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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 12/12/1988
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Earth is Not For Man

-Celebration of Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji-

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

We sit here today in memory to understand that which Guru Tegh Bahadur represents to us.

There was no absolute disturbance, things were all set and right, life was very creative, life was with understanding, and Sikh Dharma was all around very flourished. There was no disturbance of any type. I mean, what I mean to say to you is that, that was one stage of the Sikh Dharma when Sikhs were comfortable, preaching was on, gurdwaras, Guru's houses were well-attended and everything was normal.

We, from the day one of the conception of Sikh Dharma, had a fight. Fight was not to fight. Fight was to walk towards God. And man started walking towards God. Guru Nanak established the power of God and made the man realize that earth is temporary. Man realizes that earth is permanent. There's no difference between a person who goes on the highway and picks up a stone and writes his name and thinks it will live forever, or a child who goes in the school, takes the knife, and cuts the tree and writes or inserts his name, thinking it will live forever. There's no difference, absolutely, when a human thinks earth is forever. It is just like (you can well understand it), if you go to an examination hall to graduate, and you decide to sit in the examination hall forever. Exactly if you cannot sit in the examination hall forever, how can you stay on the earth forever?

Earth is not for man. Earth is to recognize the Infinite in the finite, in God, here, now. That's why Sikh Dharma is based on the principle of cherdi kala -- everlasting, ever rising courage. We never have asked God not to give us troubles. We have always asked God to give us courage. You must understand when you pray, if you pray that, "God, don't give us trouble," you are in trouble. Your troubles start that day when you do not face trouble. Sikh Dharma says, "Face trouble. It is also gift of God."

Ketiaa dookh bookh sad maar.
Eh bhee daat teree daataar.
Band khalaasee bhaanai hoeh.

--25th Pauree of Japji Sahib - Guru Nanak Dev

Human life on the earth is to pay karma. When I talk to you, the western people, you do not understand it at all. It is not your cup of tea. I realize that. But fact is, the life on this earth is to pay respect to the karma, pay them, clean yourself, and go back in the lap of God. Life on the earth is not to be successful on the earth alone. Life on the earth is to be delightfully successful within you, here and hereafter. That's why Guru Nanak has a direct confrontation with Bhaver (?), the Mogul ruler of that time. And the confrontation has never ended. Confrontation has not ended even today. It cannot end because the century, the acceptance of God is not acceptable to the man. Man doesn't accept God. Man does not trust God. Man does not believe in God. There are 22 religions. They are all very beautiful. They all offer you one thing. "If you'll be with God, you will be blessed. If you'll be with God, you will be happy. If you give anything in the name of God, in heavens you will get boys, girls, virgins and you
will drink, there will be rivers of wines and those kinds of stuff." Sometimes I feel very funny about it. I am asking, "Will my soul like to drink wine? Will my soul like to have an intercourse? Will my soul like to marry? Are these religions true? Do they say in their scripture that everything is truth? Do they understand when the body leaves, only what leaves is the soul, not this body, not these tattwas?" Tattwas have the rasas, rasas have the needs, soul doesn't have tattwas, neither needs anything what we have here.

There are five tattwas, there are seven chakras, and they are here. Soul doesn't have anything. I mean, it is just like a bird living in a cage and when the bird flies away, what the cage means? And what are the accessories of the cage means? Will the bird carry the newspaper for his droppings because in the cage he needed a newspaper to do the droppings? I don't understand. That is what Guru says. Guru says, "Trust God."

Ketiaa dookh bookh sad maar.
Eh bhee daat teree daataar.

If there is a pain and discomfort and tragedy and it is hundred time, God, I accept that as Thy gift. And what is a yogi? Where pair of the opposites do not affect. Where good and bad are alike.

Is there a day in man's life where he feels he is one with God and God creates one simple thing -- the whole universe. In that some of us are tall, some are short, some are fat, some are....

Ik nihaalee peh savan ik upar rehen khare.

--Guru Angad Dev, SGGS pg. 475, English pg. 1569

There are some who sleeps in their beds and there are some who just fans them. And Nanak says, "You are the great of all. You know all what You are doing." Man has never understood his destiny. Man doesn't have even the dignity to understand his destiny, forget about performing it.

All my life I have understood, everybody I have talked to, they just want to be rich. They think richness can protect them. No. Richness cannot protect you. Richness is not all. I have seen with my own eyes, man with a single loin cloth, and I have seen the greatest man, most powerful man, the man who controlled a distance and destiny of hundreds and thousands and millions of people, going and bowing to him. Now, how can a naked man, a fakir, a dervish, can command over a man of wealth? Because this is contained, content and fulfilled man. That's the life of a Gursikh. Gursikh does not find God. Gursikh is in line of God. That's the Guru's word does not mean that you can become super and you become minor or major. Guru only tells you a way of acceptance of God. Sikh Dharma is not based on any tranquility or any war. Sikh Dharma is based on an understanding.

People who talk to each other, to create an understanding, they are angels, they are saints. People who talk to each other to convince each other or to impress each other or to con each other or to blow each other of or do all that, are devils. That's the only difference. Man of God will elevate any one he touches, sees or speaks to. Man of evil will bring down the spirit of anyone who he sees, feels or touches. That's why Sikh Dharma is based on cherdi kala.

When the Mogul emperor saw the valley of Kashmir and saw it is a heaven on the earth, and that there is nothing more beautiful, he said, "It should only be inhabited by the Muslims." That the emperor decided. And what he decided? To convert every Hindu to Islam by force and all these Brahmins walked unto Guru Tegh Bahadur. What I said in the beginning, everything was very comfortable. Guru Tegh Bahadur asked them, "What do you want?" He said, "We need the sacrifice of the one who's the loftiest of all to stop this." Guru Tegh Bahadur answered, "That what your karmas are, it requires the sacrifice of the holiest of the holy." And Guru Gobind Singh, the son, less than 9 years old, said, "Who is holier than holy than you, my father?" A son confirmed the holiness of the father. Son carried the image, the reality, the truth, the expansion, the feeling, the experience of the father. Because Guru Gobind Singh was not only a son, he was a student of the great Guru. Because a student
carries the teacher. Son serves the father. There's a difference between the two, which can never be one. A student carries the teacher. A son serves the father. Son recognizes the lineage, the family, the destiny, the tree of family. Students carry the knowledge, the infinity and the light of the teacher. So Guru Gobind Singh was a student, as was a son.

Guru Tegh Bahadur walked himself to Agra, asking the emperor, "You want to convert entire Kashmir? Convert me." Now, I am asking you all who think yourself human beings, just imagine a man who was worshipped, adored, loved, who was a God himself, went to the emperor himself and said, "Convert me." That is a Sikh. That's the basic message of a Sikh when he does seva, service to those who need it. Seva at the cost of one's life. That's what Guru Tegh Bahadur represents. He went to serve -- not to give langar, not to give clothing, not to give money. No. He gave himself to serve a cause, a purpose, a challenge. Karma. Emperor said, "You want to be converted not?" He said, "It is a very simple thing. All the Kashmir Brahmins have written, 'If Guru Tegh Bahadur gets converted to Islam, there's no need of coming and beating us all up. We all voluntarily will become Muslims.' So here I am."

Guru Tegh Bahadur went there with five beloved students and sons. Before him each one was boiled and they were tortured to death that no human dignity can tolerate. Guru Tegh Bahadur was imprisoned in a cage that neither he can sit nor he could stand. Torture was SO much....

Ketiaa dookh bookh sad maar.

One line of the Japji. Which pauree is that? 25th? A blessing it is....whosoever is poor, written by the God HIMSELF, on the destiny of the hand, if repeats this pauree eleven times shall become rich. Riddee Siddee Nao Niddee. All wealth, all services, all opportunity will serve that person. I am repeating the line of that. Ketiaa dookh bookh sad maar. Eh bhee daat teree daataar.

And then emperor asked a direct question, "Will you accept Islam?" He said, "Islam means salute to God and being humble. I am already saluting God with every breath of my life and I am already humble before God." Guru Tegh Bahadur got beheaded. And order was given at the Chandri Chowk that his body should sit there and rot so that the world may see. One who came for the humanity to serve, that was emperor's orders. So one son of Guru Tegh Bahadur took away the body, to cremate, and put in his house and put fire to the entire house where Gurdwara Rikab Ganj is. So to cremate the body of the Guru he sacrificed everything he could. And another one took his head, all the way, and brought to Guru Gobind Singh.

Guru Gobind Singh took over at 9 years old. But he understood: Ketiaa dookh bookh sad maar. Eh bhee daat teree daataar. All things come from God and all things go to God. But we don't accept this. Look at us. God gave men beards, they don't accept it. Why not? Man has never accepted God. Man has never accepted unison of the Uni-One into the unisonness of it. There is one God, uniform He created men. We have never accepted Him as Creator. And if we do the lip service, we accept Him, and then we don't trust Him. If there is an eventuality, everybody freaks out.

Somebody asked me today, "What is my karma to come on this earth?" I said, "Karma is seva." "What is my karma on the earth?" I said, "Karma is a Krishna." Kar-ish-na. Where all polarities stop. Reality prevails. We who are the Sikhs of the Guru, we who get our recognized identity, our Naam, Name, Noun, Name, Noun, Sat Nam, the True Name, have a destiny. How many millions of people live in the world? 5 Billion people. How many people have destiny from the Guru? None. Guru gives you the destiny -- man lives it. Good and bad, small and big, poor and no poor doesn't mean a thing.

But problem is that we have no courage, no guts, no intelligence developed at all to accept that God is. We don't accept God is. We accept earth is. "Ha ha ha ha, he has got a great car!" Yes, a lot of people who have great cars do not know "Ik Ong Kar." I know that. "Ahhh, I had such a good sleep. I got up 11:00 am." Well, how can a person sleep when union with soul and God has to take place? You live by your soul and you have no communication with your soul and soul has no communication with its own creator. Yes, soul is in our rib cage, that's true. What we give it? Nothing. We need success. Is there some success more than a man who had to live like a saint, act like a soldier? Is there any better success than those?

I was speaking at a function of the Akal Security. I told them one simple thing. Now we are professional. We are professional. Religion is our profession. And normally we all want to look religious. And we impress each other, "I am more religious than others." You know I told you that day that this guy who runs on the Venice Beach is still a Sikh and there are Mukhia Singh Sahib's who have fallen apart. But he is Sikh from day one, he is Sikh today. Now I feel he is a better Sikh than me because he is humble, he is consistent, he is calm, his love is with the Guru, there is no left, no right, no up, no down. He is who he is. That's the reality. We do not accept the Oneness of God. We feel that if we are successful we are blessed. No. That's not true.

Are we content? Are we contained? If a person comes to a hotel and forgetss about his home, will you call him successful? Is that a success? That is what man has as a situation. He on the earth has forgotten that he should not have come to the earth if he has not to pay the karma. And karma cannot be paid. Let me tell you because I'm going to travel my last mile in life, let me be very honest with you. Karma cannot be paid without dharma. Dharma gives you courage. Don't be foolish. All this hanky panky is going on that without Guru things are okay. It's not true. I knew to the day one I came here. That's why everything here is established in the name of Guru Ram Das. Because without dharma, karma cannot be paid. People who think without dharma they can pay off the karma and be great are not right, because life is ups and downs. Life is day and night. Life is richness and poverty.

Today was a very funny day. I was in the morning discussing businesses and accounts and amounts and thousands and hundred thousands and millions and God knows what was going on. And So Purkh Kaur, you know, is a super computer. And she was telling me all the repoorts. And I said, "So Purkh, something is coming to me. I am going to mix two formulas of the herbs. One for the youth and one for the healing. And I don't think anything else I want to do." She said, "Are you in that mood, Sir?" I said, "Yeah. I'm in that mood." So what we did is, we wrote down chakra by charka, organ by organ, cell by cell, herbs which deal with the situation in life. I said, "These are the herbs which shall heal the body, give it the youth. And I want to dedicate it to Guru Ram Das." She said, "Good." I said, "Check on the telephone, Guru Ram Das, what it means." So we looked at the telephone, those numbers, and we came up with, I think, with 54. Then the second one which was to eliminate all the disease and the garbage and the whole thing,
I said, "I want to dedicate it to Yogi Bhajan." So we wrote Yogi Bhajan. And do you know what the funny thing happened? That was 54, and that was 45. Number reversed. I might have ignored it, but she said, "Look, look, the two sides of the coin. Look at the numbers. Just reverse the numbers." I said, "We'll call them R-54 and R-45. And I want to do this as a great act, last act, for all my people." She said, "Why Sir, you feel that way?" I said, "They are not doing their sadhana, they are not exercising, they do not undertsand stress is the only disease in the world today." She said, "How come?" I said, "I am a yogi, recognized internationally. You can't challenge me on that." Canada invited me into that country as a yogi. America recognized me and made me a citizen as a yogi, and that's the only trade-mark. Internationally I'm known yogi. I said, "If over-working and stress can kill me, do you think anybody will be safe?" And she said, "God, you have to be that sick to find this
out?" I said, "That's called paying the karma."

Great Guru paid the karma to do seva, to do service, offered his being. The most pure delightful of light being and saved the Brahmins of Kashmir. Not that Muslims were bad. Force was bad. There are two things worst in the world: ignorance, and when force is multiplied with ignorance. That's all is hell. Guru Tegh Bahadur reminds us to sacrifice one's self for the sake of others. I have never found other formula working.

Today I tell you something apologetically. From the day of my birth. I am a family man, you all love me, I love you all, I have students, I used to have subordinate, I used to have officers. I have lived all facets of my life as a normal. I don't think anything works other than just one thing. There's only one thing which will bring happiness to the life of a man in abundance -- when you put yourself on the side and serve others, then God will fill in the gap and shall serve you. I don't think anything else. That is why in Sikh Dharma, sangat, pangat. In Sikh Dharam, there are aspects: seva, simran. Seva comes first. Seva, simran. Bana, bani.

When we gave our heads to Guru Gobind Singh, what he gave us? Bana. Uniform. That's why I was telling those Akal Security men, I remember one thing, I'll share with you one story. There was a dark, deadly night out in the nowhere. There was a one outpost where one man was guarding it. Property of somebody he was guarding. He was awake and the man who owned it was sleeping. At night somebody came and looted the property. Alert man challenged him, and fight took place. Fire got exchanged, people ran away, but the man died. The guard on duty died. The soldier gave his life in honoring his duty, his commitment. Well, on the earth, people came, checked it out, took his dead body, but when he opened his consciousness, in subtle self, he found himself in a tremendous light. He said, "Who are you?" He said, "I am God." He said, "How do I deserve this honor? You must some angel." He said, "No, I am THE God. I am Lord of Angels." He said, "How do I deserve this respect, this honor that you
have come to pick me up?" He said, "Nobody else in my entire being can pick you up." He said, "Why?" He said, "You died for those who I created. I come to receive you because you did that." He said, "Where are you taking me?" He said, "You will rule me, and you will sit within my lap." When God was taking him to the supreme heavens, there were a lot of saints standing in line. He said, "Who are these?" He said, "These are all holy men, great men, who have loved me, who have worshipped me." He said, "Why they are standing in line?" He said, "They are processed, they are being processed. We are really checking them out." He said, "Well, why not you want me to stand in the line and check it out?" He said, "I cannot separate myself from you." Saints sit on the right side of the God. Devotee of God sits on the left side of the God. But those who give their life in the line of duty sit in the lap of God. And that's what Guru Tegh Bahadur represents. Line of duty, commitment.

It is the commitment of the man. People talk to me. "I have a light." People talk to me. "I have a dharma." People talk to me. "I have happiness." I don't believe that. Only one test of a happy man is when he comes out and serves those who are unhappy in the Name of God. That man only knows God.

Life of a Sikh is: he wears bana. We gave head to the Guru and he gave us nothing more, nothing less, but BANA -- identity. Then we asked for the blessing -- he gave us bani. He said, "Bana and Bani I gave you." To do what? To do seva and simran. That's why Sikh Dharma is based on two things. Cherdi kala and Ang Sang Wahe Guru. God is with me. My proportion of recognizing God is not just trusting God, not just praying to God. God is in me. I have ten trillion cells. Each cell has three parts. There are thirty trillion God in me. I have to see everything as near, as dear, as effective, as affectionately. Thirty trillion times to one. Do you have all the capacity. And one who does not have this capacity has not recognized God in himself. How he can see God in others?

You don't see God in yourself. How can you see God in others? Sikh asked this question, "Guru, if I do not see and find God in myself, where I'll find God?" The Guru answered, "In service of the Sangat." It's a privilege. It is the highest privilege bestowed on an ordinary man. It's a privilege of the highest honor.

Why we come to the Gurdwara and we touch the dust? Are we doing a ritual? No, we are not. We are touching the dust that somebody who has served today. If the dust of that feet can touch my forehead, it may change my destiny, it may give me the courage, it may give me the privilege. Let us see, this is Guru Ram Das' house. Many people serve it, many people love it, many people adore it, many people will give their life for it. But do you know those two lights are off? (Points to two lights that are out in the ashram.) Somebody didn't check it. Somebody did not verify the fact that house of the Guru has to be perfected, it has to be served, it has to be acknowledged, it is our altar.

Exactly this is the character of the Sikh. Wherever he stands, in cherdi kala, in higher spirit, in elevated self, he serves. He knows or not, what is there but read, read, read the books, makes the library, become more stupid. If you put on a donkey 600 bibles he is going to be a priest? Forget it. There's no way. There's no other way on the planet to free your soul unto the destiny and unto God but serving those who needs the hand, smiling at those, wiping up the tears of those, forgiving those.

We got sued on Friday. It was the funniest lawsuit. The guy who came was an ex-student and he was so happy, "I'm going to serve on each one." We accepted the lawsuit. We went out and we received with a smile. One who was a part of the Dharma was serving the law summons on the individual of the dharma. I laughed. I said, "How the destiny changed into fate." I saw his satisfaction. What a privilege to file another bogus case. Why? When you burn a candle, moth will come. There are some Sikhs, they cannot even tolerate that Sikh Dharma is in America, they can't, they won't. But are they bad? No, no, no. Why Moses took 40 years to take those people who can walk only in 2-1/2 years straight there? Because in the way they become strong, in the way they become themselves, in the way they become real, pure, when they reached the promised land they knew they had earned it.

Human life is to earn the karma, to pay by the strength of dharma. Human life is not rich and poor, poverty and richness, happiness and unhappiness, tragedy and a comedy. The other side of the coin, they shall always be there.

I was that day jokingly asking a holy man, I said, "When you are going to sue Sikh Dharma next?" "Oh, no, no, no. It is not going to happen." I said, "Every calm, every lull tells the storm is on the way." Yes, they don't like us. They don't understand us. They will never understand why, or who are Sikhs here. Most of the people who are Sikhs here are so foolish. They tell me to my face, "Oh, did you bring Sikh Dharma to here?" I said, "No, actually fact is, I have become a Sikh." I would have practiced the most bogus Sikh Dharma of all times. I would not have understood what Guru Nanak said. I would not have understood what Guru Tegh Bahadur did.

Today there was a very intuitive woman; I met her in Santa Fe. I have brought her here. And she was just reading somebody and she said to that girl, she said, "The only thing is that you have to do it alone. You leave the past and the family and you take the spirit in you and love the children of God and be divine." I thought she was saying the most beautiful thing, very direct. And I said, "My God, she's telling you something direct. I have been telling you for 15 years. You never listened." She said, "No, I am reading different. I am thinking she is telling me to leave the spiritual body and find a man." I said, "You want to hear what you want to hear. She is saying what you want to say." The fact is I have realized that minute people only hear what they want to hear. They don't want to hear what the reality is. People in this earth also want to do what they want to do. They do not understand from here they have to go to God.

You know, if you check the telephone and write the word, "God," number is 13? Thirteen is a very unlucky number, but let us see one thing. Take away Judas from the history of the Christ, wipe him out, there's no Christ. If Judas would not have betrayed the Christ, Christ would not have become Christ. If Guru Tegh Bahadur would not have sacrificed there would not have been any dharma on the earth. People ask me, "You brought Dharma to America?" I say, "No, these are the souls which have a promise to face their destiny and fate at the same time. I never brought them anything. They brought ME into the light. They brought fulfillment to me." When I saw them in a bana, bani, seva, simran, I learned the four outstanding principles of human elevation. I learned that man can live like a saint, act like a soldier. That is what started from the house of the Guru Nanak, and that is why Guru Tegh Bahadur went and asked the king. King said, "Don't do this to me. I will not convert one Muslim,
just don't challenge me." Believe me or not. He said, "Why not? If you feel that by the sword, converting the weak into Islam, that is Islam, then convert me."

Religion is a realism and a reality where karma is paid and dharma is understood. That's life. Guru Tegh Bahadur would have told the Brahmins, "It is the will of God. Let us not fight with the emperor. What is the difference between saying 'Allah,' and 'Ram?'" In Siri Guru Granth word 'Allah,' is 'Aval aalaah noor oopaayaa kudarat de sabh bande.' Allah wod is there. We speak it. Ram word is there. Isaa word is there. That is not the point, whether you are right or you are wrong. Point is, do you have the courage? Do you have the guts to stand by the principle of the righteousness in you and sit in the lap of the Guru? Thus, do you have the couage and strength to carry the banner? That man who leads the force with the flag, where drums are on the side and flute is being played, and they are moving forward, does know that any bullet from the front can pierce his chest. He knows that. But do you know that when one flag man, flag bearer falls, another picks it up. Who picks it up? Man?
No. Discipline. Sadhana. Courage. Deathlessness. Akal. That's why the seal of the Sikh is Akal Sahai.

If you ever read a letter from the Akal Takhat, it has a seal of the Sikh: Akal Sahai. Guru Nanak told the Sikh, Akal Moorat Ajoonee Saibhang Gurprasaad. Those souls who are mocking around, joking with themselves and with their destiny, I have nothing to say to them. They understand better. But those who have destiny must understand one thing: the earth is not here to become rich and poor, great and small. It has to have the fearlessness. Akal moorat, deathlessness shall belong to those who will have no fear, no vengeance. Nirbhao, nirvair, akal moorat, ajoonee, saibhang. Mool mantra is step by step. Ik Ong Kar: God created one. Sat Nam: true is my identity. That is why we wear bana. Karta Purakh: God does all. We simply honor it. Ajoonee Saibhang. Nirbhao Nirvair. Akal Moorat. Have no fear.

We are afraid whether we'll get up tomorrow morning or not. We are afraid somebody will say hello to us or not. We are afraid we are poor or not.

Sail pathar meh jant upaae, taa kaa rajak aagai kar dhariaa.
Mere maadho jee, satsangat milay so tariaa.
--Guru Arjan Dev, from Rehiras Sahib

Those who are born in the stone, God has provided them, O my Lord. Those who come to Sat Sangat, He enjoys the fruit of life. Some people have destiny to serve.

King of Kashi came to the house of the Guru and said, "I want Mukti, I want Nirvana. I am a king. I have everything in the world. I want nothing. I don't want to run around. Give me, Guru, a way that I can find salvation." He brought a glass of water to the Guru. Guru saw his hand and he said, "No seva?" The king of Kashi went to the langar, served there for many years. One day Guru went himself there and he said, "Time has come to go back and rule the kingdom." He said, "Whosoever has seen the rule of heavens, what rule of this kingdom and this earth means to him?"

Higher expansion, vast horizons, deathlessness, akal takhat. We freak out on small things. Nobody became Sikh. Somebody came to give them the message to become Sikh. They were here, waiting. Flowers in the Rain, waiting to be born as saints and soldiers. Some will live, some will leave, some will become part of memory. Guru Tegh Bahadur is a memory. Guru Nanak is a memory. Christ is a memory. Buddha is a memory. Bhai Joga's story is a memory. Bhai Buddha's stories' are memories.

Baba Deep Singh is a memory. 70-some year old man, 18 kilo sword, with 250 men, walked from Tarn Taran to liberate the Golden Temple. He knew it, what it means, but there was deathlessness. God came through and the one who fought frontingly, at the same token, Baba Deep Singh's head fell and the commander of the army of the Mogul, his head fell. Standing by his side a Sikh said, "Babaji, you are a Sikh of the Guru. You did Ardas, If death comes, your head should fall in perkarma." Baba said, "How far is the perkarma?" He said, "Perkarma of the Harimandir is miles away." He said, "Put my head on my left palm." Baba got up with that sword. Enemy did not find a place to run. They ran helter and skelter. They had never seen a dead man with a flowing blood walking and chopping off like he is cutting off alfalfa. When the body fell it fell at Shaheedaa -- there's a gurdwara there, it's a historical thing, and it's within these 2-300 years. It's not that somebody made it up. There's a Gurdwara
Shaheedaa, there's a gurdwara where the fight took place, and Baba threw the head and there's a place in perkarma where head fell. There's still a gurdwara. Some people do not medically believe it is possible. Guru says, "Prabh bhaave bin saas diraakhe." If Prabh wants, without breath He can give a person to live.

Guru Tegh Bahadur, protector of the faith, comes to us as a delightful sacrifice to seva. He served the entire dharma of that country at that time by offering himself. That's why I said today in remembrance, because all that is left is the memory. Who's Judas, who's Christ, who's Radha, who's Krishna, who's Nanak, who's Mardana? Who's Guru Tegh Bahadur, who's Gobind Rai? Who's Gobind Singh? These words, when you speak, they become memory. And that memory when gets exalted, that is where God comes through. Man is born to elevate, exalt that memory of karma with the strength of dharma so that this earth can feel comfortable with His Godly, good divine deeds.

Pay undivided attention to the change of life otherwise life will become a lie if truth is not lived.

I hope we all can learn from the life of Guru Tegh Bahadur and understand, sometimes one volunteers to face death for others. To us, if a guest comes to our house, we start running around, to receive, to love, to give. Because the secret of happiness is those seven steps: commitment, character, dignity, divinity, grace, power to sacrifice, happiness. Is there happiness anywhere without sacrifice? And what do you sacrifice? You sacrifice what God gave you, for the kingdom of God. When you do something for somebody's home they are thankful to you, right? If you go to somebody's house, take a flower there, do something for somebody's house, they are grateful. Right? When you do something for the creation of God, God is grateful. Simple law. I didn't make it up. That's the way it is. What is above is below. What is on the heavens is on the earth. Those who live like God there, have to learn to live like God here.

Dendaa de lainde thak paeh. Jugaa jugantar khaaee kaa-eh.
Hukaamee hukam chalaa-e raa-ho. Naanak vigasai veparvaaho.

--Japji Sahib of Guru Nanak, 3rd pauree.

Somebody once asked me, "Why I am so poor?" I told him this story. One day a king asked the Grand Vizir, he said, "Grand Vizir, I like to move around in the city to see how the people are." He said, "All right, emperor." They changed their bana. They looked smartly idiot. King told Grand Vizier, "Do you recognize me?" He said, "No." The Grand Vizier said to the king, "Do you recognize me?" He said, "No." He said, "Why?" He said, "Identities have been changed." So they walked in. They walked in. King saw a man yelling and screaming and crying and oh my God, he was such a good actor. Better than Ronald Reagan. Perfectly doing things, raising budget to 3 trillion and telling America is great. Everybody born is in debt, but America is great. Now what is the greatness of a man who is in debt? He was crying, yelling, screaming and saying, "Ram, Ram, in the name of Ram. Help, give me something." King said to Grand Vizier, "Could you tell me what this guy is doing?" He said, "He is in terrible pain. He is acting but he has
become his act." He said, "Grand Vizier, you can see things beyond time and space. Tell me what he is doing." Grand Vizier said, "King, don't ask me." King said, "I want to know." He said, "When we go back to palace, then I will tell you." So they saw the city. This guy went to the palace, but king never forgot. He said, "Grand Vizier, come in. Sit down. Tell me about that man." He said, "Emperor, tonight you sleep. I'll tell you tomorrow." He said, "What are you doing?" He said, "Please, I'll tell you tomorrow." Next morning before he got up he called the Grand Vizier, "Tell me now. It is tomorrow." He said, "I'll ask you not to ask me. It is the last time I'll ask you not to ask me." He said, "Grand Vizier, I'm last time asking you to tell me." Two egos confronted. The Grand Vizier said, "You want to know?" He said, "Yes." He said, "That man has died last night and last night you had an intercourse with your queen and his soul is set in. He is going to heir. He is going to be
the Prince of Wales of this state." King said, "That beggar?" Grand Vizier said, "That's why he was begging from God. His proficiency to get from you anything was just a joke. Really that 'Ram Ram' he was crying and yelling and screaming he was doing to God. He wanted your kingdom." King said, "I don't believe it." He said, "Yes, you should not. I told you not to ask."

Nine months later there was a son. Grand Vizier came and he said, "King, you are my beloved king. I want to ask you to talk to this child." King said, "This child is one day old. One day old. I should go and speak to him?" He said, "This child can talk, even at one day old. You go." So the king came and said to the child, he said, "Who are you?" He said, "I am that beggar." "Why you got born in my house?" He said, "To take away your kingdom." He said, "Why?" He said, "If you would have given me at that time something, I would have spared you. You stood and talked with your Vizier and then you walked away, not giving me when I was asking in the name of God! Therefore I earned the right to take everything from you. Now you will clean me, train me to do potty, clean and change my diapers, feed me, love me, protect me and then I will be the ruler and I'll see you dying, going empty handed and I'll be here enjoying it. Because I earned the destiny. You earned the fate." King said, "Why?" He
said, "You couldn't give as a king. I took it as a beggar. Begging was my profession. I became beggar. I was so powerful I could beg. I begged the entire kingdom, because I don't want a king who couldn't give. Therefore I desired to become a king. I'm born. Thank you." And then the child started smiling and then crying.

King came back to the Grand Vizier and he said, "I understand the child spoke. It must be your magic. Otherwise how a one day old child can speak? Why, he smiled at me..." The Grand Vizier said, "He smiled at you, my king, that you are so innocently idiot that you didn't believe him." He said, "Three things you have done wrong. You have not believed the beggar can beg the whole universe. You have not believed that God, in a second He can make a beggar a king and a king a beggar. And thirdly when a one day old child can speak to you, 'Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur, jin siriaa tinai savaariaa. Pooree hoay karaamaat aap sirajanaahaare dhaariaa.' A child of one day speaks to you and you did not believe that a message can come through." It is written in the history the king crowned himself that second day child, and walked away to serve his entire kingdom.

We are the souls who were born by our self-consciousness in the House of the Guru to serve the future. Some of us will be weak, some of us will be strong. Let us keep going, let us shut up and keep up. These are the most two beautiful words in the world. "Shut up" and "Keep up", and "Ang Sang Wahe Guru" and "Cherdi Kala."



Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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