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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 11/11/1994
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Baisakhi/Khalsa Women's Training Camp: Lecture Excerpts

The Science of Zero

Excerpts from a lecture given by Yogi Bhajan

November 11, 1994, Los Angeles, California

When consciousness changes, people change with it. Some people match up, some don’t. The criteria of the Piscean Age were, “I want to know, I want to learn, I want to understand, I want to experience God.” It was a time of search. The Aquarian era is, “There is no search.” It is a time to be. It is a time to be God, to find within yourself the Godliness—the strength in your manners, in your grace. You are in dignity, you are in individuality, you are in personality. The theory has been that man is born innocent and he has to be introduced and learn about God. And as many people as there are, there are that many faiths and directions.

So, as time passes and goes on, still no one has learned and thought that, “As it is, at the same moment, it is not.” When you understand the science of, “It is and it is not,” then automatically the Unconscious in you gives you the intuition, and with that intuition you can live well. That’s the purpose.

In the science of yoga it is called the science of shunia. The best translation in English is, “The Science of Zero.” It’s a practical development of a human self. The Science of Zero is: anything multiplied by zero becomes zero. When you know zero, then there is nothing else to know, you know everything else. The power of zero is in the neutral self through which the intuition can guide you, and you can learn to be you. Once you are you, your every thought is valuable, your existence will be flowing, and the whole of Nature will help you.

You have to understand, without emotional satisfaction you can’t have personal satisfaction and development. But, on the other hand, there is another satisfaction; it is called, “acknowledgement of the self.” That’s the highest emotion--the meditation on zero, shunia.

1994 YB Teachings, LLC

Meditation for Shunia


Position: Sit in Easy Pose or on a chair with a straight spine. Make fists with both hands. Touch the thumbs of each hand to the mound beneath the pinky, and let the fingers envelop the thumbs. Raise the arms straight up overhead, keeping your shoulders relaxed, elbows straight, and your arms perpendicular to the ground. Apply pressure rhythmically to the thumb with your fingers in time with the music.

Timing: 31 minutes

Eye Focus: closed

Mantra: In class, Gurudass Kaur’s Adi Shakti tape was played

Aadee shakti aadee shakti, aadee shakti, namo namo

Sarab shakti, sarab shakti, sarab shakti, namo namo

Pritam bhagwatee, pritam bhagwatee, pritam bhagwatee namo namo

Kundalini mata shakti mata shakti namo namo

Yogi Bhajan’s Comments: When we hold our ego, our thumbs, we conquer the ego so we may easily come to the point of Shunia - the point of zero. Once we get to that point, the Universe can flow through us.

2000 YB Teachings, LLC

Baisakhi, 1999 Get Ready!

April 13, 1699, the first baptism of the Khalsa took place. Sikhs took on the name Singh and Kaur Khalsa (Singh meaning lion, Kaur meaning princess and Khalsa meaning the pure ones) to establish the spiritual equality of the Khalsa–no longer to be identifiable by caste name. The Panj Piare, the Five Beloved Ones of Guru Gobind Singh literally offered their heads to loyalty to their Guru.

There is a special energy and power that comes on the centennials of any event. In April of 1990, the Siri Singh Sahib reminded us how fortunate we shall be to celebrate the third centennial of Baisakhi. He told us to start preparing for it now.

“… this Baisakhi of 1990 is nine years from that Baisakhi that happens only once every hundred years. In your generation, you are lucky and happy that 1999 is coming again. It comes every hundred years, and you have nine years to prepare yourself. By that time you have to have that grace, that power, that capacity to create the same Baisakhi that you can give your head and not even have any question about it. That day there were five. That’s the way it happened then. There was not any question about it.
My only prayer is that on this Baisakhi, one and all should come. And it is a very modern opinion. It is really a communication between you and your soul. So please understand that we are going to see in 1999. In 1999, right? When was the Amrit given? 1699. Well, 17, 18, 19–1999, 300 years. We’ll be right there. I’ll see you then, if not thereafter.”
Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

1990 YB Teachings, LLC

Life is a Constant Prayer
Khalsa Women’s Training Camp, NM
July 27, 1989

Life is a constant prayer, not a constant play. Your development as a person and especially your development as a woman have a complication and it has a cross-complication. As a woman you do not agree from day one to the day of your death that you are not a man. You do not agree that you have two active parts of the brain and man has only one. You do not agree that you conceive, you deliver, you nurture and you are sixteen times more involved than a man. You do not agree that the coziness, the gentleness, the kindness, that character and the nobility which you can give to your child is imprinted from the time of growing up. Nobody can substitute for a woman. Woman can be prostituted, woman can be raised to the height of a goddess, but the fact is, woman is a woman. And the truth does not move, though she is treated as a doormat and a chick, she is divorced everyday, she is in the courts everyday, she is raped everyday, and she is not seen as a woman. The cost of all this is that man has no satisfaction either.

If you, as a woman, do not have grace to add to the strength of the man, if you as a woman have no grace to add to the strength of the child, if you as a woman do not have the grace to add to the totality and identity of that household, the game is lost. All your facets, all your aspects hinge on that one thing. Your radiation, your radiance and your power of the sun flare in reflection. That is grace. Nobility in your face, compassion in your heart, kindness in your head and character in your strength – that is a woman.

Because woman may one day be a mother, she has the sensitivity, intuition and capacity to carry the life. Therefore, since the very first time one tribe conquered the other tribe, woman was the booty, the prize and the salve. It has never stopped. You have all been sold in a marketplace for three goats and four camels. The tendency has never left. Over and above that, you started calling yourself the weaker sex, you started calling yourself helpless and all that. It is all propaganda. It is propaganda of centuries. That is what Nanak stood for. Nanak said that without woman and her grace there is no God and no peace. There’s no tranquility and no reality. And how can you tell that to one who gives birth to the king and to the philosopher and to the wise? Nanak’s attitude was simple. As a Guru he did not start a religion in the sense of religion, he started an experience of reality.

Your infinity in you is the reality in you. No amount of decoration, make-up and all that, can give you an open third eye. You have got to keep your third eye open. You should have the intuitive sensitivity to find out twenty miles from here where the danger lies. That sense with you is sixteen times more powerful than in the man. Your neurons change in the relationship of the hypothalamus activity to the motor system twelve to sixteen times more often than a man’s. It’s an acknowledged fact.

Your patience, your nervous system, your neurons in exchange projection and the computerization of your mind is eleven times stronger than that of a male. When are you going to understand that you are the universe? Just take it seriously. When I am gone, woman will not be gone. When the modern woman understands that she needs to live in peace, tranquility and grace, she may read these notes from the Women’s Training Camp.

Everybody has a dream. It’s my dream that every child will have the birthright to have a mother who is graceful and he or she can be proud of her. I think I have a dream that every man can have a wife who never says, “why” and “if” but through her light she shows the path, not to him alone, but to the entire family, to the entire future. That shall be a day when man will not go to an astrologer or a psychic, but he will have the very faith in his wife to tell him how tomorrow will be.

Look at the heavens. The moon reflects the sun, and stars shine around. God’s book in the heavens is open and gives the message–what is above is below. That’s here.

Is it not a curse that God made you a woman and you don’t want to be? If God made you so, be so. So be it. You don’t have to learn a thing from me. Look at the moon. Figure it out. Take all the faculties of it. No man has to learn from anybody. He just has to look at the sun. He is stationary, beaming, warm and radiant.

Try to understand one thing. Ask yourself one question: “If I am a woman, where is my grace?” Don’t ask, “Hey, where is my jewelry? Hey where are my clothes?” Ask “Where is my grace?” “Where is my divinity? Where is my nobility? Where is my courage?” These are also decorations. These are the things to be asked for.

Ask certain things which become the decoration of you. Decorate yourself with divinity. Dress yourself with integrity. And fix yourself with the reality of life. You’ll be priceless, the most valuable and most revered, respected human being.

Somebody has given you a totally, deadly wrong idea that a man loves a woman for sex. Forget it. It’s a totally lunatic, neurotic idea. They are hunters, but you can make them one of the greatest, most perfect partners in life, by sharing your grace, by sharing your intelligence, by sharing your nobility.

You have certain valuable aspirations to give to somebody who can trust them and live. Just remember, when this man goes in the morning, bumper to bumper, and comes back, bumper to bumper, he wants to come back to a heaven, not to a home. If you cannot provide him a heaven, a home he can find anywhere. He can find a hotel, a motel, a shelter, an emotional shelter, emotional hotel, emotional motel, five stars, three stars, two stars, no stars. They are all around.

You want to keep it together. You have the right to keep it together and you have the right to do it now. Man has nothing to think. He wants to hunt, provide and relax. These three basic natural aspects and faculties are his driving forces. These are called impulses. These are his driving impulses. I conquer, I capture and I hold. They will never change. It is a recognized fact. Therefore, if you can provide him a very brightly lit, heavenly ecstasy in a place called home, he will lay down his life for you. If you bitch him to death and break his heart, you will only see a divorce campaign. You won’t have a husband.

With a needle you can make a house and with a word you can break a heart. There’s no shame to be a woman. God made it that way. Be that way. Respect it. Revel in it. Understand it and bring yourself all that woman needs to be brought to. Ask, “Where is my trust, my integrity, and my courage.” These are things, too.

When you dress up to go from your abode to face the world, face it with such integrity that people may say, “There goes the woman, there goes the grace.” Otherwise you are racing against time without tranquility. Please remember. You are an independent unit with the capacity of union, and the reality to bring heavens to earth. Don’t compete to win, but compete to experience the play of life. With a prayer in your heart, have that radiance, that divinity, that humility through which, when you stand out in the public, your presence must make every head bow to acknowledge.

It is my hope that when you leave this place to go home, you’ll bring light, brightness, strength, courage, integrity, divinity, dignity, prosperity to you, to your husband, to your children, to your future.

Just imagine those who love life and have a date with life. They have a date with the nobility of life, the integrity of life, the strength and courage of life. They don’t know defeat. You can shred them, torture them, nail them, or burn them at the stake. They don’t care. In them dwells God. It is their strength which brings the sun in the morning and the peace at night. You can be marching hand and hand and be part of that race, part of that grace.

Let your day tell the world you are not a victim, you are a woman victorious!
1989 YB Teachings, LLC
Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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