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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 12/01/1986
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Penetrating Through Payer

“I am depressed.” “I am wrong.” “My apologies.” “I am sorry.” “It was my error.” “It was a mistake.”
Such statements do not represent true human behavior. Undermining yourself and making regrets, is just making excuses. The idea is, if you were wrong, if it has happened, correct it. Nobody is perfect other than God. Imperfection is a part of life. Mistakes can happen because of miscalculation. You know, if you go to a rifle range, first you must zero the rifle. But in spite of the fact that you perfectly zero the rifle to hit the bull’s eye, at that moment the wind pressure can change, and you will be off target. You are a psyche and there are many environmental psyches around you. You must understand, you are working in a huge magnetic field, and you are moving at the rate of over 2,000 miles per hour. That is the speed at which you are moving when you are totally stationary. That is a physical fact. Now I want to tell you how the horizon affects you. You are a magnetic psyche. Pranic energy is nothing but an electromagnetic field. This whole universe is just the coexistence of a working electromagnetic field. There is no difference between us. Every magnetic field is electromagnetic; this means that our psyches are intertwined.
They can create love, affection, affiliation, a clash, or anger. You know, sometimes it can lead to black eyes, a broken nose, or something like that.
Your potential range is that of harmony. Harmony should bring you success. It should bring you peace. It should bring you tranquility. It should bring you happiness. It should bring you the things you need. You don’t believe it. In India today there is the house of a saint. In that house, nobody cooks. Nobody. There is no stove, no fireplace. And people come and visit. By one o’clock, according to the sun clock, somebody from somewhere will bring enough food to feed everybody. They themselves don’t cook. Never have they cooked. That is their tradition. I made a special trip to visit them. There were about six hundred people there. Within the hour somebody brought a fully loaded bullock cart with everything – believe me or not – and everybody was fed. Sat Nam, Wahe Guru, and that was it. It happens in that place four times a day: once in the morning, once in the afternoon, once in the evening, and once at night. I asked the saint about it. He replied, “Well, God has given us stomachs. Let God fill them. It is His stomach, not ours. If he will send food, we will eat. If he won’t send it, Sat Nam”
It was not a fatalist attitude. It was a totally electromagnetic, mental, computerized, programmed, institutional attitude. Just as the physical stomach starts secreting to ask for food, the mental stomach starts sends signals to ask for food; there is nothing in between. For any progressive attribution and contribution you make towards wealth, health, and happiness, you must have the computerized universal compression, that absolute connection with the entire psyche of the entire electromagnetic computerized system, which is called God. If your signals are correct, the result shall be perfect. Your signals are called prayers. You press the button at a certain frequency through your tiny electromagnetic field, to reach the Creator. The creatures send prayers to the Creator. Do you understand that? In modern technical language we say, “The unit electromagnetic field sends its programmed twined signal in relay through the relay of its own creativity to the biggest creative force, in the biggest scale of the psyche, to create reproductivity, which you call opportunity.” When that creative opportunity is granted, you can say that your desire has been fulfilled.
Things are no different now from what they were in the past. Only the language and the terminology and the level of understanding have changed. What we used to call “God;” is now called a “universal phenomenon.” Well, what is the difference? It is the same thing.
What I am trying to explain to you is that expanding the horizon of the human being for the time being, affects only the purpose, the projection, and the properties. We think that fifty thousand people are stronger than one person. That is not true. The Guru says:

If a hundred and a quarter thousand come to fight me, I will win over them.

If I can be equal to 125,000, then I am worthy of being called Guru Gobind Singh. That only means that one electromagnetic psyche is so computerized that it can send a signal to the master electromagnetic psyche to purposefully rearrange the strength, to coordinate the purpose of satisfaction and fulfillment by that psyche, which shall give you victory. Prayer is not only that which you say or utter. Prayer really means attention. When you, your soul, and your mind, pay attention; that is called prayer. Physically, when we fold our hands, close our eyes, and worship; that is getting our scene together. But do we get it or not? That is the problem.
You learn a posture…What is yoga? The goal of yoga is to perfect a single posture. They say there are 84,000 postures in Yoga. Just perfect one. What does it mean to perfect? It is a state where body and mind and soul become one. Then the posture is perfect. That is all it is about. And that is what prayer means. Prayer means power. It always was, always is, and always shall be. And it is the power of prayer before which God is humble, God is junior. Every man can become commanding over God through his prayer. You do not understand your power. You think that your power is in your muscles. That is why you go to the spa and work out on those machines. Or you use a punching bag to get stress out, right? You think that is your power. And the worst thing is that you think that your power is in manipulation. You say, “I love you,” and you think you are getting somewhere. Or you think your power is in laying bait: “I will do this for you. Let me take you to dinner, honey. Let me take you to the movies. Let me buy you something.” It is all nonsense. It doesn’t make sense. It is just a temporary patchwork.
Everything that emotions and feelings create is very temporarily cozy. That is why you are alive; otherwise you all would have a heart attack at the age of nine. Don’t misunderstand - this patched coat of emotions keeps you alive. Otherwise, with your blunders and mistakes and your phoniness and emptiness and blowing the circuits, how long can you go on? You can’t. You can’t see the unseen hand of God. You only see the unseen hand of God when it gives you a jolt unexpectedly. That is all. That is why Guru Nanak’s first saying is “Ek Ong Kaar.” He never said Om. He said, “Ek Ong Kaar.” The one within the one, when he shall become one, the one will be conquered, all will be conquered. First conquer the one. When you have duality in you, and you are not one, how can you reach the One? How can two reach One? Understand the basic theory of God. God is one. You are one. One you and one God must merge to become God.
Beneficent, blessed Lord, give us the power of prayer, and give us the power to maintain peace. Our prayer this day is for all those who have asked for the fight of consciousness, opportunity, prosperity, and blessings. Grant them the ability to feel Thy unseen presence as seen. Give them the virtue that they can uplift themselves, and may your hand protect them forever. Sat Nam.
1986, The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan
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