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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 05/03/1989
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Living in Perpetual Memory

(Speaking to a child): He doesn't know I was his age when I was learning. How come these kids don't understand a simple thing? How old you are now? Three years old? I used to do all the 27 postures, dummy! Don't be shy. Okay, I won't pick on you. Promise I won't. You like that? Okay. Now we are friends? God made malachite and man made the tools.....

Just relax. We'll teach class when we can. You expect everything fast. Relax. You're not going to like the class tonight so just relax. Enjoy your freedom. Feel good. When I'll be finished with you tonight, you'll say, "Well,why we came today?" Be friendly, okay?

The idea is not to be corrupt. Just not to be corrupt is the most foolish idea. Idea is to know every corruption in the world, and THEN not to be corrupt. If you're just trying not to be corrupt, you are naive, you are idiot, you have no brain, you absolutely are not human, you are just lying to yourself... because one who doesn't know depth, doesn't know height. If you do not know what corruption is, what facets it has, what it does, what is the biology of it, what is the chemistry of it, what is the physics of it, where it starts, where it ends, who does it, how it is done, whole log book of it, what you know? You might be thinking you are very sane and pious and noble, and you may end up being the most corrupt. Who knows? It's very corrupt to be human and then naive. Do you understand what I am saying? It's not very honest if you do not know what is bad. If you do not know what is bad, you do not know what is good. If you cannot make the foundation, you are not allowed to put on the roof, because without the
foundation... deep in the earth... if you make the roof, you will kill the people who live there.

You don't like me, I know. You come to a teacher who'll tell you: "Everything is groovy, everything is very fine. God is going to come on a train and kiss you." Forget it. Are you crazy? You know why they made me the head of the religion... a religious man? They knew I am very fast and rebellious and if they will not put a hook around my neck, I'm going to be so wild that they can't handle it. So they put a title around me and all that. This is what they do. It is a temple game, it is always known to the mankind. So I have to obey, so that's all right. But that doesn't mean it kills my spirit.

You know why Guru Nanak says, "I am the meanest of the mean, the lowest of the low, and the humblest of the humble. I know nothing, blah, blah, blah"? Because he sees the infinite of the infinite, bigger of the bigger, and top of the top and everything. You know a person who is a perfect actor in the circus can only act as a clown. A clown in a circus is a professionally top class member of the circus.

You know what your problem is? You are neither a clown nor you are an actor. You are just an observer... and you want to run the circus! What is your name? Your name is a game. What is your scheme? To run a team. Those who are part of the team are never part of the game. Those who are part of the game can never be part of the team. Those who are part of the team survive, doesn't matter what. Those who are part of the game, will not survive, doesn't matter what. That's the law. I can't change it, you can't change it. God cannot change it.

What is Infinite truth? Man, God, nature cannot change it. God is merciful, God is kind, God is impotent, God is everything. Mother nature spares none. She spanks the butts of those who even claim they are a direct friend with God, they have got God, they have got everything. Mother nature... just disobey one minute, you'll be upside down next minute. Got the idea? Break God's law, you'll be fined. You can pray and be forgiven. He's merciful.... but break Nature's law, forget it! Pray, humble yourself, and ask. God has to come through Nature. That's why we have doctors to heal, healers to heal. We do not do anything. We are innocent. Attorney charges us $250 an hour to go and stand in the court to say we are innocent. The other party says, "He is not." They lie, and he lies equally better to keep the balance. On technical grounds, man got freed. Otherwise, not. This guy who broke the entire tanker, and messed up the entire United States, stood in the court and his attorney said, "He is innocent." War of words.

In the beginning there was a word. Word was with God. Word was God. And here is a war of words to protect our time and space, which is a total faculty of God. It belongs to God. Time and space never belonged to you. You are the subject, object, and creativity of time and space. You are not the time and space. You don't understand the position. What should I tell you? I have been telling you the same thing for twenty years: Moment you understand and learn that you are the subject of time and space... the only freedom you can get out of time and space is when your mind serves you. When your mind serves you, you shall not serve time and space. Serving time and space is exactly like being in jail. It is a confinement. There's no freedom of the individual. It is a dungeon. It is called 'rib cage.' Your soul is a prisoner of the rib cage. When you won't breathe, the soul will be free. What they will do to you? Put you in a box, make a ditch, and put you in. Don't you see everyday what
happens to you? You believe, "This happened to this person, no, it can NEVER happen to me." A lie! What happens to that person IS going to happen to you... is going to happen to me. Jo upjio so binas hei, pario kaal ke paas. Whosoever is born shall die, and be in the net of death.

Now for you death is a bad thing. No... death is a redeemer, a reliever, a freedom giver. Aren't you crazy? Don't you know the story of Alexander the Great? Alexander the Great said to himself, "I'm going to find the fountain of life." He asked his friend, he said, "I'm not idiot. I'm a conqueror. So let me go alone." He said, "Why?" He said, "When I go to the fountain of life, you will like to drink and I'll like to drink. Then we'll both will end up fighting and we'll never come back. Therefore, I don't want you to go. I am the king, therefore I should go. You stay here." He said, "Sounds reasonable. But what are the conditions?" He said, "I do not come in 72 hours, then you come and search for me." He said, "What I'll find." He said, "You will find two things. Either I am dead in my body, or I am perpetually, absolutely free from death. Then I'll kill you." He said, "Okay. Go."

Alexander, according to all the wise men of Persia, found out a place where the fountain of life was. He went there. He found it very happy. But when he was going to drink the water, some very feeble voice said, "Stop. Listen to me." Alexander looked very carefully. There was a very skeleton sitting there, very alive. Alexander said, "Who are you?" He said, "I am like you, who came here first before you." "What's wrong with you?" He said, "I drank this water." Alexander said, "What?" The skeleton said, "Now I want to die. You are the biggest conqueror. Before you drink this water, try to kill me. Relieve me from this skeleton of bones. Rib cage. Free me." Alexander said, "What does it matter?" He took his sword and cut him in many pieces. Moment he withdrew his sword, all the pieces got back together. He tried everything, and he failed. He said, "I do not understand what this means." The skeleton said, "This will happen to you if you drink this one cup." Alexander the Great
thanked him, tore up that map, and went back. His friend said, "What happened?" He said, "Let us find out where is the fountain of death. Forget about the fountain of life."

That is why in India the God of death is Shiva. In Christianity, Holy Ghost. In Judaism, in Kabala, the Soul Search. In Buddhism, the Truth. In Taoism, the balance of the Ying-Yang and the circle (the Tai Chi). The Ultimate Reality in Shinto. In Islam, the one Allah, the Merciful. Rest is all whatever you can do. All the ideologies are based only on one thing: that we want to live forever. Can we live in this body? We have decided 'no'. It won't be possible, it won't be happy. Then how you can live? You can live in a perpetual memory.

I was driving that day, I saw a car bumper (bumper sticker), and it said: "My boss is a Jewish Carpenter. I only work for him." You get it? This is another name of Jesus Christ. So what I mean to say is, can you believe a 32-33 year old Jesu, son of Fatima, who was actually born on the 25th of August, whatever that year was, is considered to be born in December because the Roman Holidays, the white holidays, were in December... they shifted... Jesus Christ, the only son of God, sits on the right side; doesn't have a correct birthday? We celebrate him in a Christmas. The whole history we twisted because Roman Holidays are those ten holidays, and there's no Christmas without snow. We even make a fake snow to celebrate it!

There's no such thing as a Santa Claus. And reindeers never fly in the sky. And socks never drop from the chimneys, but kids do get their gifts. Christmas tree cried to God, "Why you named me so? Every year they cut me down and they never let me grow." Christmas tree represents the symbol of life because in the winter, dead cold white winter, if there's anything green alive you will ever see, it will be a Christmas tree. One tree which is always green, in the cold, cold, cold, cold weather. What do we do? We pay homage to it, and cut it. Bring it in the room, decorate it, pay the money for it.

You see the slaughter house on the Wilshire Blvd? Lights are lit at night, "Christmas Tree," take it. They put little wooden cross under it, and fix it on it. Take it in your house. We want to do the ritual. This is what I tell you. What is the difference between a reality and a ritual? Ritual is to grow the Christmas tree in front of the house as a sign of life so that evil may never touch the house and the family. And as it grows very big, children used to hide under it. On a Christmas night in honor of the Christ, they put gifts underneath. Next morning children used to go out, play in the snow, pick up their gifts, and have fun. It was a symbol of life, that the family lives here. A traveller can recognize in the wilderness of the snow there is a livelihood, there is a tree, and it doesn't need any care. It is self-sustaining tree. That was a reality. Now what is a ritual? We don't want to go out, so the Christmas tree has to come in. A reality has become ritual. Now the
lights are put around it, it is all lit inside, and what we do? We bring it on the top of the car and after Christmas we take it on the top of the car, and put it in a garbage. The symbol of life. Altar of God.

The highest creativity of God is two things: pipal tree and Christmas tree. God couldn't create more than two things. He always creates in twos. That's what he told Noah. He created two trees. Not redwood tree and pygmy tree. Not that. Pipal tree is one tree which always gives oxygen, day and night. It is worshipped. It is a pure oxygen machine. In your life the highest vitality which you have in life is from 21% of oxygen which must go to the lower area of the lungs. That's why technology of breathing is essential. If you breathe in the upper area, with all the food you eat, you are stupid. Stupid, qualified, confirmed, and signed. Because oxygen has to go deep in the lower cells, touch with the blood which is heavier than air, and must turn the red corpuscles in the blood, to the maximum. But if it just goes....(demonstrates shallow breathing), up, up, you are not doing any job.

Now to compensate that, we have an oxygen therapy. Well, I can see oxygen in the hospital on the nose when the guy cannot breathe, but not here, people like you can do everything. Have cups and oxygen tanks and they breathe. It is called 'oxygen therapy.' Are the lungs made to be oxygen tanks? No. Proportion change is not a proper way. Technology change is the proper way. Breathe deeply, hold, and exhale. If you do nothing, there is one thing to live by. It is called 'breath of fire.' It is one breath, continuously. It evaluates the blood capacity to the maximum reservation of the oxygen and makes you very healthy. You don't have to buy an oxygen tank and look sick by putting the nostrils... which ultimately you will get in a hospital, so don't worry about it. Everybody's destined to do that who has health insurance. You won't get in a county hospital if you are not paying your bills. They save on it.

When I was in hospital, my secretary said, "Sir, there's one item on the bill I can't understand." I said, "What is that?" "$25.00 for each flush. I mean to say, there is always a nurse, there is a secretary. Don't we flush the thing? And how many times you go to bathroom? I can't understand it." I said, "I'll check it out and let you know." I found it out, they flush that thing, that IV. They come and put some medicine at $25.00 just for touching that stuff. Quite a bill. If you go to that beautiful hospital, made for community services, in the name of religion, Cedars Sinai, Moses sits outside. When you come out, you lose your shirt in the hospital. You come naked. Now if anybody wants to wear clothes after, that is a subconsciously ritualistic fool. Have you read those bills? Oh my God! They go long and long. "I winked at the patient." Fifty dollars. "I checked him." I don't know what THAT means, but another hundred dollars. "I touched his pulse." Two hundred and fifty dollars. "I visited him at
midnight as a ghost." Same dollars. It goes on and on and on, endless thing. And in the end, total heart attack. (Sangat laughs.) You can't believe. It was good to be sick, it was good to be there.

You are lying down in the hospital, nurse will come. "This is the time for you to sleep. Your nurse, your special nurse is here. She is a Khalsa nurse." "It's all right." "Can I lower down your music?" I said, "No, it is a religious music. It is fine. That I play. I have a habit to sleep with it." "Okay, fine. It should be all calm, all quiet. Perfect. Now go to bed. Do you want a morphine injection or sleeping pill?" "No, no, I don't want anything." "Okay, fine. That's fine. It's a good thing. Okay, lady, you'll take care of him?" "Yes." "Fine. Okay." Fifteen minutes later: "I forgot to give you one pill. Will you get up now?" I said, "Okay." "Thank you. Okay." Ten minutes later, "I forgot to take your temperature. Here's a thermometer. Stick it in your mouth. Keep it." Now, with a thermometer under your tongue you can sleep? When you chew up the mercury right in you, you'll be dead, anyway. Finally you decide to sleep, and you are just thinking you are sleeping, she says, "Medicine
time. Turn your butt, just lift, just little, little up." It is about 4 cc's, it is a big thing, it is going to go in. You cry and they think you are snoring.

Have you seen sometime, going into the hospital, old patients? Their mouth is... uhhh. There are two types of patients, O and Q. O's are those like this. (Demonstrates mouth open.) If I tell you to do that kriya, you will say, "Why?" You'll look left and right. No, it is done. If you want that kriya not to happen to you, do it now. And you know what is Q patient? (Demonstrates.) Top priced real estate is Cedar Sinai. Top, top price. It is all for you. So your O and Q can be settled there. That's why it is good to come to yoga class so you don't have to fall into that. Ready for tonight?

Tonight is a very special night as far as I am concerned because after teaching you today, I have some humble privileged journey to make. I was going to go, go in the home, city's name is Rome. And I am going to go to Hamburg to meet my very humble skinny German natural doctor. He's going to say, "Yogi, you need the beepdabameemee." That's all I hear. I don't know. And then I have somebody to speak and to translate. And he says, "Umm, eeh," and then he puts me on a machine and he'll read the energy and he goes, "Now you'll get trick, now you'll get trick," that's all he knows. And I'll say, "No trick no trick. Real, real, real this!" And you'll be surprised. The medicine there is so potent and so powerful and so done. This allopathic medicine here looks like a joke. It's very qualified, classified, and a variety of it. They have amazingly built a whole world of their own. They don't even touch it. This guy goes into the eyes, big deal. Look at it. Draw certain figures, go, measure it
with the energy and do some mathematical work. After that, goes and picks up one thing, and says, "Here it is. Two drops only." It's like Spirit of GRD oil, whatever. Fascinating. Fantastic! He walks like this, as he knows everything. We are grateful to that country for giving us homeopathy and naturopathy. Real! Not American naturopathy.

Then I'll be in Rome, visiting the holy city. Do you know mayor of the Rome is a Fascist Communist? Do you know that? Yeah. It's a very contrast country. It'll be fun. I'll be sharing my thoughts there with a group of medical doctors who come from all over the countries and they create counseling on children, and marriage, and family and natural healers. It's a huge, big bunch. But if you want to eat those black things, what do they call them? Olives? Visit us there. This is the olive time.

So after that you will meet me in New Mexico if my lungs keep breathing in spite of everything. And remind you, make every effort to be a real American, and you can do one good act. Propagate, call people, tell them that we can have a good Peace Prayer Day. We don't want to make it political, we don't want to make it a big deal, but we have invited a lot of good people and we want you to all come and pray with us, together. That's the last frontier man has not yet touched. Going to the moon and finding out Venus and finding they all exist, they all rotate their own thing, we are just poking up for nothing. We call it what? Space probe. And one day they'll start probing us and sending out meteors, what are those big stones, what do they call them? Huh? I don't want to call them because I know they come when I call, that's why I am avoiding the name. They make big pits when they hit earth. What do they call them? (Craters.) And then they call earthquakes. Well, what the poor plates
can do when the whole thing hits somewhere in the valley of Himalaya? It hits in the valley of Himalaya... earthquake center is always on the energy meridian, and the energy meridian is in New Mexico, and counter to New Mexico starts the line, then 50 degree down is the Mexico City, and it has a tremendous earthquake.

Earthquake is not done by plate moving. Something moves the plates. There are 7 plates. And size of that ping pong ball which comes and hits is sometimes equal to the half of the moon. But fortunately they always hit at above snow line area. That's why we are surviving. We won't survive one day if it starts hitting Los Angeles. Why we are making B-2 bombers? Ask those things to come and finish the situation. Big deal.

So you are ready for the class tonight? Really? After all this? Well, okay, you asked for it. So let us start. Now, it is... what they call it when you take a towel and twist it? (Wringing out the towel.) The brain, the neurons, the pain, the perpetual memory of the pain of the childhood. Correct? We played a ball yesterday, remember? Some had fantastic ideas, and some went for a few minutes crazy. It is all mental, you must understand. When the action is decisive between a nervous system of conscious, and subconscious protection comes through, the brain has no capacity but to correct its pattern to original innocence, and that is what your real strength is. That's the secret key to the victory. Any man who is a failure, any man who is unhappy, any man who is negative, any man who is not successful, any man who has a problem, can only get out with one thing only: if the patterns of the neurons reverse back to original. So long they are off balance, your life and you are off balance. It doesn't
matter what you can do about it. You've got to understand, Amtrack leaves the track. Leaves the track. Car leaves the lane, leaves the road, jumps off the bridge, goes to the other. Accident is accident. Whenever you act or react with a situation where your mind is in control, not your ID, you cause a terrible derailment of your pattern. And you pay very dearly for it.

Life is not the feelings, the emotions. They are good things. They keep us going. Life is nothing but a conscious living. If you want to lie, consciously lie. See if you can! If you want to speak the truth, speak it consciously. If you want to abuse somebody, abuse consciously. If you want to love somebody, love consciously. If you want to steal my purse, steal it consciously. If you want to give me money, give to me consciously. If you want to slap my face, slap it consciously. If you want to kiss my face, kiss it consciously.

There are three words in real estate: location, location, and location. There are three words in a human life: consciousness, consciousness, and consciousness.
Now, don't freak out, "Because of my subconscious, because I was unconscious." You have a lot of twists. Be unconsciously conscious. Be subconsciously conscious. Be consciously conscious. You are made in the image of God. You ARE God! There's no God but you. You are the biggest bigots, liars, and hypocrites! You give a distance to God so that you can do your weird things. There's no God outside. You are the God. Act so! Remember, when you are dead, the game is over. When you are alive, the game is never over. Therefore don't try to make it over. Deal with life consciously. Make consciousness your friend. Move with it. Live with it. Marry it. Love it. Prosperity, success, worship, grace, all comforts,

Tahel mahel taanko milai, jaanko sant kirpaal.

The saints are merciful to those who offer their service.

All angels and saints will be your friends. Time and space shall serve you. You'll enter in the history of the universe in a perpetual memory, like Jesus Christ, the carpenter. Like Guru Arjan, an ordinary student. Like Guru Ram Das, an orphan boy. Like Moses, who was found floating. Like Mohammed, who was kicked out of the city because they thought he was insane.

Just remember, perpetual memory is ever living divinity of God and man together. But it belongs only to those who do not know yoga, or who do yoga. Who are religious, and who are not religious. Purpose of yoga and religion, whatever it is you practise, is to live consciously. Develop a personality that you fall in love with consciousness. Your own. Not mine.

I told somebody, I said, "Early in the morning you should get up, fold your hands, and look in the mirror and say: 'I am happy.'" The person said, "I can't do it." I said, "I am just your conscious mirror. You can tell me. Am I not an ordinary mirror? What's the difference?" "You are my spiritual teacher. I can do anything. I can be blessed." I said, "Forget this bogus nonsense! That's what I need. I'm telling you what to do. That's to change your destiny, that bad luck, the dark time. I have nothing to gain." "I am your student." I said, "You are a student. If you are rich, I come to your home, you give me a good breakfast. If I am a bad student, or poor one, I walk in and you say, 'do you have money?'"

And if somebody thinks the bad time and good time come only when we do wrong, forget it. It is just a saying: "Rain only comes when we get thirsty." There's a 3 cycle ring in you. You have 7 years of conscious circle and development. You have 11 years of intelligence circle and development. You have 18 years of life circle and development. This three ring circus goes on without you. If your intelligence, your consciousness and your life is not in that proportion, you are a living mess, or proportion thereof. There's no big smartness. "This man is great, religious, perfect. He's perfect, perfect." Nobody's perfect! Those figures are perfect. You have to understand the proportion. Life is a permutation and combination of life force, space and time. Between the three, you move. And between consciousness, and intelligence, and life, you move. There are six things, they must create a harmony.

I goofed, I overworked, didn't sleep, la, la, la. I thought I was okay, I could do yoga exercise. And then I got tired, forgot, and sometimes messed it up. I ended up in Cedars Sinai hospital. See? I can tell you what I went through. Then one day I was very tired and this girl came down, and she said, "No, no, tonight you can sleep." It was intensive care. I said, "Are you sure?" She said, "Yeah, but don't move. There's so much spaghetti around you." I said, "Ummm, spaghetti. Where is it?" I never knew all those things which they fix you with, they call it 'spaghetti.' All those IV's and machines and the waters and the saline and the glucose. God knows what they give you. They even give you food. You don't know about it. Isn't that the easy way? We have got to go to no restaurant. It's like a gas station, we go somewhere and get IV and get the food in and move on? They have insulin pump, they put it in the stomach, and you keep going. Man doesn't want to even use his finger. We
used to go on staircase so that we may not get heart attack. Now we have got that thing going up. What they call it? Elevator. Elevator and accelerator in life are now machines. Don't you know what you are getting to? People used to have five story house. Go, go, to the top, till you are forced to breathe. Now you can't. You sit on that 18th floor, (makes sound of an elevator going down,) and you are out. Like rebirthing.

Come on, let's do the class. I have to do something to you tonight. I just wanted you to be happy another minute. I know that after that you are never going to like me any way. All right?



Thank you for the beautiful night and your own experience. What we started the last two days, we achieved. You have won. And that's what victory means. When man can take conscious actions to correct his patterns of neurons to help him in proceeding with life in a normal, happy way, and the strength of the mind and the inflection of the soul comes through, man has every right to be successful. That's the entire purpose of any teaching, any wisdom, any religion, any day-to-day activity. We SHALL go to God! We have come from God. All things come from God, all things go to God, but our purpose on this earth NOW, is to be happy. Everything else is a totally inflated lie.

If somebody says, "I love you," oh yeah, yeah, she might love me. But for what? What love gives? Love gives you a perpetual happiness. Romance gives you an anxiety and happiness. No big deal. Relationship gives you a support, as the tributary gives to a river. That's nothing. Flood gives you an abundance and overjoy, and the crops are sometimes washed away. Flood of happiness can sometimes cause an easier heart attack than that of sorrow. So there is nothing on this planet so precious, so beautiful and so needed but happiness. We worship God -- for happiness. We worship devil -- for happiness. We worship day, and work day, for happiness. We sleep at night and rest -- for happiness. Our main purpose IS happiness. We must be healthy so we can enjoy happiness. We must be holy so that we know happiness. The whole thing is one thing.

If anybody asks me why I became a yogi, the answer is, because I wanted to search out -- What IS happiness? It's a state of consciousness. Once you earn it, you can go through the entire rigmarole of the whole day, but in the end, you say, "Wow! One more day is done. That is Thy Will."

Do you know what love of God is? Do you want to know what love of God is? When you have a terrible, miserable, wonderfully awful bad day, absolutely crazy, painful, insulting, it is all gone and done and you don't know what to do, and you can sit and smile and say, "Thank you!" That is living! Because you never disconnect from Infinity. When you did not disconnect from Infinity and there's no chance to deal with Infinity, the entire life has become a total trouble, pain and nothing to look to. "Je at mush ko aabane to-eh koe na de. Laagoo hoeh dushmanaa sakat bhaj kale. Bhaje sabhe aasare chuke sabh saraa-oh. Chit aavai os parabraham thatai na lage vaa-oh." Je at mush ko aabane...if you are in a difficulty which is extremely extreme... Je at mush ko aabane to-eh koe na de... Nobody gives you shelter. Laagoo hoeh dushmanaa sakat bhaj kale... Enemy has come on the doorstep and friends have left and betrayed you. Laagoo hoeh dushmanaa sakat bhaj kale. Bhaje sabhe aasare chuke
sabh saraa-oh... All possible holdings have gone, and all shelters have been torn apart. Chit aavai os parabraham thatai na lage na vaa-oh... If at that moment that Infinite is come in memory, no harm shall reach you.

Have you heard that expression, "I just got saved by hair's breadth." Just little thing. You know when some people think we are crazy, we drive a car, we put in the key, we start, we want to put the gear in, and when the gear is in the neutral, from park we put it in neutral, we say, "Aad gure nameh, jugaad gure nameh, sat gure nameh, siri guroo deve nameh. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh." And we put it in gear and go. This crazy thing, this waste of time, muttering those words. Who wants it, that thing, huh? No! Time and space shall meet to cause an incident or an accident. By speaking these words, we give that time and space nine feet distance. We can't stop time, but we can give space. So at the longitude and latitude where we should have been, we shall be nine feet away, for good and bad. Good has an extended 18 feet. Bad has only foot and a half. That is why death can be avoided four times. It is a total calculated science. We are not crazy. Though
we put the key, car is in the gear, we can't go. We can go, but we don't. That's called 'discipline.' That's called 'bringing in.' That's called 'changing the strokes.' That's called 'being wise.' That's called 'being intelligent.' And in a simple English, that is called 'being happy.'

Who wants a punched up car and trapped dead body taken in? Nobody. That's why when we start getting out of our house, we do prayer. We stand and we pray. Crazy? No! Not crazy. Very wise. Extremely. It is religious. It is selfless? No! It is an extremely selfish, absolutely self-preserving device. There is no substitute in the world but victory, and victory comes to those who step just right.

There are two things in the world: right and wrong. All you have to do in your life is one wrong. Don't give it a chance. And the law of right is: be right. The Maker, the Initiator, the Infinite of the Right shall come through. Not for your sake. You're not His uncle and cousins. He'll come through for the sake of right. Because right shall win. Love has no defeat.

Divorce means intensified, solidified and neurotic marriage. That's what divorce means. Alimony, child support, taking the child, bringing back, looking at her, crazy eyes, meeting another man with the one you loved one day. Have you ever understood the trauma of it? You think I have divorced? Forget it! Who told you? Divorce is making a very unhappy life extremely unhappy and paying for it. Enjoying no benefit, creating a possible heaven into a confirmed heaven, by the court of the law. Wonderful idea. Rate, 62 percent. Wow! California top of the route. You know? Penthouse of divorce. "Our chemistry doesn't meet. Our history doesn't meet." God knows what meets and doesn't meet. So long you have meat there is a problem. You have meat, you eat meat, you go crazy, you get inertia, you have urea, you have uric acid, you do crazy things, and something doesn't like you, you doesn't like something, you can't sit and negotiate, you don't want to say, 'sorry.' And then you keep sorry the
rest of your life, and when one word, "sorry" can save your life, why you have to act sorry? Isn't it funny?

Once I went, (I won't name the officer because he is the highest state official) and he said, "Yogiji, you come to my house. We'll have dinner." I said, "No, I can't come for dinner. I'll come for lunch. Would you like to come in at lunch time because I'll be in town?" He said, "Yes. Yes. Okay, okay, lunch time. But it's going to be hectic." I said, "You are such a sober, noble person. What hectic that can be?" He said, "Well, you come and see." So I came. He lined up four girls with three, two, four kids in back of them. He said, "This is Yogiji. This is my first wife. This is my son, Dan. This is my son, Pan. This is my son, Tan." And he introduced four sons and one woman. Then, "This is my second wife, and this is my daughter and this is my son." I just looked at him. I said, "Are you joking?" And his present wife said, "It's true. They all wanted to meet you." And I looked at this skinny guy and I wondered, how he survives? Four, three, two, and one, and then the
present one is pregnant. Just imagine if I would have to meet four wives with their four husbands, and three children from them and three from him...we'd have a football team to introduce!

But, why that happens? Do you know? Because we don't have nerves to put wrong to be right, we do not navigate according to the map. Don't misunderstand. Nobody's perfect, but you can have a good mind, good body, and good spirit. Put the three together, it is called 'Trinity.' And you can scale through everything. Life is very simple. Happiness belongs to those who are straight, simple and smiling. Show your teeth. Come on. Are you afraid to show your teeth? You are so shy you can't show your teeth? I'm not asking you to bite. I'm saying, "show your teeth." Jesus Christ! this is how we are? We can't act?

Man has a social structure and social structure is so convincing that you don't want to do anything which you think socially is not acceptable, then you don't want to do something which is personally not acceptable. Then you don't want to do something which is religiously not acceptable. Then you don't want to do something which neighborhood doesn't accept. Then you don't want to do something which law does not accept. Federal law, state law, municipal law, town law. God knows you cannot do anything. And finally at home, "I cannot do this because my wife does not agree. I cannot do this, my children do not agree. I cannot do this because my dog is not in tune with me. I cannot absolutely do this because my cat will freak out." And finally you have to say, "I absolutely don't want to touch this area because my flower will not blossom." But still you live. Don't forget that.

As you live, keep up. Those who live, God lives with you. And all clouds will go away and sun shall shine. Every great storm brings a great sunshine next morning. If not, next week. If not, next month. If not, next year. If not, sometime. Don't give up. Because every tragedy has a prosperity in the corner waiting. When one door closes, thousands open. Don't give up. Therefore, keep up.

Twenty years ago I walked in this country and all I knew was one thing: Keep Up. Twenty years later I know only one thing: Keep Up. All I know is if you Keep up, you shall be kept up by the Infinity. People call Him 'God.' I don't care what you call Him.

There's no more tragic story than my own personal. I was an Indian officer, well to do. When I came down to Canada I faced a tragedy that I'll pray my worst arch enemy should not face it. I walked. I came here, it was no heaven here either, but I kept walking. I am still walking. Walk with me. And there's no big secret of the success. I'm not giving you the magic word. I'm just telling you -- wrong and right, leave it. Just keep up.

Do you know, those who love to face death, death doesn't want to face them? Do you know, those who want to love poverty and want to hug it, they are the only ones who are with the abundant richness and are miserable? Do you know, the polarity of the desire and polarity of the existence is a cross wind? Do you know what you desire subconsciously you have, but what you desire consciously you don't have? Do you know what we did tonight? We created a conflict with subconscious and it is desiring the miseries and bringing us the pain, and changing into a conscious happy living. And kiddos, you did a wonderful job! Really. You won tonight. I was not very... when I started, I said, "Oh my God, these are Americans." You know? But, there was a moment where you turned that pink into a deep blue. I thought I was in Hawaii. It was a very good experience. I am grateful to you. And I call that a miracle. Something a man can do with the help of his grit, with the help of his will, with the help of his direction he wants to conquer pain. Any man
who conquers his own pain and loves to conquer others' pain, is helped by God. God loves to serve such people. Otherwise there is no experience with God. It is a ritual. Redeem yourself of all the pain and redeem others of their pain. And at a time you are in a terrible pain, put a smile and go out, volunteer, and redeem others' pain. You will see within the capacity of 62 minutes, relief will come.

I used to love that, you must have all seen, on television there was a commercial. There was a very one weird skinny guy. You understand? And there will used to be a chicken, remember that? And then he used to be in a boat. You remember? And boat used to split in two, and he was drowning, and he will call and then entire US Navy will walk in. Have you seen? Remember that? It used to be long time ago. And I used to love to see it. It was a commercial for you, but you never understood the meaning, except me. All that commercial said was, "Call." Though they wanted you to call their manufacturing company. Why don't you call your manufacturing company? You know, made in what. Call he, she or it, whatever it is.

You know what prayer is? Calling the Isht. You know why you go to the altar? When you have no alternative. It is just one-pointed of the mind. Moment you get one-pointed of the mind, everything bad shall turn into being good. And that's all it takes.

I'm not asking you to be worried about bad, tragedy, sickness, disease, poverty, unemployment, and all that. I ask you one thing only: Consolidate, meditate, and be. And it shall all come to be. I want you to learn that science. I want you to understand that idea.

That's why we made that song: Walking Up the Mountain. Remember that? Hey, you have that tape, what they call it? All Things Come From God. We used to play these things, but now we have become modern. Siri Ved. It's a very beautiful song, isn't it? We'll play it for a while. We won't detain you for the night. Today is Friday? Tomorrow you don't have to go to work. (Tape is played.) Sing, sing, sing. Relax so I can send you home.

See what these ladies do in the Ladies Camp? Those who are coming to Ladies Camp must understand that we have provided this time a very good diet. We have understood that you go to New Mexico and every night you are found in Matilda and Tilda and everywhere. And you eat and eat. I understand it is a very healthy place, but we are going to mess you up with New York bagels and that kind of junk healthy food so that you may not be in a position to go out and eat. You go out, that doesn't matter. That we'll tolerate. But we want to fill you to the point that you cannot eat all those sopapillas and tons of honey and all that. New Mexico is very ready and waiting for you to come, and they have already provided all the provisions and sopapillas and all that stuff, chiles and beans and all that. But for God's sake, will you remember one thing? All Things Come From God, and All Things Go to God...ha ha ha!

I am keeping you purposely because I want to turn you back to your home in a go-able situation. I am sorry, and I don't want you to go on to the road and drive till I am satisfied that you are capable. So please relax with me. I'm sorry we just went overboard. I never expected you'll be so good, but you came out all right. So we have to unwind it a little bit, and we are going to be fine. Siri Ved. Siri Ved! Veding, Vedung, Sohaa. Come on. Hurry up! Let us sing this beautiful song. ("Noble Woman" is played.)

(sings) May the Long Time Sunshine Upon You, All Love Surround You, and the Pure Light Within You Guide Your Way On.

Thank you, God, for Thy grateful, wonderful, merciful, blissful, bountiful day, experience and intervention. May we all inhale Thy Self in our self. May we all touch the frontier of peace within and peace without. May the mankind live in Thy light, peace and tranquility, serve those who need us, serve ourself when the need is. May we live in that longitude and latitude for tranquility and peace, nobility and grace, to be Thy Will. Sat Nam.

Thank you for cooperation. This will conclude my series of classes in Los Angeles from today, and next classes will be announced, if health permitting, time available, and me being around. All things come from God, and all things go to God. God bless you, but tonight go home. Thank you. (Play the tape.)

By the way, some of you were asking the meaning of this tape which we have made recently. This is a tape to make the cosmic energy to come through for victory, self, and within and without. And I am grateful to all those who participate. It is wonderful. Come on! Play that. (Referring to tape by

Nirinjan Kaur: Har Har Wahe Guru, Beautiful.)


YB Teachings, LLC 1989
Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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