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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 06/25/2001
Category: KWTC
Location: Unknown

The Power of Acceptance

Please sit down. All right, you are so many. I was thinking I was going to teach five or six girls.
(Students' laughter...)
Ladies’ Camp; the credit for you coming here goes to Sumpuran Kaur.
(Student's clapping)
And this Women’s Training Camp, is just like the old days, remember?
(Student's clapping)
No men, all women, and getting it together, right? But in spite of all that woman is in trouble. She has been, she is and with God’s grace she will continue to be in trouble, because woman is a different person than that the male.
I don’t know whether I should say these things and whether you will understand or not, because you have been brainwashed for a long time. With all the struggle we have come to the understanding that we are humans and everything is equal. Now the tragedy is, woman is not equal. In the material of metabolism, in the molecular sense of the sensory system, a molecule gives birth to another molecule. So it becomes a mother molecule. It cannot be the same, that’s the law. How many of you have studied chemistry? That is the trouble.
(Students' laughter...)
The Mother Molecule cannot be equal to the molecule it produces. So woman who gives birth to a man cannot be equal to man, do you follow? And if she wants to become equal to man then she is defying the law of nature. But where is the problem? Problem is God is the Creator, right? Correct? You agree? Even if you don’t agree, just accept it.
(Students' laughter...)
God is the Creator so we worship him, right? We have ultimate faith that God is our Creator, right, agreed?
Students: Yes sir.
YB: Now what I am going to say you are not going to like; woman is the Creator also. But when woman is exploited, and not worshipped, tragedy occurs. Man without courage and woman without grace are two useless weights on the earth which make nothing but a mess, follow?
No, no, I know you don’t follow. I have been teaching this for thirty-three years, the same thing again and again, and again and again. You just say yes, yes and yes, and go back home and do the same weird things.
Power of the woman lies in acceptance. Power of the…?
Students: Woman lies in acceptance.
YB: That is the only way you can befool a man. That’s the only way you can befool a man, what you can do? “Yes sir, whatever you say, thank you.” “Your command is my obedience,” and then you do nothing.
(Students' laughter...)
Systematically, in the neurological form 2M is equal to 3 times DR. That means that a man forgets in exactly two seconds where he is existing, you follow?
Students: Yes sir.
YB: So, don’t prolong the dialogue with him. So don’t prolong the…?
Students: Dialogue.
YB: First accept. First…?
Students: Accept.
YB: My, see you are laughing. Second, don’t ever prolong the dialogue with a man, right?
Student: Right.
YB: If you don’t want to do something, tell the man to figure it out. How you will say it? Come on.
Student: (-------)
YB: Ah?
Student: (-------)
YB: Na, na, na; “Darling I am very confused about this.”
(Students' laughter...)
“Could you please help me to figure it out. Darling I am very confused could you figure it out? Please show me the way.” Because man doesn’t have the capacity to figure it out.
(Students' laughter...)
After hustling for a while, he is going to say, “Darling do whatever you can.” And you got your way. You must understand sun is a sun, and the sun only reflects for twelve hours, and shines for…?
Students: Twelve hours.
YB: And moon reflects in the other twelve hours. Moon…?
Students: Reflects in the other twelve hours.
YB: When the sun shines there is no moon, when the moon shines there is no sun visible, understand? So what is in the heavens has to be understood. But you want to match up with men; you are not goats, you have to fight with the guy. You follow what I mean?
As a male it is contained in a female, as a man he is contained in a woman. As he is contained in she. So the basic principle is to contain the man, not contest the man, understand?
Students: Yes sir.
YB: Men have nature, men have…?
Students: Nature.
YB: They change after two and a half hours, when their nostril changes. So what is the difficulty? If there is a point of argument right now, just lay low, don’t say anything. After two and half hours get him. You know what I am saying?
YB: Who conceives the child?
Students: Woman.
YB: Who delivers the boy?
Students: Woman.
YB: Who nurtures the boy?
Students: Woman.
YB: Who teaches him potty training? Then for your whole life you have to keep potty training him.
(Students' laughter...)
Whenever you stop potty training the man he goes dirty, he stinks, he smells, and he spoils things. I didn’t made you as you are, do you know what I mean? I can only tell you what man has learned, what humans have learned for five thousand years through scriptures.
”Yanadiye manhada kahe karey apney kar har rango ki na maney, so nerai tann kamaliye bahar kyan dundey.” Guru Nanak explained it so clearly and so well and with such a deep understanding that there is no doubt about it. He doesn’t blame you, he says, yanadiye, oh innocent one, maanda this egomaniac, ’Yanadiye manhada kahe karey,’ what is he, what he is doing this for?
Apney kar har rango ki na maney,’ he doesn’t want to meet the most beautiful, colorful woman in his own house? bahar kya doondey, what he is trying to find outside?
So your life is based on two things - one is make yourself a graceful woman. Make yourself ?
Students: A graceful woman.
YB: And be tolerant. Woman who forgets for one moment to be kind loses the game of the life. You follow? We have reached a stage of mind now in our humanity. Sooner or later, in another ten years or so, mankind has to come to a zero angle where the understanding of a man and a woman has to develop to a point to be perfect. It is time now that we should have a sensory woman fully qualified and extremely executive about herself. We went through a period of sensuality, sexuality, exploitation and all sorts of things, but now it’s not practical. Today woman cannot fall in love and marry. Today woman…?
Students: Cannot fall in love and marry.
YB: She has to fall in love with her career, learn and qualify herself, and then be the perfect in that executive state of life. And then she can chose a partner. Do you understand? What did I say?
That game is over when you are sixteen and you can get engaged and there is a party and you get married and la,la,la, bah-bah-bah, it’s over. Now ladies get up in the morning, meditate, do your Sadhana, prepare your breakfast, do his laundry, prepare his office clothes, see the car was serviced and the gas tank filled. Yeah? Give him a bedtime tea, give him the kiss, show him a few flowers, and send him to the office. Take care of the children, help them prepare their homework, get ready them for school, aha,ha got it? Right?
After doing all that you get ready, you take care of your clothes, dress up and go to the office and earn your wages. At night kiss him, meet him, say, “Hello darling honey,” and prepare the supper, right? Meet friends, gossip the whole night, at midnight have sex with him, satisfy him, put him to bed, massage his feet, whatever, the son of the gun snores and you wake up, got it?
Student: (-------)
YB: And there are some others things which I have not said. If you do all that, he says, “She is all right.”
(Students' laughter...)
Then protect your home from relatives, invading hyenas who come and get all over you and what not. And it is in the west, in the east, in the north, in the south. If you get pregnant there is no escape. Right? And then somewhere you make a mistake. With all this you get tired and you find another man and start the cycle again; and another man and start the cycle again. And it doesn’t work, it has never worked, it will not…?
Students: Work.
YB: So woman has to be woman in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end. Woman has to be…?
Students: Woman in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end.
YB: And you have to carry your cross. You have to…?
Students: Carry your cross.
YB: So why not work on your radiant body and be bright and beautiful, so you may not go through rigmaroles, right?
Students: Yes sir.
YB: Put your Jupiter fingers together and lock your Saturn finger down. Look at the tip of your nose. Put your spine straight. All right. Put your index finger, the first joint of the index fingers together, Jupiter fingers. Lock your Saturn finger with your thumb right at the heart center, look at the tip of your nose, now that’s very important to look at the tip of your nose, that is very important.
Student: (-------)
YB: Ah? Oh yeah.
Student: (-------)
YB: It is called Jupiter finger first, all right, all done? Put that tape on in which Guru Gobind Singh gave us the words of the one word mantra for our radiant body.
The tape is played: ‘Ajay, alay, Abhay…’
(Over the song)
Inhale, hold the breath, exhale. Inhale, hold it tight, concentrate, exhale. With very clear way, inhale deep, hold tight, exhale.
(The tape stops).
You want to find a miracle answer, whenever you are in trouble, I am not putting any condition, when you are in trouble if you memorize this mantra by heart start chanting it, all right, and see the situation being solved and the opposition dissolved right in your presence. Okay?
Student: Okay.
YB: It is not very difficult work to remember these few words, is it difficult? Rather than arguing and questioning and answering and saying just start chanting mentally. Yeah and watch out. See what happens. I am not telling you that you will not be in difficulty because it’s the faculty of the moon to wean and wax, right? But whenever you are weaning and waxing, you are being attacked one way or the other, and you start chanting it, you will excel. Accepting this is the beauty of every woman.
Now welcome to Espanola, is it July yet?
Student: Not yet. One more week.
YB: Are we not in July yet?
Students: No sir.
YB: Why not?
(Students' laughter...)
Well, how your tents doing?
Student: Okay.
YB: You may not like the situation but the fact is originally our idea is to have earth energy and be with the earth so the heavens can descend. I know you can afford motor homes and all those kinds of things. But just suffer. It will make you tough. Right? When a woman is trained to be tough and then she smiles, she wins and happiness is her birthright.
All right, “May the….
The class sings: “May the long time sunshine upon you…Saaaaaaaaaat Nam.”
May you be blessed, may you enjoy the pure heart, may you enjoy the exalted head, may you feel complete and fulfilled and may His grace be with you all the time. May you be successful in your mission and may you complete your life to be victorious. Sat Nam.
Student: Sat Nam.
YB: Well, so we will meet again tomorrow, right?
Students: Yes sir.
YB: Good enough, right?
Students: Yes sir.
YB: Well, well….Once upon a time, in the old, old days we used to have classes here.
(Students' laughter...)
And ladies camps were better than any military camp we ever had. But now we are trying to reverse back to those things in a couple of years slowly. Ah Sumpuran you have to lecture. Come on, they want a speech.
(Student's clapping)
Student: All I am going to say is we have a sheriff out there and if a few cars don’t get moved we are in big trouble.
(Students' laughter...)
YB: Whose cars are those folks?
Student: Parked over in this lane and on this side of the gate. A white Explorer and a Jeep Infinity.
YB: Who are the owners? Oh kindly get your cars in quickly otherwise the Sheriff is in trouble now; later on you are going to be in trouble.
Student: Please don’t park on Juniper Lane and give two car lengths on both sides of Juniper Lane so people can see to get out.
YB: Hey bring the cars in. Get in there and there is a circle there, and after that get lost in that whole wilderness.
(Students' laughter...)
Nothing wrong with that. It’s quite a huge numbers of acres but there is a big pit there, avoid it. All right, now it is cold, go to your tents. Tomorrow morning survey the land and see where you can park, okay?
Students: Yes sir.
YB: Thank you.

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