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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 02/11/1990
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Wandering mind and Wonderful mind

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

It is a fact of life that we are born in the image of God, or we conclude we are born in sin and we have to work. There are two options: One option is five thousand years ago, man has gone through impulsation and convulsions -- that's how he is born. Whether the egg came first or the chicken came first, nobody knows, but the fact is that there are two ways that reality is approachable. Our religion gives the theory of reach. It is called 'paat.' One is: we are born in sin, we are terribly negative, we are condemned to death, we come here, we have to work hard, we should give our money to the management and go home. That's one approach. And they will buy us six foot by six foot square foot in the heavens and they are the better than us, and there is a middle man. We call it a pandit. Pandit is a middle man. A knowledgeable man, an acknowledged man, a wise man, a chariaa man, who tells the commoner: "You are good for nothing. You listen to me and I'll elevate you. I'll reach you to God. I guarantee you at the rate of
$250.00 an hour," something like that.

Or, there's another price that, "I'm a good man, I'm holier than you. You give me respect, you get under my control, you listen to me, and you are stupid and you are okay, but if you listen to me you'll be better off." It is called evolutionary system of projecting my ego that I am a holier than you, and you being a controlled audience, or it is called 'capture status,' which has been going on for centuries.

And third approach came out in between. Everybody looked at the system and then protested. They said, "No! This is wrong, that is wrong!" And in Sikh Dharma today every president who fights with the previous system rather than handing over the charge and thinking: 'Guru, you blessed me, my job is done' -- he opens another gurdwara. So basically what we have done is something which is our reality, which is our experience, which is our strength, and we have made it commercial out of it. We have made politics out of it. We have made jurisdiction out of it. A science of infinity, science of reality which is religion, that has become individual telescope, bioscope and situation where man wants to show himself or see himself on the planet earth. It has nothing to do with heavens.

But, there is a critical situation. And that is that the mind wanders. The wandering mind is not being controlled. Mind wanders. You don't believe it? In last twenty years there's not a great spiritual man on this earth that I have not met with, or known, or understood. Even they wander. They wonder not. How to take a wandering mind and make out of him a wonderful mind? This is all the purpose of life is. This is all life is about. In Siri Guru Granth you will find so many shabads with detail -- very sophisticated or very crude detail -- which shall tell you and guide you how to take and talk to your own mind.

There's a one word in Sikh Dharma which is a word we normally use: "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." "Ang" means the limb. We have a lot of limbs. We have ten trillion cells and each cell has three parts, so we have 30 trillion limbs if you really want to know. That many you are. And "Sang" is not your wife, your children, your friends, your houses, your bank balances. "Sang" is your mind. You know, your mind goes berserk, and everybody says good-bye to you. There's not a one person. And they take you to mental hospital. And they put a jacket to you. I mean, you are the same person who was wonderful, appreciated, loved, everybody adored you, but because your mind is off the beat, you are off the beat. So "Sang" is of the mind.

And there's a one shabad in Sikh Dharma, you will not find in any other religion and that is "Anhad." In the last term, the word is "Anhad Sunaho Vadabhaagio." It is NOT "Anand Sunaho Vadabhaagio." (Referring to the first line of the last pauree of Anand Sahib.) Normally they pronounce it wrong. There they do not have any differentiation. Well, what goes, goes. It's not a matter of discretion, but fact is... last... when Anand Sahib comes to its last pauree... fortieth pauree, the last term is "Anhad Sunaho Vadabhaagio Sagal Manorath Poore."

All perpetual purposes have been adjusted, satisfied and done.

"Sagal Manorath..." ALL mental projection has been satisfied by "Anhad." Now listen to Anhad. The ultra celestial sound of the Infinite is called "Anhad." And that is the by-product of Gurmantra, "Wahe Guru." "Anhad" is by-product of the word, Gurmantra, Wahe Guru. Wahe Guru is trikurtee mantra. It is a mantra of agia chakra. It is a shakti mantra. Total life we use in Bhagati (Bhakti). And Guru Nanak was the pioneer of the Bhagati wave, (Bhakti) period. Bhagati... it was a Renaissance in which Bhagati was the trend. But when it reached to the Guru Gobind Singh, he put Bhagati and Shakti (at the time of Guru Hargobind) together. That blend was complete. You look and watch and study. Everywhere you'll find one situation. Either it is a Bhagati or it is a Shakti. There is no chance that you will ever find... yes, people who do Bhagati, circumstances for them, to put a hand to the sword, and they became Shakti. Circumstantial. Not directive. Not celestially commanded. Not that they think it is a divine rule that
Bhagati and Shakti are equal and perfect in balance.

It is that balance which is a turiaa stage. Which is a stage of the absolute. And there's no gimmick about it, there's no uncelestial dealings about it. It is simple. It is not a solitude, and it is not a lot of huge crowding. It is a simple aptitude of a man who wants to understand that how the wanted... you can be rich, you can be perfect, you can be complete, you can be satisfied on the gauge of this earth, you can have a couple of big houses, couple of big businesses... there's a certain standard. And you are very eager to know who is a billionaire. And the magazine came out with the ten billionaires in the world and I said: "He forgot one... God! Who is the REAL billionaire and we are just a reflection of it."

But nobody understands the creativity of that Infinity in reality, in totality, in individuality and Its aspects, Its facets, Its living, Its dying, Its creating, Its going, Its coming. Absolutely we have no concern with it. Because the total mental facade is based on insecurity. Total facade of activity is based on Infinity. But here the total facade is based on insecurity. "What is for me? How it will serve me? How it will work out for me?" Now can you believe what a destructible road that is? When you are only wasting your time to know how God is going to work for you and don't let Him work?

Take a servant in your house. Ask him, "Did you clean this?" "Yes, ma'am." "Did you clean that?" "Yes, please." "Did you go there?" "Yes, please." "Have you understood this?" "No, sir. Yes, yes." Waste his time, then lunch time will go away. "And where is the lunch?" He says, "Well, all I have been answering since morning to you, what questions you are asking, 'where is the lunch?' Where is the time to cook the lunch? Now go in a hotel restaurant and eat your lunch." He's not going to serve you lunch. If you start nibbling at somebody at 9:00am, make the life miserable by 1:00, and then expect at the same time that your table will be full with a lot of goodies, I mean, you are insane. You are out of your mind. It doesn't happen. You are totally restless and make God absolutely restless. "Give me a good car. Give me a good this, give me a good that." Well, wait a minute. You think He is insane? One who can rotate this earth is so insane they cannot take care of your routine? Just
understand this.

I had a personal experience yesterday which was very divine. Absolutely. I went to the club to do the exercises. Doctor wants me to, and I know it is good to obey. A good student obeys. So I went. When I came out of my thing I was thinking, "I have sweated a lot. What should I drink?" That was my mental idea, "What should I drink?" And I came and sat down. There was a beautiful cup full of peppermint tea. I didn't ask who it belongs to. It was one other person. It was well provided. Supreme mind, in Its psyche of 3-1/2 cycles in awakened self, lives and works the universe in perpetual dimension, and its directions and angles are complete and absolute. There's no doubt about it. Therefore, that Supreme mind does have constant touch with individual mind. And people are very worried, actually. Religion has freaked us out, put so much spell of fear. Wandering mind is terrible. No. Let mind wander, and come home. Husband goes out to work. Wife goes to do shopping. Wandering is a good healthy sign. Let it wander provided it
brings good information to you. Even it tells you the world is stupid, so at least you know. Your mind, it can tell you how terrible cutthroat this planet is. Even that is a good idea. That should give you stimulation to be good, to be nice to yourself.

Here we are running a commercial situation in the world, that if... (this is our judgement... not that we'll be judged by God. We are judged by ourselves.)... if one is rich, his car is new, his house is well-done, his wife is very obedient, his children are very nice, money, cash-flow is all right, there's no problem, and etc., etc., and health is good, all that stuff, you know what that means? God is very kind to the guy. He's doing good. And if one gets up and gives millions of dollars or something, to charity and all that, and help the poor, then he is very generous. That's very good, too. But ask that guy, does he understand whose tool he is? That fool! Whose tool he or she is? If he understands that he's the tool of that God, prevalent all over... that he's the product of that Ik Ong Kar, then he is wise.

I was explaining yesterday while driving in the car, there was a sign, "No U-Turn." And I said, "What a beautiful word the 'U' is. Two 'I's' put together underneath at the bottom. What a beautiful union." If take away that joining part, that little cup of prayer underneath the 'U', you have two 'I's.' You'll never make a sense. And majority of us sometimes refuse to make sense.

That is why the basic elementary situation with Sikh Dharma is that wandering mind has to become a wonderful mind, and that is the "sang", that's the relationship. Healthy body has to progress healthy. People are afraid. I normally hear: "After forty, it is down the hill." You know, after forty, it is no good. But have you understood it is a chance to be graceful? Monkey, chimpanzee... whatever that is... mind, if it sits down and starts, behaves, believes, controllingly, and starts doing drama for you, it can fetch you a lot of good. It is not very complicated to live healthy, happy and holy. It is only the bogus religious man which has put fear in our mind. We are no good? Then who is? And if we are terribly bad -- let's put in simple thing -- if we are terribly bad, who we belong to? We belong to the same God to whom that wonderful good person belongs, so what is the difference? You mean God is so small that He has a pen and a paper and He should write tickets with it? Are we
discussing a meter-maid or we are discussing a God?

Widen your horizons: Anhad... unlimited. Beant... ant beant hei... end is endless. Parapaar puran paramtamaa. Pavan Guru. The vehicle of the prana which is the Guru. Pavan means which brings you the prana. Vehicle. Pavan Guru. These are Guru Nanak's words, not mine: Pavan Pavan Paarpara.

Paarpara pavan guru. Pavan Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Pavan Guru. This is what you have to understand: Each breath of life, each force of life, is a kiss of God. Agreeing to the fact that you are in a state of negativity, agreeing to the fact that your resolution is negative, agreeing to the fact you are absolutely undeserving. Agreeing to the fact that you are absolutely minus zero, what more can I say? In spite of that fact, if the breath of life touches you, God is kind, compassionate, loving, and is with you. Somebody said, "I need a chance." Every breath of life is another chance! That is why we are grateful to our father... the father of the Khalsa... Guru Gobind Singh, who gave us Siri Guru Granth, a perpetual Guru. Not a human Guru. Human Gurus are good, God bless them, they can run their business. I have nothing to deal with it. I'm not saying that a wise man is bad, holy man is a bad, and human Guru is wrong. It's not my subject, neither my topic, nor I touch it. It's too limited. A constipated Guru can really
give you something you can't even understand. So just... sometimes a mentally clogged up Guru can come out with problems. And I went to meet some human Guru with a lot of 'shavdar', you call it, I mean to say, feeling. I said, "All right, this guy has met me so many times. And what is wrong? Let us go and see him." And when we were sitting and talking over cup of tea, and they served me tea, and they served him tea, and there were three, four people who were served tea. His wife came in. God, I never have seen an Indian woman who is so Western. She shouted at him as if he were a dog in the pen. She said, "Don't you know the tea is getting cold? And you're not asking Yogiji to take tea?" The way she said it, the tea became so cold. I tried my best to open my lips to sip it. I couldn't do it. I said, "This man to whom every morning a hundred thousand people bow, and this woman for whom he's a God, pati parmeshar...

I-aanaree-ay maanaraa kaa-eh kare-eh
Aapanarai ghar har rango kee na maane-eh
Saho nerai dhan kamalee-ay baahar ki-aa doode-eh.

(Guru Nanak, from Shabad Hazare)

I said, "This kamalee, this madwoman, even doesn't know how to address him." But psychoanalytically I found out that she wanted to tell the audience that she is in control. And when a woman wants to wear the pants in the house, somebody wears a fur coat. It doesn't work right. It is classical mistake which every woman does.

And I'm asking you, woman, if you cannot please one man, how can you please one God? And there's a lot of politics going on. Why women are not Gurus. You forget you give BIRTH to every Guru? Is that not a place of honor? Is that not an honor bestowed on you? Is it that Guru Nanak has not sung in your glory and your praise? Is that not in every reference to soul, he has brought you in? Where is the politics about it? Woman without grace, and man without courage are worse than that animal which died yesterday. And just remember, it takes a lot of personal sacrifice. It takes a lot of personal sacrifice on the part of some who bring in and leave for us the legacy for our future so that the mankind tomorrow can enjoy real happiness. Look at the life of every Guru.

Sometimes people say, "We do not have a job. What should we do?" And I'm asking you, "Is the job the criterion to judge your soul?" Is economics to judge the politics? Is politics to judge the system? No. It isn't the life that matters, it is the courage you bring to it. And courage comes from the spirit.

Sikh Dharma is a very well-defined path. It is a practical religion. It is a religion of sangat and pangat. It is a religion of audience and the Guru, and it is a unity of the Guru. We all are the courtiers of the Guru. That's why when we enter the gate... we enter the court of the Guru... we don't come here to worship. We don't come here to meditate. We don't come here to dance. We don't come here for anything. It is absolutely wrong.

Brahman has taught you the worst of all. Sikh enters the court of the Guru and sits there as a courtier. If he has no profile, he's out of his mind. And every courtier knows the decor of the court. That's the first fundamental we must teach our second generation and third generation, our children. Let us bring them the understanding. Let them bring this introduction to every child from day one: when he enters the Gurdwara, the gate of the Guru -- beyond that is a court. And when he bows to the Lord, thereafter, every manner required is a manner of a noble man, manner of a courtier, manner of a knight. And that elegance, that strength, that situation is what basic foundation of Sikh Dharma is.

Coming to the Gurdwara is not essential. But it's a most essentially important part of our life with a complete understanding that we come here with our heads bowed, our minds together, and our destiny to be fulfilled. It is the only that half day in the morning which we just meditate whole week to achieve. And is only action of our exact action which must give our performance the elegance, completion and fulfillment.

I can guarantee you that if you can train yourself and your children and your future with this profile in mind, you will find prosperity knocking at your door when the whole world is sleeping. You are entitled to perpetual prosperity, perpetual privilege of elegance and nobility. You are the courtiers of the court of the shabad. In the beginning there was a Word. Word was with God and Word was God. You have all the assets and power. Time and space is granted to you to achieve those factual achievements and we should not let it go. We should make it possible that it should come into our propriety, in our deep understanding and in our strength.

When you come to the court, you come decorated. You put out your best. That's not going to heavens and pleasing the God. It's here. It's at this spot where Guru presides and courtier is enjoying the bliss. And listening to the celestial permutation and combination of that song which is a bridge between earth and heavens where heavenly reflection uplifts in complete ecstasy. And then man, in that state of bliss, says, "Wahe Guru!" That's the status. And it cannot be commercialized. It cannot be popularized. It can be experienced.

My feeling is, Baisakhi is coming. Khalsa Council will meet. Los Angeles sangat celebrates it with a lot of love and affection. New year has come. We have come out of the clutch of the suffering of '84 to '88. We are cleaning out our karma. We are the hope, we are the sons and daughters, we are the sahibzaras and sahibzaris of Guru Gobind Singh. And let us put out best. Let us do our best. Let us make the year '90 a year of perpetual prosperity. Play some atonement with our spirit and that loveable and blissful, beautiful, bountiful self of ours. Give us a chance and give yourself a chance. This is all what life is about.

It's my prayer, it's my hope that Guru should give us the best of it. And you should enjoy the best of it!

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!


Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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