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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 03/05/1989
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, CA

The Law of One Hundred Percent

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

We have an essential individual thinking, because man is the by-product of the samskar, the karma -- whether he believes it or not, whether he agrees to it or not. The longitude, latitude, the proportionate five tattwas, the essence of the five chakras, the concept, the projection, the interrelated concept and the personality and the facets of the personality -- are basically given in a blueprint to a human being. Some people are six feet tall, some people are four feet, some are pygmies, some are so tall that they can't see the planet earth. This goes on. Body has a structure. But just remember, how big a structure this body may have, it has to have only ten trillion cells.

You don't understand the beauty of the God, whether you want to accept God or you want to deny God. When you come to know the atom, you thought you knew everything. From atom, when you knew that atom has electron and then you thought you knew everything... neutron... you saw the three sides of the atom. You thought that you had dissected man and its existence and human in its existence towards the God to it's barest basic end. You were very happy. But then you started finding something funny -- that the electron is just a complete morse code. It vibrates in dashes and dots. Its impulse is complete in yin and yang itself. That confused you again as a mankind, as a race. You couldn't believe that. You started believing and disbelieving what you were seeing yourself. Your mathematics, your science started falling apart. You never thought that Guru Nanak already said,

Paataalaa paataal lakh aagaasaa aagaas.
Orak orakh bhal thake ved kehen ik vaat.
Sahes ataareh kehen katebaa asaloo ik dhaat.
Lekhaa hoe taa likhee-ai llekhai hoe vinaas.
Naanak vadaa aakhee-ai aape jaanai aap.
--22nd pauree of Japji Sahib

...describing your total... absolutely in a serene way... to your impulsive self, creative and uncreative. "Aagaasaa aagaas"...."Paataalaa" -- underworlds and underworlds to the infinity of underworlds and to the over, describing that, and in the end Guru Nanak says, "Big is big is big is that Big -- only the Big knows how Big He is." It gave you a warning, don't get confused. God is Infinity of the Infinity. It is the resound of the sound. That is what you do not understand, 'bhagatee.'

You do not understand what Guru Nanak said. You do not understand Guru Nanak in itself. That's why there is a pain. That's why there is a trouble. It's not a question that you become religious and that is enough. You think other religions are not good enough? Other religions are good, and even better than you. They are more in number, they have more money, they give more facilities. Religion has compromised with man because the man has only one wish. Man wants to be comfortable.

Guru Gobind Singh told you to have Akal Moorat -- as God created you, to look like that. You started shaving your hair. Why? Doctor told you? No. Why you shave your beard as a man, when God gave you the beard as a man? Because you want to remain a baby, an irresponsible, uncommitted idiot. You do not want to learn how to go to a potty. It's called discipline. You do not want to learn to be yam and niyam. Because the problem with you is... if you are emotional or you are devotional, you are fanatic or you are an idiot, it doesn't matter... you have to know through the spirit of yourself, to adjust your transmission in life so that you are never too much, never too less. For the weak, you are strength. For strong, you are strength. How that can be? If you can make the opposing energy, negative or positive, neutral. And that is the basis of the Sikh Dharma.

You know, I can't interpret Sikh Dharma the way I hear it, the way I am told that "this is Sikh Dharma"... that is actually not the A-B-C of Sikh Dharma. Sikh Dharma is a basic, qualified, human science in which one lives in balance. All I can tell you is one thing: you all go to a beach, and waves come, waves go... but the beaches where there is an undertow, nobody goes there. Because that topsy-turvy is you. Sikh Dharma is a beach.. spiritual or not spiritual, I am willing to admit that... religion or not religion, I am willing to agree with that... but I am saying, it is a human and it is a beach where man can bathe, enjoy, relax and have sunshine, and there's no undertow. If there is an undertow in your life, if your decisions are not effectively putting you up in the world, if your actions do not put you up in the world that history knows you, records you, and you be you, you have wasted your life.

You are telling me that if you have a big house, you have a ton of money, you have a beautiful woman, you have good obeying children, you have good businesses, you are happy? I can tell you Emperor Akhbar in India, Napoleon in France, Henry of England, all these kings were very comfortable, great heroes, and they controlled the wealth, people, humanity. But look, and go and clean the pigeon droppings on their death sites. There is a funny thing... there is a Muslim Pir called Chisti. He had a little house in that entire palace of King Akhbar. Nobody cares for the King Akhbar's palace today, but that place where Chisti lived is visited every year, even today. Even as I am talking today, sitting in Los Angeles, United States, about a Muslim Pir, Chisti, it is a part of history, it is a part of memory, it is a part of achievement.

It is all in the commitment of a man to remain committed to Infinity. What is the relationship of religion? A finite within his defined sense -- watch my words. A finite within the defined self of it's own self, (whether you are weak or strong, I am not now discussing that) but within your definedness, you love Infinity, and love in all. Where will you get that strength? The question is not that Sikh Dharma tells you to become great. It also tells you where to get the greatness!

Your power is not in you. Your power is what your longing is. Human power is not what you have. Human power is what you long for. You go for things which you long for. You move for things which you long for. You are what you long for. In your longing is your power. And Guru Nanak said, "What should be your longing?" "Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach." That should be your longing. That is the longing you should belong to. That should be the longing you should work for. That should be longing you should meditate on. That should be the longing you should live for. That should be the longing that should become you.

What is truth? Truth is your trust in God. Truth is nothing but what you are asking to be defined about. "This is a liar, this is a truth." There's no lie. What is a lie? Lie is when a person cannot confront something, he says something to gain time or space. It's called "face-saving device." Lie is not a bad thing, neither it is a good thing. It is a simple thing. Let us go to the essence of it. What is a lie? It is a face-saving, momentary device. When you lie to somebody and he knows you are lying, he'll say, "I'll check it out." Three days later he'll say, "You son of a so and so, you told me. Man, I trusted you! You this, you that!" What happened to your lie? It just gave you a little distance, it gave you a little time.

And you say you do not lie in your life? Saints do not lie? Sages do not lie? Humans do not lie? You all lie. You live a lie, you practice a lie, you speak to each other in lies, and you call it love. Your basic lie is that you do not recognize that within you is everything. "Jo barmande se pinde." Whatever in the universe or Infinity of God, that ALL is inside the human. You do not understand that, and that is the biggest lie! You are the Infinity of truth. That's the biggest lie... that God created you, and you never believe it! Every time you forget God created you, and you think you created yourself, you want to create all environments yourself. You say it is not a lie? When a person says, "I want to do it," I just say, "I think we should consider about it." "No, sir. I can do it!" I say, "Who are you? You, they, and Thee-they."

There is an agreement, always in three... Father, son... everybody sees. Christianity is a wonderful religion. Father and son. But it forgot about the Holy Ghost. Actually 70% of everything is a Holy Ghost. 20% is you. Your ego is 20%. Other person or the objective, or the object is 10%. So, 20% is you, 10% the other one, and that makes 30%. 70% is the Holy Ghost, which you do not want to deal with. If you make a deal in which 70% you ignore, will you make a profit? Which business is that? Who can tell you all this? You come to the gurdwara, you don't have time to sit. You bring in gurdwara politics, you bring in gurdwara prayer, you bring in gurdwara social things. Hooray!... it is a gate of the Guru. You come here, you be here, you within you should just understand one thing: you have come in this house to do what? Just to recognize that there is 70%, and without that, nothing moves, right? Acknowledge it. You come once a week, 10-o-clock. Then you start coming about 11:00. And now you are thinking, "When it is
going to finish? Let us have langar, and quit." That's right. You spend about an hour to two hours, with the 70%, once a week... and proportionately that will be your happiness.

Look, I have a last mile of my life. I am going to go. You are not going to hear me for very much longer. That's not the problem. What I am saying to you is what I recognize, what I experience, what I understand. Your happiness is proportionate to the attention you pay to that 70%. Let me introduce you to yourself. Within your 20% you do not know what it is. Within the 10% of every other person, you do not consider the person's 10% is important. So your 30% is always between 10-15%. So 15% you lose there, 70% you totally ignore, and out of 100% you lose 80% and you want to be happy? God bless you. Education? M.D., Ph.D., DDD, TDDDD, PDDD, CDDD, all alphabets are with you. You are just born an idiot, you live as an idiot, you shall die as an idiot! Period! You are never going to learn that there is a 70% Holy Ghost. And that Holy Ghost is important. It follows. It's a deal in itself.

You are not mentally educated. You are not mentally and meditatively educated to deal with the 70% unpredictable. I am talking today because yesterday somebody asked me a question, "Why one should be intuitive? Why we should learn to meditate and become intuitive?" I said, "Wait a minute. Why not?" Because intuitively you will be in a position to deal mentally with the 70% unpredictable. 70% is a large part. Plus your own mess of 10%-15%, that's enough. All total comes to 80-84%. Then I thought, "Wait a minute." There are 84 life cycles and God, it's just a mess. We're not going to waste our lives trying to figure it out. Come to the word. Have the Guru.

People shave off their hairs. Watch this. There is a religion called Jainism. It's a very old religion. Their bookish knowledge of God is so big that you can have trucks and convoys of the whole armies of the world and still they have more books, too. You can't even read them, there are so many and they are so detailed. If that Jain wants to have a dikshaa -- now what is a dikshaa? Call it a Guru Mantra. What is their Guru Mantra? "Ongkaara." That's it. One word. You say, "Ik Ong Kar," and you have father, son and Holy Ghost. They have only one -- father, "Ongkaara." That's their mantra. To get that mantra, they have to prepare themselves, they come and sit down in the morning when the sun touches the earth. On their body they put hot ash, "virbul" they call it. Then they do not touch hands. They take two pieces of stick, roll their hairs, and pull them. And if all hairs get pulled and you say, "Ahhh," you are dismissed. You won't get that word, "Ongkaara." Understand the possibility and the difficulty.

Here, God made you a man and you want to become a baby. God made you a woman and you want to become a baby. Well, then remain a baby. But you are a crook baby. Babies are innocent. You are baby in behavior, not. You are baby, you want to a baby in look, and you want to be a crook in a behavior. Crook who looks like a baby is a super-crook. And that's the first lie you live, and then you pretend to be truthful? Who you are telling you are truthful? And you belong to Guru Nanak who says, "Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach." Confirmed statement. You want to live truthful. You are not recognizing that in every deal 70% belongs to the Unseen. You are not recognizing that innocent natural flow.

You know how I see people?... spiritual people, also? It's like a flow of life, it is like a river. They are like a wood in it. Sometimes they just do not go with the flow. They end up on a sand dune, and they are stuck. They don't move anywhere. 20 people, 100 people worship them, they love each other, good. Food comes, gift comes, that's fine, "Bless you, bless you." It has become such a commercial nonsense you can't even deal with it! Because idea in spirituality is not the purity. Idea in spirituality is to run a successful business. People ask me all that time, "Yogiji, how many students you have got? How many ashrams you have got? How many Sikhs are there?" I say, "I don't know. I don' know what I have got." "What you got?" All I've got is the love of Guru Ram Das, that's all, and that, too, he blesses me. I might not have even been competent to love him. Just recognize this. Just understand it.

It has to be recognized that there IS a 70%! It has to be recognized that it is the 70% which makes the 30% one hundred percent! It should be understood that 30% will never be 100%, and those 30%, though they are perfect, they want to be 100%. Is it not a lie? You see somebody, you reject them, you hate them, you undermine them, you connive against people, and you call yourself human? Did you forget about Guru Nanak's message? Guru Nanak said, "Ik Ong Kar." Out of the clay God has made many pots with different covers. Somebody said, "Give me, Sir, one line through which I can find the secret of prosperity." I said, "Secret of prosperity is, look at it in adversity." He said, "Why I should look at it in adversity?" I said, "What adversity does to you? It makes you non-prosperous." Adversity of a situation will make you non-prosperous, unhappy, uptight, miraculously negative, whatever you want to be. You have to have adversity to go through it. Adversity is an opposite of prosperity. I said, "You look at prosperity
in adversity." "I don't understand." I said, "So simple. When you look at prosperity in adversity, you'll find out what adversity is, and when you find out what adversity is, you'll solve it. Moment you solve adversity, there'll be prosperity."

Land was dry, the peasants were upset. He said, "Water is not coming. This little rivulet is not giving me the water." He was upset. He started walking up and up. He found at one place the river has changed its course. There is some debris, it has just stopped the course. The water started going somewhere else. He removed the stuff, and water started coming to his fields, and prosperity was there. You have to remove the blocks of your own personal insecurity so that the 70% of Infinity starts keeping you up, starts flowing in you, starts working in you, giving you what you need to have. That is 100%! 20% of you, 10% of the object you are dealing with, and 70% of the One who created you and the object. That was the law of 100%, and those who do not understand this way, they live a lie. They will never know the truth. "If I wear good holy clothes, look pretentiously holy, speak good holy words and I am always all right, you mean I am holy?"

Acting holy, looking holy, dramatizing as a holy -- all this makes you holy? No! When chips will be down, then holy will have a holy patience. Why? Because he is leaning on that 70%. That is holy. The holy knows, "The 70% is always with me," and knows what 'Ang Sang Wahe Guru' means. Just remember, just know, just feel. Are your friends sleeping in bed with you all the time? No. Do they live in your house? No. Do they always walk with you? No. You only know they are there. Just remember, God is there. That 70% is there. The Unknown is there. You hate Him, that is there. That Holy Ghost is there. That is "Naam Chit Aavai." It is a simple religion. It is not a religion of rituals. It is a religion of saints. "Naam Chit Aavai." Remember, you have a friend. If you are mathematician, logic, reason, argument, intellectual, remember there is a 70%. Well, can you make that deal? You don't like God? Okay, there's no God, we agree. There's no God. He's not going to go away, and you are
not going to produce Him, so why to discuss something which is just beyond you? You want to call something intellectually what it is? All right, intellectually God is 70% unknown to you. Deal with it!

Question in this life is to become 100%. Question is not to become yourself 100%. Question is to make your children to also enjoy being 100%. Enjoy the Sadh Sangat as 100%. Enjoy the prosperity 100%. You must see in adversity the prosperity. Adversity is nothing but a diversion of reality. Nobody's born to suffer. You're all born in the image of God. But within the realm of your 30%, you want to cut a deal of 100% -- that is the biggest lie man has lived in the past couple of million years. And that is what Guru Nanak started. Guru Granth Sahib... which you all bow to... this morning when you came in, as a ritual, you must have bowed down, or as a reality you must have bowed down, or, you bowed just to pay respects. Do you know what respects you are bowing to? It said, "Ik Ong Kar," there's a One who created the entire creation. It didn't say, "It created you and not anybody else." "Is jeeo may bhed na jaano." From Paintees Akhareee, the bani of Bhai Bannu. "Is jeeo may bhed na jaano, saad chor sabh brahm pachaano."
Don't differentiate in this being. A saint and a thief are considered as one. How you can consider that as one? You can if you have that intuition, you have that knowledge, you have that understanding, and you can see God in a thief, too. If you do not know how low is low, you can never ever measure how high is high.

Some people ask me, "What Guru Nanak says in his bani?" Neech Guru Nanak, lowly of the low Guru Nanak, meek of the meek Guru Nanak. Because they want a macho image, you know? They only want to live the big thing. Why not? Why can Guru Nanak be the meanest of the mean, lowest of the low, nothing of the nothing? Because he has seen the highest of the high. After seeing the highest of the high, after experiencing the biggest of the biggest, after understanding the Infinity of the Infinity, you think Guru Nanak can boast? Are you kidding? If you meet a real ghost at night, you can't even open your eyes for ten days. Guru Nanak not only saw, met and took his food with, but he played with the Holy Ghost. He understood what Christianity is talking about, he understood what Buddhi of the Buddhism is saying. He understand what the salutation of Islam can say. He understood what the Christ loving Christianity is talking about. He understood what all understanding is. He stood under. Therefore he had the guts to say, "Nanak,
the lowest of the low." Because Nanak experienced highest of the high. And that is the tolerance, that is the patience, and that is the grace. Those virtues.

Sikhism is not going to spread because we are going to send preachers out. Sikhism is not going to spread because we are going to be rich and we can send money and spread and convert the poor and underworld into this situation, or in 3rd world countries make them to be Sikh. Sikhism is not going to spread out because we take an army and sword and conquer. Sikhism is going to spread in the future, automatically. Life will be so useless, so worthless, there will be so much tension and depression, man shall seek shelter and that is at the gate of the Guru. It shall provide and be that shelter. You are only here to prepare that gate so that people who walk into that gate feel the beauty, the comfort, the Infinity of God.

Sikhism is not a religion -- it's a reality of the factual experience! That's what your life should be, and that is what you should be. Leave your politics out of the Guru's gate. Leave your all things out of the Guru's gate. When you come to deal with somebody big enough which is 70% bigger than you, have that reverence, have that respect, have that humility, have that smile, have that goodness. Godliness will always shine over you. Start thinking right. There's nothing good, nothing bad, thinking makes it so. Your thinking is a lie. Your thinking is corrupt. Your thinking is hollow, shallow and empty, because (it's a simple geometry), part cannot be equal to a whole. 20% cannot be 100%. But is 20% mentally available to understand he has to deal with other 80%? Anyone who wants to deal with 80% starts the first step to be a Sikh. Because Guru Granth, to which you have bowed, has a Guru Mantra of its own which is, "Ik Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad." Through the grace of the Sat Guru... True Light... Guru means the one who
takes you from the darkness to the light... TRULY who takes you from the darkness! There are Gurus who will take you to hell. There are Gurus who will take you to a super hell. I am not talking of that. I am talking of that True Guru who takes you from darkness to Light. Do you have that blessing where you have recognized that "Ik Ong Kar," that God is totality? And totality is minus 70% what you think and do. So you need an intuition or remembrance or memory to know this fact, that there is 70% beyond you and you've got to learn to deal with that.

You don't want to tie a turban? Don't. What is a turban? Do we have a boutique shop that we want to sell cloth? No. Turban only tells you that you are ready to accept that thing. Is Rehit's purpose that we want to give you a little kirpan hanging around you and tell you that you are a Sikh, and it is a great thing? People have bigger kirpans, they have canons. What kirpan has to do with it? No. It is a memory that you relate to the 70%. It is a memory that there are weaker people and you have to defend them. Kachera tells you don't sensually exploit something when you cannot come through graciously. Kara, kirpan, kacha, kesh. All these 5 kaka's are a memory. They are called Kaka's. Actually, honestly, life is nothing but a membrane of memory, good or bad. If it's good, it's going to be good, doesn't matter what. If it's bad, it's going to be bad, doesn't matter what. When your membrane in the nose swells up, you call it 'common cold.' When your life membrane swells up, you become cold. And when you have a highest infection, you become dead cold and your behavior becomes cold cut. And you blame everybody else? Warm up, man! You belong to the Guru Nanak.

You are not enough. Somebody said to me, "I am not enough." I said, "God is. You are anyway 20-80% plus. There's a good hope." Get to God. Goods will come to you. Goodness will come to you. Prosperity will come to you. Belong to somebody who has everything. Don't belong to somebody who cannot have nothing. Don't have a poor virtue. That is why Sikh Dharma is beautiful. "Nanak naam cherdi kalaa, tere bane sarbat ka balaa." I want to do good to all. Why? Because I have all. It's not an affirmation to become good. Absolutely dead wrong. All these Sikhs who translate it wrong, I do not understand. Will they ever speak the truth? "Nanak naam cherdi kalaa." All that naam, identity in my identity. When I am born I have identity. I am born with identity. I am not going to gain identity. That was religious cheating to tell a man, "Go and find God," so that you'll give the money to the one who helps you to find God. It was the church policy to squeeze your purse. But reality
is, "Nanak naam cherdi kalaa." Your identity itself is going to give you the excellence.

Did every day the doctor or the nurse have to massage you so that from about 18 inches you became five foot or six foot? You rose out of the ashes. The phoenix rose out of the ashes. Spirit grew. Sometimes it over grew and you call yourself 'fat.' But grow you must. Grow for what? To do good to all, because all is God. In every small, 'all' is contained. S-M-A-L-L. Is that the correct spelling? S-M-A-L-L? That all is SM, that Senior Maestro, Maestro the Grande. That owns you. Once you recognize who is your owner, you have found happiness in life. Search of life is to find out to whom you belong. Answer of life is, you belong to Maestro Grande, called God -- 70%. If you are intellectual, you Mr. 30% belong to Mr. 70%. Deal it as you want it, say it as you want it, relate every way you want it. Guru Nanak has related it in a very simple way, in a song of bliss:

Anand bhaiaa meree maa-e, satiguroo mai paa-i-aa.
--first line of Anand Sahib

I am my Mother, my creation, my basic self, I am in bliss. I have found it in the True Guru. True Light is all in all, and all is in every small. That's why you cannot spell small without putting "all" in it.

We are the Sikhs of the Guru. Guru tells us, "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." Guru tells us, "God is with us." Believe it. Feel it. Know it. If you have everything wrong, fake it. You fake so many things. What's wrong with faking this? You lie about everything, so lie about this. In this lie lies the greatest truth. God is, you are not. This is a lie. You can't believe it. In this lie, lies the greatest truth, and that truth is, "Ik Ong Kar." It is Thou.

Fight is between "I" and "Thou." When "I" mixes up with "Thou", "Thou" blessed "I", and 3rd eye is all what you can see, open and seen and experienced. There'll then be no pain in life. Purpose of life is happiness, not pain. Pain is when you are pinned down with your own negativity, own insecurity. That is where you are in pain.

My prayer is, you have walked unto the house of Guru Ram Das... may you understand Guru Ram Das. May you love Guru Ram Das. May you feel Guru Ram Das. May you trust Guru Ram Das. May you be with Guru Ram Das. May you understand Guru Ram Das. And may you explore and not ignore Guru Ram Das. May you understand in the thought, action, deed, form, projection, reality, unreality and divinity or infinity that you are nothing but a friend of Guru Ram Das, student of Guru Ram Das, you are "meeta" -- brother, friend. In Siri Guru Granth you have been told so many relationships. All relationships, all roads run to Rome. Put yourself in any way you want. But for God's sake, put yourself somewhere! Belong! Don't leave this planet angry and empty and with nothing. You have come with Infinity. Don't leave this planet with emptiness, and go to Infinity. That's not the purpose of life.

This is a year of prosperity. It can't stop. Problem is, in adversity everybody gets together. When there is cold, everybody gets together. When there is a warm weather, everybody runs around. Some go to the beach, some go to the mountains. God knows where everybody will go. In prosperity, keeping things together is more difficult than in adversity. That's what I am saying. Sikh Dharma has to follow now the path of absolute prosperity. Now you have to keep your scene together. When there is too much cash flow, business normally blunders at that time, because anything can happen. So keep the house of the Guru to receive all those who are not receivable, feed those who cannot be fed, welcome those who cannot even spell "welcome", and reach out for those.....Hooray!, telephone's message is the best. "Reach out." Though they make a business out of it. They say, "Reach out to someone." Bell company. Have you heard that telephone commercial? You all watch television. There is an advertisement going on. "Reach out." That
inspired me to teach a few classes. Yeah, I said, "Let me reach out. If the dead telephone can reach out, why not I?" What is the difference?

I hope you as a Sikh of the Guru will do one thing: you will reach out to someone. And I assure you -- I, Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji, hereby solemnly promise and guarantee you that if you reach out, the Almighty God shall reach out to you a hundred times! And that's what Guru said. That's what I have seen. That's my experience, that's my understanding. You reach out and God shall reach you. You try to reach out, God shall be there for you. I have seen it, it works.

A daughter of mine was in difficulty. She called, she said, "We are ruined. Family is ruined. Dharma is ruined. Whole thing is ruined. He has gone berserk." I said, "Is he alive?" She said, "Yes." I said, "Are you alive?" She said, "Yes." I said, "I have never seen your prayer missing its chance... missing its target. Your prayer, my daughter, I have seen. One day you told me, 'You are not going to die. I have to die first before you will die.' And it worked." "What do you mean?" I said, "Don't be confused. Pray." This morning he put his turban on, he went to the Gurdwara, the family is together, he found a job, and everything became all right. She said, "Am I winning?" I said, "You have won." Because, "Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!" Purity belongs to God and victory belongs to God's purity.

Prayer is a pure process of communication between the finite and the Infinity. Guru has taught us, Guru has laid out the rule for us, and I hope you will understand. With these words, I have to go to the new inauguration of a new gurdwara which has been purchased very recently and it is my... what you call it? Let's say, "call of duty". I hope your prayers will go with me, and you will enjoy the rest of your audience with the Siri Guru Granth. With these words: Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!


Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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