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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 02/19/1989
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Corruption of Religion

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

There are many religious aspects which shall face you in the coming years, and you may not be in a position to give the practical answer. And the problem at this time is that your own children are asking you certain questions for which you don't have answers. And when your own child asks you a question and you do not have an answer, that means your consciousness has asked you a question and you don't have an answer.

This continuous process has been going on for centuries and there has been a tremendous corruption in the religion. Religion is an embodiment not only of the corruption but of the shallowness of existence. Religion has to come down to the level of the ordinary grass roots man who does not know anything other than manipulation. You have to understand... one man became very religious and extremely spiritual and raised his consciousness and got detached from everything and became very divine. After all... his divinity is his personal divinity... and he started sharing that divinity with others and some people found the truth in it, and they had no experience of their own, in spite of the fact of what he is talking about, but they thought, "Well, here is a man who has the peace of mind, who has the tranquility of truth. Who is consistently inspiring. He's unattached, he's aloof." So they started liking it.

One thing starts the other, and a religion gets set up. But then when a religion grows up... like Christianity grew up from caves to temples, and Judaism got up from sitting on the corner of the piece of land to synagogues, and Sikhism got up from Guru Nanak sitting on the charpai (it means that little piece of bed) and teaching people in the gurdwaras, which then there was gold on it and everything else, you know.

But after all, who provides for it? Do we understand who provides that money? We'll say, "the God provides it, Guru provides it", but if God provides and Guru provides it, and you go to a person and ask him for a couple of hundred dollars for that kind of thing, just watch his face. He will make sure that you understand that HE provides it. I mean to say, the most debauched spiritual bankruptcy starts when you ask somebody in the Name of God for money and he starts assuring you that if you ask him in his name then he'll provide. And that is where the corruption came, and that is where the deformation came... that man came down to the level of an ordinary man who could only know to fulfill his ego and he didn't know what God is and he didn't know what Guru is.

Guru Nanak has been listened to and heard for 500 and some more years... let's say 519-520 years, something like that. People have heard him. People have listened to him, people have understood him, and now you will be surprised... there are philosophers who talk about Guru Nanak, there are theologians who discuss Guru Nanak, but do they know what Guru Nanak said?

Guru Nanak started with one simple line: "Ik Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad" Guru Nanak said if you cannot let your ego go, it's okay. Because if you won't let your ego go, somebody else won't let his ego go. So, ego-ego, two egos will meet, communicate, and talk, which is a normal way of life, but it shall only happen if Thou shalt wish it well. Your ego, you may let it go, or you may not let it go. If you let it go, you'll become universal. If you won't let it go, you'll become limited. Ego has no other role but to fix your identity. And sometimes it can fix your identity and nail you to the point that you won't move. Then your God becomes YOUR God; and your religion becomes YOUR religion; your gurdwara becomes YOUR gurdwara.

You have to understand. Take for example Islam. Islam... all its territorial conquests have been able to break the muratees, the statues of God, wherever they exist. There are two things Islam has done. Wherever it has conquered, it has removed the pagan God. There are two Gods, you know? special God and non-special God. So it found out there is a pagan God. Now we agree that in a stone there is no God, and Islam stood for: "There is One Allah and He is the Merciful and in His existence or realization you cannot have a statue. Therefore break the statue. Don't worship the statue."

Do you know that Mecca, Kabba is nothing but a big stone? You know what is the beauty of it? In Arabia which is a land of sand and soil, there cannot be a granite stone, and it is nothing but a big black granite stone. That's all it is. And that stone has been kissed by almost every Muslim, physically or mentally or just in thoughts. Now if all the Muslims are right and every statue has to be broken, and if somebody goes and breaks their stone, you know what they will do? Just see! Somebody just wrote a novel, and look what they are doing. Somebody just wrote a novel and they are doing everything in their power -- so if you just touch that stone, you know what they will do? But they break every other stone, every other statue but their own. That is spiritual ego.

They put Jesus on the cross, Christians started kissing the cross, and still they do it. As the guy, Jesus Christ, had only done one thing, that he went on a cross. They do not understand, on the cross he forgave those who were his enemies. That made him a Christ. That part, don't remind them. It is against the intelligence of the statehood. It is against this... you know, they will come out with so many things. But they say they love Christ. Who loves Christ? No one. They cannot understand the man can have the capacity that normally when you are on the cross you are tied down with ropes (he was never tied down with ropes, he was nailed down on the cross... made it very painful)... and they put a crown of thorns on his head to make him understand that he is the king, because he was talking about God. In spite of all that tragedy, all that pain... in his compassion and his kindness he forgave. "God, if this cup passes away, fine. If it doesn't, they don't know what they are doing." And just understand his status. The Jews
decided that a thief who attacked a Roman policeman should be let go and Jesus should be put on the cross. That was his total value. Same with Guru Nanak. Name any holy man in history. Nobody cared for them, nobody listened to them. But we have to somehow pretend to be religious.

Somebody asked a very heavy question and I have to answer that. Somebody asked: "If we all know about God and there is God everywhere, then why we can't find out?" Well, there are some beautiful people, wonderful people... they prostitute their body. You don't respect them. They call it love. They call it anything. They blend it, they name it, they say it any way they want it. But fact is, prostituting your body is prostituting your body, and only one who does, knows. Nobody else can know, (or the vice squad knows, or the police caught up with it) and they say it is a karma. That's a kind of story. Now what is the difference between those and you who prostitute your soul? You know it. You know it soul is a part of the universe. You know soul belongs to everybody. You know soul is in everybody. You have heard Guru Nanak:

"Aval Allah noor upaa-i-aa, kudarat ke sabh bande,
ayk noor te sabh jag upaji-aa, kaon bhale ko mande."

--Kabir, SGGS pg. 1349-50

In the beginning God brought forth His light.
From His creative power came all beings.
From One light the entire universe came forth.
So who is good and who is bad?

Kete sifat saalaah ke-aa ke-eeay. God you are Infinite of the Infinite, of the Infinite. Who can even appreciate what you have done?

And do you know in Islam you cannot have music? Absolutely. If you pass through before the Mosque playing music they will kill you. They will think you have insulted them. Because music was considered terrible because it was just for commotions, emotions, and sexual feeling and sensual feeling. That's what music was. And music was only in prostitutes' houses. But there was nothing wrong with the music. The naad was naad. But naad has a very sophisticated part of it. It's the Anhad, the subtle self. As much is being done to decorate, to compensate, and to elaborate the gross self, nothing is being done for the subtle self.

And the question was: "If God has to be remembered 24 hours -- how?" That was the question asked. "How can you remember God 24 hours?" You have to work, you have to sleep, you have to cook, you have to go, you have to come.

It's so easy! How do you remember a friend? How do you remember your date? You DO remember what you need to remember... where YOU are involved. So in case you are involved with the Guru, you are involved with the God, then you shall remember.

I asked somebody, I said, "I didn't see you in the gurdwara last Sunday?" You know what his reply was? "I forgot that it was Sunday." Now if a person can forget a whole Sunday, how can he remember gurdwara? I said, "No fault of yours. Do it again." He said, "But I'm happy, though." I said, "Why?" He said, "At least you noticed I was not there." I said, "The mind plays many games but your mind is fast enough."

You must understand, in yourself there's a depth -- a deep depth. That deep depth is the soul... but it's dormant. And most powerful vibrating force is the mind -- and it is shallow. Depth and shallow are related right there. Whatever shall come from your mind shall be shallow. Whatever shall come from your soul shall be deep.

When I used to travel, I used to see sometimes they pick up a book from the airport newsstand. It is as thick as you can handle it. Sometime, I don't know... 500-600 pages. People read those books, people write those books, they print those books, they are very popular. You call them novels. And I call them, "Waste time books". They are mental elaborations and people go with that mental shallowness.

The strength does not belong to Jesus Christ and his miracle. No. Strength belongs to his virtual strength of forgiveness, kindness and compassion. Strength does not belong to Guru Nanak that he was a great Guru. Strength belongs to when even he forgave Akbar, his captor, the king, and showed him the divinity. Strength did not belong to Guru Arjan who could perform any miracle. It was nothing. But strength belonged to Guru Arjan when he sat on the hot plate and forgave those... and in spite of the fact that Miramir asked him, "Why?" He said, "Close your eyes. See it yourself so that there may not be any doubt." Divinity has no benefit but one... because there is One God, so divinity has one benefit. It's one-pointed: Where there's a divinity, there's no duality. Where there's a duality, there's no divinity. It's as simple, as pure, as can be said and done. Where there are mind games being played, there no spiritual game can be played. And where there's a spiritual game being played, the mind has no space.

Homai naavai naal virodh hei.

--Guru Amar Das, SSGS pg. 560

Ego has an animosity with God.

The ego is finite. It nails you down. Somebody said, "I have a horizon. I have a dream." There's nothing. Don't take me wrong. These days you are all trying to prove I am wrong somewhere. That stupid campaign is going on. "Prove it to me he is wrong." You can't prove me wrong. Neither you can prove me right, nor you can prove me wrong, nor you can love me, nor you can hate me, because you don't even know me! I understand your problem, I understand you, and I understand the environment. You can't do anything for me. There's nothing you can do. You have tried to do everything, but you have not listened even to me, who talks every Sunday in spite of medical defiance. My idea is, perhaps someday you will listen.

The fact of life is, there's nothing you can do. There's nothing wrong with a dream. But you can have just one dream. What about the next dream? Who'll have that? What about the next dream? As you make a fire and put wood in the fire, the flame will go, and it can become a bonfire. So, as you put desire into a desire, into a desire, it can become a bonfire of desires. At one stage you will not even exist.

When I see people fighting in temples, in synagogues, in gurdwaras... these are the places where you come to change your alternative modus operandi before the altar of divinity which you respect and to which you bow... and when you come in these places and cannot be serene, cannot be calm, cannot be clean, cannot be one-pointed, you have to understand there is something seriously wrong with you. It may not look wrong, because you can get away with things. To 'get away with things'in life is everybody's option. You all can get away. But when you'll get 'in' to life, there are certain things you must understand.

Your outer strength which you collect, which you gather, is not equal to an iota of your inner strength. The only problem which I have seen among people is that they do not care for the inner strength. They do not add anything to the inner strength. They do not even understand that inner strength means anything.

I was joking that day. Somebody was asking me a simple question. "Why people go berserk so fast? Why they are so unhappy?" "Well, why not?" I said. "You play guitar in the gurdwara? If your guitar doesn't have any strings, how can you play music out of it? Is 'guitar' the name of the wood, and that shape and those levers on the top? Is 'guitar' the name of your fingers? Are you responsible? Guitar, with all that, is still the name of those strings which you play and the knowledge of HOW to play. Knowledge how to play those strings, THAT is the guitar. You should have your nerves, and the knowledge how to preserve your nerves and play your nerves. That is your divinity."

When patience is impossible, if you are patient then, you are a Sikh. If kindness is not possible but you are still kind, then you are a Sikh. When compassion is not possible, but your compassion is out and out to serve, then you are a Sikh... Then you are listening to Guru Nanak. You are not listening to Guru Nanak because you can quote Guru Nanak. By putting 200 bibles on a donkey, you think he becomes a priest? Are you kidding? Otherwise, because tape recorder reads a Japji to me, it has become Guru Nanak now? No! Tape recorder remains a tape recorder. One who listens, enjoys it, and one who recorded it enjoys it. It doesn't make any difference to that tape recorder.

All of you who have all the knowledge of divinity do not become divine... because you did it for socialization. I saw a young kid with a heavy load of a tape recorder -- big enough that I wouldn't like to carry it. And he blasted it up and he was dancing with it, and he was going along the street with it, and I asked somebody, I said, "Look, it's spiritual ego! Look at this. That's how our spiritual ego is. Sometimes we dance around it, and feel around it, and let people hear about it, and we want to play holy. But actually we have more holes in us which we even cannot cover."

Spirituality is not a joke. It is a reality. It is a power which must be contained and if you have cup in the rain, upside down, it won't be fulfilled. There may be six inches of rain, but problem is not with rain. Problem is not with the cup. Problem is that it is upside down. If cup is straight, it will fill itself with water from the rain. That's what prayer means. To keep the cup straight... so whenever there's a rain and blessing and mercy and kindness... then it can be fulfilled. Idea is simple. Keep ready. Keep cup straight. Who knows when it will rain?

Chatrik... chatrik is a bird. It wants rain water. It cannot drink water otherwise. It cannot drink from the puddle, only from the raindrop. It cries, and cries, and cries, and cries. Every poet, every spiritual person has given reverence to the chatrik and to his longing for that drop of rain. But it keeps its mouth open. I have never seen a chatrik who has ever kept his mouth shut. And God knows when the rain will come, and when one drop of rain will go and touch his tongue and he'll be satisfied forever. That's all in one year that it needs... one drop. That's a longing.

But do we have that longing? We come to gurdwara when we have nothing else to go to. Or we come to gurdwara when we have not shown up for seven or eight days, or weeks, and then we think, "Oh my God, somebody will notice." Or we come to the gurdwara, "Let us go to the gurdwara." Do we come to the gurdwara because we have to lead our children? Do we come to the gurdwara because there is a childlike innocence in us called soul? Do we come to gurdwara that out of every make-up, this is also to make up with the Guru and God? Do we come to gurdwara with any specific internal purposes? Or do we come to gurdwara because this is one of the other rituals we have understood that it has to be part of one week?

Many of us admittedly cannot get up for sadhana. Sadhana for some people is a very boring, neurotic combination of a lot of people in the morning, and it is painful to get up and take a cold shower, then get ready, get out of your house, and go to do it, and it is a routine, it is the SAME THING every day. It is just to keep the cup straight. Every day at the twilight zone when it is not night, when it is not darkness, not light. You know when you have to die, remember me that I said it to you. I'm not lying to you. At that time you shall pass through the twilight zone. It'll not be a day, it'll not be a night. It's just that practice. It is that sadhana. If at that twilight zone time you have the habit -- because you must remember, you don't... you cannot run your life, you cannot think all the time. You make habits in order to run the life automatically.

Somebody was very highly boasting to me. He said, "I drive an hour and a half to work, and I come back an hour and a half from work, and I do not notice it." I said, "It is a bumper to bumper traffic and you drive it?" He said, "I am so habitual. I know it so habitually." I said, "You don't make any accident?" He said, "No. It's a routine." You make your life a routine and that is always what you do.

Try to play this game once. Sit down in your own house and start abusing. In your own house. After a couple of weeks you'll be abusing outside. That's how the habit is.

There was a person. He got drowned in the river. After a long journey downstream through that river, the fisherman took him out. He didn't have any memory. They healed him. They comforted him. He became all right. So they were trying to ask him to go out and sit in the sun. He was an artist. He started with his hands, moving the ground. They started seeing, looking at it. In one hour, with his hand, he carved out of the ground a beautiful elephant. He put ears on it, put trunk on it, put whole thing on it. They were shocked. They said, "This guy has no memory... doesn't speak." They brought him in, they rested him. One day somebody had a very funny idea. He gave him a piece of wood. To their surprise he took a knife from the kitchen and took the piece of wood and made a horse out of that. Because all of life it was his habit as an artist to create, to take nothing and turn it into something. It's a habit. Some people develop this habit because they understand that ultimately habit will make you live.

Sikhs were all right, they were very divine, they were rishis. When it came to Guru Gobind Singh, he gave them the rehit. What is the rehit of the Sikh? It is just a seal that you are supposed to live like a rishi. It's not a punishment. Somebody asked this question, "Oh, there are millions of people who do not live that way." I said, "Yeah, there are trillions of people who do not live that way, because they are born as a child, they want to live as a child, they don't want to grow."

When you grow up in age you are afraid to have grey hairs, and when they come to you, you feel miserable about them. And finally they come so much, you can't do anything. And finally once the wrinkles start, you start getting every cream in the world to remove the wrinkles. And after a while the whole body becomes wrinkled. Should you then submerge yourself in that cream forever? When something tells you that you are getting old, proportionately it is telling you that you are getting wise, and you don't want to believe that. You don't want to be old, because you don't want to be wise. That's your fight. You just want not to be old. You want to be childish and get away with everything you want to get away with. And if somebody tells you, "This is not the way," you try to destroy that person. If religion tries to tell you, "This is not the way," you try to influence religion, you try to destroy religion. It is a man's habit.

There was a Christianity. It was Christ-dom. And the pope used to have the spiritual authority. He used to send those red caps everywhere to see that everything is spiritually right. And one king of England wanted to not be married to that woman, and he wanted to marry another woman. That was his problem. He was powerful, so he changed the entire religion. There is an Anglican Church. It has a huge population. It came from one incident. Henry the great womanizer never wanted to do it. He told the pope. That's all the problem was. And the pope wouldn't give him a divorce because the pope was weak, because the king of Spain was the relative of that lady and it was not politically right. And you know what it came down to? There was one man who challenged the pope and said, "This is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong." They didn't like him. And there became a Protestant religion, all the way in the Christianity. Then forget it. Then Seventh Day Adventists, 6th day partners, 2 days this, one day this, then name it. Then
you can't even believe! They found Lost Sea Scrolls. They have found now another cup full with the oil which they say they had on Jesus... massaged his head with it and all that stuff. And if somebody can find a relic of Guru Nanak or Guru Gobind Singh... you can't believe those guys. But actually speaking fact, WE are the relics of Guru Nanak. We are his embodiment. We carry the same spirit which Guru Nanak carried.

And Guru Gobind Singh totally decided it. He said,

"Khalsa mero roop hei khaas.
Khalsa meh hau karau nivaas."

--Guru Gobind Singh (Amrit Kirtan, pg. 291)
Sarab Loh Granth

You are my special presence. I live in the Khalsa.

I LIVE in the Khalsa! My nivaas, my living place, is the Khalsa. "Khalsa mere jaan ke jaan. Khalsa mere praan ke praan." Khalsa is my breath of life. Khalsa is my real life. But also the same Guru Gobind Singh said:

"Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh."

The Khalsa belongs to God, the purity belongs to God, and
victory belongs to God.... also...

Victory belongs to the proportionate purity. Victory doesn't belong to manipulation.

Somebody asked me the question that day, "What is manipulation and what is common sense intelligence?" I said, "When you achieve something for yourself which is not coming to you, it is manipulation. And common sense intelligence is when you cannot afford to give to somebody, and then give it." That person said, "Oh Yogiji, this is your answer?" I said, "Well, you asked me. Why didn't you call some other number? Why I am the only one available for it? You have asked me a simple question and I have given you a simple answer."

The purpose of soul, intelligence and strength is when you cannot do something for somebody, and you do it. And when you really can manipulate something for yourself, and you stop it. You want to know the practical divinity business? Businesslike divinity? Real divinity? And you want to know what will happen, what is the net profit of it? Then God will work for you. That Almighty God which runs the universe shall be obliged to be your servant. If you don't agree with me, then read what Nanak said. Do we have that pauree? "Ant na sifatee....?" I know you don't know the practical meaning of it, but I know you can recite it. Right? Come on, let us recite it. (sangat recites...)

Ant na sifatee kahan na ant. Ant na karanaai den na ant.
Ant na vekhan sunan na ant. Ant na jaapai kiaa man man.
Ant na jaapai keetaa aakaar. Ant na jaapai paaraavaar.
Ant kaaran kete bilalaaeh. Taa ke ant na paa-e jaa-eh.
Eho ant na jaanai ko-eh. Bahotaa keheeai bahotaa ho-eh.
Vadaa saahib oochaa thaa-o. Ooche opar oochaa naa-o.
Evad oochaa hovai ko-eh. Tis ooche ka-o jaanai so-eh.
Jevad aap jaanai aap aap. Naanak nadaree karamee daat.

--24th pauree of Japji Sahib

Now you have read it. Have you understood it? Now you will say because it is the language of Nanak, therefore we do not know. Let us read you the translation of it. Do you have the translation? Good. Handy. Handy translation. Please listen to the translation and try to concentrate.

Countless are the praises, as well as the praisers of God.

Countless are the praises as well as the praisers of God. It means if you do not praise Him... it doesn't mean that there there is a shortage of that and He is going to come and say, "So and so, Sir, please do sadhana because without you I am just dying. I am not being appreciated." No, that's not the problem. Countless! Everybody's countless.

Countless are the works and gifts of God.

His works, which He has created. And His gifts are countless. He is not dependent on that you have done a karah prasad and bring a one dollar to the Guru, that's the end of it. There's a countless. Yeah.

God's power of hearing and seeing is limitless.

It is countless, too. He sees. You know where He sees? Somebody said, "Where is the God?" I said, "When the leaf in the spring will come out of the bud, if you watch that, that is the eye of God." That's the bud God has planted in the tree. Everything in the nature is the creation of God. It is His eye and His ear. You don't see it. You even walk over it. You destroy it. You have nothing to do with it. Every spring God brings the beauty of color and new life, and every winter He brings the snow and the purity. Every summer He brings the warmth and the heat. Every, every day, every day, there is something for you being done. You do not understand. Go ahead.

The limits of the purpose within God's mind are unknown.

You are only worried about your games. Look at this:

The limits of the creation, created by God, are unknown.

We are almost five billion people, isn't that? Five billion humans on the earth? Something like that. Do you know there are so many universes, and so many souls, and so many lives, and so much that you can't even count it? Go ahead.

The limits of this and the other end of God are unknown.

Unknown. Science cannot find it. Science cannot find out. Science found out that atom has three parts and one part of the atom is like dot and dash together. It is yin and yang together.

Many people weep and yearn to find His limits but these
are not to be found.

You see among us, some people lay the trauma and they play the drama of tears. It's not a different habit. We do it all the time in our homes, with our loved ones, where we can lay our hand. We do the same thing.

No one can know the limit of God. The more we describe,
the more is yet to be found.

It is not possible that we'll not reach a limit, but when we'll reach a limit, then we find out this is it, there is something else, something else. Once there was a Sufi saint and a king came to him and he said, "Show me how big is the God and where I can trace Him out." The saint took out an onion and gave it to him. He said, "Peel it." The king started peeling it, peeling it, peeling it, peeling it, peeling it. In the end there was nothing but those bunch of roots left of the onion. He said, "Hey Sufi, the onion is gone. Roots are left." The Sufi said, "Don't you understand, king? You will go, your good deeds will be left. That's God." How deep are your roots with the Infinity, that will be left. Everything else has to go.

God is great, His seat is high. God's Name is the highest
of the high. If one were to be as big and as high as God,
only then would he know the height of God.


God alone knows how great He is. Nanak says that the
merciful God showered His gifts by His kind look.

Now question is simple: why I am asking you to deal with it? There's a one line which can describe the whole thing:

"Ant Beant Hei." The end is endless.

The entire Sikh religion is based on one thing: End is endless. If end is endless, then sometime you can experience who is the master of that endless which you call God. Your body's not a friend of yours. Through certain years it will collect all the deposits, it will grow old, it will start living in pain itself. Pain is not in vain. Pain is just letting you know. You accept on a car 70,000 miles or 7 years limit, but you do not accept on your body any limit. You think it is a limitless. You do not care for the body, you only care for the beauty. You do not care for the body. If you care for the body, beauty will not go away. You do not care for the body, you care for the beauty. You make-up with your looks, you do not make up with your self. The problem is basically, the energy which you have, you waste it, and waste it in wrong direction, and in the end you will never have anything to waste. You will get wasted.

If you in this lifetime, in the Name of God, or the church, or Jesus Christ or Guru Nanak, or Buddha, or Mohammed, or God knows... whoever you want to talk about... do not make yourself a concept of vastness to the Infinity, and your compassion and kindness does not get awakened, you are worse than that worm which at least is useful to get on the hook to catch a fish. You are that useless. You serve no purpose. Your existence does not have meaning. Because it does not sound right if a king goes and digs trenches. It is for the soldiers. For the king it is to give them the morale and slogan and the authority and energy to win, so that the sovereignty can be saved. For a human, just to do those jobs which in other incarnations we have already done is not very fruitful, is not very suitable. For a human to realize as a part of Infinity, is the part of being human.

Humanity has done everything. I was watching yesterday the Discovery Channel on TV . We have now got the atom bomb, we have got the hydrogen bomb. Now we are getting to the star wars. All we know is how to destroy humanity. Have we also done the same way to bring peace of mind to anybody? Has money been spent in our American budget to allocate at least one dime for a project called 'peace of mind?' A monkey president with an idiotic nature and a paranoia and a phobia can wage the war, and either it can attack Grenada or it can attack Russia, it doesn't matter. Attack is only one attack you need. After that you don't need a thing. It all will be automatic around your neck. But you must understand, the billions of dollars we are spending to create this destructive energy, it all will be displayed.

And you enjoy destruction because on the fourth of July when you see all those lights and bombs going up and lights spreading, and that beautiful scene you see, you say, "Wow!" One day my dear citizens, you are going to see exactly what you see on the fourth of July, but you shall not live to record it. Another fourth of July shall not come. And you are not doing something unusual. You have done it many many times. This is your fifth time. According to the Aztec Calendar, that you are going to do it again. And you know, four times, if you have not learned, why should you learn the fifth time?

So basically man has always tried three things: Control, control, and control. He has never tried: Compassion, compassion, and compassion. Where compassion lives, God lives. Where control lives, devil lives. Do not give any money to anybody who wants to tell you about God on the TV, because God does NOT live where there's a control. That's the devil's place. But they'll prove it that the God is in control.

A discipline which does not become part of your personality -- that's how Guru Gobind Singh solved the problem. Guru Gobind Singh's theory was very simple. A discipline which does not become part of the personality is not worth the discipline. And a discipline which does not make personality as Infinity is not worth the discipline. That's why his discipline was evident. As sophisticated as it could be, it was apparent -- as apparent as it could be.

So therefore, please realize, that we have done from '84 to '88 all the tragedy and now there is a serious problem. '89 onward is the year of prosperity, and remember, in a prosperity people suffer more! They bifurcate more. They remain un-united more. In a prosperity they sleep more. In a prosperity they are mischievous more. You must understand, prosperity is a virtual power energy.

Last night a funny thing happened. I was very sleepy and I wanted to do my sadhana and do my thing, so I called my specialist and asked him, I said, "I am just very drowsy, sleepy and I don't like it." He said, "Well, we'll do certain acupuncture and we'll change it." Good enough. He changed it and whole night I was more awake than I have been in all my life! Exactly I remember if there is a prosperity it is energy, and if it is not handled, it is not taken care of, it is not dedicated to God, if it is not under the surveillance and guidance-ship of the Guru, then it becomes nothing but a tragedy. Tragedy and prosperity are very fine things.

It is my prayer to you that you start leading your life towards the goal of prosperity, but remembering that victory belongs to Wahe Guru. And do not, please, for God's sake, carve out your own Wahe Guru! As they have carved out their own God, and they have carved out their own devil... in between don't carve out your own Wahe Guru... because Wahe Guru is uncarvable. But there is one way: See Wahe Guru in everything you see, because the power of the optic nerve to see IS Wahe Guru! The eardrum to hear in your ear is Wahe Guru. The tongue and its combination to speak is Wahe Guru. Your feet walk... Wahe Guru walks through them. Your hands get lifted, that's Wahe Guru. Remember, Ang Sang Wahe Guru. If just you remember, honestly dedicatedly, spiritually, one thing, with every limb there is a Wahe Guru, I don't think Wahe Guru lives very far away from you.

I think you will become Wahe Guru!

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!


Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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