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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 10/11/1989
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, Ca


There are three things in my life which are very important to me. One, I believe God is not foreign. You just want to believe and hang on to God and do nothing; I have a science about it.

I believe that God is perfect, and I believe God, created as perfect, cannot create imperfection. It’s a law which you must believe. It’s a science. Action has a reaction, equal and opposite. It’s Newton’s Third Law. It’s a law of life. Action has a reaction equal and opposite. Polarity has reality in the base of all Infinity. Finite is a part of Infinity and merger is possible when reality becomes pure in clarity. It’s a simple law and there’s no nonsense about it.

On one hand you say, “God is Almighty, Omnipresent, everywhere.” And then you put God in the corner and you say, “Here He is.” It doesn’t work. Your mind has been polluted. You have been subjected and exploited in the name of religion. I am very clear about it.

Religion has always stupidly compromised. How can a church get built if you won’t give money? And to get the money they tell you, you are going to hell and the devil is going to come and Lucifer and Christopher are going to beat you with a stick if you don’t give. There is always some trick to get money out of you. Every priest cannot teach a yoga class, let’s put it straight! And they don’t ask you to pay at the door. But my mind is my mind. My working is my working. Nobody can tell me what to do. I am sovereign within my own right. I do what I do. I am independent.

Basically I believe that you have the right, number one, to be a human. Human being. “Hu” means light, aura, halo. “Man” means the mind. “Being” means the now. You have the birthright to be happy. You are not happy. You are not happy because you are competing and comparative with things over which you have no control. You have no control over Infinity. And if you have no control over Infinity, don’t try to control it. Flow with it, you can reach anywhere. Fight with it, you’ll be unhappy. There’s nothing to it. Happiness is your birthright. It cannot be taken away from you, it doesn’t matter what.

You ARE made in God. You didn’t design your eyes, you didn’t design your nose, you didn’t design your legs, you didn’t design anything. The only way in which you are messing up is that you do not develop your mental caliber. You go and brush your hair this way and that way, perm it, groom it, cut it, grow it long, do the whole thing. You wear white, yellow, pink, green. You want to be powdered, you put on rouge and lipstick, God knows how many things you do. Is that going to cover for your stupid mind which has never been developed?

My question is, “Are you happy?” If you are happy, you are wonderful. If you are not happy, you are worthless to yourself. Unhappiness will create tragedy one way or the other for everybody. If there is anything that is a sin or can be called evil, it’s unhappiness. You spread it, you chew it, you cook it, you manufacture it. You share it, you create it, you give it to each other like an infectious disease. I don’t think syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, AIDS, or anything is as dangerous as the touch of unhappiness.

Do you give the impression that you are the light of God? No. You are depressed all the time. Then it is a catch-22. “Nobody wants me. Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me.” Is it human? Are you human? You are very simple, beautified gorillas. That’s what you are. You are not human. Humans have an elevation. A mountain which is not high enough is not called a mountain. You call it a hill. Mountain is a mountain and when mountains are constant and consistent, they are called a range. You are just moles, you try to pretend, you have an exaggerated personal projection of your personality which you cannot control, you cannot deliver, and you cannot feel. You have become so insensitive to your own mental capacity. Forgive me. You have no sensitivity. When you talk to a person, you cannot put your personality in the other person’s shoes. You have absolutely no idea how to compute or feel what the other point of view is, what the other person feels, what the other person is going through. You want what you want. If you want what you want, you have no connection to be social. And man is a social animal. There has to be mutuality and there’s nothing mutual in you. Therefore there’s nothing real in you. Your biggest weapon is kindness and compassion. That requires intelligence and courage. That requires flexibility and intuition.

Our sentiments, our feelings, our psychology, our projection, our faith, our thoughts, our sex, our make up, they cannot create inner happiness. If the glass is empty, who can quench the thirst? If you are not happy, you cannot share anything. You will just play the game. Happiness is a byproduct of the totality of life which has to be shared compassionately and kindly with all. Some cups of life are empty. They have to be filled. And you must fill them. To begin with you must have it.

You think I don’t have problems? I am the easiest target of every idiot. But I am the strongest target to return the fire. I am a missionary. I am a happy man. I can be with you, with your sorrows, with your pain, with your depression. I will be one step ahead of you. But I’ll poke you, provoke you, confront you, and then I shall elevate you. Resurrection is the law of life. You all have to do it. We all have to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

You call yourself religious people. I don’t believe it. You ask me, “Why not?” If you believe, just believe. Forget about love. Love is a very powerful thing. If you really believe in God, God is Infinite. Why are you worrying? Why are you freaking out? Why are you depressed?

Ayk bhee de-eh das bhee hir le-eh, Ta-o mooraa kaho kahaa kare-eh

Jis taakur sio naahee chaaraa, Taakao keejai sad namaskaaraa.

- Guru Arjan, SGGS, pg. 268

If God takes away one thing from you, and you have no way

to deal with the ten things you already have, what you can do, Oh foolish one?

These are the words of Nanak as spoken by Guru Arjan. The first commandment I give you: God is God, believe it or not. Number two: He makes, organizes and delivers everything. Just look at the letters making up the word “God.” G-O-D. He Generates, He Organizes, He Destroys or Delivers. Number three: You all live on credit of the breath of life. Your life starts with breath of life. It ends with breath of life. And that breath of life comes from God Himself. You have no control on it. You have no right to boast about things over which you have no control. Most of you boast so much that you are absolutely foggy and unrealistic.

You’ve got to accept everything - good, bad, better, best, rotten, or impossible. All is the property of God. Don’t you read on some chain link fences, “Property of the U.S. Federal Government. Trespassing not allowed.” Have you read that? On the roadside you’ll find those simple fences with a simple plaque. You should put a plaque before your eyes; you should put a plaque on your ears; you should put a plaque on your mouth: “Property of Almighty God.”

We are not supposed to trespass on anyone’s sacredness because God IS sacred and there’s no secret about it and everything which He has created is sacred. You don’t believe it. Start calling on yourself to believe everything is sacred. Then you’ll ask me, “Is the mosquito sacred?” Yes, the mosquito is sacred to the frog. Without them frogs cannot live. Do you know how many mosquitoes they eat? It is their gourmet meal. They may spell malaria for you, but for a frog, they are a gourmet meal. They love them. If you ask a frog, “Do you love mosquitoes?” he’ll say, “Are you crazy? It’s my favorite meal.”

Everything in this whole world is interdependent, inter-related. The entire magnetic field creates an inter-related psyche. The whole universe is nothing but the harmony of the sound current, and you are all worried?

You know two things: hurry and worry. Today you have sorrow and you have a fear of tomorrow. You do not feel the presence of God. You did not feel it yesterday, you do not feel it today, and you don’t have a hope for tomorrow. If you place your tomorrow in the hands of the One who created you, you shall have no sorrow. You don’t have to come to a spiritual teacher. He may cheat you, misguide you, he may be a fake. Just become your own student. Ask yourself a question: Do I believe in the totality, the reality, in the infinity of God or not? If your answer is no, you have solved the problem, and you’ll be miserable forever. If you say yes, admittedly act that way; if not, you’ll be the biggest hypocrite.

Question is simple: Is there a God? The answer is no. Is there a God? The answer is yes. If the answer is no, why not? Because we do not act on that Infinity. If the answer is yes, it is because there is a force which is the cause of all causes, and the reality of all realities. This Infinity of all defined objects and projections cannot be disputed.

Why there are seven plates on the planet earth? Why do they move? Why is the construction of the planet earth and space the way it is, and why is that of Mars the way it is? You don’t have any answer. Right before your human eyes, things are beyond you. But you don’t believe there’s anything beyond you.

We all act like there is a God, but only when it suits us. God is nowhere to be found when it doesn’t suit us. The problem is our inflexibility and insensitivity to the very factual reality that God is God.

What is happiness? If the flow of the breath of life and the current of life is strong enough, you’ll swim through all unhappiness, all adversity, all challenges. If your current is strong, your voltage and filament all right, your vacuum okay, and your cover fine, you will be the brightest bulb in the world. If just one thing is missing, you are out. If the outer casing blows up, you’ll be just smoke. If the filament gives in, there’s no current to pass through, so no brightness can come. If the vacuum leaks, you’ll be a heater, not a bulb.

To be a human you require a clear mind. If the mind is clear, it can see the soul and carry God’s light through the mind, project through the eighty-one chambers, and process it’s nine trillion frequency of root square M. That is what it means to be human. It is a simple flow of mind.

Your house is all right; that’s the body. The working force is the mind, and there are three important questions to ask yourself: Are you in touch with your mind? Do you control your mind? Do you know your mind? That’s why I started this series, “Touch of Mind.” I want you to touch your mind tonight. I’m a very practical teacher. I don’t play gimmicks. I am not convinced that you are my student or not. I am very free. I have initiated none of you. I don’t initiate. Therefore I don’t claim. Therefore I cannot be blamed. Why do I teach? I am a teacher and I teach because somebody touched me and taught me. It made me very happy, therefore I have the right to share that happiness in his name. That’s all there is to it. I have no relative, I have no friend, I have no enemy and I have no vengeance. And in lieu of all, God gives me something which is very beautiful to me, and I call it intuition. But I don’t create miracles. I see His miracles and I enjoy. He, She and It. Whatever it is.

The purpose of life is classified purpose. Life is a very tasteful thing. Life is a very enjoyable thing. Life is a very complete thing. Life is infinite because it is part of that Infinity called God. Purpose of life is to recognize who you are. You are God. An artist is an artist. The art represents the artist. Is that true or not? Deny it if you can. You are the art and God is the artist. You are the finite and God is the Infinity. God is the source and your route is to represent the source. Religion is a science of reality and the art of happiness.

Somebody from Mexico sent me a ritta. Ritta is a little ball which has black seeds in it which are very hard. Ritta is bitter; it is the bitterest thing in the world. If you crush it and powder it, it can be used for soap. It is God’s original soap. In India, no fine clothes are cleaned with man made soap. They crush the ritta into powder, make a juice of it and clean with it; everything is perfect.

Today I got a prashad. I mean to say, it was a blessing that the rittas came. I am still not sure how somebody from Mexico got a hold of them and sent them from Ritta Sahib Gurdwara. Ritta Sahib is a temple of Guru Nanak where there is a ritta tree. On the side of the tree where Guru Nanak sat, all the rittas are sweet. On the other side, they are all bitter. I got one ritta and ate it very sparingly, because it is a prashad. In case it was bitter, I didn’t want my whole mouth to be bitter, but I wanted to receive the blessing. Before coming to the class I ate it; it was sweet like candy. If you happen to take a bitter ritta and crush it with your teeth, and touch it with your tongue by mistake, forget it. It’s not chili bitter; it is bitter bitter. It stays with you for one, two, three days. It is like a skunk, you know? Once it sprays on you, you stink for a few days. That’s how bitter it is. And it is the fruit from a tree. But there is one ritta tree in this world where Guru Nanak sat and took shelter. He napped there. On that side the tree bears only sweet rittas. The other half of that tree bears all ritta which are deadly bitter.

You call it a miracle? No, I call it a scientific fact. When the pure psyche touches the bitterness it makes it sweet. When a wise man touches a fool, it makes him happy and wise. When a totally complete, comfortable happy man touches an unhappy man, he brings happiness. Life is a sharing. We share our sorrows and we share our happiness. And if somebody is in sorrow, and we pour our happiness into that person, we make him happy. For that we need clarity of mind. We need the strength of the soul. We need enlargement of our point of view. We need tolerance. We need courage.

In small things lies all things. Spell the word small. S-M-A-L-L. Take away the SM, it is ALL. In every small effort, there is all the effort. If you put all the effort into every small effort, you’ll be a saint. You don’t need a degree. Why should we be a saint? I am asking a question. It’s the most selfish enactment and desire. Why? Once you become a saint, the totality works for you. Reality serves you. Infinity is around you. If you are not, you sweat, you hassle.

Tahel mahel taanko milaai, jaanko sant kirpaal.

Services and palaces will come to those whom the saint blesses.

When you bless somebody as a saint, they will have all the benefits of happiness in their life. It’s a wonderful way to be. And what is a saint? One who sees all, big and small, as part of the all. One who feels all, big and small, as part of the all. One who speaks small as part of the all, big and small. For him day and night is all right. In yoga we say the pair of the opposites does not affect one’s actions. If I act, I don’t have to act happily or unhappily. Then what should be my act, what should be my direction, what should be my philosophy, what should be my religion? My religion will be to do everything I have to do to elevate another person. When you relate, elevate. Otherwise neither you will know relationship, nor there is a relationship; nor there is a relationship, nor is it meant to be. It is all fake. It will bring you nothing but sorrow.

1989 The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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