh Dharma SHALL have its own life! You doubt it? I agree with you. 1988 years ago where were the Christians? Name them. They did not exist. You go into the B.C., you'll find Christ born in a Jewish family and he was all the time a Jew. You know who made the Christianity? Not Jesus Christ. The last note about Jesus Christ is, "A rebel who is liked and followed by 250-275 people." This is in the Roman Journal. "A rebel who is followed by 250-275 and is a kind of a lunatic. Talks about heavens and kingdom and father. Doesn't understand a thing. Comes from very poor background. Is just a carpenter from Nizarat and is extremely rebellious and is trying to impose a relationship on the Jews as well as the Roman Empire, and the Jews have abandoned him. Roman bars cannot hold him and he was not worth a thief." So, you know, they had to decide, let a thief go or let him go. So they let thief go and not him. That is his history at that time.

Today he is son of God, he sits on the right side of the God, and billion and a half or two billion people follow him and he has got the biggest steeples on his home and still his houses are good with high roofs and you cannot even believe it. He is the richest man on the planet. And his book called, "Bible," is the maximum sold. Deal with it. Big in business, big in homes, everywhere there's hardly a square where his house is not. Look at this carpenter what he built for himself. Why? Why it happened that way? Because he talked positive and he started with sarbat ka bala. He treated a prostitute as a sister. He saved her, putting his life in between. He said, "Cast the first stone who has not sinned before." He said certain simple things.

Sikh Dharma has a future because Sikh Dharma has sadhana. Naam Jappo? No! Naam Japp-aa-ho? Yes! Sukh lo? -- be happy? No! MAKE people happy: sukh dio. Sukh leinaa nain. Sukh dainaa. Give comfort to people. That is a Sikh. Why he can do it? Because he sees Ang Sang Wahe Guru. When you believe and trust Ang Sang Wahe Guru, then you can do two things for anybody... ANYBODY! You can give him happiness, you give him wealth, you give him opportunity, you give him prosperity, you give him health, you can give anything.

I don't have to disbelieve it because when I was on the surgical table and I was dead, according to the medical reports, and they were giving me electric shocks, and they were calling me, "Yogi Ji, Yogi Ji, Yogi Ji!", you know, they yelled and screamed. They were saying, "YOGI JI, LISTEN TO ME!" I couldn't hear that. I didn't hear that. They said they yelled and screamed, and they must have. And normaly I know this is what they do. But what I heard is Jaap Sahib. I heard exactly Jaap Sahib sang by Nirinjan, and I was hearing it. And when I finally woke up with that "Yogi Ji, Yogi Ji," I told them, "Don't yell, I am hearing it. I am enjoying it. I'm not going anywhere. Do whatever you have to do. I am fine. I have no problem." They said, "Thank God you are back." I said, "Those who brought me back, thank them, not me. I was going to go."

Three things we do wrong:

1.We do not trust God. 2. We do not think God is our ultimate home. 3. We do not think God is the source of everything.

And we call ourselves religious??!? There's no such thing as a reality, religion, or anything! It is a hypocrisy, it is totally a lie, it lives wrong, every religion is wrong including me and mine. Because you have to understand one thing... You have three first things to do. Trinity...

1. Trust God. 2. Feel God is the source of everything. 3. Give in the Name of God.

You have to do that. Otherwise what is God to you? Coming Sunday to a Gurdwara, taking langar and eating prasad and socializing?

Sikh religion is based specifically on three cornerstones. Fourth is absolutely chaute padamee mukhtee paavai. In fourth it says you are free. You are liberated. Jivan mukht hoay so jeevaa. You are liberated while in a human body. It promises it. How can it promise wrong things? How can a religion promise wrong things? It doesn't say after death you'll come to heaven where you get young boys who have never been raped before and you will be allowed to rape them. Well, that is what is in the Koran. You'll get young girls and you'll get young boys... virgins... to have sex with you and you will have rivers of wine to drink, but don't do it on earth! Why not?

Sikh religion promises nothing. Absolutely nothing. It promises one thing, and that is "Waho Waho Gobind Singh, aape Gur chelaa." A student becomes a master, a student becomes a teacher, a man becomes God. That's what Sikh Dharma is about. It is not a religion of men and women. It's a religion of angels of God. It's an angelic religion. It asks you one thing: identify! Nishan de-hee. Give your identity, who you are. You give your identity who you are and then say who you are. You have to say at that moment, socially or just spiritual logic, I am a Sikh of the Guru. Then Sikh Dharma says, Nishan De-hee. Then Parvaan Sahee. Then PROVE IT, that you are a Sikh of the Guru. These words are a part of the Sikh history: Nishan dehee. Parvaan Sahee. Sahee means seal. Accept the seal. Then PROVE IT! that you are a Sikh of the Guru. Nirmaan Bhay-hee... Then feel humble about it, feel blessed about it. Nirmaan means without any ego, without any fake, without any much. Bhay-hee. Record it. Humbly record it that you
are a Sikh of the Guru, you have proven to be a Sikh of the Guru, and then humbly record it. Bhay-hee. Bhay-hee means where you write the records. Eh hei Sikh Dharam. This is Sikh Dharam which Guru taught us. Not what we are learning because of political and geographical changes.

Gur Satigur kaa jo Sikh Akhaae
So bhalake uth harinaam dhi-aavai.

--Guru Ram Das Ji, SGGS p. 305-6

That one who calls himself a Gursikh, he'll get up in the ambrosial hour and meditate. Meditate because a clean mind is the way to God. Dirty mind is the way to hell.

Why you do wrong? I have not met yet one person who WANTS to do anything wrong. When you are wrong you can't sing a song, you are miserable, you are handicapped, you are at a loss, you are weak, you are mourning, you are miserable, you are in pain. Call it anything you want to call it. Why you went wrong? Why? Because you don't have courage. Why you don't have courage? You don't have strength. Why you don't have strength? You don't have the source. Why you don't have the source? Of course, you are not doing the meditation in the morning! Of course! You don't have the source.

Some people call me a perfect monster. Some people call me a great yogi. Some people say: 'you have done a miracle.' Some people call me everything. I laugh. Why don't they ask me, "How you did it?" No. They don't want to ask me how I did it. I did it with one thing, one thing along. I didn't do anything. I don't want to do anything. I did one thing and that's all I have done. I believe and trust that Guru Ram Das is with me. I'm a lunatic! Lunatics, philosophers and lovers all belong to the same category, by the way. You cannot be a lunatic, you cannot be a lover, and you cannot be a philosopher except that you have to be so one pointed that nothing can touch you. That's what loony is. So, I did one thing. Lunatically, I belived that Guru Ram Das is with me and I also trusted that he can do everything. And I did believe in one line. You know Siri Guru Granth has 1430 pages, right? It's all written, right? You know, I only know one line in the whole Siri Guru Granth. You know
why I know only one line? When you read Siri Guru Granth, when that line comes I might be sleeping but I'll wake up.

One day I was listening to Siri Guru Granth and they were doing Akhand Path and I was very tired and I sat down there and I started going down. You know that, going down.....(Demonstrates someone nodding out.) Oh no! I am Siri Singh Sahib so nobody's going to wake me up! And that's another tragedy. When you have a big ego and big status nobody bothers you. Nobody tells you you are wrong. You may be dead wrong and you know it, but nobody tells you. "Oh, it is all right, sir, it is okay." And I was just going down and back, and down and back. And finally that line was read. "Ketia dookh bhookh sad maar." I was up! "Eh bhi daat teeree daataar. Band khalaasee bhaanai ho-eh, Hor aakh na sakai ko-eh. Je ko khaaik aakhan paaeh." (from 25th pauree of Japji Sahib.) I might have sat there one hour but that line I heard. And then I believed it, that that's the only one line I know. And then I had the courage and honesty to tell you that's the only one line I know. And if you ever want
somebody who knows more than that line, then get somebody. Really. Relieve me of all my charge and duty. I can't do anything more than that. There's only one line I know, and that line is: "Ketia dookh bhookh sad maar. Eh bhi daat teeree daataar."

Ketia: many times. Dookh: pain, disease, uncomfortable. Which takes away your comfort. Opposite to sukh is dookh. So, uncomfortable situation is called 'dookh.' Ketia means many. Ketia means anaginth. Means many, uncountable. Bookh means hunger. Three hungers are there. One is physical hunger, other is mental hunger, third is spiritual hunger. Spiritual hunger is about knowledge. You want to know everything. Mental hunger is that you want to trust something. And physical hunger is you want to eat something to nurture yourself. You want to nurture your mind. Mind is not nurtured. Mind has its own thing. If you smell a flower, your mind becomes better. If somebody you hear laughing and some child, innocent, those are very basic things which mind needs to see. But mind has one of the greatest hungers -- mind wants to trust. It's not a sexual relationship between husband and wife. Never! It's not her beauty and his strength... his muscle, no! It's not his money or her intelligence, no! Every combination will prove
wrong. It is the man who needs to be trusted and it's the woman who wants to trust a man. Eh mental hunger hei. This is a mental hunger. You cannot live without it.

And then there's a physical hunger. Physical hunger you need food. But food does not serve you if there is a pain in the body. If there's a pain in your stomach you cannot eat. So, Ketiaa dookh bookh sad maar. Sad means hundred. Maar means beat. If there's a hundred beat, hundred squared, algebraically, now maar will go as a square. If pain, if discomfort, hunger in life is one hundred squared, Eh bhi daat teeree daataar... then God, it is Thy gift. That means you don't accept anybody else but that One God for good and bad BOTH! That's why your currency doesn't work, because you accept one side of the coin. Good is good. It is the bad which makes the good to be good.

If there is no bad, how you know there is a good? Parents? At the movies... "Oh!... (kiss, kiss, kiss), let's not talk about it. Close your eyes, close your eyes honey, close your eyes." "Mom, what he is doing?" "Close your eyes." "No, no, mom, what he is doing? Mom, tell me what he is doing!" "Close your eyes." "Mom, could you tell me what he is doing?" "He is kissing the girl." "When I am going to do it? When I am going to kiss the girl? What? Mom?" "Shut up, shut up! Don't talk. You are young."

That's how we ruin our children. We want to protect them from bad, we don't simply educate them that bad is bad. We want to protect them. They should not know. When bad gets them, then we cry. We tell them everything good. We overload them with so much good that good starts looking bad. "Hey Rajinder! Hey Raju! Hey, listen! Sit here. Sit here. Sit, sit, sit. Sit like a saint, sit like a saint, sit like a saint. Hey, hey, sit, sit, sit like a saint. Hey, Raju! Sit!" He thinks a dog is barking at him. We reduce our father status to a dog.

Look at the mother, look at how she did. "Hey, don't come home!" (Talking in a very high pitched screaming voice.) It looks like come to a hill. That's not communication. Guru gave us certain things... Bana. "Bana bana I love you, bana bana Wahe Guru"... Guru gave us bani... language, sweet, kind, authentic, real, direct. Guru gave us seva. Seva keeps the relationship going. Serve each other without asking. Ketia dookh bhookh sad maar. Eh bhi daat teeree daataar. Band khalaasee bhaanai ho-eh, Hor aakh na sakai ko-eh. My freedom shall lie by when your will is. So why to bother? Band khalaasee bhaanai ho-eh, Hor aakh na sakai ko-eh. Je ko khaaik aakhan paaeh. Oh jaanai jeteeaa mu-eh khaa-eh. If one who takes everything for God and talks differently, he'll have a slap on his face. Aape jaanai aape de-eh, Aakh-eh si bhi khe-ee khe-eh. He gives, He knows, what others can say? Jisano bakhshe sifat saalaah, Naanak paatishaaee paatishaaho. Those to whom You give, God, when they
understand that you are all in all then they are never small. For them to whom God is All in All, they are never small. All does not contain small. Small contains all. S-M-A-L-L, that's small. A-L-L, that's all. And that's the law of science. That's the word.

Akhree naam akharee saalah. Akharee giaan geet gun aah.
Akharee likhan bolan baan. Akharaa sir sanjog vakhaan.

--19 pauree of Japji Sahib

The word was in the beginning, the word is now and word is God. Guru Nanak has explained in a full length.

So what is powerful in this world? In this world what we are is not powerful. In this world powerful is how near to God we feel.

You know, you don't misbehave when your mother and father are with you. You do not misbehave when you are working. You do not misbehave when you are in a social situation. You do not misbehave in many things. Well, I have news for you. You can misbehave as much as you want. God is not going anywhere. So long you live, It is going to be with you. And having God... the Mighty of all Might... so big... with you all the time, and then you misbehave... And you know what is the biggest misbehavior? You deny it. Suppose sometimes you are walking with your mother or with your husband or with your boyfriend. Or anything. You just become indifferent, don't pay any attention, don't be with them. See what that does to you. See what that does to that other person. And now God is with you and you deny It. You have to come to a Gurdwara to find Guru. Isn't it that the Guru is always with you? What is permanent? This earth? No! The One who owns this earth.

Sikh Dharma gives you a relationship. It starts with one word. Guru Granth has its own mantra:

Ik Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad Ik Ong Kar.

You don't have to go to anybody. It tells you all. People say and I'm saying to all of you who call yourself Sikhs or believe in the Siri Guru Granth... This earth has reached a point. I find no other way, not to practice Sikh religion as a religion, but to practice the Sikh religion as a way of life. There's no way, I don't see anything, because every religion tells us one thing: Find God. And Sikh Dharma says, "Don't find God. God is 30 trillion times with you. Give God to others! Share It! Vand Chakko." People think vand chakko means give chapatis. Give more dal. Give jalebees. Give rasgoolaas. No, no, no! Give God out of you. Give God out of you. Give God!

One day in these twenty years in Los Angeles, somebody wanted to touch my feet. I said, "No! I'm willing to hug you, I'm willing to kiss you, I am willing to shake hands with you, but you can't touch my feet. Don't." She said, "Why? SHE did it, she did it." I said, "They are my family, you are not." "Well, what am I?" I said, "You are a human being. A beautiful human being. Wonderful. You are an angel, but you can't touch my feet." "Why not?" I said, "You can't. Why don't you hug me? Come on, let's hug each other." "No, that's not right." I said, "Well, why is touching the feet right?" "Well, there is something. Why don't you let me touch your feet?" I said, "I won't. You can hug me. Let's shake hands like friends. Okay, let's give a flying kiss to each other. Let's do anything. I am willing to do anything. You kiss my cheek, you bite me here, I don't mind that. But don't touch my feet. Don't!" She said, "Why not?" I said, "Just don't. Give me that privilege." She said, "I
want to know." I said, "I can talk to you privately." Then we went around on the side and we stood under a tree. I said, "You don't know how to give. And if you do not know how to give then you don't belong to me, because I believe in giving everything, because God gives me everything. Giving IS being a Sikh." "Why I can't give?" I said, "That's a philosophy. That's a discussion. That's a debate... 'Why? Why not?' You want to touch my feet?" She said, "Yes." I said, "Then learn to give." "How do you know I don't give?" I said, "It's not in your aura. The aura never lies." "What is special about touching your feet?" I said, "Nothing. That's what I said to you. There's nothing in touching my feet. It's a bad ritual. It's a wrong thing. It's a rotten stuff. You have to bend, you have to have a good spine to bend. I'm not asking you to touch my feet, but I'm asking you not to." "Why?" I said, "It'll hurt because you'll get the blessing of God and Guru Ram Das will vouch for it when you will
touch them and then you don't give it to others." I said, "It is a privilege of that family which loves to give, in the Name of God and Guru." "I promise you I will give. I swear! I swear on the holy bible I will give." I said, "That's fine. Then you can touch my feet." "When?" I said, "When you start giving. Now you promised. It will show up in your aura."

That's the light of a Sikh... that his aura is bigger than the elementary aura. A Sikh who has no bigger aura than the elementary aura is not a human, not a Sikh, not at all! It's not the religion of a commoner. It's not a religion of angels. Angels want this human body. It's not a religion of humans. Humans are active and reactive, because there's a beast in us. There's a human in us, there's an angel in us. Those three things are in us but that's not what we are. There's a God in us. That's what a Sikh is. Sikh Dharma starts with no sublimation. It starts with crystalization... clarity, gem quality. There's a God in you. Accept it! Yes, you are a Sikh, or no, you are not. Period! There's no initiation. You accept Ang Sang Wahe Guru, you are a Sikh. You don't, you are not. And if you accept, then what? Then give! Sarbat ka bala. Be good to all, give goods to all. You don't want to give. You want to pay somebody to pay attention to you. You pay attention to others, you
know how many friends you can have? Pay attention to others! Listen to others! Pray for others.

If you want to be healthy, happy and holy, I give you one thing to do --give OTHERS the chance to be healthy, happy and holy. God will make you ten times... hundred times more... as healthy, happy and holy. Don't be blind and stupid. There's no medical reason I should live. There's no medical chance I should live. Don't you see the prayers of yours are so angelic, so powerful, it changed the entire directory of God? I'm not going anywhere. But now you are going to live with a man who has realized all IS God and Sikh is a God. And I believe that you should trust these words, Khalsa meraa satigur pooraa. Khalsa is my true perfect Guru. And give! Naam jappo. Nay! Naam japp-aa-ho! Don't meditate. Make others to meditate. Seva kar-aa-ho. Seva karo. Nay! Seva kar-aa-ho. Serve, and make OTHERS to serve. If you have got happiness being a Sikh, make others to be happier and God will make you even more happy. That's the way to be! That's the religious way of Sikhs. It's a path. It's a
lifestyle. There's no pretention in it, there's no suspension in it -- it's continous. Every young girl is beautiful. Every youthful woman is beautiful. But will she be respected and honored beautifully when she will be 92? Will you need me and feed me when I'm 64? That's Sikh Dharam. Sikh Dharam is beauty forever!

Sikh Dharma I can describe in two lines:

Sikh Dharma is a duty forever and Sikh Dharma is a beauty forever.

It's not PTL. It passes no loot, it praises no God. It BE's God. Don't talk about God! Act as God!

There's a one thing very fundamental. I signed those papers many times. "Under the seal and hand of my office, as the power vested in me..." this is what I sign. I look at it most of the time. "As the Chief Religious and Administrative Authority... as power vested in me, under the seal and hand of my office, on this day, I sign this proclamation."

You understand what this means? I accept the power vested in me. That's what fundamentally Sikh Dharma is. You feel the vested power of God and Guru in you. That's what Wahe Guru means. Wahe Guru is a Gurumantra. It means only one thing: the power of God and Guru is vested in you. When you forget that and you say, "Wha Guru Wha Guru Wha Guru," you are just wasting time. That's no damn Wahe Guru and you are no damn Sikh and you are no Wahe Guru business! Being a Sikh, insulting the Guru and chanting Wahe Guru, forgetting the truth, that's hypocrisy. That's deadly hypocrisy which we will spread all over. No! Wahe Guru means Guru and God is vested in you. And that's where we should start. We should be honest, we should be truthful, we should walk on this path of happiness. Guru has laid it out for us, we should live it. Play no games, folks. Don't waste time in playing those. Time will never come back. And don't learn the hard way. "Satiguru gaaddee raaj laaiaa". Guru has laid a
highway; walk on it. Walk with fundamentals. Trust God, don't love God. Love can have hatred. Trust can only have distrust; it is much heavier situation.

You want to be relieved of pain, shortcomings, poverty? Yes? It's easy. It is all contained in "Wahe Guru." It is a Guru mantra, too. "Wahe Guru jap Wahe Guru. Wahe Guru mantra hei, jap homai koeh". Do you know what it means? When you chant Wahe Guru your ego will go away. Ego will go away, how you can live? It's a simple scientific question. Without id a man cannot live. A dead man has no ego. So how you live? Then God lives in you. Then you identify as Wahe Guru. "Har jap aap har hoey". When you meditate on God you become God. You feel God. "Under the seal and hand of my office... power vested in me". That's what a Sikh is. A Sikh has the vested power of the Guru and God in him.

Somebody once asked me that day, "While you were dying, you were going home, you were very happy. But what are you happy about now that you are not dead?" You know, the children are very good. They spare me nowhere. They ask me questions which you don't have the guts to ask. Really! You are no friends of mine. They talk to me and they ask me. They tell me how mama misbehaved and papa misbehaved. They tell me what is wrong in their house. This young girl called me and said, "I want to talk to you." I said, "What is wrong with you?" She said, "My mom is a Sikh." I said, "I know." "She's not a Sikh." I said, "I know that, too." "How do you know?" I said, "She served cold turkey." "Yes, I want to ask you that question. She's no Sikh. She killed a turkey. She fed it. She didn't eat it, but she fed it. She's no Sikh." I said, "No, she is trying to be a Sikh. You are to spare her for a while." "I want to know, was it right for her?" I said, "Right is only when you feel right. She doesn't
feel right yet. She thinks manipulation... by doing hanky pankies... by doing these kind of gestures, she can make it. She's not going to. These things don't make up." Makeup doesn't make you permanently healthy and permanently beautiful. It does it temporarily.

I remember of a girl... I went to Canada. I didn't know what the date is. I thought date meant those dates we eat. When you ask somebody two and two and he says, four chapatis, you know? I thought the girl was me for a date, should I bring dates or not? I said, "Bring them a lot and we'll distribute to the whole class." She said, "Not those dates." I said, "What is date then?" She said, "You are to go with me." I said, "What do you mean by going with you?" She said, "Going with me on a date. You are my teacher?" I said, "Yeah." "You are my yoga teacher?" I said, "Yeah." "I am taking you out on a date." I said, "What do you mean? You are taking me today, not tomorrow?" She said, "No, date means in the West....(I was in Canada. I was just there for one week. I didn't know much about it.)" She said, "I am taking you out on a date." I said, "What we will do?" And she said, "Well, we can go to eat, we can go to visit someplace, and whatever you want." I said, "Well, wait a minute.
This is very unspecific. Let's make it specific. I go with you and eat on a date. Correct? And we eat and then what?" She said, "Whatever." I said, "After that you will reach me back safe and sound, is that true?" She said, "You are talking like a little boy. My brother talks like this." I said, "What's wrong with that? I am going out on a date today and I want to see if I come back in one piece or not. That's all I want to know." And she said, "Why you are asking this?" I said, "Every date has a pit in it. And I don't want to break my tooth." I said, "We can go on a date, but it has to be my way." She said, "Fine, whatever you say." "What time will you pick me up?" "Six o'clock." I said, "Fine, I'll be ready." We were 19 people. She said, "This is not a date." I said, "This is my style of date." She said, "I don't understand. Aren't you a Sikh?" I said, "Yeah." "Didn't you promise me we were going on a date, you and me?" I said, "Yeah." "But then who are these other people?" I said, "They are me. Sarbat ka
bala. If you are taking me for a good meal today, I want them all to have a good meal. That's how I feel. You want me to be happy?" She said, "Yes." Then she said, "If I want to sleep with you, then I have to sleep with these 20 people?" I said, "Maybe." "Then I can't go on date with you." I said, "Now you don't have to go. You go with me on a date now. Can I take you with me on a date?" She said, "Okay, I think I have to."

And I did a very good thing like a Sikh. When we all ate, chatted, and we forgot about that incident, and that dirt of the mind of the girl was gone, I prepaid the bill. That was a shock to her. She asked me, she said, "You don't have money. How can you pay for everybody?" I said, "I don't have money. Money doesn't pay the bills. Good will pays the bills." Bills of those who have no good will are never paid, doesn't matter how much money they have got. I can bet with you. I make lot of money. "Honey, I know how to make money." That's what I used to say. But money never pays the bills. Bills are only paid by good will. She said, "I don't understand." I said, "When I was coming tonight to come with you and I was taking you on a date... one girl told me when a man goes with a girl then he pays the bill, whatever the bill is. And I said, 'we are going about 20 people.' She said, 'well, $20 per person max, and minimum is about $5.00. So with 20 it's about a hundred dollars.
$20 max, it's about $400. Do you understand that?' She said, 'yeah,' and she just slipped me five hundred dollars. "I have them all." She said, "Did you pay the bill?" I said, "No, Jean paid it. She went up and she knew it. There were three people willing to pay the bill. You were hoping to pay the bill. One was thinking I'll tell her and she will pay the bill. One thought she has given me the money to pay the bill." She said, "That's it?" '...and one went and paid it'? I said, "That's how good will works." Chauti padamee mukhti paaeh.
There are four people to do things for you when you have a good will. There shall be no bill. They will all be paid.

That's a Sikh way. We are the givers. The path of the one who feels they are given to, and they are overloaded, and they have to give. That's a Sikh. Not a grumpy, graggly, complaining, crying all the time, neurotic insulting himself as a human, and Guru in general. That's not a Sikh. That's no Sikh. That's a jerk! A jerk marries misery and spreads discomfort, and ultimately dies in disgrace. If you want to be that kind of human, it's your privilege, but that's not what I know about. The individual is very weak. Guru Gobind Singh, my father said, "Chamaat karamaat." It is in the class, it is in the congregation where there is a miracle. The strength. All is not small and small is not all. And one teaching Guru Gobind Singh gave us: sarbat ka bala. Guru Nanak gave us: sarbat ka bala. Serve and be good to ALL! And that's the way it comes to us. We need for that to be rich. Riches come to us when we have the good will of Guru and God with us. And how to do that? Just understand one simple line: Ang Sang Wahe Guru. With you, within
you, without you, around you. For you, over you, under you, Wahe Guru is! Wahe Guru is a combination of God's word and Guru's word. Wahe Guru has no literary meaning. It is a shabad of Anbhav which Guru Gobind Singh got out of God direct. And it's a trikuti mantra, agia chakra mantra, shabad hei. It's Shivastan mantra. If you say eleven times "har" and you say "wahe guru" one time, it's the equal. Har mantra... and Wahe Guru is just eleven hundred times more powerful. It's a combination of conception, a belief, a trust in you that God is Guru, is Ang Sang. With every limb, with every molecule, with every atom of your body, you accept that!

I assure you, you don't have to pay the bills. They shall be paid! I have seen it. If I am lying to you, thank you. Don't believe me, don't. You don't believe me anyway. Don't trust me, you don't have to. I am the surprisedly surprised. Don't you understand, you all blind and deaf and dumb? I came in this country with $35.00! I still have them!! Don't you understand? And first day you told me, as Americans, "You can't live in this country without money. You can't live in this country without knowing how to drive a car. You can't do this, you can't do that." I said, "Forget it!" This brother of mine, so-called brother of mine, he said, "You know much, you are intelligent. In America nobody does anything, but everybody drives their car. Everybody has to have the money. Have this money in your pocket." I said, "I don't need it." "What are you going to do?" I said, "You are bugging me." He said, "You should know how to drive the car." I said, "Don't bother." "Why?" I
said, "You are stupid... blind. When you came to India, did you see me driving? I was driven. I had a car, I had a driver, I had a cleaner, I had a chauffer, I had an orderly. I had six orderlies, damn you!" "Well, you don't have anything here", he said. I said, "Don't worry. God has not gone on a holiday. He is working. He is interviewing people. He will provide everything." "Nobody can provide everything. What work you are going to do?" I said, "I have not come here to work. I have come just to remind people that the time to work is over. It is all worked out." "You don't want to drive?" I said, "When I served the government of India, I had a driver. Now I am going to serve God and I am going to drive? The motion, I don't like it." "What? You don't believe in richness." I said, "You have an idea of a holy man who has a loin cloth, staff in his hand, begging bowl of rice in his hand, walking like little tilted, and you think that is holy. I call him impotent." I said, "Don't give me your philosophy! I am going
to do nothing, brother, absolutely nothing!" "Who's going to do it for you?" I said, "God." "Why?" I said, "I'm going to do for God, God's going to do for me. It's tit for tat. It's 50-50, boy. No big deal." "But what you are going to do for God?" "I am going to wake up people. I'm going to tell them God is. I'm going to tell them 'In God I Dwell. I know God.' " He said, "Where is God?" I said, "In English dictionary. Read it." "Where you can find it?" "You'll find it in the English dictionary. It explains everything." "That's enough to learn? What else there is?" I said, "Trust God." He said, "Why?" I said, "It is written on the dollar bill." Well, we hassled ten days back and forth. He said he loves me, and I told him I love him. But we knew that we belong to different planets.

One day he made a very funny joke with me. I was leaving his house and I had a bag in my hand, Air France bag, that little thing. And he said, "Why you are so ready early in the morning?" I said, "Gotta go." "Where?" I said, "I don't know where I'll go, but I have to leave your house." "Why?" I said, "This morning I was taking a bath, your wife was abusing you to 'put this man in the guest house, guests are coming, you don't have a space and he doesn't eat right and sleeps on the ground and is funny and gets up in the morning and takes a long cold shower. He's crazy, he's lunatic, you don't understand him. He calls himself a yogi, he's no more officer. We used to go to India, we used to have great honor with him. Now everybody looks at us. We are just keeping some stupid man in our house.'" I said, "Isn't that all that I have said in one breath?" He said, "Were you listening?" I said, "Yeah, you should have made the walls of the house thick. You saved some money on that. You can hear all right. In my room,
in my bathroom and your bathroom, all can be heard." "Where are you going?" I said, "Where God takes me." "Oh Bhajan, please! Brother, Sir, Oh Holy Man, Yogiji. Yogi Baba, for God's sake have mercy on you. This is America. No bus comes here. Where are you going?" I said, "I am telling you, I am going." "Where?" I said, "Do I have to tell you when I do not know? Do you want me to lie?" "No." I said, "I am going." "In what?" I said, "In a car." "Where is that car?" I said, "Not your (what is this English car, he always had this?) Cadillac." He always drives Cadillac. To him that's top... max. And he said, "Well, sit in my car. I'll drop you to the place where you can get a bus." I said, "I'm not going to get a bus." I said, "No bus." "Well, will you sit with me?" I said, "No." Then he started driving to the edge slowly and I started driving with the edge and we started talking. He said, "What you are going to do today?" I said, "I am going to start my life because
your wife has abused you and I cannot stand it."

When giving in the heart is closed down, it is for a man of God to leave that place. Water keeps flowing, yogis keep going. That's the law. "Yogi chelda balaa. Pani toardaa palaa."

"So, whatever it is, I am not with you." He said, "Are you crazy?" I said, "That's what they always say about me." "Well, will you tell me when you reach somewhere? I'll be worried." I said, "You don't have to worry. I can tell you telepathically or telephonically. Whatever you want." He said, "Please, no car is coming. Nothing is happening. You sit in my car." I said, "That is wrong." And meanwhile a car came and the man shouted, "Oh Yogiji. Hold on." I said, "There comes a car." He said, "You are going to go in this car?" I said, "Yeah, it's a good start." It didn't have a hood on the front, it didn't have anything in the back also. And I remember it was a red car and I think somebody took it from the junk yard and drove it all the way up and it made more noise than you can believe. And this guy said, "Come on, yogi. Let's go, let's go." He said, "Ask him where he is going." He said, "Don't ask me questions. Your limo should have come, the driver should have come,
and you should have gone. I forgot to do all that, so I took up this junk and came, and I'll take you there and from there you can get a big car and everything. Da da da da da ." Meanwhile the limousine showed up. I said, "Now limo has come. Which one we should sit?" I said, "But just to honor you because you came first. First come, first serve, I'll sit with you and when we go down I'll sit in the limousine." He said, "You've got to sit in the limousine otherwise his job will be in danger." And I said to my brother, "Now which car do you want? The limousine or this junk car? Both are cars." He said, "I don't understand." I said, "Ik Ong Kar. Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!" And I walked away.

I called him late at night. I said, "This is Greta Garbo's ex-house. It's big enough that you can't believe it. It has a swimming pool with no water, with a lot of leaves in it. There are four refrigerators full of food and fruits. Carpets are plush. Life is lush. Visit me tonight." He said, "You got your telephone?" I said, "Yeah, I have got telephone, I have a number, I have everything. And I have a one English speaking attendant." He said, "How it all happened?" I said, "In just an hour." He didn't believe me. He came to visit me. He saw it all. He said, "What's the catch in it?" I said, "What do you mean by catch in it? There's no catch." He said, "There has to be some catch in this thing." I said, "First there was a catch in car appearing. Now a catch I have a house, I have a bigger house than you. Now there's a catch I am alive?" I said, "There's no catch. God has His own ways." "What is the rent of this?" I said, "I never asked. Some rent, but that much I know, they
told me rent is already paid. Everything is set. I have nothing to worry. And I can teach my classes and people will come." Do you think all that I could do?

You know honestly, I never knew the difference between a freeway, highway, a turnpike and gangpike and all that? I still don't know. I still call it turnpike. So many times they have corrected me, "Call it turnpike."

What I am explaining to you is: God has not gone anywhere. It is alive! It is well! It is here! All you have to do is Hail Guru Ram Das and heal people of physical, mental and spiritual illnesses. And when you will serve others, uplift others, I vouch you, I guarantee you, God and Guru shall uplift you hundred times more!! Then it'll be true in your life:

"Jisano bakhshe sifat saalaah, Naanak paatishaaee paatishaaho."



- end of transcript -
Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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