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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 07/31/1987
Category: KWTC
Location: Espanola, NM


The story about Angad, my grandson...it was midnight late, one
o'clock and Sant Gurmukh was sitting with me and we both were
talking just in a very loving, cordial ecstasy. All of a
sudden he removed his turban and said, "Hey, raise my
kundalini." I said, "What's wrong with you?" He said, "Just
do it." Surjhee, kundalini surjhee. You know that Kundalini
Surjhee, that shabad? I said, "Look, now you are more than 85,
87 years old. What marrow is left in the bones that now
Kundalini has to do what? I don't want your bones to heat up
and crack up." He was sitting down. First we were both
sitting on sofa talking, you know, on one side I was sitting,
and he was sitting, and we were talking. And he jumped down
and did the whole thing. I couldn't believe it. I mean, I was
shocked. He said, "No, no, no. You just touch my head and it
will happen." I said, "I can't do it. I know you know the
trick, but I have to ask forgiveness." He said, "You know, I'm
going to come to America. I'm going to die here and then I'm
going to be born in somebody's house around you and then I will
see whether you raise my kundalini or not."

So when Avneesh was pregnant, I told her, I said, "Don't worry,
we know what it is all about." I was to go on tour. She said,
"Papaji, give the name." I said, "This is the name." Then they
did that sonogram, whatever that is, to check it is a boy or a
girl. They found it out it is a boy. So they were very
befitting. Because normally I say, "If it is a girl, use
Kaur." Okay, that got solved. And then I told them, there is
a one sign this boy will have. When he wants to eat, that's
it. Not a minute less. Otherwise he will never cry. So far,
so good. Very majestic little child. Knows what he is or who
he is. And very lucky. His governess, you know, is very
beautiful. God bless her. She takes him to sadhana. She
takes him to everywhere. I mean, he is totally free. Even I
was not that divine, you know? I had limitations. But he is
pretty free. And you know my polar bear son, Ranbir, you know
him all, who doesn't believe in anything other than what he
wants. Specific specimen of a Virgo. Even he changes diapers
and I can't believe that. That's something very real to me.

God is a totality. And whosoever has patience, God pays him
the dividend. God is limitless, timeless and Infinite but does
prevail through the limit and appears in experience to the one
who meditates in whatever one meditates on. If you want to see
God, just see the light, It will be light. If you want to see God
appear in a bursting star, it will happen.

In my whole life I was challenged once. I trusted a man,
thinking he was a man of God, and it was not true. He WAS a
man of God and everybody IS a man of God, but my expectation
was too wrong. Let's put it that way. So it was my fault. So
certain things happened. There are certain things which
irritate me. I don't get mad, I don't get reactive, but I
become cautious. That's my nature. When things are laid down
in a limited fashion, you can never reach me. It's not that
I'm not corrupt or I am corrupt. It's not that I am not holy or
holy. It's not that I am limited or unlimited, it's not that I
am wise or foolish. Don't worry about all that. It's not that
I'm disgraceful or graceful, respectful or not respectful.
That has nothing to do with me. Whenever you apply limit to
me, it distorts me from that activity. I can't take a limited
frequency. I have no chance. Because my job is to reflect
truly. Come and get it. And when you restrict it or apply
restriction, all I show is restriction, not what you are doing.
We are what are you. That's how I know in my characteristic it
is very inborn.

So basically when I came with a lot of openness and faith to
him and I saw so much restriction and so much, uh, the person
just wanted to can me. And you know, I know yet people do not
have that much tin to make a can where I can fit in. A lot of
people have tried for all these years to can me. I mean, I am
very aware of it, very conscious about. My greatest beauty of
life is what you should have, one thing you'll learn from me,
and that's my greatest beauty....."Don't ask me and I'll come
through." And ask me and I'll start looking at it what you are
asking. And you'll waste time, space and energy.

Well, in this game what is called "life" he started very much
limiting me. And one day I told him, "My Guru is Ram Das Guru,
and I don't think you should do this to me." He said, "What is
you mantra?" I never knew, so much on the spot this man will
cleverly put me on. I said, "Wahe Guru." He said, "Guru Ram
Das is your Guru?" I said, "Yes." He said, "Did HE give it to
you?" I said, "I'll answer you tomorrow." Now the Guru has to
give mantra in person. That's why five tattwas, five punj
piara give you Guru Mantra in the presence of the Siri Guru
Granth. It's a very scriptural thing. No one can baptize you.
One man baptization is a person Guruship. Five is Infinite.
That's why out of my kindness I taught you tattwa bhand
yesterday. And if you can practice that, you can bring the
world in the palm of your hand. Those things are not very
smartly ignored, but if done, practiced, they look very little
and simple, but they are very powerful.

Anyway, we were staying at the mango farm and everyday our
altar was burning, and you know, Krishna is so sincere. And
she was freaking out. First day the altar burned and the idea
was perhaps candle fell or something, but there was no such
sign. Whole altar cloth, everything, burned. You know what
did not burn? That paper picture of Guru Ram Das. It had no
frame. It was just a paper picture. It was just stuck there.
WHOLE thing got burned, even those things in which the candle
was, they melted. They twisted. But that paper stayed there.
And it shocked me. I said, "Perhaps it is a waxed paper." But
no, so many things, when you are not together, it comes to you.

Second day he asked me the question, so I was, the altar was
again done, and I was there. Altar burned again. And I did
not move. And I was chanting. That day there was no paper
picture. Guru Ram Das was sitting. And what I was chanting?
"Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru." I tried to correct
myself, I couldn't do it. And then finally I saw that thing,
whatever that thing was, smiling and the voice came, "Don't
worry. You got it what he challenged you for. Go and tell
him." I said, "My God," I mean to say, I was shocked. Krishna
said, "Sir, the altar burned again." I said, "Don't talk about
the altar. Let the whole house get burned. That's enough. We
got what we want. I said, "Correct the whole thing." Oh, by
the way, I said, "This picture, keep it there where it is."
She put the whole cloth and everything was fine.

Anyway, I went there and I said, "I'll like to touch your
feet." And he said, "No, no, no, no." I said, "I'd like to
touch your feet." He said, "No, no, you are just negative,
fighting with me these days." I said, "Look, I'd like to touch
your feet." He said, "I'll have to have five people to see
it." So he did the PR, look, this great yogi who is freaking
out, he is going to touch my feet, come in. Foolish he was.
So he brought five people and I really touched his feet and
bowed to him in real reverence. He said, "See now, Yogi Baba,
this yoga is no good. Nam Simran, Nam Simran is the best." I
said, "Yes, I do Nam Simran also. That's yoga too. Yoga gives
you nam simran, nam simran gives you yoga. From where you got
Nam Simran? From yoga to start with. Mantra gives you union."
I said, "What is wrong yoga?" He said, "Again you are
discussing it, after bowing to me?" I said, "You do not
understand why I bow to you. Today I can tell you I saw, I
experienced and I felt the Guru Ram Das in my presence. I
would never have done it, and it could not have happened if you
would not have challenged." I said, "You challenged me and
this it." That's why when I am in a dire difficulty, dire, and
normally I don't, you don't see me chanting that. When I feel
that I am in a dire difficulty, confrontation is.....

There was an elephant, he used to go across the river taking a
flower to the temple and it is in the ninth Guru's slokas. One
day he was taking the flower, normal as was routine, the
crocodile caught him. You know, in water, crocodile is
stronger than elephant. So crocodile pulled and pulled and
pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled 'til the flower in that
trunk came to be dipped and he was going to die because there
was no air. And the elephant at that time cried, he said,
"God, I know crocodile got me but this flower is for You. So
let me give this flower and let me go away." And God came in
appearance and tore up the jaw of the crocodile, freed him so
he could do and lay the flower. So what I mean to say to you
is that when I am in THAT kind of dire difficulty. I mean to
say, Sat Simran gets even her parking area through Guru Ram Das
and I have seen it so many times. I mean, you TALK of
miracles. I SEE miracles.

I went to a parking lot, it was all full. And I said, "Well,
let us try somewhere else." She said, "No, Guru Ram Das will
provide." And I said, "He is a parking attendant? What are
you doing?" She said, "I think so." She took another round
and right in front of us the car pulled out. Beautiful parking
lot. She popped right there. So I mean, it is her personal
Guru and she can use anyway she likes, I don't....but I am
saying, when I am in that kind of dire difficulty at that time,
I say, "Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru." And he always
comes through. It has come through very well. But that's my
personal private situation and I don't believe that you have to
believe it or test it out, but try it sometimes. It works.

So what I'm saying is that the experience is an experience.
How that experience is, the man who cannot speak cannot speak.
But if you give him sweet, chocolate or candy, he can (makes
kissing noises) but he can't say what it is. How sweet, what
sweet, that's what he makes this face. And you know also when
you test that sweet that's what it is, but you can't explain.
So that is how that experience is.

Love is an experience. Love is not an expression. You are
wrong. You all are wrong. Eighteen years I have seen you, I
have met you, I have talked to you, and I hope one day before
my death, you will say, "I experienced the love." You talk
about love, not experience. Love is an experience. It is not
expression. Love is so pure, it's not projection. It is so
dynamic it has no dimension. And that's what God is. But
whenever you apply love on action, good and bad, on projection,
good and bad, on figure, good and bad, on beauty, sadness,
happiness, all these millions of facets,

"Kirtam naam kate tere jihbaa,
Sat Naam teraa paraa poor balaa."
Guru Arjan Dev (SGGS, p. 1083)

"I recite the Name of God as I see Him through action.
But 'Sat Naam' is Thy first Name, Primal Name."

These are the actions, reactions, dimensions, limits, but when
beyond the limitless there's an experience, that is called
paraa poor balaa. From the Infinite of the Infinite, and
beyond that, God, your Name is 'Sat Nam.' Now Sat Nam means
literally 'True Name.' And people think 'True Name' is a Guru
Mantra. No, it's not true. It is a panch shabad. Sat Nam is
only panch shabad. Sa-Ta-Na-Ma. And it's beautiful if you
understand the science of it, but people don't accept it. Even
among Sikhs, you tell them what is Sat Nam, they tell you,
'Wahe Guru.' Some people won't even call 'Sat Nam.' They
always call 'Wahe Guru.' Fanatics. But Sat Nam is beej
mantra, it is right in the Mul Mantra. Ik Ong Kar Sat
Nam....God has this whole creation of the God. Sat Nam is the
beej. That is why Sat Nam is the beej mantra.

But what I'm trying to explain to you, do any way you want to
do, feel any way you want to feel, worship any way you want to
can experience it through expression.

But the problem which I am trying to explain to you, which you
aren't going to like it is, that love has no reaction. The law
of maximum return, economic law, does not apply to love. You
know, you can eat eight bananas and then somebody says, "All
right, you eat eight bananas, you eat, then after that each
banana will have one dollar, two will have two dollars, third
banana will have three dollars, each banana will go
proportionately up, so you can eat eight bananas, and after
that you may say, dollar or no dollar, I can't eat." So law of
limited return will apply to it. But love doesn't go for that.

So whenever you feel, "He loves me. And now he hates me." It
is not true. Love has returned himself to eighty degrees, like
today's day is a hot day adn tomorrow will be there, night will
be there, sun will be there, touching us but on the other side.
Love and hatred, yes and no, me and you, it all means nothing
but changing the side. Side. Security, insecurity. Security
has insecurity on the other side. Insecurity has security on
this side. Question is which side you want to be. So you
blame things. I don't blame things. I blame you. Because it is
you who is on the side which you don't want to be. You want to
be insecure, go on the insecure side. Then do it. There's no
jeopardy. There's no projection.

The problem is, do you know you, your mind and your soul,
or....it's very funny, last night somebody said, "Sir, I
promise with you I'll not do it. I know I should not do it. I
wanted to not do it. But tell me why I was doing it. Why I
was urging to do it. Why I wanted to do it." I said,
"Nothing. You didn't do it." He said, "But that was not what
I was asking. I'm saying, 'why I wanted to do it at all?'"
Because sometimes your mind overrules you. Your mind
overreacts for you. And you are so dumb and numb that you
don't do anything; you let the control go. It is called
'wildness of self-activity.' You totally go wild and many
times you cause an accident. Sometimes you don't. Many times
you do. You have nine holes. The outlet and inlet should be
totally controlled.

I'm not saying you should not have emotions or you should not
have feelings. All I'm saying is, there's no place for the
show. If you start showing your ruthlessness through ANY hole
-- forget about chakra -- the net result will be that
ruthlessness makes you ruthless. And gradually it will become
a habit and it is the way people destroy themselves. It may
stop you once without accident, twice, three times. One day
you will be surprised, it will be a pure simple accident.

When you are insecure and you do not know what to do, the only
thing at this time to do is, don't do anything, including the
insecurity. For whatever you don't know what to do, just also
don't relate to the brace. And what will happen? You will
shift the base. From insecurity, you will be in the realm of

Now question is, I am poor. How I can become rich? A very
practical formula. When you are poor, never say it or feel it
or not act that way. You will become rich within forty days.
That's a law. Because to the formless comes the form.
Whenever you become Narayan, you will have lot of Lakhshmi.
Because she's married to him. Don't act, feel, or say.
Utter. Anything you don't act, feel or utter, you will have
the opposite. That's called Law of Opposite. And that's why
above that law is, when the pair of opposites do not work on
you, then you are a yogi.

I confuse lot of people. Some think I am a human, some think I
am animal. Some think I am right. Some think I am wrong. God
knows what they think. But they have the right to think. And I
always think I am nothing. When I feel and understand I am
nothing, then Guru Ram Das takes over. I have seen it. When I
see I am something, it is MY sweat. It never works right.
When I become zero, the One comes to my aid. It becomes ten.
It is called the Law of Completion. Law of Completion is when
you became Krishna, Kar-ish-na, you become zero. Krishna means
zero. Ra-e-ma, Rama comes. Or you become Rama, Ra-e-ma, Rama
means one. Krishna follows. Those words which say, "Lord
Krishna, Lord Rama," doesn't mean anything. Actually thing
sound current is, Krishna where entire universe to become
shuniaa, zero, and Rama where one has created the sun and the
moon. One created the duality and where the creation has come
to zero. These are the two words.

And out of that grew the mantra, "Wahe Guru." Great is the
light which eats up the darkness. It is the Law of the Light.
Where it goes, it eats up the darkness. You may go in room,
you may see nothing. Just press the switch, light comes, and
you see everything.

There are two most powerful things in your world. Lever and
lens. Lens solves the mystery because you cannot see, you can
see. Lever solves the mystery which you cannot move, moves.
And you have two mantras to it. You have two mantras to it.
"Aad sach, jugaad sach, hei-BHEE sach, Nanak hosee BHEE sach."
That is the lens mantra. And the lever is, which moves,

"Aad sach, jugaad sach, hei-BHAY sach, Nanak hosee BHAY sach."

Apply it any time and it works. That's why there is a little

In your limited power, you have the capacity to experience the
unlimited. In your unlimited experience, you have the power to
bring the Infinite to the limit of your experience. Now what
else you want? I don't understand. Therefore, there is no
crisis which you cannot cross. But crossing the crisis is the
really a grit which comes from your courage which you have
developed with the light of your soul and handled with the
capcity of your mind and experienced with the presence of your
physical body. And that concludes our summer course, CROSSING

Those who give the gift, get the gift hundred time more. Those
who bow the head, get the honor hundred time more. But those
who give the head, get to be immortal. That's the law from the
time of Infinite and it shall continue to the time of Infinity.
Those who want to discuss their life with logic, reason, with
neuroses and psychoses and what and what not, waste the most
beautiful gift of God called life. Life is the most precious
gift ever God could give. It has values. If you give the
values of your life away, you'll get thank you letters. If
you bow your head in grace to the place of grace, it is called
the altar. Head should never bow other than the altar.
Otherwise you don't have a head. And then it will give you
hundred times grace you need, because you bow it at the place
of grace. But when you give your head, you will get
immortality, life to live forever. And this is the lesson
which each person who belongs to any denomination, dimension in
life has to live.

How to give your head and not be dead. We'll talk about it
next year if we'll be living. If not, then the heavens will
talk to you in my place. And I'm personally very grateful.
This summer was very, very heavy and hectic on me. They say
things come from three sides but this time things have come
from five sides. But what I have done, when I saw things
coming from five sides, I have stopped counting the sides.
That's how I survived. My ladies, Guru's grace be with you,
and always was and will be. Therefore I feel, we are healthy,
we are happy, and we are holy, and we are Khalsa in Training.

Last line is very precious. It is very polite, but it is very
practical. Always think... (because if you think what you
think then there are problems. What you don't think, you don't
think and what you think you don't think, that's not possible,
what to think. And the way you don't think, how can you
justify what you don't think, and when you do not know what to
think...so it goes on, timeless, useless.) Always feel -- this
is my last word to you -- always feel you are a Khalsa woman in
training. Because that will have no place for guilt, no place
for handicap. Trainee has no test to go through. It has every
chance to learn, and be better. Always feel you are a Khalsa
woman in training and training is for real. You can build up
that mental capacity and physical flow with it and your soul
shall shine like a billions of bright stars like suns. And
everything will change in you. And that is all there is to it.

In honor of the Bhai Darshan Singh, I would like to put his
last tape on the tape which he made on my request. It is very
beautiful, he did a job, and I just want to hear it to honor
it. They sang this morning also. (Shabad is played.)

This is the tape for our next year.

(Shabad is: Jo Kirpaa Gobind Bha-ee --Guru Arjan Dev, pg. 124 in SGGS)
(Tape is available from Golden Temple Recordings in LA.)
(A shabad sheet is provided with every tape.)

It is a tape double infinity. Please take it home. Don't
bother about it. Take the amrit kirtan, take the page number
from the Siri Guru Granth, read it in English, translate it,
get it for you, listen to it. Next year is the year of '88. I
intend to teach "Woman of the March, from Nothing to
Everything." That is the subject. And we'll qualify ourself in
all of the facets which bring us to nothingness and which
qualifies to everything. We'll aspect and respect every aspect
and all the energies, all the stars and their psyches and we'll
go through the reference, stage by stage, piece by piece, and
put the puzzle together. Subject, God permitting.

But as far as this tape is concerned, it has those
vibrations and whatever is nothing in your life, it can fill
into everything. The words are beautiful, the naad is perfect,
the projection is all right, the elevating power is good,
frequency is right. And if physically I cannot be with you
until next year, just remember the posture I can give you this
year, too. In case things go wrong, practice this with the
beat, with the posture. I need a volunteer. Can you come. Come
on, come on, anybody. Come, come quick. No, no, stand
straight, facing the girls. Widen your legs. Apply the yoga
mudra in the back. All right? And now play the tape. Gobind
- bha-ee, take the yoga mudra and touch the forehead. No, only
when it speaks. (Tape is played while person demonstrates)
All right, now you understand that? And by the end of the
tape, you shall be a different person. I'm not challenging any
time, but I'm very challenging today. Keep the distance more
than 3 feet between the heels and stand firm. Apply the yoga
mudra and when the sutra is chanted, bow down and then rise in
between only the time when it's not chanted. And Bibi Bani
make this to a tape and hand it over to me as a special gift.

(SUMMARY OF MUDRA: Stand straight with the feet about 3 feet
apart. Clasp the hands behind the back. As the sutra is
chanted, bend forward and bring the nose between the knees, and
the arms up over the head, elbows straight, in yoga mudra.
Rise up to original position when the sutra is not chanted.)

And I have given you the subject and I have given you the tape,
I have given you the exercise also. My idea is, I am very
prepared for not being here. And you should be also mentally
prepared not feeling me in physical body. Because there are a
lot of problems. Some think I am a man, some think I am an
idiot, some think I am great, some think I am small. All those
problems has to go away. I have to be what I am. And in a
mental spirit, with my subtle body, I can do much better than
in the physical limitations. So I'm not going to go anywhere
but for you, you have to have the 3rd eye to see. You will not
be in a position to see me with these two eyes. That's the
only problem you will always have, and could have. So if by the
next year you can't see me, open your third eye. It's your
problem, not mine. I have given you the homework. So just
remember, my dear daughters in divine, whosoever shall have a
3rd eye open shall see none but me. And that I'm not saying
with an ego of a man or a male or an existent person. That is
the privilege God bestowed on me as a Mahan Tantric and that is
within this time and space is the only privilege. With two
eyes you will always see me in duality. But with the 3rd eye,
you always see me in reality. And if this is my last
statement, so be it.

I hope you will be healthy, happy and holy. Take care of it
and wherever you go, give my personal love, because you have
seen me, you have met me and you have talked to me. And
remember when I wanted to ask you, "Let us go to Golden Temple,
perhaps we'll never be allowed to go there?" You never valued
it. I'm asking you again. Don't raise your false hope and your
limitless appetite of getting things your way. What I'm asking
you, time has come to elevate, time has come to be sure,
because you hold the future of the children which shall change
this world. Give them the values and let them know, never
compromise....(I said it, say it in my words if you want to
quote me) never compromise the grace at the cost of life it may
be. If you can give your children that voice, inner-voice, you
will have me in every child forever. That's where I live.
That's what I am. And that's what I'm going to be. And that's
what I shall be.

After this introduction, have a nice day.



Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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