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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 04/18/1987
Category: Khalsa Council
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Khalsa Council

I'd like to thank all of you, it is not the flowers or the gifts which you have sent throughout this period, symbolizing the fact, it was the prayers which came with it. It is the memory, the remembrance, it is that powerful link to which man and God is a channel, and there was days and there were days. It's also a test between the slanderer, the saint, and the senility of that psyche which totally distracts itself sometime, and goes far away. Man remains in the net as empty as could be. There are no sentiments to say goodbye to the earth because earth was a pleasant trip, but the whole trip is lonely from the beginning to the end. It's not bad to be lonely, I was talking in the gurudwara that day, when you run a marathon, you have to become one, leave everything behind. Though it's a very winning position, it's a very lonely position. It's a path of the messenger of God, it's a path of the saint of the Guru, it's a path of the soldier, a path of the courage.

The accomplishment of three gunas, three values which are love and compassion, kindness and courage, self within itself, loneliness, the aspects of human life, through which I have gone, but at that moment it was very beautiful to see living through grief, treachery, betrayal, slander, lawsuits, contracts, all that. In a normal case, all that could not have touched my ears, but all that was ringing loud and clear.

In that moment, when things were down and darkest, you all walked very tall. That's what those letters, those flowers, those telephone calls, which were not answered. Those beautiful bouquets of flowers, for which there were no thankyou notes sent, for those gifts which are priceless. A reminder for which nobody could say, hi how are you, I love you too. It was a cosmic play between the will of the people, and between the will written on the forehead of the individual. I went through it with utmost plain honesty.

When I chose to go through chelation therapy which was 30 days sitting on the hot plate, my body is so sensitive, my mind is so sharp, you sometimes don't have evaluation of it, you don't have to yell and scream at me and abuse me. All you have to do is do something on some part of the earth and I can feel it wherever I am, but daring are those idiots who do not think how sensitive a mind can be, how subtlety of mind can be, they have to demonstrate something physically to let me feel that's what it is. I went through it with that courage, for that need, and you were with me all through it. It was very sensitive, painful. It is a kind of process which you can't understand. Imagine hydrochloric acid going through your veins and you sitting there smiling and trying to watch a tv show, or listening to somebody, or trying to read a newspaper. Drip by drip it circulates through you. It was no different than when my will was trying to be broken by people leaving.

It is just like a gardener who sees the blossom, sees the hope, sees everything, then all of a sudden a storm comes that night and freezes everything. It is a feeling that you nurture something, you nurse something, you fight with fate, and when you see the fortune smiling at someone and there's a flip-flop that representation of human life is a very powerful criteria. But we who have trained our minds to walk alone, do go through ourselves, we are weathered for all this. It's not impractical for me to isolate myself, but it's difficult for me because the mission has to be served.

Sometime I wonder that do you understand me at all. There must be some understanding, there must be somewhere together, we must have something for each otherwise all this would not have been possible. On the other hand, there is nothing in me in person which matters, it is you who have brought the glory, the grace, the hope, the possibility for the future. The only problem which I feel at this time which is bothering me, I want to be very sharing with you: you are too harsh on yourselves, you're ridiculously unappreciative of yourself. I can't use abusive language, and no word is coming, but if some word does which can be reasonably spoken in this body of wonderful people, I can say it. You are stupidly unaware of your achievements. You're very gracious, very beautiful, and then you do these little personal things.

You break a tea set because milk spills out of the pot by mistake, a little thing, you could have taken a kleenex and cleaned it out, there was no need to create a big thing around that. This is what is sometimes happening, things are happening to you too fast, too small things are happening, but great things are happening to you, great responsibility. Whatever that season, that reason, I see it happening, it's not something which I'm worried about. I'm worried about those little things to which you give too much feeling, too much emotions. Little neurosis, that little yesterday which is already gone, you're worried about that little tomorrow, you're sometimes worried about this afternoon, what will happen.

Now my dear Lords, you have a destiny. You're fortunate that you are that destiny. I feel that you are a great love and affection, livingness in me. Your life becomes prayer and that project and its projection. Ask me to be with you, I don't believe any death can kill me. It is a great experience, through this sickness. When Sat Simran told me that what I am doing is not right, in her intelligence she caught me. She's quite a thing. She said sit, your health is needed. I said she must be crazy, what is she talking about. A few hours before that, at lunchtime I had a meeting with Sopurkh, she's a great encouragement in finance and figures, she can figure out better than a computer but she was giving me very encouraging figures, everything is under control, but in that control all was missing. I could feel that she's all right but, I understood. Then I saw and understood the burden of you, personal life, social life, anonymous burden of environments, and also, wonderful future which you
have to carry on your shoulders.

There is 9 parts beyond you which you are carrying, here in the world of that world we call the outside world, there are people who cannot handle their own life, they don't know how to handle their own emotions. Everyone wants to be a master, they cannot solve the mystery of their subconscious. Everybody needs to be wanted, and sexy, and happy, and they cannot even intuitively understand the very happening right under their feet. It's a very amazing world if you want to look at that. That outside world to me is just like a butchers house, everybody cut throat for everybody.

You don't value what the Guru has blessed you with, and given you, and guided you to. In this flow, I am very pleased and amazingly happy to find out, Sikh Dharma will give people comfort. The next century will not be a 21st Century, it will be a space age, it will be a nervous age. People have no nerves. Today you can shake hands with somebody in the outside world, you'll be shocked. There will be believers, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, staunchly very religious but extremely nervous, short tempered. When I felt that you will share with me something very secret, subtle secret, very pure and powerful, very sacred to me, sacred to you, and that is what white tantric yoga was which was blessedly bestowed on me to serve.

That's why in America we are the outcome of the Kundalini Yoga which was a union forever with divine. You perhaps don't understand what is a kundalini yoga basically. It is uncoiling of your frequency of the soul to soul of the God. That's what three and a half cycle frequency is all about. To cover it in the last days of the journey, it is the subtle body. Through the simple process, through electronic message, we can reach to the steadlight and come back to another country in the same process of understanding, that's what these renew to be new are.

Whatever cost of the production, traveling, gathering, local expenses, we made about 600 some dollars on the whole show, now they tell me the figures are wrong. Just understand, I'm not worried about the money part, don't misunderstand me, I'm worried the non-nurturing which will happen. Too much long dry season is not good news for the trees. It gave me a new idea, that these tv courses will be very fine, it will be the most superior projection in the sense, that in case if not today, maybe tomorrow. If I have to go, those who want to love me this is their chance, I mean forget it later on.

Who knows, you'll have to love my pictures. Today you are holding back. Our generation, our second generation, and your crossing middle-age, will need the white energy. That's why I'm saying we can leave it. It was a question of experiencing whether we can experience the energy without physical body. What we are doing is we are establishing a everlasting link. So long the soul will live, the subtle body will carry it, even the soul merges with the infinite soul, the subtle body will keep the identity. This science of white tantric is taught subtle body to subtle body, it cleanses the sub-conscious through that process. I love to go physically and travel and I love to be with you but I don't think I'm that ready.

I'd like to recuperate, I'm not out on leave trying to become physically very healthy, I'm trying to live these few days of mine in the sense that I can do what I have to do. Something more subtle, more precisely. More beyond these routines, these rituals, and these rites which I have to perform. I want to have breakfast, I'm not saying that, but I'm actually preparing myself to live in environments where I have to do nothing but sit down once in awhile and say a few things. I want to live for the children and their children and their children and I want you to help me and make it possible that I can do that.

That can only happen if you stop misbehaving, that's the condition. You just don't make sales, don't make deals right, mess up left, mess up right, then it's very difficult. You have to come out of this pensive mood, get to a humorous healthy situation, start living healthy, happy, holy, and very consciously. If everything in the family goes on alright, we have to go out in the market, in the other world, the outside world, and teach them kundalini yoga. Do you know you're the only few people who even can say that you can teach it? You have not valued that blessing. You have not understood that grace. You have not followed the exploit, that bountiful beauty which is with you, that's very discouraging, isn't it? I mean, you work the whole winter, and when spring comes only a few trees blossom, do you know what a heartache that is?

The strength of the nation can be read, understood, and estimated from their songs, and from their smiles. You have everything in the world you need, but you've got to go out and teach. It should be a priority of your profession. If you are a doctor, or you are an engineer or you are a businessman, or you are a office worker, you have to spare a couple hours a day, put together, and go out and share with those who cannot know what it's all about.

Touch people, with the magic touch of this kundalini yoga, and that will bring you, like each drop of rain will make it a tributary, and each tributary will make a river, and each river makes the ocean, so that the cycle of life may complete. You are by your right in the last realm of consciousness of divinity, that's the life of a teacher. You can live everything else, but that should be the priority. Master teacher, either you don't understand it, or you don't want to understand it, it is amazing to me. I have given you eighteen most beautiful years of my life, now it is up to you, it can't be up to me. That's why I say, I waited enough to send these video tapes, Renew to be New, that I intentionally put a little more, time-wise they are a little harder and experience wise they are a little heavier.

The idea is that minus my personality, the attraction is a little less. I thought, let me teach them that I live everywhere, and I can touch their heart. I do give you the privilege to question me. It's a very funny thing. There was a student of mine, she was in great confinement for health reasons and whatever it was and I used to touch her in prayers. One can feel, it's not black magic or all that nonsense, it's a simple thing, we get attributes and feelings in us when we are in love, when we are in prayers, we get those sensations, as we get sensations in our emotions and commotions and feelings, which you understand very well. I have feelings.

One day I came to home and one of my daughters was sleeping with a little door open. Deep sleep, bountiful beauty, but she wanted the divine father to come in and look at that she's comfortable. I just peeped a little, and then closed the door, it was a blessed good-night. Somebody cared, somebody understood, somebody knew it. That's all God is. If you are talking to me and create a huge perplex situation, it will be very confusing and painful in life. Life is the most simple thing I can describe. When you see someone and your heart smiles and head expresses it, you are in love. If you start questioning, when did I see you last time, when did I see you yesterday, tomorrow, then you have totally messed it up before it could be anything.

You have honored me and my physical being. Tolerating me, I come from a 3rd world country, your dollar still can buy their currency 15 times over. I do not know your culture, your manners, your slang. I didn't know you at all. I didn't know what I was dealing with. Once we were visiting Princeton and I went to Chaplain's College where all these rabbis and ministers are there. The officer in charge of that was a Chaplain himself, a Jewish Rabbi. I tried to reproduce his introduction of me, he says, "Gentlemen, at one time we were rich, prosperous, bountiful, and beautiful. We had all the preciousness which we threw away and wasted it, did not care. It got lost in the mud and the dirt and we forgot about it. Mostly we did not know and didn't even have the time to care for it. We threw away our own preciousness and there came a man from India who got into that mud and picked up every part of our preciousness, cleaned it out, faceted it, polished it, and rhythm it, he jeweled it and now he's wearing it.

Now we are jealous, angry, enemy, and we want to destroy him. Rather than learning from him, which I have learned in a few minutes from my talk with him that patience pays and compassion is the only living self of God and kindness is the start of it. We feel him differently but today I'd like to feel him among us, I'll introduce to you, Siri Singh Sahib of Sikh Dharma but I call him Yogi Bhajan". Almost verbatim I have produced it, in our chronicle perhaps somebody may have produced it, or they can add and put those names there. I also feel that in those days perhaps we didn't have 120 dollars for a tape recorder and it might have been lost in that, however, what I have done to you, you have to do 10 times more to others.

That is love. Love is when you send out the fragrance of it. I saw that day a beautiful rose, I didn't have the money. There was a beautiful silk rose, fantastic, but it didn't have the fragrance in it. It was pretty costly, and I said to myself, rose, rose, the most beautiful rose, but the fragrance couldn't arose out of itself. It ruins the very image of the rose. Exactly I can talk about the man. The fragrance of the man is the kindness and the compassion. Existence of the man is his commitment and his character. That is what people see in you and expect out of you and need of you. You are born teachers, you have destiny, go out and touch people. Teach or die. You have no other way. Spread out. I'll not ask you to multiply, I'll ask you to spread out. I'm not asking you, you are the chosen ones, I am asking you your real name, you are the decorated one. I'm not asking you to seek the blessing, I'm asking you to give the blessing. I'm not asking you to pray for yourself, I'm asking to
pray for others. I'm not asking you to love God, I'm asking you to be honorable, let God know that you are worthy of his love. I'm asking you to blow the bugle of victory, don't blow this chance. I'm asking you to live in the 6th chakra, don't fall down into the level, in this holy council I'll not explain. I'm asking you to understand, to wear the crown of the shashara, the 7th heaven, I'm telling you all this because I have experienced it and I know it works, its worth worship. Don't ask to be loved, ask yourself to be worshipped. That reverence, that grace, will save millions of people. Don't fall short of your destiny.

If you don't believe me as a Khalsa Nation or a Khalsa Council, let me tell you in the words of Guru Nanak, the founder, your Guru. Let me tell you the miracle of Divinity. He calls you Akal Moort, Ajuni, Sai Bhang. The most beautiful virtue is, we have 10 Gurus, Guru Nanak, Guru Angad, Guru Amar Das, Guru Ram Das, Guru Arjan, Guru Hargobind, Guru Har Rai, Guru Harkrishan, Guru Teg Bahadur, and Guru Gobind Rai. The greatest miracle which happened, Guru Gobind Rai created five beloved ones and then asked them to bestow him with the same as he bestowed them.

They questioned him, they said, you took our head publicly, now what you have to offer, why you are asking this. First they told him politically goodbye, you are the Guru what can we do for you, that's the political way, that's a polite no-no. But when he stood his ground, and he asked them, please merge me in you, they said alright, if that's what you really want, you asked for head in public, right?, now what you have to give? He said I've already started I gave the head of my father, I'll give my head and my entire belonging will behead itself for you. Then he got the amrit. Guru Gobind Rai, giver of the charan bau, became Guru Gobind Singh.

This transformation is a living miracle in the world of spirituality. In reality, this only bestows the fulfillment of a human dream. You represent that in experience. You have to go out, touch every heart. You have to go out to teach and touch every heart, not for your personal gain or personal loss, not for your emotions and commotions. I'm not asking you not to be emotionally and commotionally involved with everybody, but that will limit you. I'm just trying to lay down the rules so that you may understand. I'm not against, some people are just spreading bad words, that I'm against feelings and emotions and commotions and neurosis.

You are most welcome, if you had not been neurotic, who would have cared to see me. I'm not that bad in understanding, but I'm saying there is no need to feel limited and there is no need to create environments that limit you. This age we are going to face, where everybody will be perfectly looking and a living nervous wreck. I call this age, LNW, living nervous wreck age, no B12 complex, no multi- vitamins, no perverted or exerted love will bring the sub situation. Man shall destroy itself by itself within itself. Pain will glorify itself, the mother earth will get up and fold its hands to God and ask for unloading the load of such human beings.

At that moment, death will fall from skies and those who'll get it will be grateful. Others will live asking for it. Today everybody is afraid of dying. Time will come when everybody will ask for it. The plague of nervousness is going to touch every human mind body and soul. At that time, you can create heavens. Teach, touch, and spread the word of the Guru. These are three points to live by, live for, and die for. Teach, touch, and spread the word. This world of ours is a very short lived experience, and there's a tall order and a long way to go. All it takes, the secret of all this, the most difficult thing is to start. Once you start, or remember to start, or keep remembering your goal.

Let me tell you something, if you remember all day long, you have to teach, you have to touch, and you have to spread the word of God, what you got through the Guru, you will understand the entire meaning of Gurprasad. One thing I can guarantee, I'm saying Guru's words so that you may not misunderstand what I am saying. All services and all bountiful palaces shall be at the service of those where saints are in bliss or in blessings. Saints, not these modern saints, who just put a title on and pee and poop on every situation and don't know the difference between a cat and a rat, I'm not talking of that situation. I'm telling you those heavenly saintly selves. The standard of a saint is the standard of Guru Ram Das. That standard of a saint will love to serve you.

You must understand there are certain things you cannot avoid. You don't only belong to House of Guru Ram Das, House of Guru Ram Das will serve you. It will decorate your earth and your heavens and your being and your belongings will be direct from him. You do what you have to do. There's a duty and a beauty in performance of the duty. I shall leave this august body with its own sovereignty, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and the top of my head and folding my feet and hands, whatever you want to call it. I don't know how to express my thanks.

Just remember and spread the word when you go back to your homes. I'm not yet free of the stress, I'm not yet free of the contracts on me, I'm not free of the character assassination, and I'm not set free of my environment troubles. Just remember I'm doing my best to be free. I don't want to be that free that I can be gone without completing my job so I'm hanging between two decisions. I'm facing one thing which I conquered and mastered. Duality. I'm an angel of unison-ness in a human body but now I have become a man in duality. How free I can be, I don't want to exert my freedom to betray my future children, they need my hugs and kisses.

I have to pay very painful price for tomorrow but that's the saintly way, I'm not worried. I feel the feelings of those lonely nights, I feel those fiery fights between the house of the Gursikhs, and I feel the tragedies and treacheries and lies, I feel all that. All those dreadful feelings have not yet made me dead, I'm still alive because I want to live for hope and health of our future. One word which I feel I must share with you, I'm really mad at you. I want to be as polite as could be because that's a very touchy subject. You're not giving your children values, you're giving them hopes. You're still dealing with them with emotions, you're still exercising your rights as parents, you're not paying the rent you're charging the rent.

Just remember once my grandfather Bhai Fateh Singh said to me when I was very young and walking by his side, he took away his little finger, index finger which I was holding, I looked at him and said did I do something wrong, he said what, I said you took away your support and affection from me, he said no, today I have fallen in love with you. That most gracious angel bent down and became my size. I was almost, my fourth birthday was to come, I must have been three years and some months so understand how big I was. I was very skinny, like a feather. He bent down and started walking like that, I said why you are doing this. He said I'm just telling you out of that love. Those who live by earth and affection and support they do not know how to walk on their own feet. Live, love, and learn to walk on your own two feet. He said walk one step ahead of me.

The woman who is not one step ahead of time, woman who is not one step ahead of man, and man who is not one step ahead of time have not learned how to walk. That was my first solitary walk, I don't forget it. I can recapture it one way or the other. I'm still walking like that child who understands the loving words somebody has bestowed on me. Wherever you are, by yourself, in different parts of the world, carrying the flag, you are the flag bearers of the House of Guru Ram Das. You are the sons and daughters of the master of the radiant body whose white hawk still flies in these blue skies free and clear, in rightful majesty, calling on you.

In his shaking penetrating voice, the voice of the ego, calling you, the skies are not your limits, and you must understand that. Who knows we'll meet again or not. We all know we cannot be separated. With these words, enjoying my comfort within myself, giving you the time and chance to be better than me, asking you to forgive me for all the mistakes and handicaps which I have done, or caused to have done as a human. The inconveniences, the challenges, or things I have brought on your shoulders but in my reality I have just asked you to walk on your own feet. To defeat those who do not want to see you prosperous, let your journey not end for their treacheries. Let you live forever because you loved your destiny. It's all within your reach. Therefore, teach, touch, and spread the word.

Don't be beggars, God knows without uttering a word. Give those who need you, love those who do not understand you, forgive those who are treacherous to you. Serve those who do not deserve it. Go out as a fulfillment of God, as an embodiment of God, as the embodiment of the Guru and live true to the words of Guru Gobind Singh, the father of the nation. Khalsa Mere Jan Ki Jan, Khalsa Mere Pran Ki Pran, Khalsa Mera Sat Guru Pura, Khalsa is my true perfect Guru. Fight with the negativity and bring the victory so that your children of tomorrow can be proud of you, can be at peace with you, can remember you with reverence and love.

Love without reverence is a empty dream. Life without commitment is an empty voyage. Strength without character is a cowardliness. I hope you'll carry my words to heart and walk tall. I know on your young shoulders, responsibilities of the time are going to be. I do feel as many last few miles I have to travel, I'd like to be very peaceful so I can watch you walking tall. That is the best peace, inner and outer, which I'd like to enjoy. I leave you in the hand of the Guru and I leave you with the word of the Guru, and I bless you with Guru's grace. There is nothing which can touch us, nothing which can destroy us and there's nothing which can take away from us which comes from the Lord. Keep the strength of that Lord, that Guru, in your heart, in your mind, victory shall be yours.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

I'm very grateful to God. We have absolutely no sorrow or no feeling of adversity. To be very honest and frank with you this illness has slowed down and given a very conscious thought that it is not good enough to be too good and too good is sometimes to stop somewhere, and this madness that work, work, work, work, has worked out its way and now I'm just play, play, play, play, but I am feeling very fortunate. It is a time to become majestically rich. Each one of you has a passion to be what you want to be. In this episode where we got two lawsuits for the price of one Secretary General and I tell you something, forget about this, if these two law cases would have brought the secretary general, I should have ten years ago. I would not have to work seven years around the touch me not edges.

Out of their doing came out a wonderful resolution for us to understand. Each one of us has the capacity to fall and fall to endless pit. That's the lesson to learn.

It is not that folks love or the environments that can put you down or set you up. Actually with all the episodes in this first eighteen years what we have learned is the most precious thing. It is the company you keep. All the time the Siri Guru Granth calls on Holy company, company of the holy, dust of the feet of the Holy, and all that. That exactly is a very vibrating factor to keep you keep going. These people were the star wars by their own right. You see all those Mukhia Singh Sahibs, heads of the regions, totally time got punched out of their life. It has amazed me, I don't know what lesson it has for me to learn, but I don't understand how a man or a person or a woman, practicing a thing for eighteen years, walking and doing hopskotch, and jump and hurdle race, and all that kind of stuff, can start crawling again. It is my mystery, perhaps you know in the western world how to solve it, I cannot figure it out.

You know, in every tragedy there is a comedy to it. Our firmness, our deep rooted faith, our commitment, our all out offering to come out. Look at our assistant chancellor, Ram Das Singh, and those people who are on my security, thank God for this contract. Just understand how much they have sacrificed. How many hours of voluntarily honorable service without having a frown on their face, they have their needs too. Wife of this one man, I have seen with my own eyes, standing in a corner, both of them, one little taller, one little shorter, Saram and Allen, absolutely in those blue ghostly dress, covering their faces. They may not know it, but the power of their prayer, took me to the ecstasy which sometime they would say YogiJi, how is your heart doing, tell us the pressure inside, then I say oh yeh yeh, it's all right, I can bear it. Mind you, at that time, even at that corner, I was enjoying the most prayerful power right few feet away. I saw it. I saw the depth of it. I saw the longing of
it. You know I just relaxed. Whether these Doctors know what they are doing or not, it doesn't matter, I'm not going to go.

I resolved myself and resigned myself to living. One funny day, Nirinjan looked at me and she said, really you're going to live? I was sitting on my chair, I pulled it and flattened myself, I said, God of death has no power to kill me. You know her, you know her language. She's too fast Aries. I said Nirinjan, have you heard what is singing on the tape, she said yeh, I sang that Jaap Sahib. I said you understand that their are 18 million Sikhs, nobody can sing Jaap Sahib like you. Do you ever estimate the power of your prayer. Do you understand why I am alive today? She said what do you mean? I don't understand it. I said, somebody has to kill you first and then reach me and it's not possible.

That's what I was saying today in the council. You do not know your powers. It's true that a tornado is in one place. Los Angeles had no more physical experience to tolerate me more than two days. This is the first time in their life that they have to have me amongst them. The most confused statement is they do not know whether they can talk to me or not. Where I'll appear, how I'll look like, what should they do. It's a most beautiful fascinating thing which I ever saw.

There's one child, I'll not name her, she's very darling to me, I'll keep that secret love of mine to myself. She said, to Mataji, now should I touch his feet or not. I saw that, and I said, yeh you can. She came and she touched my ankles, above my socks, because I was wearing shorts, but she did remember that she has to touch my feet somewhere where they were naked. It amazed me that, that little sweet angel knew that boots and socks are not part of the feet. I said to myself, what a conscious children we are bringing to the earth. When I see their smiles, I love God, it's my home, I want to go, but who wants to go? You know what I mean. There's a lot of joy you have helped to produce, you're part of that great destiny.

What I'm explaining to you is that in the mystery of the environments and the circumstances, you deserve thanks, and you deserve very honorable thanks. You have stood well your grounds, bravo, keep it that way. That is what God is all about.

Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh! _______________________________________________________________

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