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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 05/14/1989
Category: Class Lectures
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Never Say No

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

If we look into the all aspects of life, we have to understand something very simple. It is the elegance of our self-identity supported by our spirit and by our reflection. In us there is a fulfillment required to be experienced. Whereas God is everywhere, the guidance of the spirit towards the God becomes very easy when the words of the Guru are practised. This guidance cannot be diffused, confused or taken away. Once the soul is awakened and the centers of energy are balanced, even then, it is the human need to live in that excellence, that self-grace, that self-eminence, which is a human privilege. Making life just to make much too dusty, relating to nothing more than earth, never balancing or evaluating with heavens is a great self-denial.

House of the Guru has one privilege. The householder has to act as a contained saint and a qualified soldier. The concept of saint and soldier is very unique. Normally either we want to be saints or we just want to be soldiers, or we just want to be nothing, or we just want to be everything. It is very difficult for the mankind. In spite of 22 religions and six schools of thought perfected to perfection, man is still wandering with unhappiness. Latest modern scientific facilities, the total research, all the amenities and the wealth, has made a man to go through sleepless nights, cold sweats, and a miserable self interest.

For example you sit with somebody for ten minutes by your watch. If it is a miracle, you won't hear the person complaining. In 20 years I have practised it. I have yet to meet somebody who sat with me for 31 minutes and didn't complain. And sometimes to start somebody, I start complaining myself. Shockingly it is a proven fact. It is true. To complain is a human habit.

I also was virtuous enough to be visited by men of grace and God for many reasons. I even tried this formula with people for whom I have personal respect. They do belong to the spiritual international field of acceptance. Even they have the cause to complain. In a very virtuous occasion, I was sitting with Dali Lama and all of a sudden he said, "Do you know, government of India is not fully cooperating. We are a government in exile and we are finding understanding very hard." I recognized and I replied, I said, "You are the incarnation of God. You know better why things are the way they are." Then I realized in myself, we do complain. Do we complain to the other person, or do we really complain?

The reality is, my soul wants to talk its own dissatisfaction to the other soul. The earthly situation is just a medium. In every complaint, what I am saying is: "I am not fulfilled". There is nothing in this Port Of Call, my death is not real, and Infinity has not yet landed in me. This corrective self complaint is known as physical dissatisfaction. But in reality it is a communication of the deep.

Sometimes you'll be surprised, human fulfillment, not that it is not to be achieved, it has no meaning for those who have achieved it. That is why the path of Guru Nanak is a path of an achiever, path of a householder, and it is a united path for a saint and a soldier. It is not that we do not respect priests, wise men or philosophers, saints and heroes. With us, it is altogether what we have to be. It is not that there is a saint, therefore everything is okay. Once a year he'll come and bless us and that is perfect. Or once a week we'll go to the gurdwara, and for two hours we are 'holier than thou.' Or sometimes, once a week, we'll just serve people, give them food and clothing and then we are the blessed ones. It doesn't work that way.

At the ambrosial hour, 3:00 AM on the local longitude and latitude, when sun is 60 degrees to earth, elevating energy of the sun is penetrating and reflecting from the earth planet back to the atmosphere, taking the direct message to the Creator and the creation. Then a Sikh gets up. That is really a sleeping time. One loves to sleep and snore and dream. At that time the earth is so dear, near, and perfect. Magnetic field is very calmed down because the reverse of the sun rays are directly connected to the Creator, God -- man becomes God and God becomes man. At that hour, getting, being awakened, and then appreciating the Creator of which we are made, and directing our energy towards the God which is imaginary or real, as the case may be, is just to experience that Oneness of God.

You must understand, the planet earth is alive because of the sun energy. Its productivity and sustenance is because of that. Its expansion and creativity is because of its reflection through moon. These are two identities in heaven which are responsible for the cycle of life. We have 5 tattwas: ether, air, fire, water, earth. We are three gunas: Sattvas, tammas, and rajas. Three moods of the mind: of the negative, positive and neutral minds. Five tattwas to construct our body. In this respectiveness, we are just a token light. If we do reflect at a 60 degree angle, and reflect 120 degrees back, we have created the Infinity in the psyche of the self. Getting up in the morning for sadhana is totally a selfish act -- for personal strength, for personal intuition, for personal sharpness, for personal discipline, and over and all, for personal absolute prosperity! Because the whole day, you who are called to be Sikhs of the Guru, you are supposed to act as saints. There is no place for you to be hollow, shallow or empty. You have to ACT
fulfilled! Therefore you have to be fulfilled to begin with! You cannot answer, "I don't know... maybe... what I can do? I don't want to participate. I don't want to act. I don't want to interfere." This does not exist for you. This exists for a person who is a human and lives as an animal.

Impulsiveness is the attitude of the animal, because the animal reacts by its impulse of danger, need (because he is hungry therefore his life is in danger), protection of his life (because his life is being threatened by another animal) and during the daylight he has to make it for the night. Animal nature is totally impulsive. Human nature is totally divine. It is supposed to be contained, calm and cool. It has to reflect anger, greed, and attachment, and all these essences which are the rasas of the five tattwas, in a very divine manner.

If you ever want to be angry, be angry with yourself that you couldn't do better. If you want to be attached, be attached that you should be always very graceful. If you are going to be greedy, be very, very greedy to uplift and serve others, and so forth. All these five attitudes which come out of the five tattwas, are supposed to be transferred into the elevated of the self. It is not wrong to desire. You should be very desirable to others, and you must desire that the other must benefit because of you. It is called elevated service. It is very fundamental that this all can happen because you must believe that God and Guru is with you. Not feeling the presence is feeling absent.

I have a personal experience which I shall share with you. Archbishop Kiriyama of Japan once came all the way to San Francisco. He had heard about me, that I am a great master of Kundalini Yoga, that I am a great man. Call it anything. The day he came to San Francisco, I had a bronchitis, pneumonia, 105 degree temperature, and with each breath my chest was hurting as if 100,000 needles were passing in and out. Doctors were trying to give all kinds of drugs through injections and through mouth, so I could keep breathing... just get healthy if I could. In that physical upheaval, and absolute disaster, this man wanted his Kundalini to be raised, and he came all the way from Tokyo, brought a lot of presents, and knocked at our door at the ashram and wanted an audience. Normally procedure should be, he should be asked to wait till I heal. I was told this was the situation. I said, "If Guru Ram Das wanted him to come and wanted me in this status in which I am, let not anybody stand
in between. Let him come."

Shockingly they put certain pillows under my neck and some cold water towels on my eyes so I could see and at least I could receive him when he came in. A highly elevated man of discipline, he understood the situation. He walked in with utmost reverence and before he could just put condolences about my health, and should feel sorry about what I was in, I told him, I said, "Archbishop, just put your hand in the quilt and find out where my hand is." And when he found it out, I said, "Put it on your forehead, and don't worry about me. Your job will be done." I don't know whether it was fever, or it was me, or it was Guru Ram Das himself. He enjoyed the ecstasy which he still talks about.

Everybody says to me, "Miracle, miracle, miracle." And I say to them, I say, "Did you see who did it?" Everybody was speechless. They couldn't say a thing. And thus we sing: "Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur jin siri-aa tinai savaariaa. Pooree hoe karaamaat aap sirajana haare dhaariaa." That's the line which you must remember. As Sikhs of the Guru when you are called upon to do your duty, no matter how impossible, difficult and absolutely unimaginable it may be, if your sadhana has given you an experience that you feel Guru is with every part of you, then don't hesitate! Because your head belongs to the Guru, blessings belong to the congregation, and you are just a medium. Act so in His grace, in His honor... and just remember, just as He has given you the life, heal in His own glory and in His own name, and do not deny the mankind the touch and feeling of your healing which comes from the House of Guru Ram Das to which you are custodian and you are the servants... to which you are the daughters and
the sons... to which you are the destiny and the future. Do not look, EVER, how you feel. Just understand and feel and Guru shall prevail. Have trust, have faith. That's all that love is.

Those of you who are here, those who have walked on this path because your soul belongs to the House of the Guru, for you there are no more games to play but one. Take the Guru with you, and share with all those who need it or don't need it, because it is you who are supposed to serve the light of the God and Guru, and that's the privilege which has been bestowed on you by your destiny. Let nothing stop you. Physical hurdles, mental discrepancies, physically and monetary handicaps, good luck, bad luck, tragedy, treachery, tyranny, these are all ups and downs of life. Just remember, with the light and the faith, with the love and the trust of the Guru... penetrate! God shall come through.

There's a very simple saying: Those who walk in the direction of the Guru, God always comes through. It is the simple law of the House of Nanak. "Nanak" means there is no 'no.' The name itself means there is no 'no.' When you decide to say 'no', just represent you are saying it to your very Guru Nanak. If you can afford it, deal that way. Otherwise just say 'yes' and let God come through. It not only helps the other person; at 6% interest it will have a plus, too. This is a very saintly manner to live and love.

If you start wasting your time to perfect yourself to become saints, or become very courageous heroes and soldiers, you'll be perhaps 80 years old when you cannot even move, and you may feel competent that you can now teach. When your eyes cannot see and your body cannot move, when you cannot stop your own coughing, and you are waiting till that time, then you will get up for the sadhana when you have nothing else to do. No! Do it NOW! Because a bloody wolf which has lost all its teeth, if that becomes vegetarian, it is no big deal. Deal it now when you can deal.

Sikh Dharma has a very simple thing to do. When you feel highly negative, act positive. And if there is a doubt that you can do it, let the Guru come in with you and God shall follow. Remember, it is the only privilege. That's why we dress in bana, to be recognized for all the people. We are there to share happiness. This dress which you wear, it does not represent fashion. It is a very powerful dress which creates a fusion in your absolute radiant body. It combines and connects the subtle body, which your ultimate soul has to travel through. All we do is just practice that. We do not have a boutique shop that we have to sell each other things. We don't have to sell cloth to buy turbans. We just crown ourselves every morning. We are our own self-portrait of a very imperial man, dedicated to the nobility of the divinity of God. And that is what Guru Nanak said: "I am the creation of the One: Ik Ong Kar. Sat Nam: True is my Identity. Karta Purakh: I am a being who does all in His Name. Nirbhao Nirvair: I have
absolutely no fear and no vengeance. Akal Moorat: I am a pictorial representation of the light of God. Ajoonee: I never have born or died. Saibhang: By Itself. Gurprasad: This I have learned from Guru's knowledge."

If a human has these attributes or attitudes to him or herself, there's no reason to be unhappy. It doesn't matter what is all around. There's no guilt feeling of right and wrong and there's no fear of merit and demerit. But the question is, "how you can achieve it?" Saith Nanak: Jap. (It means repeat.) Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, Nanak hosee bhee sach. In the beginning, truth was. Through time truth is. Truth is now. And Nanak, truth shall be. "Hei jug sachee kee hei kotaree, sache kaahe vaas." This world is the house of truth and truth lives in it.

You have been very, very wrongly told you are born in sin, you lie, you cheat and you are wrong. If you really look at it, you can lie as much as you want, but the other person DOES know the truth. You may be scared to death, but other person knows you are wrong. Right and wrong is known to us intuitively. Wasting time into being right and wrong is just living with misery. Dedicate yourself to God. Follow Guru's instructions, and move on in absolute trust. Give God the chance to work for you, because God is everywhere and you are nowhere... or somewhere. Please give God a chance. He created you, He lives in you, He is around you. Let Him have a chance to work for you.

You are just like that son who belongs to a very rich father and doesn't want to associate with him because his ego cannot take the successful father. Angry, negative and absolutely burnt inside like that of a toast, he is crunchy and black. He cannot even accept why he is being introduced as a son of so and so. What you are going to say? "I am so and so, son of earth."

It is that anger in our common life. We get angry at God because He is too big, too complete, too perfect. "Denda de lainde thak paa-eh, jugaa jugantar khaahee khaa-eeh. Hukamee hukam chalaa-e raaho, Nanak vigasai veparvaaho." He gives and gives and gives through the centuries. He gives all the time. He gives and gives, never gets tired. We get tired because we cannot even accept what He gives. Just accept Him as Self, as Father, as Love, as Trust for the time being. You shall never have to answer to the time and the space. That's the simple way of Nanak's path. In His will, in his hukam, in his "Hukamee hukam chalaa-ay raaho naanak vigase veparvaaho." That One who commands, commands the path also, and Infinite as He is, He shall prevail, O Nanak.

I fully understand that religion has corrupted mankind. Because man has to be told he's wrong, therefore man when he is told that he is wrong, he wants to be right. That gives the pandit the chance to rule. That gives the priest the chance to command. We have created this syndrome of controlling reality politically. But now is the time of Nanak. We have to control politics with reality. If there is any game to play, play no game. Let the Will of the God take care of it. Don't love God... trust Him. Trust is the last frontier you have to touch. Trust God more than you trust yourself. Trust God more than anything in your life you will ever trust. And Guru is the witness... God SHALL come through! One which can rotate this earth for you, give you a few hours of night and few hours of day, cannot that One take care of your routine of the life? Trust God.

And the thing is when in the morning you dress yourself up, stand before the mirror and look at this. "Will my Guru love me today? And will my God be proud of me today? And will I be the grace of God today, through all?" Watch how that day works for you. Let us be very prayerful and dedicated that our soul has a chance to be one with God when we are also alive with our senses. And enjoying the earth in the four corners of light and darkness. Let us be elevated and not have fear. "Khoodaa puchai ga janat ke paakh baazo se. Gunaa kio na kee-ay kee-aa hum rahee naate." God shall ask the pious man in the heaven: "Why didn't you sin? Didn't you trust Myself that I sin, also?"

Just understand, dedicate yourself to God to qualify what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong. If a Hindu takes beef, he goes to hell. If a Muslim takes pork, he goes to hell. Christian eats both and he wants to go to heaven. What you can decide? It is better to eat nothing to create a mess within yourself. Please remember, God shall provide. "Oode ood Aavai sai kosaa tis paachhai bachare chhariaa, tin kavan khalaavai kavan chugaavai man meh simaran kariaa. Sabh nidhaan das asht sidhaan taakur kar tal dhariaa." (From Rehiras Sahib.) A duck which flies from Siberia leaves the egg behind in the snow laid hills. Who nurtures it? Who feeds it? And who takes care of it? On thousands feet high mountains, who does the gardening of those trees which are tall and stalwart and they are absolutely green and bright? This planet earth belongs to God, and learn it through the words of the Guru. Love Him and trust Him and BE Him... and say 'no' to nothing! That is
Nanak's path.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!


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