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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 09/25/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, CA

A Man Named Nanak

Sikh Dharam is over 500 years old. A lot of things have been discussed, improved and looked into. Jews have become refined Jews, moderate Jews, Hassadic Jews, real Jews, non-real Jews. Christians have become Roman Catholic, Prostestant, Prebyterian, Jehovah Witness, New born, Unborn, Yet to be born, any facet of life. Hindu is a very strange religion. It accepts everything. I can eat carrot and the horn of the goat at the same time and feel comfortable about it. Buddhism has a psychological problem. It is Godly without acceptance of God. So, it confuses a lot of people. Shinto details so that even the mind of the man cannot grasp it. Confucianism is too philosophical. Islam is too direct and blunt. Rabbi Rahim, God is merciful... therefore kill everybody who's not a Muslim. Period! This is the religion of people who are supposed to be most humble with a zero tolerance. You have to be very humble in Islam with a zero tolerance. If you do not fit into Shireeat, you gotta go.

There are two big religions now: one is Christianity which spread itself with the power of crusade and Islam, which spread through the power of conquering others. Buddism spread through the power of the teachers... bikshoos... teachers were beautiful, wonderful. There's no doubt about it.

Sikhism, 500 years ago, a religion started by a man named Nanak. The concept I'm using here, 'The Man Named Nanak,' because that is what Sikhism is. And nobody understands Sikhism. The painful thing which I have realized is that how come Guru Nanak tolerated even the tolerance where he was? How can the stupid atmosphere around Guru Nanak in Punjab, where people were totally orthodoxly totally dipped into Brahamanism, why Guru Nanak was there? What was the idea? I can feel that Guru Nanak was born... the man Guru Nanak, Nanak the man... and Guru Nanak, the GURU Nanak, the Siri Dev Guru Nanak, went through a lot of hassle and pain to test out the theory. You know, your grace is only tested against insanity. Whether you are very graceful and very spiritual or very real or you are not, there's no proof of it. Your proof that you are very graceful is that when you confront a very disgraceful, bitchy, neurotic, mannerless, useless, characterless son of a gun, or whatever you want to
call it, and THEN you act saintly! Or, your tolerance is that when somebody's flakey who doesn't know, has no self- respect, is destructive, abusive, call it anything, and then you are calm, quiet, steady, don't leave your ground. Your power to give charity, bheta, whatever it is, that you give where it is humanly impossible to give.

You know life is something. Nanak the man got born in a most low-caliber, society gripped under Brahmanism. Brahmans knew God. Control system. Control system is the source of tremendous unhappiness. Man is free, soul is free. Man wants the vastness and Brahamanism controlled Indians so bad that whatever the Brahaman said, it was acted upon, worked, and huge humanity was engulfed and enslaved. In that situation Nanak the man took birth.

Now, today we can say it all right, but just imagine 500 and more years ago, Nanak talked to the mind, his own mind. Nanak spiritually accepted the existence of mind as an individual sovereign identity within the human being. Not only accepted it but talked to it, sent to it, related to it, understood its faculty, directed its faculty... and it is all contained in the Siri Guru Granth. Man is talked to, and man's MIND is talked to. And man's spirit, soul, is talked to.

Siri Guru Granth as Guru talked to 3 independent aspects of the man: the man, the putara, the structure; the man, the mind, the energy, the movement, the faculty; man, the spirit, the soul, the ultimate. In Sikh Dharam, the trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost: "Man", "Than" and "Atma", is recognized. It is real. And that is what Sikhism is about.

Therefore I, Siri Singh Sahib of Sikh Dharma have come to conclude, Sikh Dharma has not been understood. I am willing to say it under the seal of my office and Sikh Dharma is not priests at all. Because every individiual has to be understood in three parts. Individual has to be understood in A part, the body. The B part, the mind. The C part, the soul. And each identity has to come together to conclude.

We who are Sikhs, 80 million Sikhs we are at the moment, are Sikhs coming from other sources. So we are carrying with us a lot of past. You know, if you take too much bitter, and add honey to it, it doesn't make it right away sweet. It takes time. The Sikh Dharam aspect that Sikh Dharam talks to the mind is essentially ignored. And it is not discussed. It is not preached. It is not talked about.

Among the Indians in Sikh Dharam, I have experienced, a rich Indian or Indian with a few followers is called 'Sardarji'. Everybody else is else. So, social status prevails or social spirit prevails. Even a sant in India has to have followers and that is considered a sant. A man of a higher mind is not very well recognized very fast. But rather there is a difficulty. And it is very feudal... like a sant of a village is real, and everybody else is second grade. So territories, feudalism, and tribalism, are still prevelant and that's the way it is.

Now we are talking about a religion. Religion, which should quickly give you the understanding of reality. And in 20 years I have counseled hundreds and thousands of people and I have come to realize, people have very terrible problems with their mind.

There was two ways to look at it. One is whether you can let your mind control you, or let you control your mind. Let your mind serve you or your servent will make you the servant. And this is the problem with not in the West or the East... this is the problem with all the people. People have no control of mind. And a person who has no control over his mind is not a Sikh. His actions, his movements and his reactions will be monkey-like. Because mind is very destructive when it is in control. It is very useful. It is a genie. And the story you got where a bottle opens up and a genie comes out is very true. You all are bottles and you are only corked under a social pressure and when the cork opens up and the real genie comes out, what it creates is not worthwhile -- I can't even describe it here, I can't even explain it here.

And it pained me a lot. Yesterday I had a strange experience when somebody said, "I understand it. I know, but it's my mind." And since that conversation to this mind I have not stopped communicating with the universality of it." Yes. Even the understanding is not worth it. True, Guru says it, "Beej mantra sarab ko giaan." The very seed, everybody knows what the knowledge is, what the reality is, what the truth is. But that's not enough. Understanding is not enough. Education is not enough. Environments are not enough. There's nothing enough. Because you are carrying the pain, the degredation, the insult, the monster, within you. Wherever you will go, you will run into it. Whether you are a Christian, you are a Buddhist, you are a Sikh, you are a Hindu, you are a Muslim. Stupid is stupid, doesn't matter which brand you put on it!

And a stupid Sikh is just an insult, insult, insult! Because he looks like a saint but he acts like a stupid. It confuses people more than otherwise. It doesn't make sense. A person is special, he looks special, he looks like a rishi, he is believed to be a saint. Then he has to act like one. That is where the concept of sant sabhai came. Live like a saint, act like a soldier. And a person who looks like a saint, acts like a drunk, such a person... let us not talk Dharma. Let us talk life. You love somebody and if that bitch is obnoxious, your love will dry up in like ten minutes. You who call her, "Darling, my love," will start calling her a bitch. Calling her names. You do it every day. Where is the love? In the heat of that social anger which comes out of pure obnoxiousness, a person who is a full- fledged human being, and is your darling and is your beloved, and you want to deal with it, your anger and that social anger, individual anger and social anger, clashes and you start calling "bitch!" and she starts treating
you as a dog and it is every family's home phenomenon.

Somebody between the two, somebody opened up the cork and let the genie go. Those stories of the genies are so religious and show so well. We see them on the television, we read them in the books, we hear them in the past. Well, fact is that genie has not gone away. And when this mental genie takes over, it is hundred times more and more monstrous than a normal individual. And damage it does, like genie came out, "What do you want? What is your wish?" "My wish is take me to a nether land." Genie did it. Exactly your mental genie takes you where you want to go and after that you cannot come to the original place. You forget one thing: once you lose, you lose! It takes a lot of effort to regain.

And life is a process, life is an identity, it is a processing identity. It is an organic thing. It is not inorganic, it is not dead. It does not sit. It moves. And the moving force in a man is his mind. The question is: is the mind in individual control or mind is not in individual control? And that is where Sikh Dharma comes in. It discusses with things. It talks to the mind. It talks to the soul. It talks to the body. "Eh sareeraa meriaa is jag meh. Ay ikay ga ko karam kamaaeeaa." It even talks to parts of the body. "Eh nataro merio har bin oh na ayko koee." "Eh saravano merio..." This is where you read Anand Sahib and you will find even the parts of the body. Mind is talked to, parts of the body are talked to, body is talked to. And also, "...satigur sikhe bandan gaade." The True Guru will release the Sikh. The second line is, "...je gur sikh bikaal te har." If the Sikh leaves the unfavorable acts away.....

Somebody told me yesterday, "I was supposed to be happy." I said, "Yes, you were supposed to be happy. You were promised to be happy. You were promised to be happy and successful." "Why I am not?" I said, "In the last one year how many days you got up for sadhana? None." I said, "Promise was not given as a flat promise. 'You will misbehave and you will be happy. You will act stupid and you will be happy. You can be obnoxious and you can be happy. You can always freak out and you will be loved.' It was never that kind of a promise. Promise was... and that was the promise... that you will follow the teachings and you will be happy and you will be prosperous." That person said: "Why I should believe it?" I said: "There's a living example of many individuals who follow it and they are happy."

Because where is the destruction? Destruction is not what you perform. Where is the force behind you? Force behind you is not your atma. Atma will keep you alive. Force behind you is not your body. Body can look good or bad, whatever it is. Force in you... where it moves you... is your mind. And mind can move you without even the knowledge of the time and space. That is the tragic end of the human. That's the dead end of the human. That is the most destructive faculty of the human that the human mind can take the human without even confronting or considering the space and time.

Mind can give an advance warning. Pearl Harbor. Do you think the man who is running for President does not know that he cannot flip? He must be very alert. He doesn't want to flip because even now he is saying, "I am so patriotic that I want to bring Pearl Harbor two months earlier." When Pearl Harbor happened, it happened. He wanted it two months earlier, how patriotic he is? I mean to say, look where mind can take you.

First of all you did a mistake. You flipped to date. Now you are flipping the concept of it. You think the Vice Persident who's going to be president and wants to be president and tries to be president, who has all the advisors, all the specialists, all the experts around him, wants to commit a mistake? No. His mind has not reconciled with him, and he's not going to reconcile with his mind. I can bet with you. Because the man's who's opposing him, Dukakis, his way of speaking is very homely. He's like a home made soup. Whether he's a good man or a bad man, I'm not discussing. Bush cannot stand it. And today is the debate, is that true? You watch my words, you see how the flip-flops happen.

Because in a person it is not how you look and what your soul is. Your spiritual strength has no meaning for you except it gives you a mental control. Self mental control. Self mental control cannot be achieved by anything outside. Therefore it is true: sadhana, aradhana and prabhupati. It is true. It always shall be true. And those who do not do sadhana shall never be happy! No promise with them stands, and no virtues can be, and even if they become rich and prosperous, they will be stupid... unhappy stupids. Whether they are religious or they are unreligious, I don't care! I talked to a human today, any human who has no sadhana is not worth trust. They are a useless fraud, a living fraud! There's no relationship, there's no wife, there's no son. There's no tradition, there's no follow-up. Nothing! Why you do for all that? They are a bunch of crack-heads who want to live whatever their genie wants them to live! Their religion, their God is their genie, their own mind inside. They are ego-ids! Yes, under the constitution
law of the United States we have to recognize that thing as a human. Yes, they have two legs and two hands. Yes, they have a head, they have a body. Yes, they have a right to vote. But these idiots have no right to decide. They are not even animals! They are super arrogant mental cases. They are diseased and sick people! They need help!

Yes, they need help. Why? You can see in their richness, you can see in their intelligence, you can see in their cleverness, you can see in their show-biz one thing: unhappiness. These stupid dogs and bitches have betrayed God. They have made the servant mind as their master, so they can't have a master. One cannot serve two masters. There's no way. Those who serve their genie master cannot serve their spiritual master! There's a conflict. And this conflict will be forever. And it will continue from man to man, from time to time, from country to country, from nation to nation, from people to people.

People who do not do sadhana, they do not do sadhana, and nobody can tell them to do it. When they want to reduce their unhappiness or their unhappiness becomes so unbearable... then they may do it. Otherwise they will find millions of excuses. Stupid is very clever because stupid is the one who wastes time and direction. Remember who's stupid. Stupid words come from the word, "side path." A person who leaves the normal path of prosperity and goes on the side path, that is called stupid and it's a confusion in speaking. We always make words as 'ok' is 'all correct'. It was 'all correct', it became 'ok'. 'Courier' is a courier where you carry something. Career is where you carry yourself and your lifestyle, and your earning capacity. That's a career. And there are a lot of words which sound right. And people who go on side path are called 'stupid.' They leave the main path. They either do not have a capacity to walk to the....

A person who cannot... I tell you what is the most cowardly and weak person: A person who cannot confront his own mind. It means a master in the house who cannot confront his own servant. Then who is his master? Servant is the master, or the master is the master? Mind is a servant and when a man cannot confront his mind, man is absolutely a servant. And servant IS the master! And do you know what can happen in a home where servant is the master and master is the servant? And in such a state of situation you call him a 'sikh?' Hah! In Sikh Dharma there is no option but that Guru is the master. In Sikh Dharma there is no other concept! Sikh Dharma has one absolutely simple directive. Guru is the master. And in the very Mool Mantra... before giving any command to a Sikh: 'Jap' -- Jap is the command. It is the only only direct command in the words of Guru Nanak. But before that... even when Guru Nanak has totally explained it he says, "Gurprasaad." Everything good and bad, stupid and wise, is the Guru's...
according to the code of the Guru.

And Guru Gobind Singh, "Rehit Piaare moh ko Sikh piaara naahe." The code and conduct prescribed by the Guru. No other way. How can a man whose mind is totally his master serve another master? That's why people want to be Sikhs and also be independent. "Reformed Sikh". We call them 'patits.' Those who have lost their respect and grace. That's what we call them. And there's a spiritual word for it. Because in Sikh Dharam psychological, biological, and mystical, life is well-resolved. Guru has resolved it to the detail and nothing else can go deeper than that.

How many men are sitting in this congregation who can live with a nagging wife? How many women are here in this congregation who can be living with a nagging husband? You know where love goes away and the relationship falls apart? Where each individual who calls himself in a relationship of love... when their minds take different paths, side paths... stupid way of life. Son is not a son, father is not a father, when their minds are not there. Wife is not a wife, husband is not a husband, they are not mentally together. "Tan pare na akhee bain na katiaa hoee." Don't call them great who sit together, live together, or be together. If they are mentally not together, they are NOT together!

Guru and Guru's words have explained life to the greatest extent, and we have to learn very deeply. And some people are saying, "I cannot tolerate this lifestyle, I cannot be like this." I am telling them, "We cannot tolerate your nonsense, also." Some people are saying, "We can't wear bana." We are saying, "We don't want you to be nude." There are nude beaches, honey. Go there!" "Well, there is no fun to be a Sikh." If you cannot live, we are not inviting you to live! You came to the Guru's house. Don't do us a damn favor! We are sick of it! We've had it! It is a religion of reality, not a political groupy-ism to conquer and kill people! It is religion of saint, and peace, and God.

We don't want to go and prosletyze to everybody to become Sikhs and create a bunch of stupid people by violent force to conquer country by country and people by people or killing everybody who does not fit in our lifestyle! That is not a religion we want to be! We want a religion which can give peace to those who do not have it. It gives tranquility to those who do not have it, and we want people with a grit and stamina who can do it. Not passionate prostitutes and pimpish men. We don't want this nonsense! Go away and do what you have to do! Have divorce and get settlement. Out! Relgion is not going to tolerate nonsense. You cannot bring the dirt of the past to mess up the future. We'll work together... those who understand. We'll work... and those who are willing to understand... we are working with those. "Aapnee athee aapanaa aape kaahe suaaeeai." -- Those who are willing to take care of themselves. We all came to the Guru's house for happiness. And we were told on every
step where happiness is. And when we do not keep our part of the bargain we cannot get happiness. The insanity to betray the practical reality is very virtuous.

I am asking you to go in the world and find the richest, most influential and most powerful person. You will find three things: At one point that man shall have no answer. At one point, that man shall have no happiness. And at one point that man shall have no man in him. These are the three disqualifications of all men who have no control over their own mind.

These are the three virtues of sadhana:

1. Because once you have your own mind under control, intuition will give you all the knowledge of the world.

2. If you have a control on your mind through your social and structural thing you have answer for everything.

3. And if you have control on your own mind, you can see the soul and God right within you.

Well, let me tell you something which you must understand. Majority of the Sikhs come from India and Indian Sikhs do not believe in sadhana. They don't want to call it sadhana. They want to call it 'amrit vela.' Amrit vela starts at about 3:00 a.m. Is that amrit vela that they sit down in their beds and snore and they look at the American Sikhs because they get up and do sadhana? "Amrit vela sach nao vadeeaaee veechaar." That ambrosial hour is a time to look to see and to praise the Infinite. Why? Why are you praising God? It is just connecting. A finite in the ambrosial hour connects with the Infinite. Why do I say that? You'll be shocked to see they slept. Those who have reached a state of mind of service for others, you'll find that they leave their body between 3 to 6 a.m. You can watch their dead body between that time. That proves that all men of God and servants of God and part of God at that time is active. Therefore, we who are small in number should not be small in our
attitude. We who are small in our resources should not be small in our prosperity. We who are small in body should not be small in our grace.

And all this what is required to come out, is going to come out of the mind... and the mind doesn't follow any rules. Once the cork is out, genie is out and it is going to do what it is going to do. Therefore, please understand, sadhana is essential! Daily bath is essential that you may not smell bad. Food is essential that you may not feel weak. Smiles are essential that you may not drown into sorrow. Money is essential that you have to move and pay, and buy and get. Money is a medium of services and energy. Everything is essential... but if sadhana is not essentially done, your everything will fall apart. Let me put it in that way. And those of you who feel that by doing no sadhana, you are going to make it: NO!!

I tell you what it is. You did sadhana for a while and you made it. Now that you are not doing it you are actually falling apart. That's why those who are not with us are not with us because they are not with us... they didn't want to. They fell out, they went away, because they had no juice, no energy left. They couldn't grow. They didn't have the answer. A Mukhia Singh Sahib is not a Mukhia Singh Sahib who does not have the answer. A leader is not a leader who doesn't lead.

You know it is very funny part. Somebody said, "I am Siri Singh Sahib, so and so." I said, "True. Then live up to that standard." If you are Siri Singh Sahib so and so, live up to that standard, "I am Siri Singh Sahib. I have to live up to the standard of Siri Singh Sahib. Otherwise I'll be no Siri Singh Sahib." There is no such thing as Siri Singh Sahib! It is a standard. And only one who will be the standard bearer can be Siri Singh Sahib. It can be Harbhajan Singh or no Harbhajan Singh.

Surprise, Surprise! Khalsa Council is with us for last 15 years. We had a Khalsa Council for last 15 years. Yesterday I was communicating with certain Indian leaders. They were shocked to know that the Sikhs in America have had a Khalsa Council for 15 years. And I said to that one man who is very respectable for me, I said, "You stupid thing. Is it not your requirement as a leader to know what is going on?" And he said... you know how clever he was... what a hypocrite he was? He said, "Yes, Yogiji, you are absolutely right. That is right, I am stupid." I said, "Good enough." When you cannot do something, you start confirming it. because there's no answer. In this life you need an answer.

Soul took the mind and the body to get the answer. Soul became a part of God alive here to look at God. That's the purpose of life. Some people say, "What is the purpose of my life?" Purpose of life is simple: You are not a part of God. You took... you did a lot for it. It didn't come to you free! You stupid idiot human beings, who waste this opportunity for nothing, you shallow, dumb! You ARE God!!! You don't have to become God. The tree is in the seed! You took the opportunity to come to the world of senses to look back at God and to enjoy it. Human life is for focusing on God, but if the lens of the mind is totally fogged, you lose the contact.

Well, I'm not giving you a promise of great prosperity, great happiness. It might be that I have used the word 'stupid' many times and you may not like to hear from me because you are very intolerant these days. But let me tell you something. I don't have to curse you. You are cursing yourself! I don't have to make you unhappy. You are making yourself unhappy. I don't have to ask you to suffer, you are suffering yourself. Because you have no relationship with me.

I came to this country with you and I told you three words are the greatest words of God: sadhana, aradhana and prabhupati. And I also told you you will never hear them in any book or from any holy man. And I also told you this is the beginning and end and solution of ALL what you are going through! And today on this full moon day when your minds are open, in 1988, when the calamity on the Sikh nation is going to go away... when the birth of the Panth khalsa will be bright, shining and beautiful... when future will be remembered and life will be joyful and peaceful for all mankind... I tell you today -- through you to the entire mankind -- there are only three words to live by: sadhana, aradhana and prabhupati!! It was true in the beginning, it is true today and it shall ever be true!

If you want health, happiness and to be holy, then you'll do sadhana, aradhana and prabhupati. Everything else is bogus, you are all bogus and you will die as bogus! Everything is painful, you are in pain, and you will die in pain, whether you get college degrees, tons of money, lots of power, great ego maniac Americans or as very humble bag person, it doesn't make any difference.

Those who have no gift of sadhana with them, shall have no gift of happiness. Let us talk in a direct mathematical proportion. Your sadhana is a proportionate source of happiness in your life. Neither your marriage, nor your wife, nor your children, nor your future, nor your promises, nor your teacher can do it. He can only tell you what sadhana is. He can tell you to do sadhana. He can remind you. Postman never writes the letter. Letter is only delivered by the postman. And my virtue in your life is only that your destiny has to achieve that highest promise which your soul made to God... and God gave you the word. And my promise is to remind you that these 3 words decide EVERYTHING: Sadhana, aradhana and prabhupati!


Sadhana. Aradhana means do the sadhana as prescribed. Prabhupati means you become master of the God. Pati means husband. Prabhu means the God. The creative unknown means prabhu. I'm just telling you in a very simple English so nobody can feel confused. And this is a realism and that is what Nanak the man said. That is what Nanak the Guru said. And that is what the Nanak God said.

Amrit Velaa sach naao, vadiaaee veechaar.
Karamee aavai kaparaa nadaree mokh duaar.
Kiv sachiaaraa hoeeai kiv koorai tuutai paal.
How we can become truthful, elegant, sophisticated, divine, graceful and how can this false wall be broken up? And how can we see the freedom and how we'll be covered? How we'll have a shield? And to that Nanak answers... Nanak the man, Nanak the Guru and Nanak the God answers: "Amrit Velaa sach naao, vadiaaee veechaar. Karamee aavai kaparaa nadaree mokh duaar.", and then under the seal of my office, under the hand of my jurisdiction: "Nanak evai jaaneeai sabh aape sachiaar." Thus under the command of that One who knows all truth, Nanak says so, and vouches it!

Those who are Sikhs who are miserable, they should be miserable and they will be miserable, because they are not doing sadhana. They are not doing aradhana and God is not with them. Those who are non-Sikhs and they are not doing sadhana, they are not doing aradhana and God is not with them. Your soul... the source of your life... cannot look at the life of Creative God, without that clarity and control of the mind. You can get a very high priced camera. If the lens is broken and it is foggy you are not going to get any picture... doesn't matter what. Don't you understand that that law applies?

When I see somebody with a camera, I see them taking care of it. I see them taking a very fine, beautiful kind of a paper to clean the lens of the camera so that it may not get scratched and rubbed. I'm asking that idiot... super idiot... how can you not use that same technology with your own mind? Why can't you use that sophisticated subtle touch of divinity to clean the clumsiness and the fog of the mind, and see through your soul the divinity and God in every living aspect, and be happy and joyful? Why you are enjoying your stupidity so much, and in your mud clinging to the pole of death? Why you are dying a useless life? Why not you are willing to live in that height and see the vastness of the Creative God? Why this smallness?

I hope you will understand that there is no power in the world which God can bestow on you but the opportunity of sadhana. When you do sadhana, and your mind is controlled, your life is together, then you can be "niaaraa".

That's what Guru Gobind Singh did. When people gave their head, he asked for the head with a naked sword. They gave their head. Each time he came with a bleeding sword. It freaked out everybody. What he gave them? Nothing. He gave them bana. Decorated them in a certain clothing and brought them out. And they were different than all. That's why you can't wear bana. You don't have the grit, you don't have the courage, you don't have the capacity to stand out in bana! You don't feel convenient.
You are a commoner and you shall suffer the pain of the commoner! Guru Gobind Singh, the father of this nation, took us out of being commoners. Your problem is psychological. You have to deal with the commoners as the leaders and you can't do that.

I was shocked that day. I met an Amritdhari Sikh. He was wearing kirpan. He didn't know how to handle it. I asked him why he is wearing it. He said, "I'm not supposed to?" I said, "No! You must learn!" He didn't have the time to learn kirpan. He has no time for sadhana. People want happiness for nothing. There's nothing, nothing!

Well, let us part this day. Good-bye, folks. Fine. Look into your own stupidness. You came from the stupid background and pain and tragedy. We gave you a message. You cannot do it, you cannot do it.

There's a very good thing. When two people fight, they say: "We'll meet you in court." And life is like that. You'll meet in the court, Dharam Rai. When Dharam Rai will ask for the account, what you will take with you? An ultimate court where everybody has to go and stand. Therefore it is not that you can get away with things. Yes, but only temporarily. Well, that's what every thief does.

I was talking to somebody and the person said, "Divorce is inevitable." I said, "Well, when it started?" They had been fighting on an issue from the last 7 years. I said, "You must be in a very great love because people fight and get rid of it. It's the love which patches up." And I said, "The 7 years fight shows that there is a long investment. What are you fighting about?" They are fighting about this little situation. What is the situation? Man has what is called a 'closet personality.' It is a psychological disease. He goes to work. He flares up, he shows off his macho. He is the boss. He makes a lot of money. Blah blah blah. He is very successful. When he comes home he wants all the shutters to be closed and his wife says it has become a suffocating cell. So I said, "It is a very simple solution." He asked me, "What?" I said, "Make a wing of the house where you come in, you shut yourself and be in that shutter. For when you want to come out, there should be a door. Come in
and be free." He said, "That's very easy." I said, "You want to do it difficult way? How many rooms in your house?" Now look at the tragedy of it. This is a three story house with 17 bedrooms and 6 guest houses and the guy cannot find a solution to simple problem. I said, "Why? Look, you come, you make one guest house your house. It is called 'halfway house' for the closet man. You come in, you park your car there, you get in that halfway house and when you feel fully human, then you walk out to your main house." You won't believe what his wife said on the telephone. She said, "Wow! Jesus has resurrected." I said, "Did you see something?" These days people see Mary and people see Jesus. I said, "Perhaps she has seen him." She said, "Life is resolved. Solution is there. God it is perfect!" I said, "How many hours or minutes you can be in that closet house and you can be fine? " You'll love to hear that answer. Today was his first day to experience closet house. He couldn't stay in closet house, when he
was told he was free to stay, more than 20 minutes. He has been fighting with his wife to the point of threatening a divorce, and almost procedure was in. Can you believe the problem? So what is it? Mind picks up an issue and destroys the entire life on the issue. And that is what we'll talk on on other opportunities when we'll get about those things.

But what I'm telling you is, to all issues, to all problems, to all promises, to all good will gestures and to all difficulties... to all failures, to all handicaps, still the words of Nanak are true... Nanak the man. "Amrit Velaa sach naao, vadiaaee veechaar. Karamee aavai kaparaa nadaree mokh duaar. Nanak evai jaaneeai sabh aape sachiaar!"




Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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