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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 04/19/1989
Category: Misc
Location: Unknown

Words to Live By

May you all be excellent,
May your future be bright,
May you touch and change everybody’s who’s down to be up.
May ‘Keep Up’ become your mantra,
‘Keep Up’ become your motive,
‘Keep Up’ become your mission.
May you keep up ‘til the infinity.
Sat Nam.

If money is lost, nothing is lost,
If health is lost, something is lost,
If character is lost, everything is lost.
Akal Security meeting

I always: Think as Harbhajan Singh;
Analyze as Yogi Bhajan;
Act as Siri Singh Sahib.

The law of excellence is: obey, serve, love, excel.

Children are born to speak and they shall.
Children are born to live and they shall.
Children are born to rule and they shall.

As much as I have taught you, if you had practiced 1/100th of it, none of you would have any trouble.

There is no such thing as trouble,
Trouble is a bubble created by self-ignorance,
and it can only be broken by self-identity.

When the mind is backed by the will the mind is always positive. When it’s backed by ego, the mind is always negative. When it is backed by your will the hand of God will protect you. Miracles will happen.

Emotions satisfy ego. Emotions never satisfy wisdom or intelligence. Intelligence and ego have no relationship at all. They are North Pole and South Pole. To be emotional is a great satisfaction. People love it, and therefore they have to suffer. There are two religions in the world called realism and emotionalism. The rest is all hodge-podge.

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