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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 03/25/1990
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

True Companionship

We call ourselves human. We feel we are human. We understand we are human. And not only we have talked about that we are created by God, and when it suits the religion, at that time, Brahman Atman Param Braham So Hung, that the God and the soul and the soul and the God is one, God is created in the image of God. This suits the religion. It's professional religion. It doesn't suit the man, neither it suits the God. Scriptural inspiration is a pathway on which a man can develop himself to reality. But it is not the reality. Religion is a pathway to reality. It's not reality. Updesh, knowledge, or telling you how to learn, telling you how to be, telling you how it is, educating you, teaching you, is a pathway.

It's a companionship. The real companion is the process of learning, but you do not become learned by that. When you'll become learned, you'll be lonely. That's where "Ik Ong Kar," comes, and you must have then the strength, the character, the commitment, the charisma to not fall apart. The life which you are leading... at least the tragedy which I feel is that if you are animal, then you are much better. At least then you'll get up in the morning, you'll find your food, you'll eat, whole day you try to dodge things and save yourself and do your drama and trauma, in the night somewhere you find a shelter, you sleep, you're okay. You know, you live or die, that's the conflict of life.

But as a human you are very sensitive. Extremely sensitive to the outer interaction. You are sensitive to interaction, you are sensitive to surroundings. But you are not companion of your own identity or your own psyche or your own strength. You are not. You have no companionship with your mind, your soul, your self. You are not companion of your character, your commitment, your power to grow up, to stand up to anything. You are corrupt. And you know it. And no religion can teach you that. No religion can pursue to be nice or decent. It can suggest, it can say, it can lay path for you. It's not something you are born with. You are born extremely insecure. You know that. You didn't walk the very first day. You crawled the first day. And then you tried to stand on your legs, and you know how difficult it was. And then your mama and papa gave you to catch your pinkie and you walked and talked, and you wanted to ask questions, "Why is this? Why is that?" You asked questions. You
inquired. You investigated. So you stabilized yourself.
You need stability. You dig foundations, you made a house, you needed a foundation. Even so much so that in 3HO Foundation or Welfare Foundation -- you make foundations. You understood that stability and foundations are a necessity in your life. But have you found your mental foundation?

These are the questions in Sikh Dharma. Sikh Dharma is not a way of the religion -- "All right, you belong to Sikh Dharma, you are fine, give your one tenth to the Sikh Dharma, that's fine, and read the Siri Guru Granth, do this, you are okay." I mean, if you have fallen into that kind of Sikh Dharma you should go to a different gurdwara where they practice politics, not religion. We don't practice politics. We practice religion. We are not asking for you to vote for us. We are not asking for you to give them money either. We are not asking you to come yourself, too. We are asking you to give us the satisfaction that you are satisfied, you have learned, you have eventually understood that this is one chance you can't miss. This is one chance you can't blow. This is one chance you've got to know that you have come to go and in between you should be totally...

One man was discussing with me. He said, "Yogiji, these are your words, 'the Sikh Dharma has shakti and bhakti in it' " I said, "Yes. That's true. Sikh Dharma has both shakti and bhakti. Shakti is to sustain bhakti. Bhakti is to sustain shakti. There's no two reasons for it. I don't differentiate because one contains the other." "No," he said. "Sikh Dharma is sahej."

Well, you know, these people are very illiterate, freaked. They hear one word and they just, they do not have any experience. I asked him, I said, "How many books in the world you have read?" He said, "So many. Tell me any book, and I can give you a reference." I said, "I can tell you one book I have read. I have read nothing. But whatever I have read, I have known, I have experienced it. If I can't experience it, I can't talk about it." I said, "Tell me, one who is a librarian has the entire library around him. Has he become a sage?" He said, "No." I said, "What is the difference between that man and you?"

If you don't practice something, you do not experience that thing, you cannot understand that thing -- it does not become your concept or companion. Your knowledge is your companion. Your vastness is your companion. Your totality is your companion. Your reality is your companion. You are seeking companionship -- with what? With another human being? Then you must seek the companionship with that other human being and his garbage, too. Man is a social animal in competence to all entire society. Man is not social animal because socializing and going to a party and playing games, that's all you have learned. That's not your life.

If you are a human, learn, then exercise for yourself your first right to be human. You want to be beautiful. To whom? How many of you are beautiful for yourself? How many of you? After twenty years of my talking to you have you become beautiful and said, "I look beautiful to myself?" Beyond yourself there's no companion. Beyond yourself you have no reality. Beyond yourself you have no projection. Beyond yourself you don't exist. It is very shocking to me that I see people sick inside. Any person who expands outside for his foundation is sick inside. It's a law which cannot be a lie. It's very true. If you are solid inside, you don't need outside. Then there's a catch-22. When you're solid inside, outside shall come. Because where there's a deity, there's a devotion. Where there's a god, there's a Lakshmi. Wealth only comes...wealth, happiness, prosperity, all this nonsense which you are running around, cannot come by running around. Satisfaction cannot come running around.

"Lakh siaanapaa..." you read that. "Lakh siaanapaa...." Guru Nanak has done a wonderful service to mankind. Wonderful. He said, "Ik Ong Kar Sat Nam Karta Purkh Nirbhao Nirvair Akal Moorat Ajoonee Saihbang Gur Prasaad." Finished. Totally lined out, described, projected, solidified, and without doubt compensated. Then question is, "How?" "Jap." Repeat. Repeat what? "Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach." All right, repeat. Then, somewhere in life doubt comes. Then he starts saying, "Sochai soch naa hovaee, je sochee lakh vaar. Chupai chup naa hovaee, je laa-eh rahaa liv taar. Bhukhiaa bhukh naa utaree je bannaa puri-aa bhaar. Sahes siaanapaa lakh ho-eh taa ik naa chalai naal." Then also he says, "Kiv sachiaaraa ho-i-ai kiv koorai tutai paal." How can we become pure and beautiful and how this falsehood shall go away? That's your question.

In twenty years, meeting all of you in millions of times, I have asked the God one question, "How I can break through?" Why you are asking me when Guru Nanak answers you. Guru Nanak answered you and you are asking me? Why should I tell you different? "Kiv sachiaaraa ho-i-ai kiv koorai tutai paal." How we can become truth and the falsehood, the wall... 'paal' means the wall. The wall of falsehood can break. That's your main question. "Hukam razaee chaalanaa naanak likhiaa naal." Flow with the flow of Infinity of God into the reality of the magnetic psyche so that your personality in reality cannot counteract and can't counter a violence -- in that harmony and treaty of the harmonious, you can flow and get all things to come to you in that flow. Eh the literal translation hei. Scientific translation which will be understood 2,000 years from now, is that the molecule in the atomic vibration of effectiveness into the possibility of that magnetic magnitude, in which it creates its own vibration and frequency
to which the reality exists. In that reality if the competence is created to make a solitude nucleus in which your own atomic self can inter-react to that possibility and counter the geneology of the entire self being, then all the prosperity and reality shall be yours. This is a mathematical calculation. There's no two ways about it. It's simple.

And these are the facts of companionship. Every neutron, electron and proton has to have a dance and that dance is in a frequency. When your smallest being dances in that particular frequency and reality, why don't you dance in the entire universe with that rhythm? Why you are out of step? You take a girl for dating, take her to dance, feed her the best, and you dance with her. And you step on her toes, two, three times. If she has not slapped you, she must have practiced yoga for a long time. Why not? Has rudeness ever paid? Never. Has out of step ever worked out? Never. Has your crude talk ever brought you happiness? Never. Has window-shopping ever brought you goods home? Never. Majority of you do window-shopping. "Wow this! Wow that!" and one of the most stupid things people do is, they are not willing to recognize their weaknesses. Learn one thing: One who does not recognize his weakness can never be strong. Period. There is no way to progress and grow other than first find out the depth, the
lowest point of you. Then you can start going, doing something towards the highest.

The majority of people are mentally crazy. They are numb and insane, and they have put a... it is called a 'philosophy of camouflage.' You are so expert in camouflage as a human that sometimes your wonderful world will not work out. You present a camouflage, a charm. You present a beauty. It's all camouflage. It's all make-up. Make-up. Make-up. Make-up against your weakness. It is not tackling the weakness. It is not dealing with weakness. It is covering the weakness.

Your entire span of life is used for one purpose. I think in 20 years you have not understood A-B-C of Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Granth Sahib says don't put a charm or camouflage out. Find out the weakness, get to the base of it, pull it out, and install it in the strength. God is with you. In that action God is your companion. In that action God is your friend. In that action God is your reality. You are asking for reality from outside. Guru says, "No. It will come." But your feelings are very different as a human. And it's not I don't want to blame you. I blame every religion major and minor. Haath uh tosaa. Bhay sa fakiree. Haath uh tosaa. Bhay sa fakiree. Jaa Jaa mangay. Guzar asiree. Baanaa man narabano paaiaa. Banday aapanaa ghul ghulaaiaa. All this performance to look like a saint and be like a saint and dress like this and do like this. What is it? I'm asking you. What is it?

Guru Gobind Singh got tired of it. He said, "Forget it. I've had it. Man is not going to be not a saint. Man is not going to be not a soldier. Man is born to be soldier and saint." He fixed it. On one Baisakhi he said, "Come all and come one." All, and one. They all came at that Baisakhi. He said, "You came out of my love. You like me. Fine. I have one demand. I need a head." Everybody looked around, "Hoo hoo hoo hoo. God." But someone, Bhai Daya Ram had mercy on himself. He took mercy on himself. His name was Mercy, God's mercy. "Daya Ram" means "God's Mercy." He said, "Guru, this head belongs to you." He said, "All right, come on. Have a nice time. Come." He walked unto him. Guru took him into a tent. Couple of minutes later he came with a sword dripping with blood. Shining steel, dripping blood from it. My God, can you believe the perfect drama of that? And he said, "I need one more." "Oooohhhh!" Everybody started looking around. "What?" What had gone wrong? Some people said, "Hey." Those who
were front liners, you know? They started getting little further backwards and asking moral support. What is going on? The Guru gone crazy. Well, somebody other got up. He said, "Okay." Like this, it was repeated five times. Then there was a lull for a long time. Nobody understood what went wrong or what went right. In between, some people went to the Guru's mother and said, "Tell your son it will blow up the organization. It will blow up everything. Nobody will follow. We'll be gone." You know, all etc., etc., etc. Then they saw five people ahead of him and he was following them, totally dressed up. That was called, "Bana." The dress of a soldier and saint.

What was the purpose? Purpose was to remind you who you are. That was the purpose. Peraavaa hin innoo, rever it peraavaa. Your total projection... how you want to impress, look, or project... is called 'peraavaa.' And base of that peraavaa is bana. Hey dekho, listen to this! There are certain most powerful things that as a human you have to learn. One is peraavaa. Bana always will be first. Don't wear it, or do wear it, it doesn't matter.

Everybody has one's own style of bana. Nobody can change it. As your right thumb will never change the imprint, so your bana as a style will never be somebody else's. It will have your own imprint on it. Then even more powerful than bana is bani. How you speak. How you utter. How you communicate. What is your body language? What's your wordic language? What is your sign language, and what is your self language? What is your impression language? What is your impressive language and what is your intuitive language, and what is your totally absolutely identical language... identity language? So there are some languages you have going, and then over all that, what we say and do, there is an intentional tone -- vibratory language. "Hey, kiddo." All that runs around a kiddo. Kid, kiddo, kara, karaa, however you want to say it. But in each, the message is different, and that is human.

Then comes simran. Simran has no other evaluation except self-generating power. A man without Simran is a monkey on the tree. It will never change. Your grit, your strength, your stability, your depth, your totality is based on your simran. Simran is tapping into the infinite. Tapping into the Infinite is Simran, and then tapping into the Infinite you should have seva. Four fundamentals. Tell me where we have gone wrong. Bana, bani, seva simran. We always say simran the last. Because simran is tek. Simran is our own 'tek.' Simran is our own strength. Simran is on which we depend. Simran is our companion. A friend, an associate, a well-wisher. A total support. Simran is the ambassador of God with us. It's a reality. It is the congeniality of man and God. Whosoever will do simran can do seva. Whosoever can do seva, can be understood through his bani and can wear bana. Order is reverse. Majority of the people are very shaky when they wear bana. Especially in the United States. Because bana puts you right on the
front of you. Moment you wear bana, you have to perform what bana performs. If you do not match up with the performance of bana, you will be nakedly known for how stupid you are. Person will say, "Hey, you look different, but you talk common. Your feelings and emotions are common. You don't match up who you are." Bana is a reminder to match up who we are, to feel who we are, to understand who we are. And bana is also invitation to people. It tells people, "There goes a Sikh of the Guru. There goes a man with a purity and piety believer. There is the Khalsa."

Once in my lifetime I had to decide something. It came to me. Well, for me neither there was left for yes or no. There was nothing else I could do. So I wrote, "No." And I signed as Siri Singh Sahib. That was my job. That was my duty. But personally I knew there's something else to be done. I cannot do it because I said, "No." But I called somebody I loved and I said, "So and so. Such and such has done this." He said, "Oh, I know Sir, I know Sir." I said, "The guy needs help." He said, "But I just got known that you have refused." I said, "No," I said, "I agree. That's my job. I have to say 'no.' Now it is your job to help him out." I said, "I am limited in a certain area. But compassion has no limit." He said, "Sir, when you'll say 'no,' how I can say 'yes?' " I said, "When I said 'no,' I am telling you to go and say 'yes.' Rather, I'm not telling you to say 'yes.' I'm telling you to make it do 'yes.' " He said, "God, I have to come and see you and understand, or sit with
you." I said, "Come on right now. While the matter is very hot." We sat down and he said, "Sir, Siri Singh Sahib, you are not limited." I said, "No, I am not. That's why I am calling you. I am telling you ." He said, "Sir, how you are limited?" I said, "It is a wrong what he has done and I cannot confirm as a precedent and agree with it. You understand that?" He said, "That's true, but I don't want him to fall." "What I have to do?" I said, "You do everything to cover him and bring him to grace." He said, "Easy. Take it as done." I said, "Thank you." But when he was leaving I asked him, I said, "Look, if you not do what I told you to do, then I'll dismiss you from the congregation for corruption, revolt and denying the truth. And if you ever brag that you did anything, for that insult I'll take also disciplinary action. You hear me clear?" He said, "Really I don't understand that part." I said, "Seva is in the name of God. Now you are doing a service, not as you now. You are doing Seva in the name of God.
That's the beauty of seva." In seva you have to be extremely selfish. Otherwise don't do it. In seva never ask gratification here and now. Let God come through. Give God a chance. Therefore do it in His name. That is the Sikh way of seva. Do simran for your own strength. Not to show off... take this mala and go on doing everything else and keep on rotating just to show off that you are very religious.

I have told you my own experience in Amritsar. I was posted in Amritsar at one time. And the class of our Indian revenue service came to Amritsar and naturally I was their old teacher and I was there temporarily so they came. And one of the things was to teach them and tell them what to do, and other was to take them to Golden Temple. So I became their guide and I explained Golden Temple from angle "A" to angle "Z." What is it, how it is all, the history, the whole thing. When we were coming out, and we had already bowed and asked for the leave of that holy place, one officer said, "Sir, can we have a picture with you, all of us?" I said, "Fantastic. Why not?" So I was standing there and some other man said, "Sir, do you see that Sadhu?" I said, "Yeah." He had a leopard skin around and he was very fine looking. Really a specimen you see somewhere, very rarely. And I said, "Oh thank you very much." I went to him and I said, "Please could you come on? My officers have come
and they want a picture with me but I want you to be in the picture, too." You know. He said, "Oh good, good." He got up. So the public relations officer was a very good man with a good camera and we had given him a very beautiful American camera. And he was always obliging us with pictures. So he went there and just said that, "Let us not have... this way angle little so that we must not put our self in an angle where I want a maximum of the Golden Temple to come along with it." "Fantastic," I said. And we were all standing and posing for it, and everybody saying, "Cheese." Whereas this man yelled, "Stop!" he said. "Grupple." He said it so heavily. Everybody said "what wrong we have done?" I told him, "Rocco bhai." Stop it. And I looked around. What wrong we have done? He started correcting his, that leopard skin. He thought it was out of place. And we said, "Okay, give him as much time as he wants. We want to see that his leopard skin is all dressed up." And then he stood firm as though he were a soldier. And I very
politely asked him, I said, "Could you just smile and relax and look good?" I mean to say... he said, "Aren't they officers?" I said, "Yeah, they are, but you are not. You are a man of God. You are God's officer. So therefore relax and look good. I mean, you are the best thing we ever got in a couple of months. So why don't you just relax?" Anyway, picture was taken and everything was fine.

And it was my daily routine to go to Golden Temple at about five pm, straight from my office, to sit under Baba Buddha's Bir, and do my work, whatever I had to do. Somehow he found me out there. He said, "I have something very disturbing in me." I said, "Yeah?" He said, "Yesterday I totally misbehaved." I said, "I saw it." He said, "You know, I was also an army officer and I became a sadhu. What I am ashamed about is twenty years later, when a moment came, I forgot what I am, and I only remember what I was." I said, "Yeah, then you must understand, last time also you were a wolf. So why don't you start walking on four legs, yelling and screaming and doing that kind of stuff. And before that," I said, "you were very calm and quiet and you were very beautiful buffalo. So why don't you also... baah, baah, why don't you do that?" I said, "Those who live in the past cannot live in the future." You cannot prepare yourself in the memory of yesterday and the acting of today. Your companion is
tomorrow which is coming. Friend is coming. You are supposed to welcome. Your life in Sikh Dharma is to welcome a great tomorrow and to be great today.

Normally as a human being, against the will and teachings of Guru Nanak, we remember our past and act it out today. That's the tragedy we are all suffering under. My prayer and my hope is, let us welcome tomorrow. Let us welcome Baisakhi.

I have understood we have called, wrapped up in the politics of the Indian Sikh gurdwaras and now they are saying, "We are celebrating." We even changed our time from morning so they can have their program, to come to ours at one pm. Now they are suggesting to us that it should have been Saturday. "It's very difficult for people to go to the Gurdwara and then come to the common gurdwara." What a stressful event! I said today I said, "Is it that you don't go to the gurdwara and there is an evening, there is a birthday party, don't you go to birthday party? It's a birthday of the Khalsa, Baisakhi. It's a birthday party." Some understood, some didn't. But the tragedy of the whole thing is that people have forgotten even to celebrate their commitment, their depth, their own sincerity, their own projection. Because we are not looking for tomorrow. Some of us feel that by dramatizing and traumatizing and projecting insanity, drawing attention, we can be known. Yes. You can be known as a pain in the neck. If that is
what you are, that's what you'll be. But just remember, it's a memory of you which inspires love and hatred and a Sikh of the Guru leaves behind a trail of memory which is nothing but full of fragrance of the flower -- inspiration of God, light of the angels and standard depth of service. You shall.. thou shalt serve deeply in the name of God. Thou shalt behave graciously in the name of angels. Thou shalt work out your life with nobility in the Name of Guru, and thou shalt be handy in the name of self.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

---------------------------------------------- After Hukam & Prashad: 3/25/90 -

I shall like to remind you that April is coming and April brings the one, two things. What is called rejenerativity. And there should be a lot of people attacked by pollen as I was done today. And the only way to get out of it is, is to make pakoras with a virgin olive oil and besan. Just remember, this is a very, very national thing. It's not something... and it's very religious, too. And put as much black pepper and green chiles according to your taste. But black pepper is against this one little thing. Besan, which is chick pea (garbanzo) flour. That takes away all extra mucous. That takes away all the clogging of the arteries and the weakness of the heart. It is known for centuries. And you cannot produce that chick peas, whatever you want to call it. If you see the field of that little thing, they call it 'channa.' Chaa-naa. Channa.

The entire heaven creates a fourth of July as we create it here in the electric shocks and I mean, nobody can go near the field when the clouds are there. In India, I know it, people get electrocuted right away. It's a very powerful food. It's very cheap. It looks good and if you can take care of your health, then next Sunday, like me, you'll not be watering around and sneezing and doing through all that, and it will be good for health, also. And also, you can ask Siri Simran Jr. to let you know besan ki roti. This is what April asks for. And don't try to be smart that because you are American, therefore you are... common cold and sneezing and this, what they call it? Hay fever, and all that. It's a very common disease and the only reason why we had so many wars that we went all the way to Indo-China to conquer and all that, was for black pepper. No big deal. They remember one thing, that was black pepper. But they forgot besan with it. So if the besan... cauliflower pakoras,
onion pakoras, whatever you make, make it in a raw oil, raw virgin oil. And the best oil in America, you cannot get mustard oil here, because it's all heated oil. But you do get virgin olive oil. It's very good for cholesterol. It's very good for health. And besan is very good for energy. It's good for brain. It's good for digestive system. It's good for mucous. It's good for so many things and this is the beginning of the spring and professionally this is the time you should eat onion, garlic, ginger and anything else. Any vegetable... make pakoras and in that besan, please remember to put black pepper, green pepper and cayenne. You will never regret it.

Wish you best of Los Angeles, and best of health here. And I'll vibrate and receive your prayers in New Mexico. And thank you very much for all the cooperation and coordination. I have been late for that reason.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.


End of transcript - 03/25/90

Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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