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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 03/01/1989
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

My idea is to make you happy

Now is it time for confession? Are you ready? You basically understand me or not? Though I am a Sikh and I am a religious leader and all that hanky panky, fact is that I studied in a Catholic convent and you know you don't have to ba a Catholic to be a Catholic. You don't have to be born Catholic to be a Catholic. You don't have believe in Jesus Christ to be a Catholic. To be a Catholic you have to enter the convent and come out. That is it. You are a Catholic forever... meaning who studies in a Sacred Heart Convent.

I can never forget. I did two things when I was a Catholic. I converted my Mother Superior and she became Protestant. That is true. It is as true as you have to believe it. And I caught every mother including my house mother stealing breads in their big habits. You know I can tell you that Canterbury Tales. Anyway I was a boy and I was in a girl's convent. That was one advantage to be a Sikh because your hair they can braid them and nobody knows little boy is a girl or a girl or a boy, number one.

Number two. My father was chief so for me there was no law. And number three it was a British convent and a British town therefore my father, my mother, myself, my grandfather and five of our servants were only allowed to walk on the mattered road. Do you understand to live in a country where you cannot walk on a road, mall road. If you do not have a permit you can be arrested and put behind the bars for six months. That was the British time when India was their colony. And Indians have this rule that they cannot go on the mall road and our cars cannot come more than a couple of miles but we had the permit.

So out of all permits I could understand, but I could not understand permit that I can go to a Catholic Convent. But it did me a good thing. I learned how to confess. If not, I just make it up. Those of you who are... that is our internal joke. Those who were Catholic we all know.

So I am going to confess something to you: I have worked twenty hard years to be a yogi and when I started being a yogi... I didn't start being a yogi being a religious man... that is not true. I have to be very honest. I was the greatest religious rebel ever India will remember or has ever been produced. My idea was what they call positive intake.

What are these religious people? What they are saying? How far it is true? Is it what these books say is real or it is all lies? But I found out while just finding it out whether anything is real or not real, good or not good, that I am a serious student and I think I was very lucky that I got the teacher which I got and I pray to almighty God, for the sake of any good deed of any human, that such a teacher you should never get. My teacher was not only the hardest but calculating. You know how calculating? He would lay a trap from which there would be no escape, doesn't matter what. I was very fortunate that I had him as a teacher and I am still very proud... that hand of God, the unseen hand of God, you want to see God, I saw it. Unseen hand of God which I couldn't see, but I could feel it, carried me through and that is where my relationship with God started. Nothing else worked for me.

I had a great teacher. You just understand an ordinary thing. One day we were going for shopping. Good enough. We were passing through a tree. He said, "Why don't you go on this tree and stand on that split. In how many seconds you can go up? Simple as I was. Dressed as I was. This was not any preparation. I just went on the tree and sat on that split. Might have taken three minutes, four minutes, something like that. He said, "Well, now stay there until I come back and ask you to come down. I said, "Thank you." He came back three days later.

Within those three days I learned everything. There was nothing to learn because in my mind I knew teacher was not. Teacher has one thing to achieve: a stronger teacher for tomorrow. Teachers do not live for money and for mausoleums and for statues and for books. Teachers do not live for wealth, neither for women, nor pleasure, nor government. Real teacher will not live for anything except to find out if there can be a somebody who can be ten times better than him for tomorrow's teacher. I knew that in my heart. So I knew he is testing me out. He is not killing me and I knew also at night if I fall from this height where he has stuck me I will be broken into ninety bones. There will be nothing left of me. And I also know that I am "Mr. Virgo", cleanliness is godliness to me and how I will clean myself and how... what I will do. I mean to say can you believe somebody in perfect clothes puts you on the height where I was and says: "See you later" and then at night you have to survive and the day? In that tree I learned
how to sleep being alert. I also learned that the dew collects enough water that I could clean myself and drink through the day and I also learned that that tree has leaves, if you take the fresh green leaves it is... you don't feel any hunger. And I also learned that when I came down I was victorious. I could really obey! And I started believing in myself.

But I spent twenty four years of my life to learn it. You will never believe yourself if you cannot obey. For you Westerners to obey is a slavery. It is a dungeon. For we orientals, obeying is believing. We belong to a different species. But just understand my West is Tokyo, my East is New York. It is a state of mind, how we look at things. If you obey somebody you feel you are a servant or you are a slave. You have lost your will. If we obey somebody we feel we have the grit, we have the intelligence, we have the competence, we have accomplishment and it gives us strength and self belief. That is the difference in teachings. That is why you have all the wealth and you are unhappy. We have nothing and we are extremely happy. That is why you don't understand me and I stand under you. You will never know me.

I came twenty years ago in the United States. I had absolutely no friends, no environments, nothing. Look what I have done. Because everything starts from nothing. Those who always believe in nothing end up with everything. Those who believe in something end up with nothing. That law I cannot change.

There is a Hindu God called Krishna. Actually the word is "Kar a shuna". "Kar" means creation, "a" means happen, "shuna" means where zero happens, where everything comes to stillness. You will ask about this Hindu God Ram. Word is "Ra e ma". One who created the moon and the sun. You live by the light of the sun. You don't have anything else. Muslims say, "La e la". "La" means God Is. "Ala" means feel his presence. No big deal. They have a simple thing: "La e la Mohammed Rasulela". God is, feel God's presence. Mohammed is the messenger of God.

Take any religion. Take any teachings. Deal with anything. There is only one thing: You should be become you, complete and competent. That is the process. Life will have no other process but that. Your problem is that you feel through emotions, through feelings, through sex, through vulgarity, through pornography, through all what you can do, you feel you have to keep alive. Inside. Those who know the inside, they know the entire outside. Those who know outside do not know the inside. That is why there is an emptiness. There is a hollow that is shallow. Life is empty, hollow, shallow, because you are not inside you.

You don't have a problem with God. For God's sake don't remember this. You have no problem with God, you have no problem with happiness. You have no problem with wealth or prosperity. You have only one problem. You are not inside you. Mailman comes. Gift man comes. Delivery man comes. He calls, he rings the bell. Orders are delivered to the person and person is not in. You are searching. Those who are searching are never home. Do you know that?
Religion is the most naked, white lie in the world and religious man lied to the man. The stupid religious man for his insecurity told everybody to search for God. God is everywhere. He is just saying search air. Now who searches the air? Because the most insecure man became the man of the church. He wants his basket to be filled. Though he collected money in the name of God. But he collected out of his security which was challenged by the phobia within you: that you don't know God. So with the bet on the churchman you started going out, leaving your home to dogs, to thieves, to everything else. If you sit in your home, "Kam krodh lobh moh hamkar", these all five evils will not touch you when the master is in the house and the lights are on. It is very, very daring for a man to enter and plunder the house. Your problem is same. You want to find happiness outside, and happiness is inside. You never go inside. You never find happiness.

That is why you marry, you divorce, you have children, you leave them, you have child support. All this what I hear in this world of ours, I can't even believe it. My wife never sees me. I never see her. I wonder sometimes why don't we divorce? We get mad at each other. We fight like you and me. I yell and scream to tell my children I am the father. The buck stops here. All that drama I do and I do it very intentionally to let them know that I am a very alive human being father. Otherwise they think I am a yogi, I am supreme, I live in the bliss, forget about it. I am just a statue. And once in a while I shake my statue and just let them know I am alive and well and I am just like as they are.

You do not know the tragedy in my family. My family came and my children came from school from India. They brought two kilos of common salt. Two kilos. Four pounds. They thought in America, our parents have become holy and they don't eat salt. So they brought their own salt. I opened the bag, I saw the salt, I told my wife, she said, "what?". It is a mistake, they brought salt. I said, "Don't be stupid. We have lost our children. They are gone." She said, "No they are not gone. What are you talking about." I said, "Now before I tell you what I am going to do you just do it." She said, "What is it?" I said, "They are all coming in and I am going to jump on you and start beating you. You start beating me back. Don't worry and start yelling as high as you can." She said, "I can't do it." I said, "Do it now." And I pulled her, pulled her from the sofa, threw her on the carpet. I was just over her, she was over me. And she was yelling. She thought this is unreal. And she has a certain
feeling sometimes when I tell her it has got to be done, she does it good. And then children came and said, "No, no, no, no! Papa, mamma, papa! mamma, mamma, papa!" And we were not doing anything anyway and we just became all right. We said, "Fine, fine, fine. Thank you very much. How are you?" That time they felt we are not that holy that we can't fight and there is no need of bringing salt from India to America. We did a practical thing to let them feel we are exactly the same as we were. Because in army I learned only one word is very effective: "As you were". Left and right and up, down, all that goes. Then there comes, "as you were". Then everything becomes to normal. Nothing moves. And that is one thing which I learned in command and receiving a command.

My confession is that for all twenty four years of my yoga practice and meditation and all that, I became sick and I couldn't teach you for two years and I am not healthy now either. So there is no problem to believe that I am perfect and I don't believe that there is any need to be perfect but I started teaching out of compassion, I could not take it any more.

Lot of people have mental problems and all that, and my personal feeling is that I am Ph.d. in Psychology of communication and I counsel people as a religious man and all that. I know that would take years and years and years and still... so I started a cleaning service in the United States and I was called. I had a first coat with a title. What they call that at that time: United States garbage collector. So that is how I started. Moving with young people. You know I am grateful to Nancy Reagan she started saying "no" from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Twenty years ago I started saying no. Because I told people outside stimulation will not make you high. No drug can give you any experience. All drug can give you is a drag. You want to drag yourself, then take drugs. Mess up your nerves, stimulate them, overstimulate them and they will not be yours. Don't overextend yourself, don't spend a thing.

But my confession to you is: Everything you can do but your body won't do one thing for you, it won't stretch itself. I didn't stretch my most workable body for four years. And my dear friends, if by doing not so. I am not willing to share with you the excuse. Excuse is mine. I overworked, I over killed myself. It is all bogus. Fact is. I didn't do it. And the result of that is, I got sick. One thing you must learn. Your body seems to be yours. But you are not the body. In your body you are. And within you is your real you. There is a trinity of you. Body, you and that within you is your spirit being inside. That gives security. That gives fulfillment. That brings contentment. Contentment comes to you when you are contained within your you.

You know you go on a date to mate and you end up with a pit and the other word I cannot say, I am a holy man. So you can guess. You marry. You love, you live, your marriage has a single marriage problem and when you are single you have a single woman problem, single man problem. Gays have their gay problems, dykes have their dyke problems. Womanizers have their woman problems. And those who do not touch a woman they have their not touch problems. Problems do not go away. Holy man has his holy man problem. Unholy man has his unholy problems. Ugly woman has an ugly woman problem. Beautiful woman has beautiful woman problems. Everybody is after her. She doesn't know where to hide. It is true. Actors have their actors problems and extras have their extras problems. You won't find one person without a problem because you do not understand that problem is: pro-limb. The word limb comes from bail out from the pro limb. If I say pro-limb. I just become little spanish. And you say problem. If I say problem, is it
is the same thing? The fact is with every movement, limb, with every movement there is a resistance. Do you know physics? Every movement shall cause resistance and every movement breaks resistance. That is the law of physics. It cannot change. Every living life shall confront a challenge and every challenge which you confront is called problem. So no man can be without problem. Every living body needs to be stretched. It is called tuning. Every person doesn't want to stretch the body. For you the confrontation is...

Let me tell you the painting picture of a comfort. You should lie in a beautiful king size bed with a golden canopy and you should be fanned and given everything including commode in the bed. And you feel comfortable. (I call it sick.) The image of comfort is, when we have to do nothing and everything is done. Actually, when we have to do nothing we are called dead. We have to breathe. We have to do something. We have to drink water. We have to go to bathroom. We have to do something.

You know with a heart attack you may not die, but in a bathroom if you slip you may never be living again. So you cannot say where the death is going to shake hands with you. Oh, by the way, in your life death comes to you four times and leaves you. It is called reminder death. It shall happen. Except when a person dies in an accident where the other body is waiting where you have to be transformed. It is called quick switch action. Then you have to die through accident. Otherwise death will visit you four times and fifth time you have got to go. You are living in a universal Motel Inc. In the end you must go, pay your bill, and don't take the pillows with you. It is a bad idea. The day your credit will finish you shall leave. Nothing will go with you. The soul body shall enter into the subtle body and shall leave. Rest of everything shall be here.

You don't have to believe this philosophy if your religion doesn't permit it. But fact is, why you are in America and why not in South Africa? Decide it yourself. Why not you are a fish or a bird? Why you are human? When you start searching for that answer you will find what I am saying is almost real. But anyway, my idea is not to convert you today to any belief. My idea is to make you happy. That is what I believe. My belief is religion, God, purpose, everything prayer, money, woman, gold bullion, power, politics, it is all for happiness. Nobody does anything. Even people have done wrong things for happiness. It is a matter of thinking. Nothing is good and nothing is bad, thinking makes it so. So you think what you think.

Tonight we have started thinking. There is a source of our thinking called brain. Brain. In that brain there is a thinking dialogue. And that thinking dialogue causes insecurity and insecurity is the mother of all your problems. You have to be in, to be secure. When a person starts becoming secure his problem starts. You have to get into the secure to start problems. If you don't care, then there is no problem. Moment as a human being you start feeling that you are not secure, you are not... you are miles away from God. You are yourself. There is no other God, good business. This is all simple. When you feel insecure you are miles away from God. When you are in God you do not feel insecure because when you are in God you are not insecure, when you are insecure you are not in God. When you are insecure you are in your ego. When you are God you are totally infinite.

In my life came a desperate moment. I was commanding a unit. Outside where I was, opposite to us, an absolute volley of bullets coming like rain. My second in command said, "We are running short of ammunition." I said, "Yeah, we are officers. We have got to catch it." He said, "No way. I think we should retreat." I said, "We don't know how to retreat. We have got to win. It is a psychological war, bullets do not matter." He said, "Sir, we are running out of ammunition! What are you doing?" "I don't know how much ammunition they have got, they are not stopping and we are only matching up and we are getting shot." I said, "Well, go to the wireless (radio) and see what can be done." He said, "Wireless is broken I don't want to shout it!" I said, "Any other chance?" He said, "No chance. The only chance is we retreat." I looked at my watch. I looked at the time and I looked at myself. And I just took my revolver and I didn't fire, I just jumped out the wall the other side and in seconds there was
no war, there was no fire. All official thing what was to be done got done and my second in charge came and he said, "Was that right what you did?" I said, "No." "You could have been hurt fatally." I said, "No." He asked "Why?" I said, "The way they were firing from that rapidness, the sound which that rapidness created, I intuitively knew that they wanted to keep us away but they don't want to kill us. They don't want the wrath on us. They want us to go away and we were falling in their trap and I couldn't tell you to follow. I jumped. We got it."

Man within the man has a problem because without intuition you don't know what the psyche is doing. And you cannot have your intuition if you are inside bombarded with your inner insecurity. Your inner insecurity is responsible for your pain and displeasure and unhappiness and poverty. Outside you can build castles, doesn't mean a thing. So we are going to just stretch that inside, clear it up, see that it can shine and you may have a better day. Is that right? And then we are going to meet Friday and go through the roughness of it. And these exercises I didn't make them. I am not the author of them. I have nothing to do with them. I simply learned as you were doing it. But I know they do the job well. I know sometimes your arms hurt and your armpit gets swelled up and you don't like it and you don't want to breathe, you don't want me to yell and scream and push you a little more, but question is not what we do, question is what we get. Do we get relaxation and eternal happiness being
ourself, or do we lose something? If we are gaining more than what we are putting in, then we are in profit, we are in good business. Right?

(meditation follows)

This is your hand. Dance it, dance it! Don't just move it. Dance it! From elbow to onward you dance, you balance. And then this. It is difficult. This upward, this downward. Now it is a brain circuit. It is pretty heavy, difficult and painful. I am not saying it is easy. You see this? You will freak out exactly in four and a half minutes. We do it in heavy duty situation to test the grit of a person. Now this hand is this way. Solid, decent as it is. This is this way, perfect and this is what we do.

Coordinate your both horizons of the brain. That is all I am saying. I am not saying anything else. See the space. Pay full attention to your command will from your inside eye. And understand the id has to multiply itself to the system and it will hurt like hell. True, true, it hurts. But it doesn't matter that it hurts. Everything hurts anyway. Don't bother tonight. What we are going to do Friday will be fun. This is just the beginning. Come on, come on, lets do it now! We are started. We have to finish today. This is no show!

Who won Miss... what, when? I think Texas has monopoly over Miss USA. California was good but smog overtook, stole the show. Come on, come on! I am just trying to divert your attention so that you may look very earthly. I am not willing to talk all these things but I want you to not concentrate so that you can go wrong. It is my duty tonight to create certain humor to divert your attention. Please concentrate which I have told you in the beginning to do. God, those sexy dreams and sexy nights of yours must have flipped yesterday is that true? Aura goes red quick. Remember that. Never trust your teacher. True. My master used to tell me all the time. Trust God but don't trust me. And I said, "Why not to trust you?" And he said, "I would like you to be better than God and you can't be, and that is what master's ego is. Faster! Quicker! You know within that time you should automatically be breathing deep and heavy. It means you have cheated. That is true. Now come on, don't you see that
congeniality of the intercourse changes? It is a yin and yang, male and a female. It is intercourse. It gives you a sexual satisfaction without ejaculation. Yeah, that is true.

Hey, I am going before a TV. I am saying things which I normally don't say, remember. Come on, because that is the exercise. Because sex is nothing but a sixth sense. There is nothing in sex, there is nothing without sex. Have you read my article? It is very popular. The most popular on sex. There is an article of mine, there is nothing in sex, there is nothing without it.

Hey, this is not fair! This is not good relationship. Come on fast, heavy! Do it! Do it dude! Come on! Tonight is a practical night. It is a good night. We are going to achieve the result, therefore we want to move. Please move them in an absolute sexual harmony. The word is, scripture word is cohabit. Cohabit means male, female intercourse. I am not joking. I am not making it up myself. That is why I told you I am not the author of tonight. I have nothing to do. Come on! Quick! Shake up! Feel sexual! It is a sexual intercourse with your total personality. It is simple, it is honest.

If you are not enjoying this there is something sexually wrong with you. Move fast! Birds, birds, fly, fly quick, tight! Come on! Move! You should be moaning. Now the period has come. It has to be real. Not acting. Do it fast. Unfortunately it brings out moaning automatically when you do it heavy and fast. There is no way you can stop that. It is automatic reaction. I know you are very contained and sustained and I am not going to do it. I am not going to let you go either. Come on let us do it in the spirit of this exercise. All right. What is going on, come on. Don't be shy. Everybody has done one way or the other. What is tonight wrong. Move, move. Move. Move the female and the male at the same rhythm, at a distance. Enjoy yourself come on. Some people are shy for nothing. Come on, come on please move! Did I say stop? I didn't say that!

All right now onward I will do it with you. Is that okay? It is, come on, come on try it. If you do it at the same time it will be easy, if you do this and that it will be difficult. Come on, come on. Push forward. Listen. I am not lying to you. We have to stimulate the brain to have the preparation so that it can have that feeling. I mean we are going right into the center moon cavity of the brain. Big deal. Come on, move quick! Move!
Well let me tell you honestly you have only a minute and ten seconds. No, no don't say I am going to get rid of it. My idea is achieve it if you want, otherwise later on when you go through the whole thing you won't enjoy the full of it. Push, push! Mr. Tower has said he will only date every woman he can lay hands but shall not do anything further because he cannot drink anymore. Provided they make him defense secretary. He will not use any missle against USSR, Russia, because he cannot drink. You know what I am saying. Mr. Tower will go and attack any country by a single file himself and establish the tower of victory.

Come on! Hurry up! Look at what a simple thing I said. My teacher put me on a tree for three days, I didn't say anything. And all I am asking you to do is to shake your hands in a rhythm and you are saying no. Look what they are doing. Watch this. Is this an exercise? Have you seen something better than that? Come on, come on do it! No, no, no, no, no!! let's go. Let's really go. See, you don't tolerate anything! Come on quick, quick, quick!
This is a point where you press, you can change anything in your head called habit. This meridian right here underneath in two points. All we are doing is we are vibrating, nothing big deal. Come on, let's go. Hurry up, hurry up, we have a... yeah, okay, we are above it. Stop, stop, stop!

I agree. You believe me. Are you kidding? You know the problem? Mental problem. This is the mental problem. When you have a mental twitch this is what you do. Get mentally insane, create the twitch. No, no, it is all elbow. Today there is no other work. You shall not have a mental attack. In old age you shall never get insane if you do perfect this exercise. I am not kidding. It is very powerful.

When we learned the science of intuition this is we start. Look at this. This is the first time. Elbow, force the elbow in. Now this is not bad. This you should do with a full force. It shall, I repeat, it shall relax you. But after a while it will start hurting and you will start sweating. I agree. I have done these exercises myself. I know what they do. Now in a movie if we give you a role like this you all love to do it. Here think the divine is your congregation. Hurry up. Okay open up your mouth and go with it. Continue. Now close your eyes and meditate. Let us go. (SSS plays the gong)

Elbows, elbows. Very good, you are doing right. Breath and elbow. Put your total self in it we have only six minutes left. Hurry up elbow three more minutes, come on. Now you have only two minutes, put your best, elbow, elbow and breath. Last minute. Last minute. Inhale inhale, lock your hands in your back. Put the spine straight, stretch it, and meditate on the spine, for God's sake concentrate. We don't have a time. Energy is not enough. After exact five minutes we have to stop it. Whatever you can gain and lose, those are the five minutes. Stretch your spine straight like a steel rod. Exhale, inhale, hold, exhale, inhale, hold. Exhale, breathe this way now voluntarily. Hold to your maximum. Inhale the deepest and exhale the deepest. You will never regret tonight. Inhale, hold maximum. Inhale maximum, exhale maximum. Keep spine straight, hand locked behind you. (Tape of Sat Peter Singh, 'guiding my way on' is playing). Do it as yogis, do it with honor. Deeply breathe in, hold deeply, exhale as much you can. Keep
spine tight straight like a steel rod. Give yourself a chance. Meditate on a deep breath. Deep in, deep hold, deep out. Just think the breath is just God you are welcoming in. Just pay homage, be just a little respectful. Help your health. Not me, help your mind, not me. Help your soul, not me. Breath of life, deep, fall deep in love. If nothing happens, nothing goes wrong, keep air, but if something happens you will enjoy it. Don't cry. Try. Do not cheat on yourself. Concentrate, meditate. Deep, deep! You have got to go home today victorious. You can't do this half cooked. Half cooked is half cooked, cook it well. And it is you who is being cooked. Spine straight, spine straight. Some of you are losing the grip. Stretch up, stretch up.

Put your hands crossed before your heart center please. Meditate deeply. Breathe extremely slowly. Slow as you can spell it. (SSS plays the gong) Let it go. Come with me and let it go. Don't resist. Resistance will create friction. You don't need that. Feel you have spread your wings and fly into the bright sun. Inhale deep, deep, stretch your hands upward, lock them and stretch your spine please. Stretch it. Try to uplift yourself with strength. Inhale deep again. Exhale. Inhale deep again. Pull up. Stretch, stretch, this is the time to stretch. Exhale. Inhale deep again please. Deep and stretch up. Now stick with your breath. Let it go. Inhale deep. Inhale more. Stretch higher, higher, little higher, let it go.

Shake your hands, shake, shake, shake. High up. Shake no problem. Now you can do those bend and all that stuff you were doing before but shake it well.

May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on.

Blessed God, bring bounty, beauty and bliss to the heart of the man. Bring peace and silence the drums of wars. Let the man learn to hear the beat of his heart than the beat of death. May Thy kindness make this beast, this monster, atomic man, to be bountiful flower of peace, tranquility, joy, fulfillment and happiness. May the war lords become people's servants to enjoy, to serve the man's creation in a reality they may see the almighty God. In the smallness is the allness of Thy Self. May we all live to experience. We pray that Thy power may guide us, may make us ourself, give us the destiny and the glory and the height and the light for which we may be proud of thee. Sat Nam.

Thank you very much for these beautiful flowers and presents. They shall decorate the altar and thank you for coming and participating. Enjoy yourself and if you and I live up to Friday we will meet at eight p.m. Just eat less. It won't kill you. Miss a meal. If you really want to enjoy it just miss a meal and take liquid as much as you can. Give yourself a chance to prepare yourself.

You must remember, happiness in experience is the most costly item. Do not even try to buy it cheap. It is not there. Don't believe in promises. Believe in experience. See within you. Find yourself. That is the brightness of life. There is no such thing as God. It starts with you and it ends with you. All promises given to you. All knowledge given to you. All wealth, health, happiness given to you. If it cannot make you to walk with compassion and kindness on this planet earth. There is nothing worst what you have done to yourself. And kindness and compassion is not a small thing. It is all of everything. To be kind to those who do not deserve it. To be compassionate to those who cannot think of it. Forgiving those who have absolutely no capacity to be forgiven. And honoring those who have lived all the time with insult. Standing to those who are tyrants with a smile and speaking with affection and love to those who have abused all their life is the start to be human. It is the alphabet to be a person. Those who cannot
speak kindly and who cannot act compassionately, it does not matter who they are, they have not yet learned to be human. Forget about being divine. It doesn't matter which country you belong to, how wise you are, how rich you are, how fulfilled you are and how miserable and terrible you. How painful your life is and how low it is. Remember start walking kindly and living compassionately. You will be surprised. The almighty creator God will start walking with you hand in hand and be a friend forever.

There is no bigger prayer. There is no bigger act. There is no best thought. Be kind to those who do not deserve. Be compassionate to those who cannot think you can be. That is the first step towards God's friendship. Don't try to conquer the infinity. It is not possible. Don't try to ignore it. It is not possible. Befriend it. You shall be happy, fulfilled, tranquil, peaceful, blissful, bountiful and beautiful. These are the simple experiences you can enjoy. Thank you for the night. See you very soon. God bless. Sat Nam.

- end -

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Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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