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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 05/02/1989
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Getting the Pain Out

What is written here, I can explain to you. It is in English... which normally you do not know as Americans. English is the British language it is not yours. You adapted it as a colony, but you have never learned English. So there is a Southern accent and Northern and Yankee and whole thing. We put it in very cleverly so that you may not... you may feel attracted, but do not understand what we say. What we are saying here is getting the pain out by cross winds of the meditating mind. In other words, what we are saying is that you take a towel and wet it with the water and squeeze it to the point that it is dry and perfect. You know what that will take tonight. You got a message to me in Washington. You have to sit down with me and we have to exchange notes.

Okay it is very clever. You have all the intelligence of your father. I can see the danger but that is all right. So we are going to understand one thing tonight: Pain is self caused. Pain is self caused. Pain is when we cannot cope with the situation outside and we cannot cope with the situation inside.

Love has a romance. Therefore love, being romantic inflow and out spill, is always painful. Always! There is no such love yet found out without pain.

When God fell in love he created the universe to experience himself, and he got the pain. So the creator of the universe is in pain and he has committed one mistake only, he has created a human. But today what we are going to tell you is how man, gradually through the centuries, learned to create a meditation. He created a meditation to bring... they know they can't get rid of the pain. They just produce the environment of a conversion. It is not what you think, relax. I know. Conversion. Spasm. So today, what happens to you in normal life is you create a mental spasm. Your whole life is based on a mental spasm or the flare of the sun. Call it anything. Whichever meets your approval, fine with me.

I have no reason to thrust something on you. Either you have a sun flare or a mental spasm in your life through which you work. But that creates change of season weather, and we call them moods. So in mood you cannot conduct yourself. In mood you cannot explain yourself because you are subject to your mind. You think I am in a good mood. Somebody told me that day: "I am, Sir, in a good mood." I said, "Idiot!" He said, "What? Did I say something wrong?" I said, "Just one simple thing. You are 'in a good mood'. What is a good mood? Are you telling me your mind is surmounting the environments? What happened to you? Where you lost yourself?" They said, "Oh God, I forgot you are a teacher." I said, "Oh yeah. I just wanted to let you know."
When your mind is in control, Sat Charan, that means we are in mood... and our mood can be good bad or nothing. There are only two ways to live: better or bitter... or medium. Choice is yours. Choice is nobody's choice. God created you by mistake. He didn't mean to harm you, and he is still wondering why he did what he did, so he is confused. As you are confused. So don't blame God for everything and don't blame yourself for everything.

There is a simple formula in which you must know how the success works. Simple formula. And it is a very clever formula of life and you won't believe it because you are Western you can't believe it. Oriental do not want to believe it. Western cannot believe it, so the great formula is gone to waste. It is the formula of happiness. And happiness based on one other formula... sub-formula. Small formula of the happiness formula. And that is that law of vacuum. The law of vacuum is that there is no vacuum. You can't create a vacuum. If you create a vacuum you have to have a boundary.

And about China Wall, you have heard about China Wall? Great Wall of China? And then when the Moguls heard about it, the Chinese have created a great wall, they attacked and they said, "Great men cannot be stopped by the great wall." And they rolled over. Chinese couldn't do a thing. They thought they have built the best thing in the world and now they can sleep. And they were caught sleeping. So what I am trying to explain to you is, there is a very simple formula which you should understand. Law of vacuum is that there is no vacuum. If you create a vacuum... even in a bulb there is a vacuum but there is a glass around it, you have to create a vacuum. And when you go for somebody's help, somebody's uplifting, somebody's service, seva. Anything you call it. (I know, saying anything you want to call it. There is no problem.) When you want to serve somebody and you are not competent, capable, capacitated... you create a vacuum. And law of vacuum is that there is no vacuum.

God has no chance but to come through. I am not willing to even admire it or even understand it. I don't want to name it. That is the law which... oh, you settle your affairs in a small belittling manner. He took me two dollars, I had to give him one dollar. He cheated me fifty cents, I cheated him thirty cents. This is how you talk. Your normal life is based on loss and gain and that is the most stupid way for a human to live. If you read all the scriptures of the world, they will end up with one thing: let it be, let it flow, let it be. That is all there is. And in dharma, Sikh Dharma there is one simple saying: "Ik dharband..." if one gate is closed, hundred doors can open. God has a huge court.

So God created the earth whether we find him or not doesn't matter. The One who created Los Angeles, whether you can find him or not, what it matters? Los Angeles is Los Angeles. It is name of the river and now if you look at the river that river cries. There is no water in it. But it is still called river Los Angeles. I am not joking. It is a big sewage drain in the middle of the city. That is what man has reduced that natural flowing river into. So we have done lot to ecology... not to the ecology on the earth... we have done alot to our human ecology. Human personality is an identity in self, and when the ecology of the identity of the personality is correspondingly changed to the medium version of itself and the higher frequencies ignored and the lower frequencies subdued, man is called miserable and in pain. And there are no two opinions about it. It is the law which is as good as God.

Tonight we are taking a gutsy opinion to work on certain aspects of the mind to break the clog up and let it flow. Most of you will not like to flow. Some people are very disturbed by my classes because they have forgotten to meditate and here they are forced to meditate. They don't like me. They don't like me for many things. But you know my problem is they don't like me because I like everybody. But just remember one thing. No bud is powerful. It has nothing if it doesn't blossom and no blossom is wonderful if it doesn't have fragrance. Without fragrance that thing won't come, the pollen won't come. And no fragrance is beautiful if it doesn't turn into fruit. No fruit is good enough which doesn't ripen, and a ripe fruit is worthless if it is not tasted. No taste is wonderful if it is not satisfied. No satisfaction is powerful if it is not melted down in its ecstacy. No ecstasy is experienced if it is not in prayer. I made it up right now. Don't be so serious! What are you looking at me?
What I am trying to tell you everything is nothing in the beginning, and now in the end there is a God. There is no vacuum. Vacuum you create therefore you suffer. You are in competition with God. You abuse Him, you use Him, you disregard Him, you disrespect Him, you break every law of the nature. You kick Him out. You beat Him up and you are the worst thing He ever created, but He created you in His own image, therefore He is in love. He doesn't know what to do. Yeah, I said to God, "If it is so miserable what went wrong?" He said, "I don't know. Do you know?" I said, "I am asking You. You are the God." He said, "You are the yogi." So we did the same thing. He said, "See? Even a yogi you are also questioning me." I said, "You are right. I will shut up."

God created. You must understand. Anything is created in one's own image. You call it relationship. Nobody is in relationship to anybody. There is no relationship. Don't be fooled. It is all science of hooking and fishing. I am very polite tonight. See? But relationship is in which the imprints are done. Strength is when the neurons of the brain follow the imprint by the subconscious memory to protect you, but when the conscious memory makes the pattern to project, then your psyche improves. You don't improve ever! You do not become nine feet wide, sixty feet long. You are just that human being with wrinkles who is trying to put AX cream or vitamin E to get rid of them. But what will happen to your mental wrinkles? Don't you do your mental uplift? Only face lift? That is all you know. Even for a face uplift and all that, you go to a good surgeon and check his credentials and all that. For mental uplift you just don't want to go anybody, you check no credential. You do absolutely no research. It is amazing! And you think
your mental uplift will continue if you do not have a spiritual uplift behind it? You think the lamp will burn whole night which has no oil in it?
There are alot of questions to ask tonight. But you know talking is taking time. We don't want to do that. We want to do the job. That is the best way to do... meanwhile we welcome these Australians. Can they stand up? They are very shy people. You know Australians. They hop, jump and go like kangaroos. I know they are beautiful people. Guruneel Singh is a psychologist from California, with colors, highly qualified, very intelligent. He is going back to Australia. Have you done your Harvard trip? Did you find something there? Before you go, just let me know how did it taste?

Let us do tonight what we came for. Talk was just to lure you into it, so your pain can be little less. Come on, come on! We are going to understand and work out the system. How we work out the system? Please understand. Put your hand here, and with this hand play that bounce ball and just do it meditatively. This hand just straight forward no problem. And finally take this finger together, three fingers straight and press it hard and with this hand you bounce. Like that ball we have which bounces and do nothing but close your eyes and get lost. No, no! The ring finger. When you married... remember that big guy? Where is he tonight? He wants his woman to go to the meditation class so she can come home very smiling. Wow! Men are really good. With all the upset, try to meditate. You will feel a mental chaos to start with but if you get into it you will surmount it. You have nothing to do. It is not your game. Either you are a part of team or you are a part of game. If you are
part of game people do not like playing games with each other. That is where you miss the whole lot. Be a part of the team. Pull it together. That is why Wells Fargo still is a bank.

Come on! Fingers are meant to be straight. You are not old enough to bend them. Elbow has to be straight. You are not impotent enough to... if elbow does not be straight it is proportionate impotency. Mental physical and spiritual. I am not joking, just understand that. It is a natural course. It is a body language. I am not straightening out my elbow to show you my measure of potency. That is why I am keeping my hands down. But I want you to understand. I am not inflating your ego or involving it. I am just telling you a scientific fact. If your elbow is bending, number one, and your fingers are crawling around, just understand what you are proving. We are here to conquer. We are here for victory. We are not here to give up.

Play the ball. Hard ball, soft ball, no ball, but play the ball! But this even you can't do it, you are feeling upset. Some of you are so upset what I am playing. You are playing nothing. Play the ball. That is it. Come on, come on folks! Let us do it! When you really are in the game then you breathe differently and every individual has to reach his point of own breath. Look, tonight we are doing something very fantastic and it is automatic. Okay, keep your eyes closed, concentrate, and play the ball. Hard ball, soft ball, baseball whatever it is. Hit hard! What is that six in... what do they call it when it goes and hits the people?

Play that new tape. I think that will encourage them. We are playing this tape just to encourage you. We don't mean anything. No influence. Play your own hardball. Concentrate, meditate, accelerate, fall apart. Do whatever you have to do. This is one time you have got to play your own ball. It hurts. I know, I do it every day. Who likes it? It is good for health. It makes you sharp, cute. Mentally cute.

Now we are totally working on mind. Body is in terrible shake and going to fall apart soon. I think we can only handle another eleven minutes. No problem. Why you worry? You paid at the gate. I couldn't let you go even if you wanted just now. You want me to do my job or not? Okay, then play the ball. Train your dog also to do the same thing. He will be very intelligent. Make your cat to play the ball. Make your child to do it. You will have excellent high frequency and you will have a high IQ child. Make the mother in pregnancy do it. Here comes music for you.

(Har har wahe guru blissful)

Come on. Wake up! You see I am very compassionate man. Stop it, stop it, wrap it. Now you have exactly one minute of interval to do all that because you are going to do the other hand. Don't you believe in balance? You do not know why you came tonight? I don't think you know. One minute. Gobinde, Gobinde, Gobinde, Gobinda, Gobinde. Ah ha! Such a cooperation giving shoulder massage and doing automatically. See what adversity does? Put people together. You play games with everybody. Now you are going to play tonight your own game and you are miserable? How can that be?

You have a PhD in playing games? Let us see how you play them. Now change the hands. Set it up. Hey! Look, if you don't do it properly I will put you on your heel posture. You remember? And then bottom will hurt, top will hurt. But I am just not miserable yet, so later.

Okay. All set. Inhale deep. Deep, stretch. Exhale. Set. Close your eyes please. Play the ball, play the music.

(Har har wahe guru by Nirinjan is played)

Make your mind to believe it is a reality. Hold on, you are wonderful. I don't want to say anything further. Make the U of your this... left under the neck. Right underneath. These two things fit right in the neck. They will touch. Automatically by your body temperature in the meridian and just lock it. Don't take this adams apple and press it but just down there where there is a thyroid. Down there with the base and just put a pressure there and close your eyes and we will go. There should be about fifteen to twenty pounds pressure in that area where your two hands are meeting, one pressing the other. Self caused pressure is required. All set. Now please, spine straight. Now concentrate at the throat center with all the might and the force.

(SSS plays the gong.)

Don't choke yourself, but for God's sake choke the deficiency. Choke the negativity. Choke, get that basic eternal anger out but remember you continue breathing and live. Keep the pressure as steady as you can and we are going to play the tape now and you are going to sing as loud from the navel point. From the navel.

(Har, har wahe guru, blissful by Nirinjan is played)

Inhale deep! Deep! Hold tight. Put the pressure and turn the entire fiber of the body into steel. Contract. Contract the entire being. Very powerfully exhale. Powerfully! Inhale deep again, deep, hold it tight under heavy pressure. Hold it tight. Pull the navel in and contract every fiber of the entire body. Entire fiber. Toe to top without exception. Again exhale deep. Very good. Inhale again. This is the last chance. Remember no part of the body remains without that power of being constructed, constricted. Come on, inhale more. Put the heaviest pressure you can put without choking yourself and now contract. Contract. Contract, contract, contract, contract, relax.

Thank you. It was nice. You are very beautiful. Whatever you have done tonight is more marvelous than I have any that I feel easy getting done. It is fabulous. Now night is yours, and I don't know what happens to you but if you are well and healthy, then come tomorrow. We have to leave you in a state of shock.

Oh, that birthday thing. Where is she? My God! This is God given birthday. I can't even believe it. Let me taste it first. Oh, you can sing the birthday. And Sat Nam, and may the long time sun in spite of clouds, in spite of games, in spite of bad wives, through his grace. Sat Nam.

It is very good, eat it enjoy it, relax. Please talk to each other. Don't stop talking. Say something to each other.

- end -

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