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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 10/27/1988
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, CA

The Theory of Conflict


Guru Ram Das' Birthday (tape # KYB-127)

As we grow up in our life... and many of you might have been at Guru Ram Das Ashram today, and if you have listened to the hukam... many lifetimes you have been this... 8.4 million lifetimes, many times you have been worms, many times you have been this and that. All the life was explained. But somehow because of the fortunate time, you have become human. Now is the time of deliverance. That's what the message was on this birthday.

Now, I'm not asking you to judge yourself. I'm asking you to be conscious of yourself. Actually what has happened in our life is that we are ill- trained. We are not ill people, we are not sick people. We are ill- trained. There is a tremendous nuisance about our priorities in life. Now, whether you are rich or poor, you are educated or uneducated, you are wise or you are stupid, that will not make any difference. Nothing. The person who will fail in life is the person who does not have the strength... the tolerance. A person who cannot even tolerate things, he cannot think right.

Thinking... what you call it?... intellectual response, is automatic. Whatever the reaction to your body is your body has the capacity of automatic intelligence response. Because intellectual is always considering your whole life and giving you a release of thoughts. It's an automatic process. You cannot stop that. So if the intellect is giving you the release of thought then the intelligence has to give response to it. And that is how you make emotions. Emotions are not made because intellect gives you a thought, and so because intellect gives you a thought therefore automatically some thoughts you process and some you don't. That's not true.

You have an automatic response by the intelligence and sometimes your conscious picks it up, sometimes your subconscious picks it up, sometimes your unconscious picks it up. There are three pickers there. It is not you, still.

I mean to say, I sit here and I see human beings and I see their misery and I understand it fully well, but they don't. It is amazing. You see somebody and his coat is on fire and you tell him, "Your coat is in the fire," and he says, "Which way? Left or right?"

The reason you are rude to yourself is that you don't want to understand the sophistication about yourself. The way you are insecure about yourself is because you do not see the vastness of the God. How blind a man can be that he went through the fall season, he saw every leaf coming down and his own leaf of his own ego doesn't come down? How much you can understand? Winter will come down and the entire land will be covered with the whiteness and the grace of the snow. Man has never tried even to cover his own grace for that season. Give me a one person who does not understand that emotionalism and realism never meet. And who is one among us who is not emotional?

So these are the questions in life and that is why the yoga came through. That's why man started developing his strength, his grit, his character, his base, his commitment, his faith, his religion. Religion was not needed by man to begin with. Man didn't understand what is a religion, what are the rules and why he has to obey and why he has to disobey, why he has to go for it? People who do not want to obey will never be rich because they will never know how to obey the opportunity. You do not understand the subtleties. Life has a very subtle game. People who do not know how to give will never be fulfilled... never! Because whatever will stop, over time shall stink. That's the law. Laws are laws. Man recognized the nature. Man recognized the law of nature. Man understood his pain because he was in conflict with the universal capacity of the nature.

When the magnetic field of the individual psyche conflicts with the magnetic field of the universe there shall be a tragedy. It's not a matter of wisdom nor is a matter of foolishness. It is a matter of conflict. There are some people, you talk to them, they are damn rude. Stupidly rude! Obnoxiously rude! You can't even deal with them. It is exactly the same in your car: you put on a program... and you find on the radio an obnoxious program. What do you do? You shut it up. You can't go along with it.
I mean to say, in ordinary mechanical life, we understand what harmony is... what soothingness is. And if we are asked to just behave that way, we don't.

Simple law: you take and take and take and take -- everything will go empty.

You direct your things wrong. Your attitude is wrong. You exploit a situation. You can be wrong as a mother, you can be wrong as a father, you can be wrong as parents, you can be wrong as a man, you can be wrong as a woman. Where IS the wrong? There is no wrong! It is a disharmony with the harmony. It is a conflict with the flow. It is your attitude.

80% of the divorces in this country and 100% of the break of the relationships in this country come out of only obnoxiousness. We are mentally, obnoxiously, not willing to accommodate each other. We enforce each other to follow the rule which WE want. "I want this. YOU come through." I want this, true, provided YOU who has to follow is also being benefited. This is true: "I want what I want. And I want this. And my want HAS to be satisfied."

Your blood is on the line. You are being sucked dead and dry. True. You'll go for it if you'll find there is a good of you and your future in it. And if I say, "I want this, and you are not part of it, and you have got to deliver it", then tell me... who will get it done? That's why always the dictatorship has failed. And that is always why a democracy is a lethargy. In democracy nobody can decide what they want. Democracy is the next sister of anarchy. Because a fool has one vote and wise man has one vote. And fools are always in majority, wise are always in minority. And in a dictatorship there is one man, he is very wise, and he wants to drive all the fools. So there is not enough force... the system will break.

So when Yogi Bhajan says that the humanity is an unmanageable phenomenon, it is true. And if that would not have been true then God could have managed it. He couldn't. He let it go. So God wanted the human as a phenomenon to manage itself by its ownself. That is where the word 'self' came from. That is, God has to become creative. Within God it was an unmanageable affair which had to be managed. In everybody's life there is a God, and that God is an extension... a little more of you... which you cannot manage. There's no such thing as a God. It's a drama. There is something in YOU which is unmanageable and which needs to be managed. There is something which was in God... when God was in perfect self-esteem, sitting, maneuvering, and manipulating within Its own self. It was self-contained. It couldn't be managed. That's why God created the universe.

When there's nothing in the refrigerator and no time to cook, what do you do? You go to a restaurant, don't you? When you cannot sit even in a home, and there's no peace and quiet for you, and you are not contained within the circumstances, you move out. The reaction to expand is your natural phenomenon. But if that is the force to deal with... that you need a direction... then the itch is there. Itch is there. It is a human itch that is there. Grace is not. Expansion is there.

You'll see sometimes... you'll read in those... that "The Roof Caved In, 30 People Died." "The Bridge Fell Apart, 6 Cars Went Down With It." What was it? The holding strength of the girder couldn't take it. Life is just like that. The human psyche, when it cannot deal with the phenomenon of the pressure, it cannot exist. And just remember, 75% is the stupid pressure; 25% is the dealing pressure. So if you cannot bifurcate the stupidity from the wisdom, you are in a lot more trouble than you think you are. You can be totally blinded by your emotions, your needs and your wants.

I tell you the theory of the conflict. Theory of the conflict is: "I want, I want," and whatever I want, I must not misunderstand" "I" has absolutely a zero square root along with it to go with. In my one want, there are nine more thoughts. In my one side, there are nine more sides to be dealt with. There's absolutely no such thing as "I want!"

Human life has a simple thing. It is a union, it is a yoga. It is a union of finite to deal with Infinity. I don't see any religion. I don't see any direction. I don't see any human. I see terrible, wonderful, living misery by the blinded emotions. And one who opens himself sees that it is a direct path. "Naderee moakh duaar." He sees the path of clarity, "mokshaa", freedom. Why one sees it and others don't? Because one is indulged in "I" within itself. The one who sees it sees the Thou. Seeing the creation and not seeing the Creator is very amazingly foolish. Getting indulged and involved with creation.

It is very funny. That day somebody was just combing the hairs. I was watching. Comb left, comb right, comb up, comb down, comb this, comb this. One minute, two minutes, three minutes, five minutes, seven minutes. Comb, comb, comb, comb, comb. And I just said... I said, "Do you know why there are hairs?" There was no answer. You get an itch in the scalp, you start combing your hair. But you do not know why there is an itch. You get a pain so you go to the doctor, you get checked up, you get the medicine. If the pain is not gone... disease is not thrown... you get a tranquilizer to calm you down. Exactly you have a desire, you have no answer for the desire. You don't have any tranquilizer because you don't have a meditating mind. What is the difference between pain and push? Uncontrollable push is a pain. We do say, "You are pain in the neck, you are this, you are that. He is so and so." We judge everybody. We label every behavior. We fully understand, but when it comes to us we are totally blind. Nobody looks at
one's self. We judge everybody, we never judge ourselves. We want to impress everybody, but we don't impress to ourself. Isn't it amazing? We are totally insensitive to ourself and we want to make sense to the others.

Have you ever seen that you talk to somebody and in two minutes you feel like vomiting? Have you ever connected with somebody and then you feel like, God!... you should not have done it. It's just like you wanted to see something red. You put your hand in and you found it is a burning fire, a furnace. You burn your skin.

Psyche connects and disconnects so fast, it damages like lightening... and scars are forever. Life is a very sophisticated and absolutely a very subtle thing. It cannot be misused. It is a chance to live. There is a chance to love. And there is a chance to BE!

Guru Ram Das represents that glorious, golden chance. That's why his Mandir is called "Harimandir," -- "God's Temple," and that's why we call it the "Golden Temple." He is the seer, his is the sire, he is the sir -- bringing human life to the glory and to the efficiency of respectability of that golden chance. Each one of us... doesn't matter whether we are born in filth in the ghetto or whether we are born in the richness of absoluteness of fulfillment... needs that golden chance. Golden chance when we can do what cannot be done. When we can surmount... conquer the impossible. That chance. And that chance is not to prove it to you and prove it to me. That chance is to prove within ourself! We have to prove to ourself that we are not impossible.

Have you ever thought: "I am impossible within myself", "I am uncontainable within myself", "I am not harmonious within myself, to myself, for myself?" As they say, "Democracy is OF the people, FOR the people and BY the people," exactly so, harmony is OF the self, FOR the self and BY the self. Have you understood? Have you understood that knowledge and acknowledgement is FOR the self, WITHIN the self and BY the self? Have you understood grace is WITHIN the self, FOR the self and BY the self? Have you understood wisdom is FOR the self, WITHIN the self and BY the self? Have you understood that there's nothing beyond the Self? Self is, Self was and Self shall be. And do you understand? That's God!

Do you understand poverty means nothing to anybody... nobody can be poor. It is the emotional discontinuity of the life within the life that one cannot honor one's own opportunities.

Do you understand the anger, lust, greed, pride, attachment (whatever those five things are) are just miserable to make us more miserable because within ourself we have no controlled behavior? Do you understand that monkeys are monkeys and they are never horses? Do you understand that horses are horses, they are never dogs? Do you understand the difference between a rope and a snake, and a snake and a rope? Just in darkness sometimes rope looks like a snake and sometimes snake looks like a rope. But when you touch it you know rope is a rope and snake is a snake. Do you understand that all that glitters is not gold? So what is the answer? Answer is your self-contained intuition.

It doesn't matter how much of a beneficial relationship there is. When there is no reverence, walk out of it before it just blows over. The indication of trouble in life is the disrespect of one's Self. And what is the most disrespect to yourself? What is the most disrespect? For there is a beach... the life on the beach is beautiful... but when the storm hits, what happens to the beach? People run inland. It is that disgraceful storm which we create in our life which destroys. Some people create a storm once a month, once a year, and some do it on every hour. And do you understand that the beaches which are calm and quiet and peaceful and very green and lush or blue, they have all the visitors, called 'opportunities?' The beaches which are very stormy, very ugly, where everywhere the tidal wave hits, nobody goes there. They are barren.

Some people feel when they get married their life will be solved. Dead wrong! Some people believe they can remain simple and they are going to give up the whole earth and then life will be fine. Dead wrong!

I once met a great yogi who was living in a cave. I looked at his arrangement and his engineering. I had to ask him... I said, "When you were on this planet," (that is how I put it sarcastically), "what were you doing then?" He said, "I was a mechanical engineer. I was professor in the engineering college. I used to teach there." I said, "That's why you could survive here. Who'll consider to take the bamboo stick and who'll consider to measure the weights and who'll consider to have the pulley system, and who'll consider all this that you can get air even when we are in ten feet of snow?" He said, "Well, I knew it all." I said, "What is the difference? What is the difference that you have a bamboo stick? In this area bamboos don't grow. They have to be brought, they have to be hauled in. What is the difference that you do things with air conditioning and pipes or you do it with bamboo sticks? No difference." But in the world he couldn't maintain himself. Therefore he thought in isolation he could contain himself.

You know the greatest thing in divinity... God, religion, imperial royalty, is that you can contain yourself. You know why one love is blind and one is directed and absolutely it is inertia? Because it totally takes you away from everything and totally contains you within one thought: longing.

None of you know what love is. Love is a very contained experience. It is absolute! You know people who are in love, they don't see anything, they don't hear anything. I saw once a girl in love. I mean, it was a 45 year old woman in love. She happens to be in love. After a month I asked her, I said, "How you feel?" She said, "Beautiful. Wonderful." I said, "Do you know what was the news today?" She said, "Why bother?" I said, "What happened last week? You know what an important thing happened and it does concern you." She said, "Okay, it must be managed by somebody." I said, "Somebody who? Are you seeing your executive director?" She said, "What I pay him for if he has to bother me?" After talking about two hours, I said, "You are out of this world." She said, "Isn't it beautiful?!" And nothing could shake her. She couldn't shiver, she couldn't re-direct herself. There was nothing. It was just like a hysteria bewitchment.

You know in spite of the fact that you have the best instrument and you are the most wonderful person, you cannot see in fog. You cannot see in fog and you cannot breathe in smog. And the life which has a fog and smog both at the same time... plus it is being hit by a tidal wave of commotionalism and when absolutely there is an earthquake of insecurity... do you see what it feels like? And we create a storm in the cup of tea!

There is no union without yoga and there's no God without goodness and there's no divine without divinity and there's no human without containment.

You've got to groove on yourself to learn to be self-contained. It's too much short time and it's too huge an experience. That's what this human body is all about!


(Note: There was a short meditation given at this time. For a copy of the mudra please contact Golden Temple Recordings.)

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