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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 08/21/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Why? Because!

(The wedding of Ravi Kaur and Avtar Hari Singh had just taken place at Guru Ram Das Ashram.)

Before you exchange rings, though you are legally married, I am not satisfied with the performance of the minister, though I designated him and it was my obligation, because I never wanted to make things straight. But I don't want to make things complicated for you. But I am asking you a question, and to your bride.

We are all citizens of the United States of America, the most unfortunate country in the world, where divorce and married are considered as the necessities of life. And innocent children are brought on the earth and left to nowhere. It's a garden without gardeners. Weeds are not taken out. And religion has gone corrupt to the biggest teeth of itself. These people who you call "religious" are most corrupt, most phony, and most absolutely insult to God. And I'm saying that, too, sitting in the temple. And that corruption is accepted by the Rabbis, by the Yogis, by the Swamis, by the Priests, by the Padres, and by everybody.

There are thousands and hundred thousands of children which are brought which have done no sin at all. It is better they should be obliterated. They should not be brought on the earth. They are brought because the chemistry of the man and the woman did not agree. Because their foolishness could not be solved. Because their neuroses could not be worked out. Because they were not human. Because they were not pigeons. Because they are not animals. Look at the birds, they make their nests, they let the egg hatch, they let the little ones grow up. They teach them flying and when they have grown up, then they go and do things. Men are not learning from them.

This is the best country. I have the right to tell you that. It is very rich and most corrupt. Corruption... I am not calling the corruption the government. I am telling you the religious... the corruption of the soul. People hold each other's hands and then let it go. Because their chemistrys do not agree. Because their logic doesn't fit in. Because somebody better has come in. Because they are opportunists. Because they are illegally God's children. Because they do not know the fundamental reality that man is the image of God Itself. God doesn't let go, and so not the man.

You have gone four rounds. They have spoken to you the scriptures. That young girl has more opportunities. More men can look at her. A lot of women can look at you. A lot of pressures will be there. There may not be a guarantee of prosperity. There can be poverty. There may not be guarantee of health. There may be ill-health. There may not be association of friendship. I'm not painting a Garden of Eden and all those lies which you want to hear. I'm telling you: 'What shall be your character in adversity?' That's what I'm asking. In adversity, man relates to one's self. It is a time of evaluation.

You know, we are very phony. We are very corrupt by nature. Because we have money, therefore we can make a facade and we can paint ourself correct, and therefore we can talk high, therefore we can pretend to be nice. Because we can go to a beauty shop, therefore however sick we are we can look beautiful. Because we can throw a big party, we can look rich. Everybody owes to the bank at a different rate of interest. That's how rich people are.

But here is a prosposition. If a man of any virtue cannot relate to his own soul... the REAL bride... he will never be in a position to relate to the bride outside. That's what those four rounds were about. I am trying to translate it for you, because it's my last mile of life... and I want to let you know, I'm going to be 59 in about a week's time. I tell you my practical life.

People lie because they cannot speak truth. They will not speak truth because they need space and time to breathe. That's why people lie. People love because they do not know what it is. It is a sense-satisfaction. It is a consolation. It is a very in-thing to be in love. It is very in-thing to be married. It is a very in-thing to have richness. It is all in-things. But that's not satisfaction. That's not fulfillment. Fulfillment is not in that temporary corruption in which earth is all and heavens have no part to play. Just remember, heavens have all parts to play.

There are nine worlds in the world. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine. After that, one and zero makes the ten. You within you, and real-you. She within she, and real-she. And the God, real-God, and the God, the Ultimate, the deciding factor. These nine things must meet.

Christianty found one trinity: Father, son, and the Holy Ghost. And they thought they had the whole world in the palm of their hand. They didn't. Moses gave all the laws. He gave so much deep law that nobody wants to practice it. Orthodox Jews, moderate Jews, modern Jews, ultra-modern Jews, specific Jews, unspecific Jews. God knows what they are. Sikhs, patits, non-patits, fanatics, not-fanatics, this jatha, that jatha. Now, just look at this. I call it corruption. Because when you belong to a rule, you obey the rule. That's honesty.

And there will be a lot of honest situations, and there will be a lot of corrupt situations. But one thing IS... happiness. Happiness cannot be bought. You have got a good car, you sit in it. And you don't have a cover on it. Walk in the entire United States, and see if you can find one shop where happiness is sold. Because happiness is one thing which can never be bought which cannot be sold.

You know what happiness is? Happiness is when you circle around the thing you are facing and you are questioning. And there is a little song which we always used to sing. You came a little late to this clan, to this tribe. So I want to make you up to date on that. She's born in this. She has an edge over you. And I don't want you tomorrow to freak out because somebody knew things for seventeen years. She has seen adversities and she has pocketed it. She has seen temptation and she has done well on it. She has seen corruption and she has by-passed it. So there are certain characteristics which this young girl has been taught.

I was counting yesterday, she has seven parents. And one of the parents is me and my wife. One is the Mukhia Singh Sahib and his wife. One is sitting behind the Guru and his wife. She is a very lucky girl. Fortunately, her misfortune carried her through everything and everybody showered love, affection, strength and gave her something. And I met your parents yesterday. You have one parents. So six additional parents is a lot of experience.

So basically what I am trying to explain to you is that life has become a bundle of commotions. What I was talking to you is the happiness. Happiness is a circular motion. Life is like a little boat upon the sea. You understand? Let everybody sing that song to let him know.

"Happiness runs in a circular motion.
Life is like a little boat upon the sea.
Everybody is a part of everything anyway.
You can have it all if you let yourself be.
Why? Oh, because."

Now, this is the secret of happiness, this last line. "Why? Oh, because." That's it. That's it. Why? Because. Whatever you get out, will come back to you. I mean to say, they just sang it. And I sang with them. And it is an American song. And I am their teacher. I learned from this song myself the secret of happiness. And I'm asking you, whenever you will fail on this line, you shall be unhappy. Almighty God who created this earth cannot keep you happy. He may be in presently your servent. But still man's consciousness is above God.

God is within us. Religion has done the greatest disservice and greatest corruption with mankind. It made man to find God outside himself. And it is the corruption on the part of us who call ourselves holy men, because we wanted money and we were lazy enough not to earn it ourselves, so we went to people and told them to find God and for the services we took away their wealth and because rich ourselves. This is what every religion has done. If you think you have come to a different religion, absolutely don't be blind. The moment I close my eyes, I tell you, the same thing will happen. Promise me that you will die not letting that happen!

Well, that's all I expected. That every man who calls himself a minister in Sikh Dharma must learn to earn his own livelihood. "Kaal kaa- eh, kuchh hath too deh, Naanak sach pachanee." One should earn his own livelihood and give something rather than taking anything. And that is the fundamental on which we thrive, on which we survive. Why? Oh, because. That's why.

And what I feel is, that in this environment, we are very good and very grateful for temporary satisfaction. Actually, man is a frog. I was looking that day, going to my meditation dome, and there always is that big frog that sits in the way. It waits that I should step on it and release him from his body. And this guy has been doing that for three years and I tell him, "Mr Frog, look. I may be blind and whatever you think I am, but I'm not going to step on you. I'm not willing to take this karma." And this frog, when I pass, he jumps away back into the greens and then he comes out of the greens and sometimes it does a very funny sound with its big, big, big cheeks blown out, and I look at that frog and I see it jumping and then I see all human beings jumping on opportunities, jumping with their emotions, jumping with their anger, commotion, with their attachment.

Just remember, between you and divinity there's only 36 inches measured distance. No man has traveled, no Jesus Christ, not Buddha, nor anybody. Because everybody has his own weaknesses. And you may not try to travel that 36 inches but at least 34 will be acceptable. 33 is the biggest number. 32 is considered divinity. And it is associated that Jesus lived that many years. Guru Gobind Singh lived 42, and all that. But I'm not going by the years of the age. I'm just telling you that from the self of the navel where you were born in the womb of your mother, where you grew up without the breath of life, with the pure energy, is the navel point. That's the seed of the consciousness, the Kundalini. And from there, further, just at one hand's length of your own, sits your heart center. And that is the heart center, or heart chakra, or hirday chakra. You will be the greatest fool on the planet when the heart matter you will try to decide with the head. That's the biggest foolishness! In this entire congregation, all the
graduates who are sitting here, they do the same foolish thing, and you can join them, also. Never decide the matter of heart with head. And never decide a matter of head with heart. Do you hear me? And will you both remember the matter?

There are two matters in life. Some are matters of heart and some are matters of head. Never intermix because oil and water shall never mix. Doesn't matter what you do. Science can't do it. Man can't do it. Future can't do it. And you both can't do it. Keep the matter of head. The only intelligence of a man is, to keep the matter of head as a matter of head, and matter of heart as a matter of heart. When you decide a matter of heart, decide it with heart. And when it is a matter of head, decide it with the head.

Unfortunately for you two, you are Sikhs. Sikh gave away his head to the Guru. All he is left with is a heart!

And may I tell you one of the biggest lessons which I have learned all my life? People are blind and very un-religious. And those who are religious, they are 50% religious, 50% not. In America, woman thinks that she holds the man 50%. That's the most stupid thing that I have ever heard. Until you do not try to own somebody 200%, how 50% will do? It's too less a situation. But just understand that. Life is a simple thing to do. And when you do things with heart, then all shall be equal.

I would not have been a Sikh myself, if I would not have found in this religion two things. One is, Ang Sang Wahe Guru. You have ten trillion cells in the body which will change in 72 hours. And when they do not change in 72 hours, it takes about 80 hours, or 84 hours, or 90 hours, that's what is called 'aging.' If you eat right, exercise right, and be right, and let the cells continue to change, that's exactly 72 hours -- the entire human body changes in 72 hours. That's the natural law. It cannot be different. You shall remain very sane, effective, energetic human being.

And second prospect which you have to learn and understand in your life... the second principle of Sikh Dharma is: "Nanak naam cherdi kalaa, tere baane sarbat kaa balaa." Wish good for ALL. God is G-O-D, God. And good is G-O-O-D. There's an extra 'o' in good. And good brings goods to you. Therefore it is a practical proposition... and that is, we normal human beings like to deal with good and reject the bad. No! When you see the bad, just thank God that it is not you. When you see the good thank God there is something you have to learn. That's all that good and bad means to you. But, God is the most mischievous, camouflaged...(I am very respectful to God, and that's why I'm not using the abusive language. So just understand my tolerance.) Most camouflaged, most mischievous Creator I have ever seen. It can represent itself in any negative or positive form to test your insight. Therefore not to touch stone with your insight, always good and bad should be equal to you. And simple law of yoga: pair of the
opposites should never affect you because your creator is God.

Now let me share with you the latest theory. Life is like a horse. The possessions are like a saddle. And man is the rider, with one exception. The reins are in the hand of the unknown. There are a lot of people who are hanging with the mane of the horse and think they have it all made. They are fools! They shall die insane and in vain in their prospects of life. Let the reins of the horse remain in the hand of God and let you ride to your destiny.

Patience pays, tolerance gives you a lot of fruits. To be tolerant of the intolerable, to be kind to the unkind, to be compassionate to the unworthy are the three basic tripod legs on which the life experiment continues.

There are two of you who have gathered all these relatives, who have gathered all this congregation, who are committed today to each other. And I remember you said, "All of my relatives have to come because this is my last marriage." Well, I congratulate for that declaration and everybody has come. Then prove it to them now! Prove it with your zeal and with your zest and with your honesty and with your truth, and with your trait in your genes as a man that God is in all, not in one! One is in all and all are in One. Live like a saint and act like a soldier!

Your discipline is not what the discipline of others is. From tomorrow onward your laziness ends. You SHALL get up at 3:00! You shall! Now this is a commandment, son! And if you do not get up at 3:00, out of that window, you can just measure the down floors. And if that means murder on my part, I shall love to do it. You SHALL take a bath in exactly cold water, and I have seen your bathroom. Don't give me any freaky look. And you both SHALL meditate! And that is the honeymoon, to be grateful to God. Otherwise take a spoon of honey and look at the moon and that's enough. But if you want to be practical, give 2-1/2 hours, when people sleep, to your own soul... to your own spirit... so that you can be ready for the day. Let nobody see a wrinkle on your face the whole day. Let everybody see in the adversity, you smile. Let people learn from you and your acting and behavior. And when you come back home to your wife, she should not feel, "My man has come." She should feel, "A
saint has arrived." That's the biggest foolishness all men do. A groggy man comes home with an itchy self and he lays down what is called his initiate basic failure in the terms of his heat of anger. And then they get divorced. But when a man comes home... as you go to office and you want to win -- when you come home you come to win... but at home whenever you come as a man, you have already lost. Home is that of a Guru. And saint should enter. When you go before the world, a conqueror goes with a banner of the God and Guru on his hands. Be the trust bearer, be the flag-bearer of that truth, which you have learned.

When you were one year old spiritually, with me you celebrated. I participated. But just remember, each day is to be celebrated with honesty. And that is the honesty which every religious person forgets. They do not get up in the morning to test their own grounds and their own honesty. You may not live . You may live. But each day you live, live with that honesty! Out of 24 hours, one tenth belongs to God. See that you give it honestly! And after that, if you shall not be drowned in prosperity, then God is not real at all. You do what belongs to God and God will give you what belongs to God Itself. And that is a secret way of prosperity.

I have been telling for the 18 years past, to all people. They have listened to me because they feel I am their alma-mater, mentor, or whatever they call me. They listen to please their ears, but it never sinks in their heads. But I'll like to see the two of you living it so that others can learn from it.

With these words I give you my blessings, my prayer, and my gift of life... because somebody touched me at one time when I was real rich with earth and in heavens, but still somebody touched my heart. And I hope today, that you in this union will find the real union with God. And give God what belongs to God. And God shall give you what belongs to It's All. And that is the simple way of the Sikh Dharma, to understand, to learn and to live.

And just remember: in adversity it's nothing but a test. In prosperity, it's nothing but a test. If in prosperity you forget God, and in adversity you get angry at God, you will lose yourself. In anger never be angry at anyone. Because God is testing you, not anybody else! In prosperity, don't be lazy because God is testing you, not anybody else. So the via media is: 3:00 am, cold shower. It will be enough to remind you the God is Almighty. And two and a half hours just yelling and screaming at God is enough for the day not to forget. And that's the principle of life.

She is a young girl. And you are a young man. Wisdom does not belong to age. Wisdom belongs to a living reality. And I hope you both will enjoy this union, as after this in heavens you will enjoy your union with Almighty, your Creator. That's the purpose of life.

May you all be blessed in prosperity and grace and may you, Virgo, not complain. And may she never look down at things because she is too sensitive by her zodiac power. Zodiacs were drawn by man on heavens to understand his weaknesses, his beastly natures, and he was given an opportunity to rise above the stars, the powers, the pulls, the attachments, so that he can always be equal in justice and liberty and union and reality and truth to all mankind. And today is your first day to start on that path.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!


Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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