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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 10/06/1987
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Akal Takat

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

What we are looking at the planet earth and what we are looking as few "we" who are sitting here, many of us have come, many might not have come, and I repeat when we wanted to celebrate Guru Ram Das's birthday one week those who talk of Amritsar and Golden Temple they never knew even what date Guru Ram Das's Birthday is. We had to send missionaries to the Gurudwaras to let them know that this weekend is Guru Ram Das's Birthday. Everybody talks of the Sikh Cause and they are dedicated but they have forgotten the wound that was caused to us on this day. That Akal Takat was bombarded by the army of its own country of which Akal Takat is. Just understand. "Je sakatar sakatey kumarey." The Akal Takat was attacked by the army which was supposed to protect it. The army whose Akal Takat it was.

And today we are very fortunate and very blessed and very gracefully blessed that we are continuously celebrating that memory. Because it is not something which could be even understood to happen. The impact of it will be a long drawn situation. It is a beginning of that great destruction which follows the sequence and consequences shall be itself open to all of us. But on the other hand it is surprising how connected we few are. And sometime you might be not understanding in the capacity what shall tomorrow have for us.

Understand burning of the Rome, understand Christians being put on the stake, burnt alive. Understand they were fed as a game to the lions. And just understand Peter standing at that scene and telling where today Nero rules and where our people are being butchered tomorrow the Christ shall rule us forever. And those tragedies and those treacheries with the human race were the initiation. For that bright future Christianity had held in its own seed.

I understand we know our weaknesses more than we can even discuss it. But I also understand strength which Guru is blessing is much more than we can even realize. We are on the cross road. People who belong to that land who have been five hundred and some years with that Akal Takat have forgotten today to even remember their own injury.

But Sikhs have not. Therefore Sikh Dharma is not a culture. It doesn't belong to a country. It is a psyche in itself. It has its own credibility. It has its own union and it is all diligent to it. And that is most important. Today when you are sitting here before this Siri Guru Granth Sahib and remembering you are Americans there maybe many who have seen Akal Takat and maybe some who have never been to the Akal Takat but the hurt is there, the pain is there. Your psyche has been raped, the effect is there. Your security of the divinity of the spirit has been violated, that is there. If that is not the Sikh, then where are the Sikhs?

But when you are celebrating this you know what you are doing? You are asking Hargobind, Guru to come through. You are remembering it and you are reminding him and that is the relationship between a Sikh and a Guru. And that relationship is what is created this universe. That is the exact understanding of the word "Ik Ong Kar." Ong without Kar cannot exist and Kar without Ong cannot exist, soul without body cannot exist and body without soul cannot exist. Tattwas without chakras cannot accept it and chakras without tattwas cannot combine its activity to the permutation and combination which the psyche has created.

God is not anywhere. God is everywhere. And those who teach the humanity that man is born in sin and God has to be found outside have misguided the Earth in the name of religion until the time Guru Nanak said, " God is not to be found, God has to be acted upon." That's why Guru Hargobind gave us the Akal Takat, the undying throne to the mortal of immortality.

A position has been set in the essence of the capacity now we do have an intelligence to relate to it or not that is the question. And it has an answer in it. Yes. I am a subject belonging to the throne which never dies. I have a face which defaced never. Akal Moorat, Akal Takat, Akal Sahai, the seal of the Akal Takat is Akal Sahai. The undying spirit of the God shall serve. If you read the seal of the Akal Takat, it says Akal Sahai. If you understand the base of the Sikh it is Akal Moorat and it is what God in His creation has asked the man to be.

And there are five billion people at this time and all men and all woman are afraid to belong to God as God made them. The identity of the man has become his own identity it is not the divine identity. At least let us thank Guru Nanak and let us praise Guru Gobind Singh if for only one reason he gave us at least order us or dictated to us to maintain, to maintain the identity to the extent that he went and he said, "Rehet piare mohey ko Sikh piara niai." There are religions and religions and religions have commandments. But this is a dictated religion. Dictate has no alteration. And fact of Spirituality is if the Altar has alteration man has never understood his own divinity.

Forget about wealth there are a lot of rich people, lot of poor people, lot of powerful people, lot of weak people, beautiful people and ugly people this is a concept which each one can judge for himself but one concept is very graceful above all concepts, "Am I short of anything? Am I handicapped? Am I an orphan?" that question each one has to ask. "No, I am not an orphan because I have my father and my mother, Guru Gobind Singh and Mata Sahib Deva." Where are they? They're when I call on them.
"Am I beyond God? Within God? I am going to find God? Locating God. Am I to meditate or not meditate? Am I to burn myself alive or stand on one leg, stand on the head? Or I have to go to some Saint and ask him, "Please bless me." Should I go to some great man and ask him?" No, not at all, not at all. I don't need anyone and nobody has to give me anything. "Ungsung Wahe Guru." With my every limb with every bent of my finger, Wahe Guru is. I have not to create a show. I have not to create a facade.

I was talking to somebody yesterday and I said, " What should I call you?" He said, "People call me a Sant." I said, "Very great. I am doing everything to not be called as a Sant." He said, "What you want to be called?" I said, "I just want to be called nothing." "Then what is to be called?" I said, "Want call God everything. Guru's Grace, everything. I don't need to be called." "What is the purpose of my life?"

Purpose of life is very simple, let people call on God within and act as God. How can a person act as God? "Ik Ong Kar.... there is only one way to be God and His creation." This is the total sum-ness of Sikh Dharma. Then if they have bombarded that Akal Takat, they have challenged the soul of the entire humanity. And the army which has a moral, ethical, legal, spiritual, absolute oath to be to protect that Akal Takat, attacked it.

When a country can be ruled by that insanity, that immorality, that unconsciousness for a purpose so little, so feeble, so unworthy of, seed of the destruction have been sowed forever. It cannot be the worst. Therefore we, who are the subjects of that Akal Takat, we are the people of that Akal Takat, we are the part spirit of that wholesomeness of the Akal Takat, do come here and celebrate. And today Hargobind, the Guru, the master of the world and the heavens, is there to bless. (Note: Every 6th of every month we celebrate the martyrdom of the Akal Takat with a Gurudwara where the Sangat brings things to stock the Guru's kitchen.)

That is why we like householders to bring food, bring household utensils, bring lentils, bring onions, bring spices, bring oil, all that what "dhanast", all that what a "bhagatast" because we want to prove to Him, though we are humble and we are householders, though we are weak and small, we have not forgotten Thy grace. It is that Grace which shall be blessed. It is not a ritual, it is a reality. Because the greatest most powerful thing in the planet is the thought and the greatest thought is that which is put into practice. If at all God is anything, God is a thought. Once realized it becomes a reality.

That is what we are trying to prove those of you on this day feel you have done anything wrong, you are dead wrong. You do just to do. And in that doing there are rights and there are wrongs, judgement is by consciousness, judgement is not by intellectual intelligence. Therefore people must feel sweet, people must feel free to just love the Guru. It is so beautiful that Akal Takat gave its sacrifice to awaken the Khalsa.

I was explaining that day Khalsa has only two Gurus. Sikhs have ten Gurus. Khalsa has its first Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. And look at the tradition of becoming a Guru of the Khalsa. Guru Gobind Rai had to ask Guru Gobind Singh to bless me with the Amrit. It is a history. Sikhs love to forget it, but this cannot be forgotten. Because they do not understand that the entire Bhagati of the ten Gurus when Shakti has to come the man who has to receive Shakti has to receive Shakti and the purity of infinity, infinity cannot be put in the little impurity, the purity has become so humble and so vast that it has the capacity to merge with that infinity. That is why Guru Gobind Rai, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, humbled himself before the Five Beloved Ones, whom he initiated with the Amrit and asked, "Give me also, make me to merge with you." They said, " You created us." He said, "That was a miracle. Khalsa, Akal Purkh Ki Fauge. You have been created by the will of the God and I was just an instrument to do it.
But now you have been created, you are established, now bless me that I can merge with you." And Guru Gobind Singh gave Khalsa the Siri Guru Granth, forever.

This historical situation of Dharma is being ignored by everyone for one purpose. Because Dharma is being sold. Here comes a point which I would like to make today, to share with you, even the Guru of the Sikhs, the absolute, has to humble himself to resurrect himself. It is no more different than Christ going on the cross and blessing those with forgiveness who never knew what they were doing.

That spirit is infallible, it cannot be destroyed. The question being asked, "What will happen to the Sikhs?" You are not very funny. Somebody recently approached me and he said, "I have understood that you are dying." I said, "I hope so. I am just waiting for the day. I've got to go home. I am dying and people are trying to kill me so it is all going on out side, I understand it." And he said, "Well, who is going to take over?" I said, "What do I have that somebody has to take over? Somebody wants to die for me? I am dying, somebody wants to take over, let him die for me. That's all I want." He said, "Don't you understand when you will go what will happen to these Sikhs?" I said, "Whose Sikhs? What will happen to which Sikh? What are you talking about?" He said, "These American Sikhs." I said, "What will happen to them? Somebody will take away their Guru Gobind Singh? Somebody will take away their Guru Granth Sahib? Somebody will take away their Guru Ram Das Ashram? What
will happen to them? They'll be fine. Nothing will happen to them." I mean to say, "Who will lead them?" I cracked up. I said, "They will lead the world. Who is going to lead them? Nobody will lead them. They shall lead this world. Their generations shall rule this world. They'll not be a spot on this planet where the flag of Guru Gobind Singh shall not fly." I said, "Do you understand? Only two thousand years ago to just be asked if you are a Christian, you would be burned at the stake. Did you at that time imagine that all over here Christ shall rule? He said, "No." I said, " Why can't you just develop your eye, these are to read and see the traffic signs and sometimes you have to put glasses to read that, but just take those eyes and see two thousand years, three thousand years, four thousand years, five thousand years from now." He said, "But are you sure?" I said, "Are you sure in a little seed there is a whole tree?" "How you can say it?" I said, "I can see it, therefore I say it."

I am saying to you all, you and your generations shall rule this planet forever and if five thousand years continue to survive, you shall survive in God's own Grace. Until you don't forget that you become the undying throne of this planet. Don't forget that. Don't forget that we are crawling and don't forget we have weaknesses. Well have you ever seen a little seed getting into the earth and not being merged into the mud? Have you ever grown in a glass, put the seed there, put the water? Little bit sometime it can grow but it doesn't have the deeper roots. It cannot grow.

Those who are challenging us, those who are planning to not let us exist, those who are trying to destroy us, we are grateful to them. They are our really love. Because they are making us strong and strong and strong and strong. Funny part is somebody came and asked me, "I want to teach American Sikhs Nam Simran." I said, "You should learn from them." I said, "Are you out of your wits? They all get up in the morning and they do Nam Simran. What do you think they do? They dance there?" "No, no I want to teach them." I said, "Come at 3:30, they are all there doing Nam Simran." "How do they do it?" I said, "There is a special technology. They will be blessed. They will be blissed. They will see Guru Nanak." I said, "They are Guru Nanak." Why on this planet do we have to see Guru Nanak? We are Guru Nanak. The same Guru Gobind Singh said, "Khalsa mero roop hai khals, Khalsa meho karu nivas." I said, "You are telling me that Guru told me wrong?" I said, "You want me not to use harsh language, you idiot. You come here and make
a mockery of the Guru's word, haven't you heard? Guru ki ninda surai na kam, Nindak paito sant kirpan. Don't hear the slander of the Guru, offer Him to your sword. You come and tell me this vomitism that I am going to meditate, I am going to see Guru Nanak? Forget it I said. That 's not a Sikh. Sikh sees nothing, gives nothing, takes nothing, he is Guru Nanak. He is the spirit and the soul of Guru Nanak. He is and he shall be. Nobody can take that away with Nam Simran." I said, "We are being flooded by this Nam Simran. It is overflowing us. We are drown in it, we don't exist. Every breath, every breath, every molecule, every cell of this body, there are ten trillion cells and three times each cell chants Wahe Guru. What we have to chant for?" "Then what you do in the morning?" I said, "We just keep awake. We just go to bow to Guru. We have an excuse." "Why you chant kirtan?" I said, "That's our excuse. Like a child has the excuse to hug the mother. A Sikh has a excuse to see the Guru and everything is
to that excuse. Don't blow my excuse I said.

Sikh and Guru, Guru And Sikh is just one big huge excuse. But they are one and that's why I said Siri Guru Granth starts with one letter, "Ek". There is no two." "But there are some bad Sikhs." I said, "Then it is Guru's responsibility. Why you are upset about it. Then Guru will take care of them.

So long as a Sikh believes and feels he is a Sikh, it is Guru's ward. It is Guru's territory. I am not going to discuss it. I said tomorrow they are going to celebrate the martyrdom of the Akal Takat. Come and see the feeling." "But what do you mean?" I said, "Love has no question, where there is a question there is no love. Period. We are not questioning why we are celebrating in Los Angeles the martyrdom of the Akal Takat. We are only making an excuse to remember and be with the Guru and find and live in the spirit of the Hargobind, the Guru. You can't take away that right of ours. We will always be nurtured by that spirit. We are always hungry to be more, to be more, to be more. And that is what a Sikh is about. If you do not want to understand that, don't worry about these Sikhs. They are not American Sikhs, they are the Sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh. They are the Sikhs of Guru Granth Sahib. So long they will live, they will live with one word, and that is their world, w-o-r-l-d,
world. And their one world is their identity is truth, Sat Nam."

I am telling you all this. I have to drop this shell. I have to.... I came to this earth for one purpose only to serve those souls who asked to be served. And if Guru Ram Das blessed me with that service, as long I can live, I can do it. But the day I drop my this shell, I am not worried at all and neither you should be worried. You shall never conflict. You shall always be united. You will always be glorious. And you will always be graceful. And there is nothing which can bring you to seek something, you shall have Guru with you and God with you in the Grace of every limb and cell of you. You have thirty trillion Gods with you. You have thirty trillion Guru's with you because each cell of you is Guru, that what's Guru Gobind Singh practically said, "Khalsa mero roop hai khals,..." Purely and specially Khalsa is me. And "Khalsa meho karu nivas." That I live, that don't forget.

You are the Akal Takat. You are the spirit of it. You are the memory of it. And each one of you live, Akal Takat will live. Do you mean to say they can blow up a building and that's it? If tomorrow somebody blows up the White House there will be no America? Ha! Who thinks that? No, nothing shall happen to us. We are destined to rule this world and the word of Guru Gobind Singh shall come true.

We are born to rule, that's the rule and for that we are paying the price now. "Raj Karega Khalsa akee rahe na koe..." this shall come true. It is a matter of time. People are twisting these words. They are saying Khalsa means that, Khalsa means this.... Now they are defining Khalsa.

Yesterday it was very funny, yesterday was very funny, I do not know why. They asked me, "How should we chant Wahe Guru mantra?" I said, "As five Panj Piara gave it to you." "But they told us to chant Wahe Guru." Then I said, "So chant Wahe Guru. Word is Wahe Guru, chant Wahe Guru. Siri Guru Granth says, "Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio." That's all." "No, no there is a special technique." "Gur mantra dey mat ko, boley sahib nal piare, dusht taravo naska busai Amrit dhar." This is Guru Gobind Singh by his own words telling Mata Jito ji, after giving her the Guru mantra, Wahe Guru. He told her to look at the tip of the nose and chant Wahe Guru and the nectar shall flow through you. These are his words not me. I happen to be Yogi, I analyze lot of things, I make up things or not but those who can read the "Sauo Sakhi" and you can read the word of Guru Gobind Singh, you can very well read it. If that is wrong that is your problem, if it is right then exactly that is what I am saying
to you. I am telling you in a nut shell. The person said, "You mean to say that we have to look at the tip of the nose and say Wahe Guru?" I said, "That is what Guru Gobind Singh said and he said to Mata Jito Ji. That is the only record we have got where Guru gave instructions. Believe it or not. Take it or not." "Okay, is there any other way?" I said, "Panj Piare told me say Wahe Guru, I say Wahe Guru." "What that will do?" I said, "That will do nothing." "But it should do something, you should have some experience." I said, "I am the experience. What is the miracle, the biggest miracle is that I can say Wahe Guru, what more blessed I can be? Is there any more blessing than that I can say Wahe Guru?"

What is this new thing that is being creeped out....you should see, bells should ring..... I put some person I said put in this posture and do this, bells will ring, music will be heard, in three seconds it was happening. I said what is the use of that? I can put a tape recorder on and I can hear bells. What is all this? Sikh seeks nothing. Only seeks to serve the God and love of the Guru. Never ever ask for anything. Except this all are shallow things.

Maybe I may share with you that people will put on you lot of greeds. They will divert you to lot of channels. They will like to bifurcate you. They shall not have their own born belong to them. Those who shall give you the wrong knowledge their own born shall not belong to any Dharma.

Therefore don't worry they will meet the fate, but as far as you are concerned just understand, seek nothing. You are already confirmed. Once you have come to touch the Siri Guru Granth you don't need anything beyond that. You belong to it, seek within it. Seek within you and that relationship should continue. Sit on the throne of Akal Takat being the Khalsa of the Guru, you'll always live and there is nothing which can destroy you.

It is a reality which will never end. It will continue. You shall flourish. You shall multiply. Your generations shall rule. Your children and grand children will rule the land where you are mocked at. You shall rule that land where you are tortured by jokes that you are a genie. Your grace will be worshipped like the Grace of God. These are the true words by the Guru. And they cannot be wrong. This faddishness shall go away and your grace will come to alive.

Therefore understand like Akal Takat has awakened you, similarly I have to go through this shell and drop it so that you can be awakened. So this nonsense that is going on that because of me something has happened. Let these idiots know nothing because of me is happening. You always belong to the Guru, you shall belong to the Guru and Guru shall belong to you. And it is an undying relationship.

I have done what Guru dictated me to do. Bad and good is His will. Bad and good we belong, God, to you. I have served you to the best of the ability that God gave me. I have served you to the best of the ability God gave through these five tattwas, body. I have called on you. Sometimes I have roughed you up to awaken you. Sometimes I hugged you and loved to awaken you, purpose were very simple, to awaken you so that you can walk on the path and cover the distance ahead of time and ahead of space.

Purpose is simple. Guru Arjan sat on the hot plate days in and days out to awaken the spirit of the Khalsa. Guru Teg Bahadur got beheaded so that the blood of that being could nurture the spirit of the Khalsa. The two sons of Guru Gobind Singh fought to give you the strength of the Khalsa. Two sons got into the very foundation and the bricks of you so that you can become Khalsa. And today again Akal Takat has offered itself to it's own martyrdom that Khalsa should remember to be Khalsa.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Twisting these words they are saying Khalsa means that, Khalsa means this.... Now they are defining Khalsa.

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