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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 11/16/1988
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Espanola, NM

Live with a Gem Quality Mind

Okay now, today is not... those who came yesterday were lucky. It was a setup... setup to convince you that it's not bad. No, no, listen to this! Oh my God, that's fantastic! (Opening gifts.) Look at this... really beautiful!

There are 22 religions. We are about five billion people on the earth now. Some are civilized, some are not. Some are rich, some are not. Above the equator everybody's happy and rich. Down below the equator everybody's dying. Believe me or not, one third of the earth sleeps at night without meals. One third!

There are three hungers... and until you do not have the balance, you do not have the life. Hunger is for food, sex, emotions, feelings, that's hunger. That's one hunger very positive. If there is a bukh, there is a dukh. It means if there is a hunger there is a pain.

Second hunger is mental. You know you smell a rose flower, you do not do anything with your stomach, but still it makes you feel good. You may be stupidly angry, dead short, and if something like that flower's aroma comes, you will be surprised, you'll just flip. So there is a mental beauty. You see something beautiful, it makes you good mentally. This is also a hunger. It is a mental hunger.

The third hunger is the worst hunger. It is the giaan -- knowledge. "I want to know!" And some people think if they do certain rituals and rites and do this, and sacrifice a man or a goat or a lamb and this and this, there are a lot of....you can't believe it! I mean, religion has been the most discovered neurotic behavior than in any realism. I mean, you know, "Do this, do that, and you get God." and the others say, "No, no, no, there's no God."

In a town once there were two people living. One said, "There's no God." The other said, "There IS God." Town people got very mad at it all. They said, "Well, wait a minute. You are two good men. Sit together and discuss it and whosoever shall win, we will follow." So they sat down and argued. In the morning, they said, "All right, what is the decision?" The man who believed in God said, "I believe there is no God." The man who believed there was no God said, "Now I believe there IS God." And the people said, "What is the idea? Whole night we suffered. In the morning you said the same damn thing! What kind of wise men you both are? Get out of our town! We don't want you here." And they said, "What we can do?" Because the confusion is exactly the same, whether there is a God or there is no God.

After a year or two, they went to a very holy, pretentious, perpetually great man. They called him and they said, "Please... We believe in God. There is one God. Everything is fine. And we understand. Talk to us about God." You know what he said? He said, "You know all about it. Why should I talk?" He walked away. A year later they went to him and they invited him in. They said, "There is absolutely no God. We don't believe it. There is everything, you know, nature here, nature there." He said, "Well, if there is no God, then why talk about it?" He walked away again. They got really very upset.

The third year they brought him back again and half of the people said, "There is no God. Absolutely nonsense. It is a hypocrisy. Da da da." The other half said, "There IS! I have seen it. Yes there is. He shook hands with me and gave me a cookie." So they acted that way. He sat down and he said, "Oh, you all have seen God and you know It, right?" They said, "Yes." "And you think that? All right then, you tell THEM where it is.", and he walked away again. They couldn't do anything.

First of all you must understand, in our life we hear: "Suno-ay bhayee taa man taaro." A love story here. "Suno-ay bhayee taa man taaro". If you hear about your beloved then your mind gets peace. 'Taaro' means cool. You feel cool. That's the first sign of the love. When you listen about your love or your beloved... "sohay"... Sohay means, I heard. Darshan bek puneetaa. And if I have seen... I am enlightened and I am pure. We always say, "Hey, you heard it?" Ha ha, did you see it? Look at the common behavior. "Did you see it?" And he says, "No." "Oh, you didn't see it? Oh God, who you can trust or not?"

Then the third stage is, one has heard it and one has seen it. That's not enough either. One has experienced it. "Sahej samaaee, to(n) kar aa-ay. Kant miliaa hit paaeeaa." It has come to me, I have experienced it and now I am fulfilled. I have found out what love is. Is that enough? No. No! "Sabh suchee, sabh baalee kaalee. Meh to(n) partakh dikhyaa." But whatever you say is okay in innocence, it is beautiful, you have seen, you have heard, you have experienced, and now you are fulfilled. Now prove it to me! I want to experience it! Give me the experience.

Therefore you are not human beings. You are not animals either. You are not birds. You are not fishes. To be honest with you... you are nobody. You have a structure... eyes, ears, that look like a human being. And you think you can feed somebody, you can give something to somebody, you can hug and kiss, you can say a few good words and you can exploit or you can appreciate and you can sacrifice. This is all a story. It doesn't work. The only thing which works is if you can give somebody the experience of goodness -- not of God, but of YOU. Let somebody trust you and then carry it.

Now what is the degree of carrying it? If God shakes you -- God Almighty... now listen, this is a Christian word, I'm not going to say something against anybody... but I'm just telling you. God shakes you and you still deliver it. That is human. That is the beginning of a man.

Sometimes I see you....Listen, I am just these days not well and I am just tired and I am in a corner. I came and brought the message of Guru Nanak, you took it, you take it or not it is your problem. You can digest it or you can vomit it. That's how your stomach is. That depends on that. As far as I am concerned, I have done my job. But when, after all, I live among you, I am a human being, I am alive, I am not dead yet. But when I see you, then I see your degrees on the walls and your clothes and your beautiful features and how you talk and emotionally move, I wonder and I can't even express, I can't even say it to you, "Who are you?" You know how much time you waste in small things?

I was talking to somebody about IQ. And Guru Tej, where are you? What does this "IQ" mean exactly? (Guru Tej Singh: "Intelligently Quiet.") (Everybody laughs.) He changed it. He said something, Intelligence Quota, and then you know, it doesn't mean anything. "IQ" means you can intelligently be quiet. Don't be dumb. Don't be dumb. Be intelligent but be quiet. This ducking in your life, "Yuk, yuk, yuk... quack, quack, quack", early in the morning you start. You are in a bad mood and you say, "Good morning." And he says, "What?" "Oh well, you know, GOOD MORNING!" And he says, "What is the matter, John? What you are up to?" "I said GOOD MORNING, damn it! Don't you hear me?" Now, this is your good morning. Why so? Why you are itchy? Why you are non-normal? Why you cannot take it? Where is the fear? Why you are upset? Where is your setback? Why you are not successful? Why you are not rich? What's wrong with you?

There are 22 religions teaching reality. In every corner there is a padre, there is a yogi, swami, minister, rabbi... mystics, psychics, astrologers. You know, sometimes I make a list. Do you know what happens every Saturday and Sunday? There are 200 workshops going on to get to your pocket. And I thought I will just not teach on Saturday and Sunday, I will teach in between the week. 250-300 works going on to get to the money. "For $300 I'll deliver you a God." In what? A packet? Or make you better. With a butter? You know, you lie and everybody lies to you. And there lies the foundation of you animals. You are not human! What I say if I do not mean? I am mean.

The faculty and quality of a person is that it can change all. Prosperity will not come to you. I can give you this in writing. And on my death you can remember this. Prosperity, happiness, fulfillment, joy, all that nonsense will not come to you. It can't. It can't be acquired. It is a gift. It comes to only those who believe in the goodness of the heart and for all. One line of Guru Nanak, "Nanak Nam cherdi kala tere banay sarbat kaa balaa."

These Indian Sikhs, you know, they get to my neck now, they want to kill me now because their law case, it didn't do anything. So now they think, "All right, we'll get him physically." Well, what matters? This is a skeleton, put my ashes over Ram Das Puri, what it matters? It is no big deal.

But there is a one line which Guru Nanak vouches. Guru vouched it. Guru Nanak cherdi kalaa. If my spirit is exaltedly high. If my consciousness, my being is high being, cherdi kala, what result will be? What shall be the result? What is the sign? "Tere banay sarabat kaa balaa." For Thy sake, good to all.

Once in Rishikesh I went to see a great... I mean, I had a great idea that one day perhaps I should become like that Siri Mant. It was a big office, you know? To that man, 30-40 million people bow early in the morning before they leave their bed. He is so worshipped. It is not a small issue. I was very surprised to meet him. This guy told me who was his disciple. He told me, "Yogi Baba..." (In India they used to call me Yogi Baba) ...he said, "Yogi Baba, he is the only real incarnation... awtar... of God. Really. Muslim Medi has come, Jesus has reincarnated. And you know these people who want to convince you? It doesn't matter what you say, they have a spinning thing like this, you know this where you put the sick person, take him to a hospital? (Sangat: Ambulance, siren.) Siren of a paramedic unit? They will say, "Teewee, teewee, teewee," and finally you say, "Yeah, yeah, I agree." You understand? You can't hear it, it hurts, and the guy is so close and they hug you and love you and they tell you. This is "Eeeeee,
God." I said, "Okay, now what I have to do?" He said, "Well, we've got to go see him." I said, "Okay." I said, "Listen, I agree with you." I said, "Look I am not going to not be convinced that he is a holy man. I will just go and see him, but I have a test. And let us write it down and both sign it here." So later on he said, "No." You know these disciples are very crazy. Some people say, "Did you see YogiJi has a purple aura?" Now this guy doesn't know how to spell purple. And I have got a purple aura? Ahh, those kind of things go on. But sometimes your mind opens up to Infinity and you see everything. But you cannot grasp to it,you cannot relate to it. There's not a foundation yet laid on which this high totality can sit and rest and be with you. That happens. But once in a while you get through the window some winks here and there.

So we went there to meet him and... well respected, well reserved... and everything was fine and very ritualistically right. I told him... I said, "Will it be possible that if we get your permission today we can feed this weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday to everybody and use your ashram facilities and vicinities?" I mean, I should have had a heart attack then, now now. He said, "No." I said, "No, we are spending the money. We will do this and you know, everything is set. Our people will do all that, and I have got whole thing. It just will look good. It will be my gratitude for coming and visiting you." He said, "No, no, no, Yogi Baba, you don't understand. Really, you are simple man. You don't understand." I said, "Well, how simple I am? I think I was a pretty good crook but you must be a super crook. You know better than me. I mean to say, it is fine. What are you asking?" He said, "You know, this is the thing. This is the thing." I said, "Well, what is it?" He said,
"This is a thing, if you start asking people to come, then from all over the world, beggars all will come and then people like you and me and all those, they can't even come here." I said, "Wait a minute. Now here you are, a man of God. Where is 'sarbat kaa balaa?' I am paying the money, I am cooking it, I am serving it, for YOU! And you can't even use the facility because you are afraid that then maybe later on people will start coming and you can't...."

I told my friend, "Where is his God now?" God provides those even...

"Sail pathar meh jant upaa-e taa kaa rajak aagai kar dhariaa."

(Guru Arjan Dev, Rehiras Sahib).

Whom He has even produced in the stone, He has provided him his meals. I said, "Where is he?" He said, "I never looked at it from that angle. But you know, sometimes great people do great things. It must be some mystic thing which you don't understand." I said, "Yeah, yeah, I know." I said, "Do you know, I don't have followers. They do the same thing to me. I know. I spank them for it. What are you talking about? Tell him that we want to do it." The man said, "How can I tell him?" So I told him, I said, "Look, 'reet, reet, reet.' 'Reet' means a way of life. A tradition. A tradition. Without tradition, without road, without path, you cannot make life. There's no life. Life is based on reet. Reet means lineage, or you call it tradition... you call it discipline... you call it rituals... you call it rites... you call prayer. Whatever you call it the whole structure is called reet. Reet means way of doing it. But if a reet, a way, cannot create preet -- love, then it's useless. If
an action in life, good or bad, I'm not discussing that, cannot create love, then that reet is no good. That path is no good, tradition is no good, that religion is no good. Guru Gobind Singh says:

"Saach kaho sun leho sabhai, jin prem keeo tin hee prabh paaio."

"I speak truth and all should listen that those who love God,
alone will get Him."
--Tav-prasaad Savaaiye, 9th verse, Guru Gobind Singh

"Saach kaho": truth I speak. I speak a solemn truth. I speak a Godful truth. "Saach kaho sun leho sabhai"... Oh you all, hear it! "Jin prem keeo tin hee prabh paaio": those who have loved, only they have found God.

Now question is, what is love? Test it... little definition, which we all will mess up. Love is a state of mind and of an identity of the body in which you know nothing but goodness of the heart in the strength of the God.

I'm telling you very frankly today, don't feel shocked by my statement, because you know I have my last mile of life. I don't care what I say. You will forgive me for saying certain things which you don't understand. I ask forgiveness. I'm not asking you to...but I am saying this because maybe 25 years... 30 years from now somebody among us will do meditation, clarify himself, do something good for himself, and he will exactly feel what I am saying. There's no such thing as God, as there's no such thing as good. Love is a perpetual nurturing, caring and serving. You have a relationship. Some people say: "I love you." You don't know what love is! Love is, you exchange kisses and bacteria and you call it love. You get your mucous into each other, you call it intercourse. Even you look at the dirtiness, it stinks and smells, what is the big deal? But you get emotional, you don't care, you get into each other, bah, bah, bah, we made love. Is that a love? No! That is a climax of a physical
emotional counter integration of psyche. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a reproduction arrangement God has made. Nothing is wrong. It's no big deal.

Actually to be honest with you, India has 80 million people. I sat there and I said, "Let one man chant 'Om'. One." They couldn't produce it! They said, "You do it." It took me one second, I did it. They couldn't. It took me 20 years to practice it, to be where I was. Love is something in which you nurture... in which you serve. If a husband and a wife, a lover and a beloved, serve each other rather than control each other, rather than be at each other, rather than be under each other, you know whole world will be a heaven. And everybody can't serve every part of everybody. I can serve some parts, somebody can serve some parts, and it's all seva. That is love. Love is a very realistic service we render to each other.

There is a word in the Sikh Dharma which is very beautiful to me, "Bheta"... Offering... How many times a day a father has offered himself to a son. "Okay my son, I am here for you." No, when he is little you become horsey, horsey, horsey. Remember those days? You became horsey and you put the little boy up and you go. Don't you do it? Hey, am I wrong? Well, what is wrong when the boy has gone 30 year old, doesn't he need a horsey? "Where you are? When you came?" (Imitates a father yelling at his son.) Now this is when he is nine years old. "Why you are late? Switch on the light, switch on the light! Mira, dishes!" What happened to that horsey? When you are wearing a suit and pants and you are bound down, walking on four legs and making that little kid on you, what happened to those sentiments, those feelings, that purity? At that time there was no competition, no control. It was pure giving. Nanak says, beautiful!

"Daindaa de lainde thak paaeh. Jugaa jugantar khaahee khaaeh."

--3rd pauree of Japji Sahib

Giver gives and those who take they get tired, and from time immemorial to time immemorial, He is giving.

"Nanank vigasai veparvaaho."

Carefree is He and His giving.

Giving yourself to others is God. Otherwise there is no God. Otherwise it is the biggest money-making machine. And religion is a one thing which I hate the most because it has used phobia, it has used fear. "If you don't, if you won't do this, then you will go to HELL!" Somebody said, "hell." I said, "Spell it. Spell hell." H-E-L-L....H-E, it's a male religion, no? It is: "he-ell. Hell is nothing but a male lunatic projection! There is no such thing as a hell. Do you know that, how they make up these words? Just lash it, 'he', and lash it, 'll'. It's a male's loonyness. That's all it is. It's dominated the whole world, this man. This most impotent man who hangs with his two legs and steps on this earth and doesn't know anything about himself, thought he was a God. Then he collected others like him, loony, and then he made a tribe. Then few tribes conquered each other and made slaves and their masters and then those loony's became a nation. Do you know how many people have been
killed in the name of peace? They have been shredded to pieces!

Therefore please understand, the best way to live is when you have a clear mind... gem quality. You know when you go in the shop, you say, "This is $32. This is $50. This is $150. What is the difference?" "Well, this is a rock form. It is so-so. But this is gem-quality." If you do not have a brain where your subconscious mechanism is of gem quality, you are no good. Your mind must see your own soul. That's the relationship. That's the strength.

There was a guy, I mean to say, he is an Indian friend of mine. He came and he wanted to touch my feet. I held him from the shoulders, and I hugged him. He said, "No, no, no, I have to touch your feet." I said, "No, no, no. I love you." He said, "No, I have to touch your feet." I said, "Well, these feet are for those whom God has touched. And God has not touched you so you cannot touch my feet." I said, "I have to be very truthful. My feet represent God's blessings. You can't touch them. I can hug you. I can touch YOUR feet but you can't touch mine." I said, "I have to draw the line. I have to be truthful with you. I don't want to say 'no'. This is not a ritual. This is a reality." He said, "Well, what is the reality?" I said, "The difference is, whosoever shall bow on these feet, God is bound to bow on him. You don't deserve that." He said, "I did not know you would say this." I said, "Yeah. Didn't I surprise you?" I said, "Don't feel shaken... Yes." I said, "Yes, I
read the auras. You wanted to come and touch my feet to look good among these people. So you are not pleasing God. You do not have even a meditation, you do not have even a concentration. You were doing this just to look good among the others. You think it is a show-biz." I said, "I do live next to Hollywood, but I am not a bad actor. Come on, hug me. I'll love you, I'll serve you. I'll touch your feet, but you won't touch my feet, because you have not learned. You do not have that capacity. You do not know how to bend, how to bow, how to give. You are doing it for show. This is not a show. It is a matter of soul to soul. It is a realism." "Can I not touch your feet?" I said, "Take a knife, cut them away, take them away, eat them. I don't have anything to do with them. I'll get the wooden ones, they are better these days, you know?" Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am not kidding. If you ever lose your legs, these days, those mechanical things are perfect legs and you don't have to even tie switch.
They tie on a certain nerve system and they work better. And no arthritis. No arthritis. Really! I said, "If you want to take my feet, take a big knife, I'll lie down, and chop them off, take them away. But please don't touch them." Because those who do not know how to give, they do not know how to take. And you know why giving is essential? Why it makes you to give is essential? Do you understand why it is? Because if you have the habit to give, when God wants to take in a very complicated manner, you if you are habitual to give, you will. And after that one giving, your taking will end.

You know the biggest faculty is, because we don't have meditative mind, so we feel God is big... is all with the up... and that down is nothing. It's not true. God tests you in simple ways. God is in everybody. The filthiest, the ugliest, the dirtiest child or the person... a wrong man has the right to have your love... if you ever love God. Because God is all. A-L-L! And if you are not ALL, then you are small. Syndrome Multiple. SM. It is a disease. "I want everything." So I thought we'll off-load the garbage of the subconscious tonight. You know what I mean? It is loaded. There is nothing wrong with you. You think you are beautiful, you are this, this. But when you act, you stink. You know why? The subconscious blocks the energy. It is very painful. VERY painful. So what we are going to do is to clean it out. What is that? Six dollars an hour? What the garbage cleaner gets? Those people? What, eight dollars an hour? Sixteen? So you mean I deserve more? All
right, that's right!

(A series of kriyas were given now. For a write up on these, please contact Golden Temple Recordings in Los Angeles.)

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