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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 05/15/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

If you Don't Have Guts, you are Nobody


Subject which I will like to discuss today is historical. It's not only historical in the sense that you have to understand it, it is historical in the sense that your life will be wasteful if you don't understand it, period! How good a Sikh you are will mean actually and factually nothing if you don't understand what I am talking about today. I don't want you to feel impressed what I'm saying is very important, but there is almost fifty years of constant communication between me and my Dharma, so I have an edge over you, though it's not Sikh-like to say to people, "I have an edge over you." But what is wrong with that? I HAVE an edge over you and I have it. Why not to say it? So I have an edge over you because I have put my fifty years to find a solution to something which I have found, and I want to share with you in the light of the Guru, and that's why I'm trying to make you very practical.

There are eight major religions. Eight major religions in one way or another have one propaganda. I'm using the word "propaganda" because it is a lie which every religion uses and lie in every religion is that, "we'll give you God, you give us the money." That's the straight relationship. Whether it's a Christianity or it's a Judiasm or it's a Sikh Dharam or it's everything... money makes the mare go and they want the money. That's why Guru Gobind Singh was very straight. He KNEW that money has to be given so he said, "Give one tenth. It doesn't belong to you." Period!

One tenth of what you earn doesn't belong to you. Like income tax. We work three months for the government, whether we like it or not. If we don't like it and we cheat on it, they put us in jail. Period. And Guru Gobind Singh was the very straight honest kind of a man. He said, "One tenth of your money doesn't belong to you. Period. It belongs to the Guru and it can be only used for Guru's purposes. So money problem is solved." So that lie has to stop which other religions have to use to get people's money.

Because you must understand, the difference between Sikh Dharma and Sikh Khalsa is that Sikh Dharma is a religion. Khalsa is not a religion. Khalsa is a living identity. So Guru could not do public relations. It's not a religion of quantity -- it's a religion of quality. And there are total twenty-two religions -- eight major -- in which Sikh Dharma comes almost on the bottom. Relationship is, "Para Par Braham Parameshar." That Infinity of the Infinite of the Infinite God.

So basically let us cut it short. What is a relationship with a man and the finite and the Infinity, the God? That's what I will bring it down to. And for that for centuries we have been put into a rigamarole and yo-yo, "God cannot be reached." If God cannot be reached, to hell with it. What do we want out of something which we cannot reach? If my religion tells me, today, that we cannot reach God, I said, "Go to hell." I don't need this religion. I'll find something where I can reach. Simple as that. If God cannot be reached, God cannot be spoken to, God cannot be told, God cannot be...if there is ANY condition between man and God, then that religion is not right, no matter what religion it is. It may even be Sikh Dharma.

Because what is the purpose of religion? What is the purpose of going to religion or a college? To become a graduate. What is the purpose of following a religion? To realize. Then fifty solid years I have heard lot of people. None of you sitting here can even understand, I have met more religious people, or they have met me, or vice versa, than you can even count. On a religious basis, either they have met me or I have met them, one way or the other. I have dialected, and within those fifty years I have seen, religion is also a business, not very well conducted, including Sikh Dharma.

I know when I am going to die your books are going to mess up. So long I am alive, they are not going to mess up, because I don't let them. I'm very strict. One thing I am very strict. And God bless Shakti, period. And other people. I just want to keep these things just as they should be and there's no excuse on that ground. Everybody knows. Everything else is a tolerance, compassion, kindness, blah blah blah, but "Likhta mage baktam koeh nahee." Whatever you write, you write correct, and figures are going to figure out a person and figures are not going to be wrong, doesn't matter what it takes. Period. All right. But when I'll be gone, I do not know what you are going to do with it. But one thing I tell you, in this country when I entered they told me, if ever they will hit us hard, they will hit us on many ways but one thing they hit is on our books, account books, because they are written by you, so there is nothing you can lie about. It's not my word against your word.
It is your word against you. So be careful when the books are to be looked into.

However, that's that. But, what is a God... that Para Parbraham Parameshar... and why we are being cheated on that account? Let me tell you simply what I have realized. I didn't realize by meditating hundred years. I just wanted to get up, get ready to come here, and all came when I was taking a shower. So you can understand how fast my mind is working psychically these days. Between entering, I just wanted to have another shower to come here and get ready. I know I have to speak, so when entering the shower, the cold water hit me on my face, and I knew it all. And I said, "This is what I am going to share with my people." That's how fast I think.

What is this Infinity and God we are talking about, and what is this "man", the "sinner," the "ugly" "born in a sin" and all that nonsense? And why we are wrong and God is right? You know what a lie it is? On one hand everything is God and other hand we are wrong and God is right? Who'll buy this nonsense? Now tell me who even here is so stupid who can buy this? If everything is God, then as stupid as we are, we are God. We don't accept it. On the other hand we say, everything is..."Jis hath jor kar vekhe so- eh." I mean, I am quoting Gurbani. "Jis hath jor kar vekhe so-eh. Nanak utam neech naa ko-eh." On the other hand we say, "Ha ha, I am wrong, please forgive me.... a sinner. I am born in sin, I am dying in sin." I mean, what nonsense is that? What kind of spirituality is that? And then I'm relating to it, what Guru Gobind Singh did is to pull us out of all this garbage. That is what this Khalsa is about.

Some people have no time to come to Gurdwara. They are busy. You know, there are some people who are physically here, mentally here, but their spirit is not into it. Minus the spirit, when you spiritually do not give priority to Infinity, (now watch my words)... when spiritually you do not give priority to Infinity, you are not religious. Period. You are a hypocrite, an actor and you are wasting your time 'til your death. And you are digging a grave in which you are going to lay in it. I don't care you are a Sikh or not, you are a Christian or not, you are a Jew or not, you are a Hindu or not. I tell you, rest is a commercial garbage.

And there's nothing wrong to give hope to the hopeless. That's very good. And there's nothing wrong to have a hope against hopelessness. That's compassion, that's kindness. That's all right. But this mental insincerity and physical corruption in the sense that you can't relate to reality in the sense that you do not give priority to Infinity in everything and everything you think, do or are going to do, is a spiritual garbage.

You have no favor to God, God has no favor to you. God created you, you got created. When your time period of your creation will finish, I think you will be burned alive and get to be ash, or dust to dust you'll be put in a box and put in and that'll be the end of you. There is nothing behind that, let us be sincere about it. Then what we are talking about? We are talking about ego.

Homeh deeragh rog hei, daaroo bhee is maahe.

Ego is the biggest disease, but it contains its own solution.

--Guru Angad,
SGGS p. 466

Ego is the biggest disease and it is the only solution. You have to put your ego before anything to subject yourself to Infinity. Infinity and anarchy are two different things. Anarchy is your confusion taking the spirit of reality. Infinity is an unconfused state of mind which is ultimate reality of yours and of everybody.

The problem is this, "everybody." We are not willing to tolerate everybody. In 3-1/2 million years, this animal called man or woman, included, (equal rights, man and woman. Normally man contains woman, in spoken English. Not otherwise. Otherwise they are different in structure.) This man animal, this two legged stupid animal has not accepted "all." As this animal stupid has not accept all it cannot accept "One." Simple. So, go ahead... Hallelujiah! Go become Christian, Jew, Sikh, everything. Do everything. You are as useless as you started 3-1/2 million years ago. And you may continue to be as useless 3-1/2 million years hereafter.

But remember one thing: the religion is not a hustle, hassle. It is a matter of priority. If your character has the property to give priority to Infinity, you have to include "All." Naanak Naam cheri kalaa -- Nanak, if you chant naam.."Naam jappo, naam jappo, naam jappo, bin nameh naa-ee, bin naameh this, bin, bin, bin, whole thing. Bin, bin, bin, bin, yes, yes, yes, yes." No, it doesn't make any difference. But if you do naam, and you perfectly naam yourself, and you become "Sat Nam," what your attitude will be? "Naanak Naam cheri kalaa," you'll have a HIGH(!) spirit. You'll be excellent. Excellent to what? Tere bani: for the sake of those excellence, I'll wish good of all. I'll hurt nobody. None whatsoever. I'll accept a mosquito and President Reagan with the same drishti, with the same reverence to life. If I can differentiate between a mosquito which will give me malaria and a president which can give me a star of congress, as a person, then still the pair of the opposite effect in me,
it means I am an incomplete person. And that's what this Siri Guru Granth says. Those of you who came this morning and those of you who bowed to Him, you acknowledged this that you accept this verdict, this judgement, this confidence. (Bell on clock starts chiming.) Now the bell has confirmed it. So be it.

Because these days when I am on my last mile of life, I'm not yogi by profession, I'm not yogi by conception, I'm not a yogi by name. I am a yogi by experience. And I'll tell you, it's a hard fifty years. And fifty years are that of a test and a trail. Life is a test and trial, wavelength. We call them vibes, good and bad. But Gurbani, Guru's words, totally take us out in one line: Kete dookh bookh sad maar, eh bhee daat teree daataar. One line. Kete dookh bookh sad maar. If there is a hunger and there's a pain and there's a hundred thousand times, God, it is Thy gift.

Now, nobody needs to be blamed. But is there anybody here sitting today who calls himself a Sikh and who tells me that you don't blame others for your mistakes and your wrongs and your problems? None. Not only you blame, you claim vengeance. This is how you act, that's your normal behavior. You claim that you have been harmed, therefore you blame and then you waste your life for vengeance. And vengeance needs two things: stupidity and anger. So you are a confirmed stupid when you are angry. I mean, is there anybody who has done better PhD than me in psychology who can tell me otherwise? And why we become angry? We become angry when we cannot handle something logically and reasonably and we do not have a hope. We lose three things first to become angry. And some people are born angry.

I was asking somebody, "What is your anger?" Person said,"My father did this to me." I said, "Your father did this. What big deal? At least a father did it. You don't have to do the same thing to yourself."

Person said, "I want to find peace of mind here." I said, "You find peace of mind? Look how stupid this statement is, 'I'm going to find my peace of mind here.' How can you find peace of mind anywhere until you do not find peace of mind in your own mind?" Is that peace of mind can be found anywhere other than in your own mind? Isn't that one of the most false statements ever a man has made?

Someone said, "I have such a tranquility in this relationship." I just cracked up. "Ha ha ha!" I said. I didn't say the person was stupid because you have to have 'sarbat ta bala', you know, you have to say good things. And professionally I am required to say good things. Then I laughed. I brought it to a humor. He said, "Well, why you, sir, may I know why you are saying this like?" I said, "I am just saying because I personally feel that you are very ungrown child of God. Ungrown child of God. You are just into the roots of your life. You have not sprouted, you have not blossomed, you have not seen what I am saying to you. I have seen the seen and the unseen. And there are a lot of seen I can relate, called stories." Dharmic stories are unseens about spirituality where you give the moral message to a stupid person. That's what stories are about. "But", I said, "You are not grown up. Because you cannot find peace other than in the peace of your mind. And your mind has many
pieces. They have to all be put together." You understand where I am coming from?

And your mind should be governed by the spirit. Your spirit should be here. You are here physically, I agree. You are here mentally, I agree. You are not here spiritually. If you are here spiritually, then Infinity must have priority on your royalty, on your kingdom, on your majesty, and on yourself. When your self is subjected by your habit, by your thought form, and by your totality of activity, that you will give priority to Infinity, and you shall include ALL, you will see what is called "Harmony." And that's what peace of mind is. So long "I," "You," and "Thou," exist, this trinity... we are all confused.

Guru Nanak took this Infinity as "Ik Ong Kar." "One Creator of this Creation." Or, you can say it with a force, "There is BUT One Creator of this Creation." Then if there is a BUT One Creator of this Creation, who the hell you are differentiating with? Give me a break. Come on, you nutsy, western super-minds. What are you talking about? You don't even have time to think what you are talking sometimes. You just say things because it requires the flow of communication, the flow of time, and you think people are so stupid.

I tell you how people think. People think they listen something, they go back home, and they chew it. Mostly they forget what they have heard. But whatever they hear, one or two lines, then they chew it. And that's called "good will and credibility." If when they chew they cannot digest what you say, you are dead wrong. It doesn't matter what a gospel truth you have said. That's why I'm talking straight to you to understand Sikh religion.

If you are telling me in Sikh religion there is no hypocrite, and there are not people who lie, and there's no politics in Sikh religion, I tell you something today very funny. There was an opportunity with Sikh Dharam that ten million people would have become Sikh in one day. Ten million people would have become Sikh in one day. Then the people in Punjab decided these ten million people are going to become Sikh outside of Punjab. But they will have right to the Gurdwaras, and they will be in majority. But you know what they did? They blew it. They didn't let those people become Sikhs. You understand what I'm saying? In religion also, people want to control. The most stupid man in the religious world is who wants to control without religious wisdom. It doesn't work.

You want to know why people are not too much into the religion? Why people avoid religion and why not? Because in religion you cannot be religious and stupid at the same time. It doesn't work that way. In religion you really need real guts, REAL GUTS. For what? To include all.

I talked this morning to three most stupid, self-destructive people. One thing I learned... God spoke to me through them. Do you know what I talked to myself? I said, "These people are sticking to their grounds and I am going to stick to my grounds. And their ground is, "Me. I." And my ground is, "Us. We." You understand that? Sikh Dharam is a definite criteria. Sikh Dharam does not have a chance for not including all. It starts with one word, "Ik Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasaad." Guru's blessing is that all is One Creator's Creation, accepted. After accepting then you cannot say, "I accept this part of it, and that part I won't." You have to accept total. You have to accept white, black, yellow, pink, red, brown, good, bad, ugly, nonsense. You have to accept ALL! And that is where Sikh Dharam STARTS.

And then Guru Gobind Singh did another very fantastic thing:

Jab lag khaalsaa rahe niaaraa
Tab lag tej dee-o mai(n) saaraa.
Jab eh gahai bipran kee reet.
Mai(n) naa(n) karo(n) in kee parteet.

I will give divine radiance to the Khalsa who will live as distinct.
If they live according to the common ways, I will not satisfy them.

--Guru Gobind Singh,
Sarab Loh Granth.

That was a solid divine hit to let you know that you have to be exclusive. Not exclusive that you are exclusive, you know, special born or something like that, that you think you are special people and Christians think the whole world is them and anything else is zero. That's not exclusive that way. You have to be exclusively, understandingly and totally accepting ALL. That exclusiveness is there. That special self. But if you try and accept all, good and bad as a Sikh, with the light of you, you can't do it. I challenge you. You have only one way out, and that is for you to accept the good and bad with the light and the eyes and the feeling and understanding that Guru is in you. As you, you can't do it. That's why you are half Sikh, one third Sikh, one tenth Sikh, or whatever you are. Some of you are not even looking like Sikh. Some of you can live as "great Sikhs." Whether you look like a great Sikh or you look like a half Sikh, it doesn't matter to me. You have ONE thing to understand once and for all: NO MAN
IS POWERFUL ENOUGH OR STRONG ENOUGH TO LET HIS EGO GO UNTIL HE DOES NOT SURRENDER HIS EGO TO THE GURU. And Guru must sit in, man must sit out. You know who sits out? The servant. Who sits in? The master. SO GURU BECOMES YOUR MASTER! That's why every Sikh who calls himself, "Sevadar," becomes a controlling factor. That's why everywhere we are fighting. There's no real sevadar! They are all a bunch of liars! If you have to serve, then you serve ALL! As a Sikh, you serve ALL! You serve bad, you serve good. You serve dirty, you serve ugly. You serve beautiful. But with beautiful you don't say, "Ha ha ha, that's great!"

I'm telling you where I started. When your mind comes to the feeling that difference between meeting a mosquito and meeting president Reagan doesn't make any difference in you, (though mosquito can give you malaria and president can give you an award, I'm not saying that gain is not there) - - so long as a Sikh you are looking for gain and loss, you are a stupid insult to the Guru. Period! That's what it is, because you are fundamentally against the Guru. You are a living insult to the Guru. Because Guru says, WAHE GURU JI KA KHALSA, WAHE GURU JI KI FATEH! You don't agree with it! Victory is to the Guru and purity is to the Guru therefore everything to you has NOT to be you. You have to represent the Guru, what Guru has told you....Guru tells you when you meet somebody, say, "WAHE GURU JI KA KHALSA, WAHE GURU JI KI FATEH!" The Purity belongs to the Wahe Guru, and the victory belongs to Wahe Guru. But that's not what you believe. You say, "Purity belongs to me and victory belongs to
me. And defeat belongs to you." Who the hell is going to accept you as a Sikh of the Guru?

Whatever other religions couldn't complete, or even to start, Guru Gobind Singh started with it, and that's why you do not like his discipline. You think it's orthodox. Somebody was discussing with me this morning, he said, "Beard was only given to us because Guru wanted to raise an army." And this guy's a Sikh and he's a PhD. His great-grandfather was a Sikh, his father was Sikh, and he had the guts to tell me this morning, and I said, "Why don't you do something? Ask God not to grow it. He doesn't grow on a woman a beard." He said, "Well, you know, you are a God's man. Why don't YOU tell God?" I said, "I don't want to tell Him. I think whatever He did, He did it right." God did it right once and for all, and when we accept ALL we accept God... I have no reason to shave my beard.

First of all I didn't apply to God to give me my beard. You understand what I mean? I was very straight and honest, right? Now it didn't grow when I was born, right? It grew when I grew. And now what should I say? Throw it away? If I cannot handle my own face which is given to me by God, how can I be a God's face? That's what Mool Mantra says. 'Akaal Moorat Ajoonee Saibhang Gur Prasaad.' That's no lie. It's straight. It's as straight as a truth can be.

You know funny part is, I went to see a nurse. She works in my doctor's office. And she was that day kind of shaky and she wanted me to be as a yogi to help her. I said, "What I can do for you?" She said, "My husband is not good with me anymore. I did a wonderful, stupid thing." I said, "Go ahead, what was it?" She said, "I cut my hair." I said, "Yeah, you had a lonnnngggg beautiful hair. You cut them?" She said, "I couldn't manage them." I said, "Look, you couldn't manage hair, and now you cannot manage your husband. One way or the other, time is wasted the same." She said, "Yeah, I was wrong. But how long the hairs take to grow?" I said, "In your case it will take a year or two." She said, "Why in my case a year or two?" I said, "You never cut them. You had them from day one." She said, "So you mean to say, if my husband remains upset a year and a half? God, it is going to be a divorce." I said, "It looks like it."

You know what her husband has done? He has asked her to resign, not to work, to sit home and grow her hair. Otherwise she is out of the house. Do you believe me? And that's what we do with God, too. We disturb God so bad that He does not relate to us. He says, "All right, this stupid guy can pass his time on the earth when he gets into the pit called...." what do you call that thing? That six foot by four foot thing in a box? Grave. When your life is gray, it can only end up in a grave. And then after what? There are three ways to live: 1. Bright. 2. Dark, and 3. Gray... YOU have to decide. If Guru is in you, IN you, and has priority over you, and Guru is the Master, Gurward sits in your heart and rules your destiny, you've made it. I'm not promising you will have no pain. No... pain will be there, but it won't hurt you. It will hurt the Guru. Let the Guru handle it.

Where comes the hurt? Hurt comes from the ego. When I am insecure, my totality is insecure, my Guru is insecure, my God is insecure. I represent trinity, I represent Infinity, I represent God. And when we have a stupid representative, what people will think of the One who's being represented? You send a bad salesman and how many sales you are going to make?

That is why Guru Gobind Singh's words are very true:

Khalsa meree jaan kee jaan, Khalsa meree praan kee praan.

--Guru Gobind Singh,
Sarab Loh Granth

Khalsa is my inner life. Khalsa is my living life.

Because he's talking about that Infinity and purity which he said, WAHE GURU JI KA KHALSA, WAHE GURU JI KI FATEH! He talks of that victory. He talks of that passion.

It's a funny story and after that I'll quit. And the story is, there was a king. He got inaugurated to be a king. What they do to the king? (sangat - "Crown him") Gave him the authority and put a robe around him and put a crown on him and whole thing and, "You are the king." You know. And king was very weird. He asked the Grand Vizier, he said, "Today I am king." He said, "Yes." He said, "What I can do?" He said, "My Lord, you can command everything." He said, "You, too?" He said, "Yeah. You tell me what to do, I'll do it." He said, "Everything?" He said, "Yes, everything." King said, "Can I command my constipation to go away?" He said, "No. That's not true." King said, "Then what's the idea of being king, then? Inside me I am bloated. Outside you are telling me that everything I can command. Now look to me, I am telling you that I have not gone to answer the call of God for last two days. I am in pain." He said, "Sir, for that there is a different treatment. As a king you have control on all things, all subjects
and everybody." King said, "Suppose I tell everybody not to be constipated. What they will do?" He said, "Well, they will take laxatives. Obey your orders. They have no right." King said, "What right I have got?" He said, "You can kill them...all who disobey you." King said, "Should I kill myself because I am disobeying myself?" Vizier said, "Lord, that's your option."

Grand Vizier thought that this young king is very questioning and he'll waste most of my time, and so what he got is, he got up a saintly man to educate him and be in his company, company of the holy. He might have read Guru Granth, but in those days I tell you, Guru Granth came later into existence. It was unknown. Known and unknown, two stages are there.

So anyway, this king will ask all the time questions and one day he ordered the holy man, "You will sleep under my bed." Holy man said, "My lord, why?" King said, "I don't want my wife to know where you are, but when I question, I want you to answer." Holy man couldn't take it. He left. King got very upset. He called the Grand Vizier. He said, "What kind of a holy man is that? I ordered him, he left." He said, "Because he is too holy." So the king decided in his own option that from today onward he shall agree to nothing. You know, it's called 'frustration.' You try to understand. Frustration when caught up with depression, you become totally insane and you never know about it. That's the problem of frustration. It makes you immune from reality. And your beliefs of non-reality become your guiding force and that's where you err. And that's where we reach to the point where we say, error is human and therefore it doesn't matter. No, it does matter.

However, this king raised the country and the army and the strength and the force to the effect of Infinity. He sent message to everybody. "Do you surrender or do you fight?" Everybody surrendered. Nobody wanted to fight. Everybody knew that what he has done is impossible to fight. Life went by. But his emptiness did not go.

Finally, like the Mogul emperor who wanted Guru Tegh Bahadur, Guru Tegh Bahadur went himself. He told him: "Truth is Truth. Life and death doesn't mean a thing." Fact is, life and death doesn't mean anything. But some people are very ineffective Sikhs.

Five weeks ago or six weeks ago, we knew that when a government receives a jethadar of Akal Takhat, it's a bait. And we took that bait. And today we are going to lose almost five hundred to a thousand Sikhs because blind leadership can lead to death. Today we are in pain. Today we are sad. Today again government has encircled the Golden Temple. But this time government is not totally blamed. Today our Sikh leadership is blamed. Who not only did something right, but also wrong to the extent that they invited the meeting and told everybody to come in. We have given a chance to get our own people killed.

Today this morning I was talking to somebody and he said, "Yogiji, Singh Sahib, you told me." I said, "I DID tell you that. And I also tell you to tell the whole world. And I told the whole world I knew. Nobody listens." Because we believe in that indestructible maya because we do not believe Guru is our guide, guidance and our strength. We always have followed men of stupid quality, and it is very easy to understand who is stupid or not. Whosoever talks Guru's word is not stupid. Who will talk and add his personal self is stupid. For us it is very easy to know.

Today we are being put into a circle of death, and look... I want to tell you... tomorrow God knows I'll not be alive and you may have the same situation. This man was received by the governor who has been responsible traditionally to know how to kill people... received him and brought him. You understand the bait? And this man invited every Sikh to come in and then they encircled. Now you know what favor they are going to do to the Sikhs? They say, "We are not storming in. We are only killing them one by one."

The mighty king, also, became stupidly egomaniac. He raised the entire army, conquered the whole world. He looked around, "Is there any like me?" Grand Vizier said, "There are many like you." "Is there anybody known to me who is not willing to surrender to me?" One Vizier said, "Yes. There lives a man in that little grass hut." Stupid king sent his people, "Go and arrest him." Now everybody knew that that man is a very saintly. So what they did is, they pulled him out, they asked him to come down. He refused to come. Physically they lifted him and brought him to the king... brought him to the court. The man came, sat silently, never bothered. And king said, "Why didn't you come?" He didn't reply. "What are you doing here?" He didn't reply. Finally king said, "What I can do for you?" He didn't reply. King got very upset, uptight, asked the Grand Vizier what he should do to break the deadlock. The Grand Vizier said, "This man is not the physical, is not the mental.
You are facing a total spirit. If you want to deal with him, become total spirit and you can communicate."

You must understand, the path of Guru Gobind Singh is the path of total light, total spirit. Excellence!... exclusive personified. Some of you doubt very much whether you should wear bana or not. Don't wear it! Bana, bani, seva, simran. Don't do it for anybody -- do it for yourself. If these Rehit Piaare moeh ko, Sikh piaaraa naa-he... If these symbols of the Guru are not your first priority, you are not a first priority yourself. Why? Why? The difference between any king in the world and a Sikh is, Sikh crowns himself every morning and king is crowned only once.

Sikh relates in the amrit vela before he relates to this world at large, to the maya at large. First he relates to the Guru's words. And Sikh ends his night by Guru's words. Look at the discipline how well channelized, trained it is. 'Amrit velaa sach nao vadeeaaee veechaar. Karamee aaveh kaparaa naderee moakh duaar.' Decides the whole thing. In the ambrosial hour, chant the name of God, all the cover of the karma will be covered by the kaparaa, by the grace of the Guru. 'Karamee aaveh kaparaa naderee moakh duaar.' You will see the door of freedom yourself. You will experience. When you experience the door of redemption, the freedom, you shall not be afraid of anybody, and it comes down to what? Nirbhao, nirvair, akaal moorat! You have to be fearless and revengeless to become akaal moorat, to become Sikh. Because Akaal personified you. So please remember and understand relationship, that relationship between finite and Infinity is not a puzzle. Therefore if you are told what the
stars are going to do you, what a preacher can do to you, what a teacher can do to you, forget about all that. You can do one thing for yourself, that you can put One first, One first, "Ik" first, and put "Ong Kar," later. God is the creator, and the creation. Creation and God YOU put later. No! You have guts? Have you those guts? If you don't have those guts, you are nobody. Put "One" and "all" before you, before you talk about God and His creation. That is where Sikh Dharma begins, and Param and Karam leave. Dharam is the righteous experience of the Infinity of God. Karama is action and reaction. Param is doubt and depletion. There are three forces.

We know each other by reverence, not by reference. We are acquaintances put together on the earth because we have not yet merged and tuned through a common channel and that is Guru's words. So those of you who have come to the Guru's gate today, feel blessed, and make it a priority as a habit, and you will reach reality automatically. When you decide anything, if you are a Sikh... I'm not asking this question to anybody else. If you feel you are a Sikh, then put "One" before everything and what is that One? All is One. Am I right or am I wrong? Are you confused or you understand what I am saying? You understand English, right? You are not smiling! You are serious. Am I saying something which I didn't say last week? I'm saying the same thing from the last twenty years! What I'm telling you, let me tell you. I'm telling you, don't bother.

Sikhs are going to be so many that you can't even number them. That's sure. Well, 1988 years ago, there was no Christian. 3000 B.C. there was no Jew. And, 6000 B.C. there was not a Hindu. And 3000 B.C. there was no Buddhist. So what are we talking about? I mean to say, are we not going by the figures of the history? Sikhs are going to be many. Problem is not how many Sikhs we'll have in the world. Problem will be how we will deal with them. That is the problem. Because the space age is going to come, make everybody freak out, mentally crack up, and God knows drugs will be there or what will be there, but everybody will just hit the wall anyway. So in this shuttle-cock business, which is going to be our future of mankind, there's a word of the Guru, which psychologically and philosophically and biologically wants us to be sane. And the sanity is only based on one thing: when we'll put "One" and "All" before us. That's what "Ik Ong Kar" means. I'm explaining to you today, "Ik Ong Kar." When One and All is put
before you, you not only become the light of God, you become light yourself. And that is where Sikh Dharma is going.

Today why in India we are being beaten up? Because we are rishis and we started by being rishis. We couldn't share our wisdom, the ultimate strength, our spirit. And we have a very stupid leadership. It is very painful you know.

I had a very painful experience in Los Angeles. There's a friend of mine. I respect him, he's a Gursikh. He called me once, my secretary, and she said, "Siri Singh Sahib is not available." He insisted, finally, and he said he had a very personal message for me and only I could speak to him. Anyway, you know, medically this and that, I said, "All right, let us talk to him." I spoke to him and said, "What I can do for you?" He said, "Singh Sahib, there is a trouble." I said, "Well, what is your trouble? How can it be solved? If I can be solving?" He said, "My saint from my village has come. He wants to meet you. And you have to meet him for my sake." I said, "Good, I am willing to meet everybody including everybody. Well, if he's a saint, bring him over. No problem." I met the saint and saint met me. And the guy said, "I am very happy I met you." I said, "I'm very happy I have met his saint." He said, "No, no, he's not MY saint. He's saint of everybody." I said, "No.
There's a difference. You have a saint and I have a saint. My saint has said to me in a simple language, 'Bhag hoaa gur sant milaa-i-aa, prabh ubinaasee ghar meh paa-i-aa.' (From Shabad Hazare.) In these words, Guru Arjan Dev said about Guru Ram Das. So if your saint is of the standard of Guru Ram Das, he can be my saint. But if your saint is of the standard of your village, I can't accept it."

So we have standards of saintlihood. Personal, thoughtful, introductory, retrospective, inverted, perverted, communicative, commotional, dramatic, traumatic, psycho and senseless. That's how we divide saintliness. To suit our camouflage insanity.

We are not afraid of God. No one is afraid of God. We are afraid of our own insanity, and we try to cover it with a blanket of God, but in the heat... as the ice, we cover with a blanket it can stay, but in the heat of our anger, it melts away. That's why commotions are chaotic. Emotions are influence. Neither the emotion nor the commotion nor the feelings which makes the dealings to just be biased.

So what is it we have to do in our life? Wisdom! We don't have the strength to have the wisdom because we are judgemental. How to get rid of judgementalness? Give yourself to the Guru! Guru in you, and you out. Game is in the in and out. Guru in, you are out, everything is calm, quiet, peaceful, because then the servant will serve, and master will master the reality of the personality of the One who deals in future.

This lecture today in the Gurdwara was meant to be for Sikhs to come and I'm grateful to you who call yourself Sikhs just for listening to it. Let it be recorded and maintained in the archives of Sikh Dharma so that the generations to follow must understand the meaning of the "Ik Ong Kar."


- end -

Copyright by Yogi Bhajan, 1988

Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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