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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 04/10/1988
Category: Khalsa Council
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Dharma and Doubt


It is almost now going to be two years near about that, I have been not keeping a good health. It is in the life of every man to understand, and that's called, "Applied Consciousness." Consciousness is not enough, "Applied Consciousness" is essential.

I got that staff today. It was symbolic. It happened on time, it came from the European sangat. That when one gets old, one needs a help to walk through. That's what it means. And you gave me a very particular staff, that was a shoulder staff.

(editors note: this refers to a tantric staff presented to SSS ji at the Baisakhi Gurdwara by SS Guru Hans Singh of Paris. It is a very long, white, narwal tusk with a very large ivory handle which came up quite high on the Siri Singh Sahib. It has beautifully carved symbols of office and Adi Shaktis on it, and it is jewelled and inlaid with gold and silver.)

It was very religiously made. It is then when the walking is weak, the upper part of the body gives you the shelter. It is exactly also when the relationship with earth dilutes, the heavens become joyful. Factually if you know the camera, whatever is negative here is positive in heavens, and whatever is positive here is negative in heavens.

There are three words which you must understand and learn: Dharam, Karam, and Param. Every person of you, whether you belong to any religion or you don't belong to any religion, you have to have a "KARAM." Karam means actions, reactions, projections, depressions, aggressions, abuse, consolidation, games (sexual, social, personal, biological, war games). The total sum of ALL actions and ALL reactions is based in one word called "Karam". The question is, "Why we do Karam?" Because we have "PARAM." Param means doubt. I don't care who says what, but whatever one says, he has a doubt, and whatever you listen to, you have a belief. Now, this is very scientific. That is why there are two types of truth: gossip truth and gospel truth. Gospel truth, very few people can even understand. Gossip truth, everybody understands. And I'm practically explaining to you that which Guru Amrit which has taught me in last three or four days, because she is very logical and I like her. Talking to her, and
her logic she tells me simple things, innocent things. And I believe when she talks to me... then later on I started analyzing it. And that is called "Param." For every future we have a doubt, but there is one thing in that doubt that is called "DHARAM." My righteous belief.

I was discussing with all these Khalsaji's which were with me today, I said, "Since I have been born I have been a very beautiful shuttlecock." If you play badminton, there is one little thing with a lot of feathers and it has a one round head. You hit left, you hit right. Time has done this to me many times. It's not that you have done me any wrong or you have done me any right, I have done any right to you or I have done.....you don't even know me. Very few of you can sit here and say they ever knew their postman or they ever knew when he got transferred, when he got changed, when he came.... all you know there is a bag or box kind of a thing, you pick up the mail, you see it, you like it. You subconsciously presume that there is a mailman who just delivered it. I in practically have done nothing to you. You had a destiny and a fate in struggle. I have been pushing you towards the destiny and many of you have pushed yourself to the fate.

Now you know, you go to a department store, there are departments. This is a department. Everybody has a department. I have no department and nothing in knowledge or concern with the fate. Fate is the department of those who do not want to leave the planet earth forever. I didn't believe to come here, to stay here more than this incarnation, and neither I believe that you should stick around here. You may not be very dharmic person, or like dharmic beings, but for God's sake, just try it!

Somebody was asking me today, "What IS God?" I said, "You." He said, "I can't be God." I said, "No. You CAN be God! And very easily." He said, "Please tell me what God is about." I said, "I'll tell you in simple words. When in adversity, you behave like prosperity, and when in wrong you behave like a right, and when in every challenge you do not let the statute and the command of kindness and compassion go, you are nothing but God." If out of your life, kindness is minus, and compassion is not in command, you are a stupid egomaniac, neurotic, insult to be a human being. You have absolutely no value, you are debauch, you are corrupt, you are a liar, you are an insult to the Creator God, and even hell won't accept you! You will go through the stages of being an egomaniac pootanaa (that means ghost). You all only know heaven and hell. You don't know the ghostdom. Ghostdom is a huge, vast capacity of human beings who are those who even doubted their very soul. Because in your life when there is no kindness, no
compassion, then what are you? Think about it. You are an egomaniac, human shell which talks too much, delivers nothing. The very pearl in you, the very pearl in you, the very muscle in you is the kindness. Hey, to be kind against unkindly circumstances or unkindly animal or unkindly man is the graduation test of being kind. And that is the beginning of a Godly man who wants to call himself "Sikh." And if you want to go one step further, then there is a compassion. Guru Arjan Dev, according to the emperor Jahanghir, he once wrote an order to Silikhan, his commander, who was going to defeat the revolt in Kashmir. And he said, "Silikhan, why you are taking a huge, invincible army all the way to Kashmir? On the path you will go through the Goindwal. There is a Hindu named Arjan Mal. He has opened a spiritual shop of lies. Joot di too khaan. Of lies, and of absolute thing which is beyond truth, but unfortunately the man is so charismatic, even some Muslims have started listening to him.
So while going, sweep him along with it." (It means, totally destroy whatever exists there.) "These are the orders." And in Siri Guru Granth, that shabad comes when this news came to Guru Arjan, somebody said, "Utaree chalaa-oh." The others said, "Do-e maanas pajaoh teese, karo kich paa-e-aah. Mai sabh kuch chortu-ee-aaeeah." Somebody said, "Let us send some letter to the king and tell him, 'What are you doing? We don't mean anything harm to you.'" The other two said, "Let us send two people to reason and argue." The third said, "No. Let us prepare ourselves. He is coming now. He has got the orders. He is not going to go back." Guru Arjan said, "Sabh kuch chor tooje dhyaaeeaah. I leave everything, I leave it to the God." And what happened is that Silikhan's horse, when he was riding, ran into a brick kiln (where they heat up and make the bricks) and he just jumped and with him went right in it. The commander died, the army went back, the matter ended.

I am not asking you to be merciful to me, neither asking. I am not requesting you to be kind to me. Because my Guru is very kind to me and is very merciful. I don't have to learn the further experience. But if you ever want to understand, a man born of my luck, who has a horoscope of a warrior and who has an activity of a saint...My Jupiter is in the fourth house, and my Venus is in sixth house. My love is my enemy, and whomever I look at, he becomes fortunate. Not me. I'm SOOOO mad at God!
Why He did it to me? I mean, why? Why I cannot look at myself and become rich? No, that's not possible. Any person I look at, shall become rich. But my love will become my enemy, sixth house, house of enemy. It has not scattered anything.

What you do with the paper which you don't want to read or write? What is that machine called which this army man used? Oliver North? Shredder? My time has shredded me and my space has insulted me. I have been insulted by those who I love as my own. I have been shredded and doubted by those whom I nurtured and nursed. I have been slapped and kicked by those whom I have kissed, and prayed for. But what that means? That actually means nothing! I am still here, I am still alive, and you know what? Not that I have life, not that I have right to life, I'm not that foolish. I know it exactly. But you don't let me go. So you must be very powerful, must be very real. And thank you for being kind and conscious to me. But if you want to keep me in this physical cage, this rib cage, and that's the way you want it, let me tell you something. You will hear, after my death, a lot of stories. And you will hear a lot of stories now. Those are earthly stories. Dirt will be a dirt. If you want to eat it, it's your problem.
Then after I'll be gone, there will be mental games. That is your stupidity to waste time. It's not my problem. But let me tell you the spiritual thing. And listen to it carefully. Spirit is in you and you are a spiritual human being. Kindness is your virtue and compassion is your friend. That's how you live in life. But have you understood how divine, easily you can be, and how saintly you can be, and how perfectly Godly you can be? Let me tell you a simple formula, and listen to it well. When you speak, when you act, when you live, when you talk, when you do any Karam, when you do ANY karma, do it in such a way that it shall be under the command of kindness and compassion. WHENEVER YOUR ACTIONS SHALL BE UNDER KINDNESS AND COMPASSION, THEN PEOPLE, IN SPITE OF THE FACT THEY WANT TO DESTROY YOU, IN SPITE OF THE FACT THEY HATE YOU, THEY WILL BECOME CURIOUS ABOUT YOU, TO KNOW YOU ARE THIS REAL STRENGTH. Hey, don't be foolish! Kindness is not a yo-yo joke! Kindness is the REAL grit, the REAL strength, the REAL courage!
Compassion is the projected strength based on kindness. If you do not learn in your life to be kind all the time and to be compassionate all the time, you have not learned to be human. You are born human, I agree. And you will die human. But you will not be a man-kind. Every man has to be kind. And it may not be very compulsary in other religions. But for a Sikh, Guru says, "Daya Dharam ka poot hei." Kindness is the son of Dharma. So Sikh who is not kind is not worth anything. I'm not worried how many of you will remain Sikh and how many will leave, and how many intend to leave, how many are border cases and how many are margin cases. Don't bother me about that. Because I did not do my CPA and I'm not an accountant and I'm not going to be a bookkeeper. I don't care if you all leave, I don't care if one of you leaves. I don't care if many of you come back or do anything! Look, this is the game you are playing between fate and your destiny yourself. I just walked into this land, I
understood my job, I answered my callling. I told you to come to the Shabad Guru, the Siri Guru Granth. It was my intoxication. It was my joy of my love.

All of you tell me, "I love you." And I tell you, "I love you, too." But let me tell you what I love. I am in intoxicated and I am very humble and prayerful. I am very barrel-minded about it, that I should just do my job and get out of here as fast as possible. I'm telling you very frankly. And all I want is, that in my last life, I started analyzing people to accept them. And that was my foolishness. This time I don't care who's who. All I want is to deliver them the right message at right time to make it to the Guru so that they can experience God. And I tell you... maybe I'm right or wrong... but mostly you meet me, and tell me, and talk to me as a spiritual teacher. I'm not your buddy, I'm not your muddy, I am not your uddy, kuddy, puddy, anything! I am your SPIRITUAL TEACHER! My relationship is with your soul, with your spirit. My relationship is not with your body! I am not a masseuse! I am not professional in any way except I am to administer the righteous activity, the ministry of your soul... spirit...
the strength -- in which my joy is that you must be happy! I don't want to see you swimming in a dry pool. I don't want you enjoying your morning walk in the middle of the Sierra. I don't want your nights to be nightmares.

Therefore, through the Guru's grace, I have delivered you the message to walk unto the path of the Guru. Now, I am going to go. It's my last mile of the life... and I don't want you to remember me for any reason, and I don't want you to praise me for any reason, and I don't want you to exalt me for any reason. Because you never understood me when I am alive, and I am with you. Why after my going you say wrong things when you couldn't do the same things when I am alive and well? I want you now and always to appreciate yourSELF! I want it very badly. When you dress up wrong, when you behave wrong, when you talk cheap, when you do all those kind of things, it looks like somebody has put garbage into the milk and wants to make a milkshake. You all do that. It's very painful, it's very bothersome, it's very troublesome. You should know that. I'm telling you heart to heart. It's not that I'm hiding things with you. I don't want you to look dirty... look ugly in actions in
public. I hate people who bang their cars. I hate people who do not dress properly. I hate people who expose their weaknesses to others. I hate people who just trust everybody like a fool and they have no common sense. I do say these days very often, "Trust everybody for nothing. Trust yourself." I don't believe that doing wrong is America's pride and privilege. What nonsense is this? I want you to act sacred and don't brag about it. Be secret. I'm not going to break even before the firing squad the confidentiality which you privileged me in my hours as a teacher. I don't want to tell your stories to you. We have no common comparison. We are not equals. How can you, the owner of the house, be equal to the garbage collector? You have nothing in common with me. I have just come here to take away your garbage at the fixed rate and you can't fire me because I belong to the Union. Do you understand that? The only way you can get rid of me, and that too, is to leave the locality. And when you leave the locality, in
the other... every other locality, I know under the union rule, you have to throw your own garbage. So will remember me, negatively or positively, anyway.

So basically what I am trying to say to you is, sometimes you think my actions are weird. No. My actions are never weird. Your ego is weird! You are weirdo! You are idiot! My action to do the proficiency, to see how much crystallization has settled into you, to create a habit, to magnetize yourself to understand your projectivity. To find out whether you are a human or you are a nuisance. You call it pressure? Stupid! Without pressure and without time, anybody can create a crystal? You want to be gem-state and you don't want any pressure, you don't want any obedience? To you, to listen to somebody's wisdom is a hell. Well, baby, you'll BE in hell. Not now...now you are after that, too. Because habits carry you the path. You follow. If you carry hellish habits, you think you will go to heaven? Who you are making stupid of? Who you are kidding to?

I do call at 2 am and 3 am and 4 am. It is my spiritual privilege. I can wake you up even when you are sleeping with your wife. You don't have that right to me. I have right with you. If a thought bugs me, and I am sitting in my meditative sense, and I find something... I feel like communicating directly and you have put the shutters and blinders up so you cannot take psychically all the messages yourself, is it difficult to call you at that time? Hey, are you orphans? You have no control? Nobody can tell you anything? You are mad? Who are you? "We are being crushed by the authority." Forget it! The joy of the authority is, God said you should BECOME authority. Nobody wants to crush you. I don't like people to be limited. The purpose of this human life is to experience Infinity in this finite life. What you know and what you believe, and what you see and what shall happen is not true. "Tith vaar naa jogee jaane, rut maaho naa koe. Jaa kartaa sriste ko saaje aape
jaane soe." Nobody knows any damn thing! It is all guess work! Only the God knows what It's going to do... to whom and why, and what for. So therefore, it is very essential not to be judgemental, but be very positively kind and compassionate. It will do good to you.

Look, let us be honest. We are sitting in Guru's house. Let us be honest. Don't try to be an egomaniac. When I came in United States, I never knew Robertson Blvd. When they told me, 'turnpike,' I said, "What is it?" When I wanted to understand how is it, how that thing, how the people used to take a toll and all that, whole thing. Then they told me there's a 'freeway.' I said, "Then what is the costly way? What is the free way?" And somebody asked me, he said, "You don't know, really, all these things?" And I said, "The game of the earth I do not know. Game of the heavens I am very expert at." If you want to tell me the realms of the blue ether, how the gods and goddesses work, how the beam of the energy shatters and scatters, how it beams itself together, how things happen, how God works, how to talk to God, how God says... it is so easy, so convenient! Oh yeah, one day I went to that bathroom, I couldn't find the lever. It was all very shiny. And then I found there was one very
white nickel thing, I pressed it, and it came like a...unbelievable! I said, "Wow! This is a new thing." You might be aware, you might know... but earthly garbage, it is very difficult to clean, you know what I mean? And you all carry it in yourself, babies. Get rid of it! I'll be gone...The chair of Siri Singh Sahib shall be vacated, and only who has steel butts, stainless steel butts, can sit on it. And start working now! You all will be tested. That's what you want? Have it!

There is a network, SIKHNET-work carried that 'Curse of Mukhia Singh Sahib', and Guru John Singh did a wonderful job. I mean, I just... I laughed to death! I was that day so much worried after hearing that, that I thought I'll have a heart attack if I didn't have before. Then my personal secretary, Nirinjan, wrote the "Blessing of the Mukhia Singh Sahib." And we want to start a dialogue with you. Listen, I don't care what happens to you tomorrow if you don't care what happens to you today.
And just learn one thing: Of the twenty million Americans who revolted for spiritual consciousness, you are the blessed, you are still in the arena and have the chance to be in your lane. When "me", the "me" you talk about, shall look at you for the last time of the life, I shall give you nothing but prosperity, pleasure, happiness, rejoicing and relaxing. My only desire is that you should do only one thing for yourself... that you should become ten times better than me, so that I can have rest and relief.

I'm grateful to those, in my sickness and thereafter, who have put their health, wealth, happiness, divine prayer... God, just for me. I shall never forget their love! They did all what they could. They still want to do more. I'm also grateful to those who slandered, who were bitchy, obnoxious, neurotic, spent money and used every method to destroy me within myself. Because that was so beautiful, so kind of them, so virtuous! It showed me that Guru Ram Das has not abandoned me! He's on my left, he's on my right, he's on my front and he's on my back. I felt the fraternity of the fatherhood and the motherhood and Godhood, all together.

I'm little worried that you do not even understand my maya which I play around you, so how can you ever understand the God's maya? That's my point of worry... little concern. And sometimes I look very foolish to you that I say certain things and ask you to do certain things or want certain things. Maybe it is very, what you call... compelling habit?... or something like that. But I like to let you know if you are so mad, and feel bad about my things, just, for God's sake, don't do it. Do what you want to do, but be honest! When you are told to do, then do it with that grace of divinity. Not with duality. Duality is a karma which you shall pay on this earth hereafter, and hereafter, and hereafter through every facet and aspect of your life, until you can get rid of it! It's a scientific law.

Even somebody wrote me that day a letter saying that if we want to have dialogue with you and we want to be abusive and neurotic or things we don't like, it looks like we are abusing you. My dear man, I have been abused so many times, you can't abuse me! The biggest abuse was on me that day when I came to planet earth. You think it was not very painful and abusive on the part of God to send me here? But He didn't care. He kicked me right through like a football, "GO!" What should I do? And over and above? He sent me to a go-go world here, whisky-a-go-go, music-a-go-go, everything go- go, and there I fit in as go-go? And out of that we have created a Khalsa nation! What else you want? Are you blind? Hooray... few people have left, few people have been cursed, few people have been taken away. What that matters? All we need is a one sage, one messiah, one little sweet thing somewhere which shall wipe out the karma! All we need is one morning the sun shall rise that all the darkness will go away. We have been waiting
all night looking at the moon and the stars, but they are little, little, little. It doesn't work. I'm just waiting. I'm just waiting for that.

And there's another question which you have raised. How come he does not know? Hell with you! I may know, I don't know. I'm just a human being! I'm NOT going to tell the secrets! Secrets are sacred and only courageous people keep them... if you know the destiny and fate of God's life. I'm sorry when I slip away with certain things. And then what I get in reward? "You are right."? Well, what is this? There's nothing, folks! There's nothing right or wrong. When you act in doubt, you shall always end up wrong; when you act in Dharma, you always end up right, and when you act in karma, you always meet a dead end. Now this is the law. Nobody can change it. You understand? You call God "Almighty", don't you? He can't change this law! Then what He does? God is very clever, very kind, very compassionate. So He brings good luck to those idiots and forgives them and pulls them out. That's why we call that damn fellow, "Infinite." Because He skids around the finite and carries those who by virtue of a simple
progression cannot be carried out. So sometimes you people ask me, in 3HO, there are some dead weight. So long the dead has the weight, it has the identity, and we MUST deal with compassion and kindness.

I know you...forget about counseling...you don't even want to TALK to people now! Some of you are too busy! Some of you are little bit successful and think, "Oh my God!" That day I was just looking at the person and I started doing like this. Because he's walking with such an ego that there are wings out of his armpits, he was flying. So I, you know, I started doing. Now, Siri Singh Sahib should not do it, but Yogi Bhajan can do it! You know, I have got three privileges. I am Harbhajan Singh, Yogi Bhajan, and Siri Singh Sahib. As Siri Singh Sahib, I have to be very authentic, ethical, organized, whatever I am. As Yogi Bhajan I can do anything I want. It's my Union with God. I don't believe in it... then it's my problem. If I believe in it... it's my privilege. Do it, fine! As Harbhajan Singh I am bound by the city law, by every law in the world. And what you can do to me? Tie me behind the jeep and take me through the streets of United States for coming here and giving you
consciousness? Fine. But listen... I'll tell you something. You may like me or you may hate me, but God!... you never can forget me! And all those who sit here and love me may not even remember me that much. But those who have left me and hate me, they will remember me with every breath of their life. (The clock in Guru Ram Das Ashram strikes 9 pm at this moment...) And the bell has tolled! It must be a gospel truth! (laughter) I mean, confirmed under the seal and the hand of the God. Time clock has struck!

So what I mean to say to you is, that future is definitely yours. It is a bright future, it is a prosperous future. We have gone through '84 to '88. I have gone as being a grandfather, as being a father, as being a husband, as being a person, as being a spiritual teacher, as being a teacher, as being a working man, as being a business man. I have gone through lot of hell. It has not bothered me, neither it will. Take care of yourself. It should not bother you, too. The very fact is, most of the time I find you okay, but sometimes you are not very kind and compassionate to yourself. Charity begins from home. Many of you are very rude and very negative to your own self. That kind of relationship is a bad news. I'd like you to understand Dharma. Dharma says, "Be kind to others, but first be kind to yourself, to your surroundings, to your neighbors, to your city, to your nation, to your country, and to the whole world." It's a habit to be kind and compassionate. It's a virtue
to be total and tolerant. It's a great grace to be giving and caring.

Three days ago I just found somebody just abnormally late and missing, whatever you want to call it. Unfortunately I was intoxicated that day by my caring nature. I started making phone calls and asked two, three people to just call and check it out, please, blah, blah, blah. After three hours, long research, we found out where the person is. The person said, "What you want, sir? Tell me." I said, "Nothing. I just wanted to know you are okay." He said, "God, in three hours can anything go wrong?" And I cracked up. And when I just took the Kleenex and wiped out my happy tears out of my eyes and I said, "My God, things can happen in seconds! Three hours is a long time!" I said, "God, ji, you can waste three hours and you have no sensitivity to three hours of life?" You understand how gross we are? Hours and hours, and days and days, and weeks are gone by and we even don't know. Just stupid! Get up... eat. Get up... sleep... eat... get up... get up... not get up. Is
that a life? Come on! You know what your date is? (Guru Amrit Kaur is looking at her watch) Yeah, Guru Amrit is very active these days. She's telling me my time is quite big. I know, ten more minutes. Let me talk to them. Do I have the permission of the house to talk ten more minutes? (Sangat: "Wahe Guru!") Well, I got it, but I won't use it. Satisfaction that you want to listen ten more minutes just gave me more pleasure than actually speaking ten minutes. I love the longing and desire.

Anyway, what I'm trying to explain to you is that you are the future of the mankind. And many of you have left, many of you may not make it. But those who will make it must understand that there are twenty million people, young people, the heart and soul of America which revolted in sixties, to produce YOU! You didn't come out of just by Yogi Bhajan coming and it didn't happen 'gilly-gilly come!' and you all just appeared just as you were, and reappeared as this is! No! It's a process of time, dignity, nobility, effort, communication, caring, self-exalting, and people who care about themselves, who wanted to search themselves, who wanted to know for themselves, and you put in a lot of hours of life into that part of you. I happened to be a coincidence. I walked into this world and I am very grateful to my Guru and my Almighty God, who is most of the time limited, that I could serve you.

If you remember my weaknesses, my faults, my errors (which you love to magnify most of the time), I tell you, you are all stupid... It won't work. Nobody cares how many checks you have signed during the day. All that they care is what is the bank balance. I shall be going from this earth with utmost beautiful disgraceful send off, which if it doesn't happen, I'll create it by my own will. There's no problem to that. You know, because I want to tell those stupids who think that my grace and my life and my living and my atmosphere is based on their special efforts... I wanted to tell them that they are stupid... that they are not a part of it. My life, my virtues, and my grace and my dishonor and my honor is in the hand of the personal department of Guru Ram Das! And I don't want to create any doubt in anybody's mind. And if God Almighty is not aware that me as ME has to exist, then it's a problem in God's own grace! You have nothing to do to help! And I want to make it very clearly clear to
those who by remote chance think that because of their any act of goodwill or grace or niceness they have done anything to me except one thing, that they gave me the opportunity that I could deliver them the message of their own destiny for their own sake. Is that clear? You have no right to see into the pants of the messenger! If you want to see his pants, then you also have to look at his shirt size and neck size and whole thing... and if you want to do that, first look at yourself, and see how clean, how gracious and how wonderful, saintly and divine you are! Otherwise read your letter and have a nice day. Is that understood?

We have determination that we who work as missionaries with very little salaries and give lot of time, shall work by the power and virtue what God has bestowed us. None of us needs a reward from you. And anybody who thinks that 'we' exist.....'we' means those who work 24 hours without thick and thin, answer and call, and nothing... There's a person sitting here, I'm not supposed to name. She is the secretary to the secretary general. (ed: he is talking of Kulwant Kaur) She doesn't charge any money. Nothing! And she has not brought a law suit, also, that she has not been paid well. And just for hours and hours and hours and hours she has humbly tried... carried the instructions, done her work and done everything. Now who among you can raise a head in pride and match up this individual? Come on, you ego maniacs who think this Dharma runs because of you! Do you have any guts, any courage and any shame, or you have lost every self-respect? Don't you understand this Dharma came into
existence by the virtue of those who give their blood, time and self to it?

Let me tell you also, those who try to do the character assassination of those who were very saintly and very highly revered, shall meet their end in the virtuous hand of those whom they trusted for themselves! Quote, unquote. Just understand, those who will try to destroy the purity and piety and grace and nobility of those, which has been bestowed on them by God, shall face God directly! And I know how powerful you all are.

In the final words, I just want to tell you, I love to carry my cross to my gallows myself. And there are some and many among you, who would love to do that. We are at this time coming to the end of our international crisis. One day I'll write my own memories. I was sitting from the last two hours talking. In the end, I asked one question. "Will it end with this?" And the answer was, "No! It is the beginning!" So please, your own scope is limited, blessed be with you, but we want to work knowing the unknown, hearing the unheard, seeing the unseen, and then become humble.

My only request to this Khalsa Council is, there are eleven million Sikhs in Punjab and there are eighteen million Sikhs you have to deal with. You must know their language, their latitude and longitudes, their attitudes, their fears, their fibers, their aptitudes... because time shall force you to take up the leadership. Therefore, start now. I have carried it as far as I could. You have now mature shoulders and you must shoulder the responsibility which Guru has bestowed upon you. It's my humble prayer with all the health, wealth, holiness and prosperity which your future guarantees to you, may you not forget that you will be evenly responsible and equally workable to carry the future on your own shoulders.

In the end I am very proud of you to be here, and in the end I am very proud of you as your Siri Singh Sahib that you have not yet forced my pen to proclaim anybody and cast out anyone. Not that I couldn't do it, not that I don't want to do it, not that you don't deserve to do it. You don't run the mill... but you're so loving and so beautiful and so personal to me that my own compassion stood in my way, my own kindness broke my own hands. Just remember, we are Dharma and not a game. And one law you must hear from me, when it comes to decide Dharma and to interpret it... at that moment, self and surroundings, family wealth and children are not to be considered as any virtue at all. And it is also not an honorable sacrifice. Honorable sacrifice is to do it because you have to do it... because it is a confronting responsibility to do it. Those of you who will not learn and understand that the call of the duty is the beauty in self, and to answer is the call is the glory in self,
and to do it well is the blessing in self, may start learning soon... because you all have loved me so much that I'll hate to say to you that I may have to leave. And I'm just preparing you for that. And I'm asking you... that's the way it is.

There are a lot of responsibilities which you must now carry, you must face... and do it with grace! To be very frank, I want you to be remembered as saints from day one to your day last. I don't care what people say to you, but I do care what you say to yourself! I don't care how you are judged. I do care how you judge yourself! I don't care who you are. I do care what you can be! Then please forgive me for just reminding you that you are the honorable body of the pure ones... and purity without kindness and compassion is nothing but pure pollution. As life without sacrifice and human without commitment, and a virtuous man without obedience do not exist, exactly the same way, man in doubt is enroute to hell. Get rid of your doubts, take the words of the Guru as a lead, and expand and excel, and reach your excellence! Each one of you has a very deserving right and that is your privilege. It is my prayer that I may see you healthy, happy and holy and prosperous... courageous
as knights of the spirits!... invincible! never subjecting yourself to your own ill-will, to your own neuroses, to your own commotional neurotic sense of irresponsibility. But I want to see you courageously, successfully coming out the most graceful, gracious, dependable, truthful, shining lords of the time and space.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Sorry for the time. Hour for the work has begun. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh! Please go and rest. Tomorrow you have to meet in Khalsa Council and it will be very kind of you if you participate with heart, head, self and soul. Thank you.

Transcription by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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