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Lecture by :
Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 08/26/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hail Guru Ram Das and Heal the World

Siri Singh Sahib's birthday is his birthday gift to us.)

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

There are very many old theories and one of the theories which the Western world does not recognize, and that was a necessity for Christianity to eliminate, is: Avagavan. If you read the Bible in the original 6th-80 to 8th-80 (those are very many prominent chapters), but in King James version, a lot of things, sea-scrolls, the reincarnation, the karma, all these were taken away. The intention was that people were not mentally considered competent to go through such a philosophical situation about reality of life. It was a simple thing. "You believe in Christ. He died for your sins. Gig is up. Let's get going. God is within the reach. Kick the devil. Love the God. Game is up." The idea was not to dislodge people. The idea was to give people an immediate uplifting. They were worshipping Jupiter, they were worshipping this, they were worshipping that. And the idea was to bring them to oneness of God.

Fundamentally, man cannot feel fulfilled without uplifting himself. You cannot take the staircase and live in a building which is 200 stories up. You have to have a lift. Life is also like that. Life needs a lift in life. It's a necessity. Call it social necessity, call it psychological necessity. Call it a religious reality. Then question is, 'Why we who are humans are having problems? Why some of us are poor? Why many of us are unhappy? Why we cannot face a situation and deal with it positively. Why sometime the psychological depression, inverted anger, capability and capacity to deal with a situation, give us a burst out?' These are questions mankind is trying to answer from last five thousand years.

If you go to Toronto, (it is a city in Canada), you'll find on the corner of every street a church or a synagogue or something like that. It is a city of churches. But still the common person is hurting exactly the way it used to be. America believes in One God, one nation under One God. It is the richest nation in the world. It is the super-power in the world. People are so hollow, so shallow, so hurting, so unfulfilled, so perverted.

And now the new generation which you are going to face is going to be very painful. Because now it takes two people to make enough to get by. It means there'll be no mother in home, there'll be no father in home, and the new generation will be grown up in what you call 'care centers.' So in another 20 years we'll have a world which does not come from home... family... parents. Bad and good, there's already enough bad. But it's going to be a 'care center generation.' What it actually means? It means we have reached an optimum point of insanity, we are unable to handle ourselves. We are like a tooth which has a cavity. A tooth which cannot chew the food. Forget about digesting it. Life is there. Life is there with absolutest ampleness. But there's no taste in it.

Look at a person, so beautifully looking, so wonderful. Look at the clothes, look at the shoes. Matching color of the leather of the shoes, then the belt, then the purse. There may not be anything in the purse, but they have to be matching. Even whatever the color of the shoe is, that is the color of the watch, that is the color of the dial of the watch. Why? We look so pretty outside, we spend billions of dollars every year to look good when we cannot feel good. Because feeling good is not available in any shop. It is not in any yoga center. It is not in any gurdwara. It is not in any temple. No swami, yogi, priest, padre, rabbi can give you feeling good. It is not for sale.

Guru Nanak said it so clearly. Gave an affidavit, signed it, and put his name to it. He didn't go to vedic time. He didn't say it in Sanskrit. Though his sloks are in Sanskrit. He said it very simple: "Amrit Vela sach nao, vadeeaaee veechaar." In the ambrosial hours.

Now, people say, "Why ambrosial hour?" Sun is 60 degrees. Ray of the sun hits the earth 60 degrees, and in the evening ray of the sun again hits 60 degrees. And life IS by the sun ray. Mind and the neurons in the brain in the electro-magnetic field of the psyche in the pattern of the totality of its own emburstment of its energy. It's as a total it's own life. That law God cannot change. There's nothing religion can do. There's nothing a holy man can do. Except he can fall himself in the hole. The pattern of the neuron in the psyche of its own involvement and in its own indulgement, has to be revived every time. And the best is when you can do it all right, you can do the best.

That's why that ambrosial hour is when you take bath, you sit down, and you start a war. So that you can have peace inside. There are three things in real estate: location, location and location. There are three things in life: peace of mind, peace of a nation, and peace of the world. There's nothing more than that. If the mind is not at peace... it doesn't have the harmony... it cannot tranquilize with the opposition. It cannot win the war of challenge. Person may look beautiful... he may buy the whole world with money. That person shall be unfulfilled, empty, unhappy. That is why to solve the situation, Guru Nanak said: "Amrit velaa sach nao, vadi-aa-ee veechaar." Why 'vadi-aa-ee?' Why to praise the God? Now, it's a very selfish act. When you think big you become big. God is an Infinity. Whenever the finite tunes in with the Infinity, it enriches itself. That's the secret of prosperity: enrichment.

People think that they are educated, they have got degrees and they can be rich. You know how neurotic they go? Have you seen rich people? I had a friend in Los Angeles. One day he asked me, "Yogi, ask Guru Ram Das I should become very rich." I said, "So be it." He said, "So quick?" I said, "Yes." He said, "How come?" I said, "I see in the heavens you are going to be the most miserable man in the United States and the only way you can be most miserable is if you will be really rich." He said, "God, you have cursed me." I said, "No, you asked for it. I gave it." He said, "But what will happen to me?" I said, "You look for yourself."

One day I had a chance to visit him. I asked him, "How is the life?" He said, "You know, when I met you 18 years ago?" I said, "Yeah?" "And you told me, 'you will be rich?'" I said, "I remember." He said, "Can I be poor again?" I said, "No." "What is wrong with me?" I said, "Wrong is, richness comes from the God and you think it comes through you. You have attached with the richness so bad that you have six accountants to advise you and nine advisors to tell you and six persons to tell you when to go to bathroom and when not. You have created this chaos. You have created something to control your life."

When your life is not yours, where happiness can be yours? You don't have a peace of mind. Life needs peace of mind. Peace of mind cannot be bought. Without peace of mind, there cannot be happiness.

Let me tell you something again. There are seven steps to happiness. Man has pondered over it for five thousand years. Those steps have to be walked...

1. Commitment 2. character 3. dignity 4. divinity 5. grace 6. power to sacrifice 7. happiness.

Happiness comes only when your tolerance becomes so wide that... like an ocean... your kindness and compassion becomes so practical that it cannot shake itself, and with all that you live in gratitude of the totality of God.

Some people have made religion as a joke. "Holier than thou." They play a worst part of the best of the situation. Without kindness, life is empty. Without compassion life has no direction. Once somebody asked me, "What is the direction in life?" I said, "Be compassionate." (Person yells): "Easier to say than do!" I said, "It is easy to yell and scream. On one hand you are asking. On other hand I am telling. Why we are fighting?" (Person again yells): "I cannot be compassionate. I get angry!" I said, "Don't." Person said, "But I DO!" I said, "You have three rights to get angry. 1. On yourself; 2. you get angry with one you love; 3. you get angry when you have to mature your own immaturity. These are three rules for which a person can use anger." Person said, "So I love you." I said, "Okay." Person said, "I am angry at you." I said, "That's fine. That's reasonable." Person said, "But I cannot be compassionate." I said, "At least start. Be kind." "How I can be
kind?" I said, "You say, 'Please tell me. My mind is going to go spin. And I cannot control myself. I am out of control. Is there any way?'" She said, "All right." I said, "It is very simple. The day that you give one tenth of your time, 24 hours, 2-1/2 hours, you give to your mind, you fight with it, it takes 2-1/2 hours of direct combat with the mind to calm it down for the rest of the time, then prosperity is granted, doesn't matter which state of mind you are."

Mind is a very vast power. Some people take pills to sleep, some read books to sleep. Some people drink. Some people do lot of things. You know why you do lot of things? Because your mind is not with you. So whatever the physical appearance is, is one step. Second step is, as beautifully you look, so beautiful should be your mind. Tolerant, vast, sharp, filled with capacity, creativity, projection, and interaction.

People talk of love these days and I hear them all. Maybe this sickness has done a more favor to me than it could have done. When I was working, I was working 16, 18 hours a day. I didn't have a minute to even think, to stop, appointments are there, program is set, go, go, go, go, go! Now there is no go-go business. Now it is a sit, sit, sit, sit, sit. And in this sit I wonder... people cannot sit. In Alan's house there is a one chair which is very comfortable. I asked somebody to please sit down. Person couldn't sit. Couldn't sit still. Couldn't enjoy. After watching that person for a while, I myself sat on that chair to see, is there something wrong with the chair? Chair was very comfortable. It is a very costly chair. Very sturdy, very happy chair. The person couldn't sit. That is why I understood, within those few rules of life, Guru Nanak said: "Amrit velaa sach naao, vadi-aa-ee veechaar." In those ambrosial hours, meditate... and loftiness of the God should be remembered,
appreciated, praised. Now, in simple Western words, 'charge your battery.' There's nothing better substitute than that.

"Amrit velaa sach naao vadi-aa-ee veechaar.
Karamee aavai kaparaa nadaree mokh duaar."
--4th Pauree of Japji Sahib by Guru Nanak

Your door of salvation will be in your sight. Now you may be very tired, sweaty, hungry, thirsty, blistered. But once you can see the city gate, the destination, munzal, you are so happy. It is such an achievement that pain becomes no pain at all. And in most naked situation, if you can be covered, in most tired situation, if salvation is in sight... "Naanak ayvai jaaneeai, sabh aape sachiaar." God is truth and truth tells you and Nanak says, "This is how I have found."

Now everybody wants happiness. I know that as a fact. But nobody wants to get up in the ambrosial hour. One day I was asking somebody, I said, "What are you doing?" He said, "I am meditating." I said, "It is 3 pm." He said, "Isn't that India's ambrosial hour?" I said, "Well, this is the American way." I said, "Do you do it every day at 3 pm? Is that true?" He said, "No, because you were coming today. And I thought if I'll do it and you'll say it is good, then I've got a license." I said, "No. You'll get a license when you'll get up at 3:00 early in the morning, and 2-1/2 hours you'll sit down and you fight. You fight with your own mind. When you fight when your own mind and you win, then words of Nanak will come true. 'Man jeetai jag jeet.' One who wins his own mind wins the whole world. Your all problems will be solved."

I am sharing this with you. This is my last mile of life. I have practiced for 50 years so-called religion. I have come to conclude one thing: If you cannot be a friend of your own soul, if you cannot be in control of your own mind and you cannot be kind and compassionate in your dealings, your life is a waste! Every other beauty, satisfaction, whatever you get, will bring you pain, pain and pain. Temporarily you can laugh. Temporarily you can be happy. Temporarily like a big baboon you can beat your chest, "Oh, I won, I did this, I achieved this." No, my friend, it doesn't matter if you are a Christian, it doesn't matter you are a Buddhist, it doesn't matter you are a Hindu, it doesn't matter you are a Muslim, it doesn't matter you are a Sikh, it doesn't matter you believe in Shinto, or in Confucius. You can be Zoroastrian, or you can be atheist. Life must start with kindness and kindness MUST be to the self! People who are kind to others are compensating for their guilt.
That kindness we don't need. Kindness is to yourself and it starts at 3:00 am. Self-related test is self-related test. If you cannot get up at 3 am... no, you can get up at 3 am if you have to receive somebody at the airport, your girlfriend is leaving a job in the restaurant late at night, and you go drive at 3am. For passion, yes. For neurosis, yes. For ego, yes. For show-off, yes. For machoism, yes. For self? No! You get up 3-o-clock snoring. That's the only time you want to sleep.

I am asking you, if you do not take bath, you stink. If you do not change clothes, you do not look good. If you do not clean your house, you are not comfortable. Your lawns are not taken care of, you feel upset about it. Is your mind the only one thing which can live in the most clogged up state of mind and you don't care? You presume... You presume air is clean. You presume water doesn't have bacteria, and it won't make you sick. You presume things! Let me tell you. Presume that if your mind is not cleansed for 2-1/2 hours with the Gurumantra, you won't make what is called happiness. Maybe next year on this very day you may have to celebrate my birthday without me. Maybe you will be confused. Maybe you will be in trouble. Maybe you will be very rich. Maybe a lot of things can be. Maybe, maybe, maybe. But one thing I tell you. Whosoever shall give 2-1/2 hours of the early morning to himself and herself shall have no problem. Guru Nanak vouches it, guarantees it, stands by it, in his own words, in his own
Japji. And that is the secret!

I can say to you, after practicing exactly less than 50 years. I can tell you that. In another six months I'll be completing my 50 years of my constant meditation in which I started my life. I have gone through riches, I have gone through poverty, I have gone through friendship, I have gone through betrayals. I have gone through truth, I have gone through lies. I have gone through health, I have gone through sickness. I have gone through victory, I have gone through defeats. Some were very pleasant, some were very painful. But one thing which stood with me was my meditation. If you want to be attached to something and you want to be an ego maniac, and you want to be macho, then make a decision today that hell or heaven, at 2:30, I am going to get up. I am now teaching you meditation.

Normally people lie, those who meditate. Religious people are the biggest liars and bigots I have seen. Its totally ridiculous. And the problem is they lie while sitting before you. "Meditation... I got darshans, I saw God. It was so peaceful." It's not true! When you meditate, the entire garbage of the subconscious starts floating. Meditation is not pleasant. Meditation cannot be pleasant, otherwise it is not a meditation! You are doing something else. You must have been drunk last night in meditation. Meditation is just cleaning the house. Now, you have a Hoover going on, and you say there was no noise? Well, how can these two things be possible? There is no dust? How that is possible? Things are not upside down? How that is possible? Whenever you are going to clean thorough house, you are going to see the whole thing upside down, and when you are going to release the subconscious, you are going to find not dirt of this life, but of lives, and lives, and lives, and lives, and lives.
Meditation is a MUST process. It is an act of selfishness which a person must do. What it will give you? If you suffer through that agony...

"Jinee naam dhiaaiaa ga-ay masakat ghaaal"
--Slok of Japji Sahib

Eh masakat hei. It's a labor of sweat. Unpleasant labor. It is not something which is pleasant. It cannot be. Cleaning the house and cleaning the dishes, when it is going to be pleasant? Never! You put on the gloves, you can use a special soap, you can have the best kitchen... cleaning dishes is cleaning dishes. Even if you have a dishwasher, you take the dish out and you clean it, still nobody likes it. Thanks to paper plates.

Now what happens in meditation? Whosoever meditates with gurumantra -- without gurumantra there is no meditation. Because it has to have an altar which must not have an alternative. Just remember. It is called 'trial frequency of a magnetic constituency in which the neurons, in its own input and impact, completes its own magnetic field, individually, and combinely, and within the circulatory support of the grey matter in the brain.'

About 300 years from now science is going to exactly qualify what I am saying right this minute. All medical science will treat diseases through that. Because you are the most powerful constituency in the whole universe. But when you meditate with gurumantra, it must have a reverence, it must have a respect. Reverence and respect. There are two things which must be there. There are two things which in this world go with you. Bhagat and bhagatee. Rest is all false. And bhagatee is where there is a devotion, there is a reverence, and there is a worship.

And when you sit and meditate, your mind goes berserk, then you stabilize... mind goes berserk, you stabilize, mind ..... it is a wrestling match. Have you seen that big match? That bouncing match? Two people wearing gloves and they try to bleed each other and knock each other down? It's a knock down. Sixteen counts, knock down. Sometime at third count, knock down is declared. You won. But still sit 2-1/2 hours. Give your life a chance. Two and a half hour das vand. One tenth of the time belongs to the Guru. I'm not asking you anything. I am not judging you, I am not telling you anything. I am a very fortunate and the most unfortunate person. I used to think that this man is great and he's going to give me something. Guru Ram Das took me through such a test of time, and now ultimately I even look at a great person and I say, "Guru Ram Das, God bless you. Thank you very much." And I quit. I don't stay. Because I have found the ownership is so heavy and Guru is so jealous, he doesn't let me move
anywhere. But the easiest of all is one thing which I have learned, and I am telling you... Guru as my guarantee, and 50 years almost as much life as a vouch for it...

There is nothing good in living except those personal hours of meditation.

You have sent me so many gifts today. You have. There is a gold, there is jewelry, there is money, there is everything. You have loved me more than I deserve. You have given me, on the human level, more than I desire. You have stood with me like I cannot even understand why. But I ask you one thing, give me the gift of 2-1/2 hours of self-meditation. Something has told me it can work.

Awtar Hari and Ravi Kaur were getting married here. I told them that today you shall do meditation and 3:00 you will be up. Next day this honeymoon couple came to meditation. They are on a honeymoon in a five star, six star, two star hotel, whatever that is. But 3:00 they both get up. And when I called them, "How is life?" They said, "Meditation is great." They didn't tell me about life. I wanted to know how their married life is, you know, what is their going and all that. They just said one thing, "Meditation is great." Because something clicked in them. Both thought, and that's what I could read in the aura, that "God, we don't want to have any pain in our life!" So they stuck with one thing.

I assure you, in human capacity -- I'm not kidding -- in human capacity to come through, everything is not possible. It's not possible. Nobody has strength to come through. Then HOW we can come through? We can come through as Gurprasad -- if Guru gives us. What is Gurprasad? Americans are very good, Westerners are wonderful. "Cleanliness is Godliness." This is what you say? Is that true? I didn't make it up? That means, cleaning the mind is Godly mind. Now if you have a big mansion, it takes a couple of hours to clean that mansion, right? Is that true? Mind is big, and it takes 2-1/2 hours practice to go through the carpets, go through the sofas, go through the floors, go through everything.

This is my birthday. You have given me the worldly gifts. You have given me the spiritual love. Your prayer has made me to live through. It's not my life. I'm not willing to even deny it. I don't live. That day you want me to go, I'll be quick to go home. That's not the problem. But look at your power. Look at your strength. Look what you can do. You can turn a determined death into a living extension. Aren't you saints? Isn't the word of Guru Gobind Singh come true? "Khalsa mere jaan kee jaan, Khalsa mere praan kee praan."

Those of you who practice the path of the Guru with love and devotion, has reached his blessing. Greetings to you. But those who are still half way, they should make today a painful decision. Let us do it for 40 days. Let us to for 40 days. If it doesn't suit you, then leave it. That's how I started. "Chiliaa katane." I told myself 40 days I'll meditate. And I was not very lucky. On 38th day I think something happened and I messed it up. Then I had to do 40 days again. Then I did it and that time on 27th day I remembered something happened and I couldn't do it. Third day I said, "Hell or heaven, I'm going to do it, doesn't matter what!" And I couldn't do it for three days, I was so sick. But I made somebody to do it. But then I said, "No, no, I didn't listen all the time. I slept in between. It's not true. I'm going to do it myself." I went through all this.

You know, this time when I was in the medical intensive care, nurse came and gave me a morphine injection. I had so much spaghetti around me, you can't believe it. It was just a plate of spaghetti sitting around me. There was so many of those tubes and wires around my neck under this, and three machines this side, three machines that side. But at my meditation time, the machine started howling and yelling and nurse came in because I automatically got up. Automatically. And all those things went out. And it freaked her out. She said, "What are you doing? What are you doing?" And I didn't know what I was doing. But anyway it was very painful, and she pinned it back again. And next day she never gave me morphine, and she told the nurse, she said, "This guy gets up, so leave him alone. He's all right." Then I thought, "This is what Guru said." In the last moment of your... why we meditate? At the last moment when we have to close our worldly eyes, and calm down our worldly
senses, and say good-bye to the enemies, and to the friends, and to the relatives, and to those who blessed us and those who cursed us... when this account is going to be over, then we have to have a ticket in our hand on our journey to home. And that ticket is gurumantra. And that is what you create.

PURPOSE OF MEDITATION IS PROSPERITY HERE AND HEREAFTER. If any benefit I can share with you, touch wood (SSSji touches something and it's not wood.) No, this is plastic. There's a wood somewhere here. Tomorrow I may fail. I'm not even now worried. Because failure and success belongs to Him. Longing to belong then becomes belonged longing. Sometimes I wish I should tell you things about God. I used to like that there is a saying, "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." Now I SEE Ang Sang Wahe Guru.

Fateh Singh crossed me this time, and something happened. He stopped, brought the car back. And I said to Fateh, "We are earthlings, but see Guru Ram Das, how powerful he is? Back to the ashram, we'll get out, bow, and then go." Why so? Because God has also It's own power.

There are nine worlds in the earth. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine. And one and zero makes it ten. Me, within me, and real me; you, within you, and real you; the unknown, within unknown, and the real unknown. "Paramatma, para-parbraham paramatma, prithi pritham parbrahm paramatma." And this universe... life is like a horse and the wealth is like a saddle and person is like a rider. But the reins are in the hand of God alone.

Some of you in your ego are hanging with the manes of the horse and think you have got everything under control. That's not true. If you let the reins in the hands of God, you ride comfortable in this western saddle, and keep your shoe, your feet, in the proper stuff and let life go, and understand the saddle is not something you can eat, and take it easy... you will convert the entire world to the Guru's door.

You who are in the West, I have a message for you. You have to be SO kind, SO compassionate, SO full of commitment and character, SO beautiful and truthful, SO meditative and healing, SO energetic and comforting, that even the worst of you comes to you, and he should trust you, believe you, love you, and ask you where you found this. "Take me to that Gurdwara, that gate of the Guru where you found this." Less than that you are no different than a selfish person who puts on an act. If you have to put on an act, let us put on an act to be real! Let people, out of your love, find your Guru. And once people find out of you your Guru, you shall be blessed here and hereafter. Don't create wealth only! Wealth will come to you! Create bhagatas. Do bhakti. Share with others.

Look, you have become my family. I became Guru's family and sometime you will find I am so many, I have two families, three families. They are different. My own family is different. You can recognize them. And Guru's family is different, you can recognize them. It's not that I don't tell my family. It's not that I don't tell you. There is a letter in Sikh Dharma that I wrote to my wife. I said, "I married to you, I love you." I love her even now. There's not dearth in me. I said, "With all the living and love I could create three children. Here I am married to the nature of God and to the grace of Guru Ram Das. I have nothing but children and children." The only regret which I have is with my this sickness that I cannot travel and I cannot reach out to the people who are seeking still Guru's words." That's the only regret I have got. But now, if you love me, that responsibility is yours. Reach out to people! Touch them! Feel them! Give to them!

You know, we had to send three people to a marriage in Malaysia. Nirinjan, Siri Ram, and Kirn. You know them all. I told Kirn, "Kirn, do kirtan." And Siri Ram said, "What should I do?" I said, "You have a simple thing to do. Take a little water and sprinkle on anybody and say, 'Dhan Guru Ram Das.' You will never understand, they speak Punjabi or whatever they want, but it shall be done. Don't worry about it." And Nirinjan said, "What I should do?" I said, "Anybody who says, 'What should I do?', you tell them, 'Bolo Wahe Guru.' And it will happen." They said, "How it will happen?" I said, "How it happened with me it will happen with you."

It doesn't happen. There is nothing in the world which can happen. It is the trust in your own Guru which makes things happen. Trust Guru Ram Das and in His Name, everything will happen.

I may be a good man, time will judge it. History will record it. Maybe a terrible man, it doesn't matter at all. I don't care. All I care is that things in the name of Guru Ram Das continue to happen. Now you have become my family. You love me. Now when I came, I was not beautiful like you. I had a polka dot turban, a polka dot pants which did not fit me. I had no fitting shoes. No, no, I am telling you! This is the truth! And I had Shakti's son's bush shirt, which used to stink because I did not know how to take it off and wash it. I still do not know how to go to laundry mat and clean my clothes. I walked in the streets of Los Angeles. None of you knew me. I never knew you. But you were all going to seek Guru. You were looking for... I was looking for... we both met.

I'd like to record it today for the benefit of all: Guru Ram Das is a very, very active Guru! It works miracles. You don't have to be afraid. If you want to work miracles, just let him work! Just do it in his name! You know when you go someplace somebody says, "Stop." He says, "No, no, no, I am so and so. Who are you?" "I am so and so." "Who you want to see?" "Oh, my father is so and so." He says, "Oh, please. I never knew. Please go in." You know? It happens. Isn't that what happens? It's exactly when some situation comes where you are confused... confused like me... I am all the time confused. You get confused once in a while. but I am confused all the time. I do not know what to do. So I found a solution. In the Name of Guru Ram Das, Hallelujah! Let it happen. And it started happening. That's how I started.

Once a lady told me, "Can Guru Ram Das heal me?" I said, "Yeah, he can heal you." "I have a terrible back pain." I said, "Just take off these heeled shoes. Just walk flat for 40 days and you will be healed." Now, I did not now whether I was right or wrong. But she just challenged. I mean, what should I say? She said, "Can your Guru Ram Das heal me?" That was a direct question. You know, Americans are very beautiful. They are very direct. They don't care where it hits. And I said, "Well, now she is asking for Guru's name, not my name. She doesn't know who I am." So, I said, "Yes. Guru Ram Das can heal you." And I looked down and she had a long heeled shoe with heels. I said, "Take those shoes off. Walk flat for 40 days." Because I thought, "If she is asking in his name, let him take care of it. Who do I have to be in between?" Ten days later she came, "Yogi? This is my niece's cousin's uncle's friend." Something like that. I said, "Now what's she got?" "Can she be healed in the name of
Guru Ram Das?" I said, "Yes. She can be healed, too." "What?" I said, "Let her take melons only, nothing else." And three days later there was a whole family sitting and I said, "Is it the whole family is sick?" He said, "No, we have troubles." I said, "You want the troubles to go right now?" I'm just telling you what practically happened. I'm not making it up. I said, "How many are you?" There were 17 relatives of one family. They said, "Is there any way that this all our troubles can go?" I said, "Sit, and let us chant." We chanted that day 2-1/2 hours sitting in one place. I didn't have to hire a billboard, and I have not to tell people I am a yogi. It was not written on my forehead.

I used to wear that polka-dot turban which was so ridiculous because I asked somebody to give me because all my luggage got lost so I asked one Sardarji, "Can you lend me turbans?" So he was very fond of polka dot turbans, so he gave me two, three polka dot turbans. That's true. Shakti gave her son's shirt to me, and one other person bought me some very funny lined looking pants. Well, with that dress, just imagine how great yogi I might be looking. Just imagine. It was the phoniest thing on the planet. It had nothing to reality. And there was nothing in it. But this outside world could not stop the inside truth, the inside trust.

So I tell you, you go to psychiatrist, you go to things, you are doing something. I go to doctors, too. And I go because it is my duty. But I know it is all right. Heal people. One line, and after that, I'm going to say, "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh! HAIL GURU RAM DAS AND HEAL THE WORLD!", and you shall never need me. That is the secret which I did. That is the truth which I share with you... and that shall live. I'm not asking you to stand on one leg and let the water be dropped over you. I'm not telling you, "Jump from the mountain." I'm not telling you to do anything. Nothing works. Look, I am a yogi! I did everything in the world. I still can do all those things. But it is only washing the floors of the House of Guru Ram Das I got rid of those nuisances. I developed a control on tattwas. I used to like this power business, this monkey business. I was very fond of it. I was extremely stupid. People used to be scared of me to death, you know, put my name
and forget it. And still people are very afraid. I don't know now why, but same thing. It took me 4- 1/2 years to wash the floor of the House of Guru Ram Das to get rid of all that junk. Because that is also confinement. That is perpetual ego in which there is no liberation.

Soul is enough tied down in the rib cage, and over that rib cage, one makes the ego cage so much and the lust. And the lies. And the lunaticness. We are lunatics! We build, and build, and build, and build. It's all power of the earth. Nothing to heavens.


ONE secret works: "Hail Guru Ram Das, and Heal the World in His Name." You shall need nothing! Forget about this shamanism, these rituals, these conditions. Who has the conditions? In the whole world, there is only one temple which is still shining like a sun. It is called "Golden Temple." The mightiest power, the third power of the government of India has licked the dust just attacking that temple. They have touched the psyche. Look what is happening... and just look and see how the death will engulf them, how their mighty armies will fall apart, how their great government will have not a moment of peace and tranquility. Because they have touched the nerve, the naked nerve of Godhood. A meditation center where God dwelled. Now you are here! Let your heart become the temple of the gold! Let you hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world! Don't worry! I still repeat.

When Archbishop Kuriyama, the greatest Buddhist leader of Japan, came to get initiation from me, according to his religious rites... there may be some people left from Banana Ananda Ashram. That's how it used to be. I was in such a terrible fever and pain and bronchitis and what not. I asked him, I said, "Archbishop, get under my quilt and find out my right hand and put it on your forehead." I do not know what time he got enlightened, but I know he left lot of gifts and he bowed so much his forehead was almost bleeding because of the carpet. And he had the greatest experience. Because you know what I thought, I talked to myself, I said, "I am sick. Guru Ram Das knows it. And this guy has come in his name. Let him catch my hand and put it on his forehead, who cares?" One line, no big books, no long instructions, no commandments, no finding truth, nothing. You may be yourself in the same worst position. "Hail Guru Ram Das and heal the other person." In lieu of 6% of capital gain interest you shall be healed.
That's how it works.

A lot of people will tell you lot of things. You know, I may go away tomorrow, who knows? I'm not going to lie to you. I have no insecurity left. I have nothing to gain, nothing to lose. I have fun of mine. I have my family, I have my Guru's family. I was very hungry of sangat, I came here... and I remember I had to go to UCLA, they wouldn't give me a book on Sikhism. And then I had to get somebody to get a book... to get at least a picture of Guru Nanak to tell people how Guru Nanak looked. And I think that curtain or that cloth is still there where we put the squares and made the painting picture of Guru Nanak... the first picture. Just to let people know. A is apple, B is book, C is cat, D is dog. Just like that. They wanted to know, what is Guru Nanak? So I just started with something. We had to make it. There was nothing. I mean to say, we started from scratch, we have built an empire. Why to stop now? What for? I came here to deliver the letter. I have done my job. Have you ever visited the house of
the postman? Forget him! Get the letter, then enjoy the check. You know what I'm saying? World is yours and it shall be based on one line: Hail to Guru Ram Das, and Heal the World. Health, wealth, prosperity, divinity, dignity, grace, happiness, consciousness, sainthood will follow you.

Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur Jin Siriaa Tinai Savaariaa
Pooree Hoee Karaamaat Aap Siri Jan Haree Dhaariaa.

That's it. And that is all what I wanted to say. And that is right from my heart. Matters of heart cannot be solved from head. And matters of head cannot be solved by heart. They are two different worlds. So I was not lecturing with you today. And I did not use my computer at all. It was a simple family talk which I owed to you because I am the one who has told you, "Meditate." I have told you to do this, I have told you lot of things. That was to rub you hard. I don't deny that. I believe that without pressure no gem quality can be found. When there's no pressure of time and no tranquility of self, you get stuff with a lot of flaws. People who seek gem quality have to go through it. But there is a simple Sahaj Yog, and that has one line. Shakti Yog you know. You can make the dead live... that power you have got. That Raj Yog you have from House of Guru Ram Das. That you have learned as a science. That secret will live with you and with your generations. It shall not belong
to others. That you have gained. But today I tell you something more simple: Sahaj Yog. I have taught you Kundalini Yoga. I have taught you Tantric Yoga. I have taught you Bhagatee, Shakti, and all that stuff. But today I talk to you of Sahaj Yog... the easiest yog of all. Hail Guru Ram Das and Heal the World. And see the results. You will be amazed. And that's all I did. I didn't even fake it!

Listen to my this morning prayer, let me repeat it to you, my private prayer. Pray with me:

"Guru Ram Das, time has come that you should be little careful and
give more time to your children. Look, these are Americans. For
them to wear bana and not to eat all this garbage and junk is very
difficult. It is just your love they do it all. If they fall apart
what you will do?"

Quote, unquote, you can understand, this is my prayer. And it went on and on and on. We were talking. If somebody would have come and heard me, they would say, "He is a lunatic." But that's the way I am. Otherwise I am a head of the religion, I am Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib, Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh! God is wonderful!... Blah, blah, blah. But that is totally... you know... it is all show and nothing to do with it. But you know, when you sit down and talk just create the friendship, not fear. Talk to your Guru as you can talk to your father. When you are in trouble, talk to Guru Gobind Singh as you really talk to your strong self-determined father, commander in chief. Tell him anything. You know, yell, scream, fight. Punch him, too. Who cares? He knows how to handle it. Every father knows how to handle the child. But don't be phony. "Hee, hee, pleeeease." It doesn't work. You have been taught phony bhagatee. Religion has done the greatest dangerous
thing in the world. Religion has told you God is outside of you. That's the biggest lie. It's not true. Never was, never is. It is the middle-man who wants the money. It is his thievery. Don't ever fall victim to it. "Kaal kaaeh koochat too deh." Earn and share. Give to people!

You know... when these two eyes of mine which are looking at yours will close down, you have to, that day, come out with a budget of half a million dollars. That very day. You can't get out of it. So I'm telling you beforehand, get rich! And the only way you get rich is: believe not, trust not, say not. Just Hail and Heal. Hail Guru Ram Das and Heal in His Name.

For the rest, everybody will find the Gurdwara, everybody will find the gate of the Guru. There is a job to be done, my friends. And truth is, by camouflage and by manipulation it cannot be done. It takes very simple heart and simple approach and there's no more beautiful Guru than Guru Ram Das himself. That's why in our own self of the Siri Guru Granth you read that, "Nanak too Lehnaa too hei Gur Amar too veechaariaa. Gur ditaa taa man saadhaariaa." You want to see Guru Ram Das? Hail and He shall heal you and heal your surroundings, take care of your things, and square your accounts. It's a good Guru. He knows the business.

I do not know whether anything else could have worked. I searched my friends. I went to all holy men and I studied all religions. I really sweated. And I got all. I am not a bogus yogi. I earned it. I worked with a lot of sweat and hard work. Then I found out what a stupid way! What for? There has to be something beautiful, easy, cute. The word, "Cute" came to me. Cute. It has to be something mmmm, mmm, mmm. (Makes kissing noises in the air.) And it didn't work. It is too much, yogic thing and pranayam and the whole thing. I found the simplest way. You'll be surprised I never will recite one full book of Siri Guru Granth Sahib. I don't. I develop a metaphysics. I do not want to lie to you today. That's why I'm telling you one simple thing which I do. I believe Guru Ram Das works for me. Whether this belief is true, or not, I'm not going to need a certificate. I don't care and it doesn't matter. But I know one thing... He works.

I tell you, one day somebody was yelling at me on the telephone. "Ya, ya, ya." You know that stuff goes on. And at that time, I said, "Guru Ram Das, calm down this person." The other person started, (Makes choking and coughing noises.) They started coughing so badly. And I said, "Not this way." And immediately the person said, "Well, sorry, sir. I couldn't control my cough." I said, "Calm down." He said, "I am very calmed down. I just want to request you." I said, "That's pleasant."

These little things he works. Sat Simran gets parking place always. If she can get a parking place, you can't get other things? I mean, she only wants parking place. Everything else, I think she believes she got it. One day I didn't believe that it will happen, we went to a parking lot, there was not a spot. Not a spot. And I said, "Well, I don't care. Guru Ram Das is your personal Guru, so I mean, parking space has to be right." She said, "Yeah, it's going to be right." And just at that time the white light lit. Car drove out and we drove in. She said, "Ji, I told you." I said, "I bow to you. I'll never challenge you in future." Try him for parking space, for parking tickets, for anything. Even sometimes you should park on him. Yeah, he's a big Guru. He has longer wings. Try it. Try the way I have tried. Make him personal. Don't put him outside. Don't make statue of him in the sense that he is outside. See him in you with you. There is only one line which you can live with. "Ang Sang Wahe Guru."
Make him your personal Guru. Very personal. And prosperity, and all powers will beg to be with you.

If tomorrow my heart doesn't work and my brains pop out, and my legs get to heavens and scatter, it doesn't mean a thing. You know what I am saying? You don't know what I am saying. I am never going to die. I shall live in you forever. Around you forever. Because I live in my Guru, and he lives in me. And same way you should be. Bhagataa lives and Bhagatee lives. Rest, all shall die. Please make it personal.

You know, today I was kneeling down at this blue marble at Guru Ram Das Ashram. It was a practical same, the leaves of the Harimandir. Same years of rub and edge. I could see it, I could feel it, I could understand it. Why not you? Make Guru Ram Das as your very, very personal Guru. And Hail in His Name and Heal the World. That is the sainthood. Hey, on that wall, those four letters (SSSji points to a plaque on the wall where the four letters of the Shabad Hazare (Mera Man Loche) are written.) Arjan Mal, his younger son, hailed him. "Meraa man loche gur darshan thaaee." He just stated a state of mind. No big deal. Son wrote letters to his father. That's it. But look how he wrote. He hailed him. He became the Guru. You are also the sons and daughters of the same Guru Ram Das. Hail him in the same manner. That's why those four letters are inscribed in this wall. To give you the sacred secret how to become a saint. That is the footprint. So be it with you. And when he found them he said, "Bhag hoaa gur sant
milaaeeaa. Prabh abinaasee ghar meh paaiaa." I found the God in my own home.... You will find God in your own heart.

You have given me many gifts, earthly, heavenly, mental, spiritual, blessings, prayers. You are powerful. You took me out of the operation table when the doctors and their medicine failed. I would not have believed it. I would have said they gave me electric shock and revived me. It didn't work that way. But what worked is, I saw you chanting. I heard you. Therefore, I say, those are not small things. So please make him as your personal Guru. Hail him, heal the world, and then the world will find the gate of the Guru. That is why in Sikh Dharma we call it gate of the Guru... Guru-dwara. Gate of the Guru. People will come themselves, find their own personal Guru. All shall be healthy, happy and holy. And the grace of Guru shall prevail.

May your days to come, may your self to live, and may your families to grow, have the virtuous shield of Guru Ram Das, forever, forever, forever, forever!

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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